tagGroup SexThe Friday Setup Ch. 03

The Friday Setup Ch. 03


[There is some mild non-graphic enema play in here, please be warned if you'd rather avoid that kind of thing.]


What started out as a simple plan to see if my allegedly semi bi-curious wife would actually take the chance to play with a girl had unfurled into something far beyond that. I had just been on the receiving end of one of the greatest sexual workouts of my life.

Michelle had teased me on Friday night that my real punishment would come on Saturday. What I got instead was a tag team reward from the ladies for being sneaky enough to get them together and light their fuse. Boy did they deliver! The expert pegging by my wife, coupled with Tracy's overwhelming blowjob, had been mind-altering. Afterwards, we had all collapsed in a heap.

As soon as I had the strength, I excused myself to take a quick shower to clean up a bit, leaving Michelle and Tracy in bed to recover from the exertion. I left the shower feeling refreshed and somewhat revived. The ladies, I knew, had to be in need of some attention of their own: so far today, it had been all about me. I really owed them one for that!

I wasn't completely surprised when I returned to find that girl time was in full session. The ass-fucking, cock-sucking conspirators were delightfully entangled, crotch-to-crotch, seemingly fighting over the hard plastic head of the Hitachi wand, which was happily humming its orgasmic tune. Why wouldn't it be happy? It was sandwiched between two of the hottest, juiciest pussies on earth, each of which was laboring for its attention. It was a shame that the inanimate object couldn't appreciate the magnitude of the situation or the stunning beauty of the women using it. Oh well. At the moment, it was far more useful to them than I was.

The girls were each propped up on an elbow to gain leverage as they scissored against the lucky toy. Each was grinding her pussy into it for her own pleasure, which had the unintended benefit of increasing the pressure on the other's clit. Whatever their individual motivations were, it was working nicely for both of them.

They were humping, clawing, grabbing and pulling as they ground into each other with all of their might. Michelle toggled the switch to high and the show ratcheted up another level.

My wife was the first to exhibit the trembling approach of an orgasm, which triggered the onset of Tracy's own climax. Their breathing quickened and they involuntarily stepped up the torque of their grinding.

Michelle's was the first to hit and she powered through it by pinning her shoulders into the mattress and mashing the redlined Hitachi into Tracy's succulent snatch. That set Tracy all the way off as well. They arched their backs as they smashed their pussies into each other as hard as they could. Uncontrollable shaking rocked them both and their pussies pulsed with pure orgasmic pleasure.

I could only watch in awe. They looked like one uncontrollable shaking beast. Suddenly, they flew apart violently, unable to bear the contact any more. They were panting helplessly, but overwhelmingly happy.

Ordinarily, I would have been down for quite some time after the fucking that they had just laid on me, but their show had restored a degree of pudginess to my cock which seemed to appreciate that a day like this might never come along again.

The Hitachi always leaves Michelle hungry for the real thing, and miraculously it seemed like I might be able to rally. I knew that I'd need a little help to maintain full hydraulic pressure, so I rummaged for a rubber cock ring and slipped it on.

Michelle reached for me and Tracy rolled to the side content to give us some room. Michelle lifted her hips as I slipped the trusty wedge beneath her.

We assumed the exact reverse position of our coupling not long ago. Her knees were pulled back and I was on my knees between her legs with my cock aimed straight at her sopping pussy.

I drove into her in one powerful stroke. God she was tight. And wet. And hot. It felt awesome as I pistoned in and out of her, and we could have happily kept it up, but both of us knew that this wasn't exactly what she really needed. We enjoyed the deep thrusting for a few more stokes before I broke away and took my turn at asking Tracy for some help.

"Tracy, there's nothing that Michelle likes better than the Hitachi on her clit while I fuck her. Would you be a dream and give us a hand?"

Tracy just smiled as I slid just the tip of my cock back into my wife's snug opening. Tracy placed the Hitachi on low and gently applied it to Michelle's button as I began to slowly rock in and out of her sweet pussy.

I know that Michelle doesn't like to be overwhelmed with dual sensations, preferring to savor one feeling over the other. I also knew that in this situation my cock worked best as a supplement to what the Hitachi could do for her. So I ordered myself to be patient as I slowly rocked just an inch or two in and out of her, letting her enjoy it on her own terms. I knew that it had to feel great. What would be the point in trying to knock the bottom out of her now? I could do that anytime.

Tracy and I let her savor the feelings that every nerve ending down there could provide. Michelle soaked up the vibration as my cock massaged her inner walls. The position allowed me to really focus on driving my cock into and across her G-spot and I used half my length to lovingly work her swollen sponge.

