tagFetishThe Friday Setup Ch. 02

The Friday Setup Ch. 02


[This story will make a lot more sense if you've read the first chapter. If female on male strap-on or creampie cleanup aren't your thing, you might be happier elsewhere. If they are, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!]


I woke up in an empty bed a little after 9:00 on Saturday morning. I had enjoyed the deep sleep that only truly great sex can bring on, so it seemed to be only moments ago that I was basking in the afterglow of what had been one of the wildest, and most enjoyable, experiences of my life.

Had it been the same for Michelle and Tracy? It sure seemed like it last night, but having never done anything like that before, I couldn't be certain about how my dream of a wife was reacting today. I was pretty sure that Tracy would be fine with it: the stunning blonde had always seemed happy to take her orgasms where she could find them. I guess I'd find out in a few minutes.

I stumbled though my personal morning chores and headed downstairs to see what fate awaited me. As I crossed the living room, I spied them in the kitchen chatting over coffee like long lost friends. Whew!

Their wet hair gave away the shower that the girls had already snuck in. Together, I wondered?

As I shuffled my way closer, I began to make out the conversation, and overheard Tracy exclaim, "I've never been screwed with anything like that monster!"

Clearly, they were recounting last night's festivities.

"Hello Baby," came my wife's greeting, momentarily shifting the conversation.

"Good morning, Perv," Tracy added, somewhat returning the conversation to its prior course.

"How are you two minxes?" I inquired, trying to sound as casual as possible.

"Wonderful," my newly minted bi-sexual bride replied.

"My head is still spinning from last night," Tracy enthused.

"It was quite a show," I acknowledged.

"No shit!" my wife replied. "Was it everything you hoped?"

"And them some," I replied honestly.

"I can't believe that you let Michelle fuck you with that thing," Tracy said with more than a hint of disbelief. She never had been afraid to cut straight to whatever was on her mind.

"Let's me? He absolutely loves it!" Michelle proclaimed.

"So how did you get him to let you do it?"

It seemed that the uber-hot Cum Guzzling Slut wanted to expand her sexual repertoire.

"Well, I didn't exactly get him too. It's something he kind of wanted," Michelle revealed truthfully.

"How's that?" Tracy asked. "I've never been with anyone who would want me to fuck his ass. What's the turn-on Scott?" she inquired, unable to filter her type-A directness, while obviously angling for tips on how to create a man slut like me.

So I began to share the truth, "Honestly, even with knockouts like the two of you, I think that 99% of great sex is between the ears."

The emotions behind the explanation ran deep, but I tried my best to answer. "Screwing a woman in the ass is something that most guys want, but we also know that most women have had a bad experience with it. Because of that, a guy has a few barriers to overcome if hopes to get what he wants."

Tracy wasn't quite following me yet, so I explained, "It just seems to me that every sexual hang-up we have is the result of a botched experience. If a woman's first time with anal is a slam bam, no warm up affair, she's not likely to want it again. At least not with that guy! If another guy is lucky enough that she'll give it a second shot, she's probably going to be pretty tense about it, and that doesn't make for a good time, either. Then, if he's equally clueless about what feels good to her, she'll probably decide that she doesn't like it up the ass, case closed."

"Hell," I confessed, "I'm sure that when I was younger, I didn't always give my girlfriends the best time they could have had. It just seems to me that every lover we've ever had takes a turn adding to our baggage pile. By the time we meet the love of our life, what we're really dealing with is a collection of everybody else's mistakes!"

"Then again," I continued, "some women are just naturally repressed. They think that giving up the backdoor is dirty and something that good girls aren't supposed to do. Either way, by the time most women meet the one they're supposed to be with, they are already of the I don't like anal mindset, and that's too bad, because it can be an awesome experience for both people, when you relax and take the time to do it right."

An understanding, but longing look, spread across Tracy's face and I realized that, while Tracy had likely had plenty of anal, she had never been treated to the five-star version.

"That's true enough, but what does that have to do with you getting fucked in the ass?" Tracy asked.

"Well, I figured that the best way for me to help Michelle relax about it was to let her know that I wasn't asking her to do something that I would not, in turn, accept from her. Let's face it, anal is a power trip. You're really putting yourself in someone's hands when you let them fuck your ass. When a guy lets a girl strap one on, there is a real power shift that's just plain intoxicating for both of them on a very deep, animalistic level. The role reversal just adds a deliciously wicked twist to the whole thing!"

"I guess it would," Tracy acknowledged, clearly intrigued, thinking about every hunk she had allowed to plunder her delectable ass without offering his own in return. She wondered what she had been missing, and why she had never considered being on the other end of the exchange.

"Besides, doesn't it feel great???!!!" I added without a hint of shame.

"I did not like anal when I met Scott," Michelle admitted as she joined the conversation. "I let my first husband try it once and it was awful. He barely got the tip in before I had to call it off."

My wife continued, "Even though I knew that I didn't like it, I knew how bad most guys wanted it. So I decided to let Scott try it because he was pleasing me in so many new ways and I loved him so much. I figured I could take one for the team a few times a year, if that would make him happy."

"Boy was I surprised!" Michelle then effused, "I had no idea that anything could be that good!"

"He was so slow, and tuned into what felt good to me, that the second he finally slipped in, I knew I was hooked," she confided with a heartfelt smile.

"So how did you learn to do it right?" Tracy asked me.

"Basically, I just tried to imagine it from the woman's perspective. I wondered what it would be like for her, and I made my best guess about how I would want it done."

"You guessed right Baby!" Michelle lauded me.

"Honestly, the more I imagined it from the woman's point of view, the hotter I got. After awhile, I actually wanted it myself. I figured that if I wanted her to take it, why shouldn't I? I thought it would prove to Michelle beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wasn't just doing something to her, but something for her. Plus, I needed to know what the whole thing felt like to her. Once I reached that point, I started to wonder what everything would be like if I could get into Michelle's head. "

I started to daydream aloud, "What would it be like to get on your knees and take a guy's cock in your mouth? What does it feel like when a rock hard dick slides in and out of your mouth? It seems so submissive."

"Most woman think that they are on the bottom of that exchange," I continued, "but every guy knows that when a woman is giving him head, she's the one with the power: the power to give or deny him the most incredible feeling in the world."

"What's it like to let a guy explode in your mouth, to swallow it all down, to savor his cum, to receive something so intimate? It's all just too much..." I trailed off, my mind swimming.

I needed to shut up, I was rattling on like the Ayn Rand of kink.

As I paused to consider it all again, Tracy piped up, "So would you want to do it with a guy?"

"No, that's not it at all, but I would love to swap bodies with Michelle for twenty four hours so that I could know exactly what it's like for her," I confessed with a horny smile.

"Plus I think it would be good for her to actually know just how great it feels for me when I slide my cock into her sweet pussy," I confided as I continued to reveal one of my deepest fantasies.

"Wow, you guys really are HOT!" Tracy replied, not for the first time this weekend.

"He's just horny," Michelle noted nonchalantly.

"Horny to know what it would feel like for you to eat my pussy," I retorted.

"Besides, that multiple orgasm thing looks like something I'd like to take out for a spin!" I added with a tinge of envy.

"You're right about that!" Michelle opined.

"Tell me that you wouldn't like to know what it feels like to pump a load of cum into my pussy?" I teased.

"That might be interesting," my wife admitted, starting to warm up to the idea.

"I'd like to have my cock sucked!" Tracy announced.

"You certainly would!" I assured her. "It's too bad there's no way to pull that fantasy off!"

"Well, not really," my wife said, a bit dejectedly.

"Why not?" I asked.

"It's just that I'd doubt that I'd get a chance to enjoy you."

"How's that?" I asked, somewhat perplexed.

"It's just that you're such a whore, you'd probably be off to the nearest naval base to get gangbanged all day," Michelle opined with a knowing smile.

"You have a very good point there!" I admitted, and we all had a good laugh.

Tracy, still curious about the original topic, asked "So basically, you let her fuck you in the ass just so you know what's it's like when you fuck her in the ass?"

"Partly yes. I do think it helps me give it to her in a way that's more enjoyable because I know what she goes through. But mostly no, because it just plain feels good when she bends me over!" I salaciously admitted.

"And when you ate your cum out of her pussy?" Tracy followed up, letting the question hang.

"Well, it's kind of a variation on the same thing. Every guy loves to have a girl swallow his load, but, again, a lot of women have hang-ups or phobias about it. Truth be told, we want you all to savor it like it's Dom Perignon or something!"

"But let's face it, while I truly believe the woman has all the power while she's giving a blowjob, the second a guy pops, that power is gone. It all goes back to that baggage thing. If a woman has had a prick boyfriend who zipped up and took off as soon as he came, it left a bad taste in her mouth in more ways than one! The next thing you know, she's a cum dodger."

"Then there's the whole taste thing. How can a guy expect a girl to crave his load when he has no idea what it tastes like? I figured that the best way for me to help Michelle become a full blown cumaholic was to show a little enthusiasm for it myself."

"So you clean her up to get her to swallow?" Tracy asked, seeming almost disappointed in me.

"It's really the same answer: yes and no. Just like the fucked up societal notion that there are certain things good girls shouldn't do, there are likewise certain things that a normal guy is not supposed to do either. Eating your own cum out of a freshly fucked pussy is up towards the top of the list."

"The thought of doing it is just so nasty and off-limits; but once it enters your mind, you just can't shake it," I admitted. "Then the desire to try it just builds on its own. The fact that it's more than a little taboo just makes it even hotter."

"I knew that if I could make myself to do it, I'd be sharing something deeply intimate with Michelle; something that no one else had ever given her. The thought of that just made me want it more."

"It sure didn't come easy," Michelle observed.

"She's right," I admitted.

"Why not?" Tracy asked, needing to know more.

"Well, it's just that while I had a deep desire, even a need to do it, once I came, the thing that seemed so hot the minute before immediately lost all of it's appeal. It's weird, I really wanted to do it, but whenever the moment of opportunity presented itself, I just couldn't follow through. Michelle would go clean up, and half an hour later I'd be kicking myself for missing my chance. It was like that for me every time."

"Well, you clearly got over that hurdle. What was the trick?" the blonde man-eater asked, clearly designing a training program for some unknown guy.

"Communication, confession, and a plea for help."

Seeing that my answer didn't cut it, I continued, "When I first realized that I wanted to do it, I kept it to myself. I just hoped that I'd go down on Michelle after sex one time and let it happen. I can't tell you how long I went into our sexual encounters wanting to do it, but failing to follow through when the moment arrived. I was keeping all of this inside, and it was starting to really bug me. While I was experiencing failure over and over, Michelle didn't even know about the tug of war that I was losing with myself."

"Eventually I decided to up the pressure on myself by telling Michelle about what was going on inside my head. I told her about how long I had wanted to do it, how many times I had wanted to try, and about my regret after every time I chickened out. I figured that if I put it out there, I'd have to follow through."

"So that's how you did it," Tracy concluded in summary.

"Nope. That didn't work one fucking bit!" I confided, laughing at my own silly story, all the while realizing how absurd this had to sound to Tracy.

"It was hard for me to understand," Michelle added. "I couldn't wrap my head around how he could want something so badly, but be unable to do it. He was clearly so hot to clean me out, but he just couldn't pull the trigger. I told him that it didn't matter to me one way or the other if he did it or not. I figured that being cool about it might help him get there. It didn't. The whole thing was just really fucked up."

"OK," Tracy said, turning back to me said, "Out with it already."

"One day, it finally occurred to me as we were laying there after sex, that I was exhibiting the exact opposite behavior that any guy would want from a girl after a blowjob. I was being a cum dodger!" I proclaimed, as if it were the worst indictment in the world.

"If I was going to avoid my cum like it was anthrax, how long would it be before Michelle might come to think about it the same way? I had a perfectly hot, swallowing wife and I was about to fuck her up by introducing the notion that maybe the nasty stuff shouldn't go in her mouth either."

"It was never like that," Michelle corrected me.

"I know. Thanks for that by the way," I added with a grateful smile. "But I was afraid it might get that way on account of me having such a hang up about it. What was I going to do then, tell you how awesome my stuff was when I wouldn't go near it?"

"So..." Tracy prodded.

"I was grappling with that inside my fucked-up head while we were cuddling afterwards, and after a few minutes, I quit thinking about eating my cum and started thinking about eating Michelle's pussy. I started to fantasize, not about eating her out right then, but about the way that I love to go down on her in general. You know, the way a guy just generally thinks about sex all day long."

"By then, it had probably been five or ten minutes since I came, and a funny thing happened. Sometime while I was daydreaming about the foreplay kind of pussy eating, the post-orgasm blues had vanished. I was hot about the idea of eating Michelle's pussy, and the fact that it happened to be filled with my cum at the moment wasn't even on my mind. It just wasn't a factor. That's when it happened: when I put my focus on her sweet pussy and not my obsession about eating my cum out of it."

"So how was it?" Tracy asked.

"Fucking awesome!" I exclaimed. "I loved it all. Her juices mixed with mine, the taste, the texture, the joy of finally getting a taste and more of what I had wanted so badly...it was incredible. I was hooked!"

"It seems that I was wrong about not caring if he did it or not," Michelle added. "It turns out that I like it a lot!"

"Who wouldn't?" Tracy lustily admitted.

"I still can't dive down seconds after I shoot, but who cares? For me, creampie is best served slightly marinated!"

"So that's the story of how Scott became a cum slut," Tracy summarized.

"It's not something we do every time," Michelle confided. "Like all good things, we enjoy when the mood hits."

I smiled at Michelle, "I'd have to say that your blowjobs went from great to universally epic once I joined the cum party!"

"You're such a good boy," my wife reassured me as she gently reached over and lovingly cupped my cheek, the way one might praise an obedient child.

I played along, feigning shyness. "Thank you Mistress."

Turning to Michelle, Tracy asked, "So how did you turn him into an ass slut?" The juicy Amazon really wanted to dig deep.

Time had been flying by and it was almost 11:00 when I remembered that I had booked us a couples' massage earlier that week. Shit! I knew it would be incredibly bad form to blow the appointments off, but there was no way on earth that we were going to send Tracy on her way.

"Honey, we forgot about the massages!" I said with more disappointment than had ever been expressed when referring to a massage.

"I have an idea," my smoking hot wife said matter of factly.

Turning to me, she directed "No questions Ass Slut."

My loving little switch was flipping into dom mode. Excellent!

"Tracy and I will go and enjoy it. You've got three hours. Make preparations."

She raised her right eyebrow, looking me up and down as she inspected me to see if I understood what she was offering/requiring.

Oh, I understood alright!

There were a few variations on what the command to make preparations might lead to, but one thing was certain: my ass was going to be hers.

Or theirs? Dare to dream!

Unfortunately, I'd have to wait to find out what, precisely, she had in mind. Quite frankly, the intimate exchange with Tracy had left me pretty hot. Three hours was going to be a long time to think about how badly I needed to cum. The suspense was going to kill me!


While Michelle and I are both into ass play, neither of us gets off on any unnecessary surprises back there. "Make preparations" was code speak for "Go clean your ass out with a series of hot, high, and held enemas until the water runs clear."

As soon as the girls were gone, I set about my chore as I imagined them sharing the romantic treatment that I was supposed to be enjoying with my wife. This weekend was proving to be full of surprises.


Three hours had been more than enough time, so the soothed ladies returned to find shrimp salad sandwiches and Chardonnay waiting as a late lunch. I figured that I could risk eating since I had at least twelve hours before the light lunch might begin to ruin all of my hard work. Besides, it seemed like we might need the energy.

The chitchat over lunch was normal, but the undertone of building sexual tension was palpable. How much had Michelle told Tracy about "preparations"? Had they agreed on a playbook, or was my bride going to freestyle it?

Tracy's last question before they left had been, "So how did you turn him into an ass slut?"

It seemed that the answer was going to be in the form of a demonstration, and I assure you, this subject was ready to do his part.

As we were finishing the wine, Michelle asked me, "So, were you a good boy?" almost as if she were inquiring about the weather.

"Yes Mistress," I obediently replied, lowering my head and averting my eyes to complete my switch.

"Is your ass clean?" she demanded.


"And is everything set up?"

"Yes Mistress," I nodded.

"Good. Go upstairs and wait on the bed, eyes closed, face up. You may touch your cock if you wish."

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