Michelle was getting hotter by the second, and soon enough breathlessly panted, "More."

It wasn't a request. It was more of an instruction.

Tracy looked at me for guidance and I nodded. Our blonde sex aide switched the Hitachi to high while I continued my grooved motion. Michelle was heating up fast and I figured that we might as well take the chance to show Tracy what this treatment could be all about.

I gently reached for Tracy's hand and guided the Hitachi a bit lower so that it was still in contact with Michelle's clit while also vibrating against the top of my shaft. The instant groan that came from deep within Michelle told us that she could now feel the thudding power through my cock as well.

I rocked my rod back and forth, right on her sweet spot. I could feel my cock head swell from the combined effect of the vibration and the cock ring. My thickened ridge was adding to her pleasure as I drove it back and forth across her favorite place. My bride began to tense.

I knew it wouldn't be long now, and sure enough, Michelle dropped her hand and tapped the top of my thigh, cuing me that it was time. I knew what she wanted, so I withdrew completely and stroked my cock for her as she succumbed to the powerful vibrations. I could see her contracting her pelvic muscles, milking herself from within. The fierce look of strain gave away the fact that she was pushing from deep inside. Her legs began to shake, and I knew she was there.

As her climax hit, she bore down even harder with her kegal muscles to heighten the pleasure. A tortured look of painful need and unbridled pleasure and overtook her, and then I saw it: sweet clear cum began to trickle from her pussy. It was slow at first, but when she yielded to the full power of her climax, the trickle quickly turned into a mighty stream of warm, sweet gush that splattered against me.

Not wanting to miss a bit of it, I quickly dropped my mouth to her opening, careful not to distract her by touching her in any way. High-pressure girl juice squirted from her and straight into my thirsty mouth while the Hitachi rattled my nose.

Michelle let the sensation rip through her as I gulped her down over and over. She came forever and must have given me nearly two cups worth. I tried to swallow it all, but it was futile and I wound up getting drenched. I love drinking her gush, but having my face soaked is even better!

As the flow slowed, Michelle nudged Tracy's hand away. She was still cumming, but was on the far side of the curve. I gently sealed my mouth to my wife's pussy and slurped the remaining juices that continued to flow from her, knowing that I could prolong her pleasure if I was careful not to abuse her pussy in its overly sensitized condition.

Finally she could take no more and had to push me away. I rolled in between the girls and let Michelle catch her breath.

"Good one Baby," she finally said, as if I didn't know.

Then she smiled at Tracy and laughed helplessly, "That goes for you too!"

Tracy, who had silently watched the whole thing in shock and wonder, had no choice but to ask, "What was that???!!!"

I gave Michelle a second to respond, but she was useless at the moment, so I answered, "That was a gush-gasm."

"Yeah, I gathered that much. How did she do it?"

"Well," I replied, "you know sometimes when you're about to cum you almost feel like you have to pee?"

"Uh, yeah?"

"Well it's not the need to pee you're feeling, it's the need to squirt, and it ain't piss!""


"Sure. It's just that most women mistake the signal and fight it. When the stimulation is right, and you just go with it, it can happen."

"Michelle?" Tracy asked, looking for confirmation.

"The pervert is right," my wife sighed. "We heard stories about girls who could ejaculate and had even seen a few videos. Scott really wanted me to see if I could. It looked like the girls who could do it were cumming really hard, so I wanted to try it, but I was pretty self-conscious about actually peeing on him. To be safe, I went to the bathroom right before we tried and I peed every last drop I could so that I'd be sure that I didn't have to go."

"There has to more to it than that," Tracy pressed.

"Oh yeah. There's a lot more", Michelle continued. "You have to be really in tune with your triggers. Once you decide you want to try to do it, you just have to pay attention to what works for you. It definitely comes from the G-spot, but I'm a clit girl. A little stimulation inside me on the right spot gets that feeling bubbling, but for me, my clit sets it off. Right when I'm about to cum, I can't have anything inside me if I'm going to gush. Some girls can, but for me it just somehow feels like anything inside me is blocking it. I can't explain it. When I'm about to cum, I just like one big thing going on. Otherwise, I just feel overloaded and it doesn't work."

"So how can I get there?" our weekend guest asked.

"Well, for starters, don't pressure yourself to do it. That never works. When you're getting close to cumming, if you get that feeling like you have to pee, don't worry about it, just go with it. Be passive and let it happen, if it will. You won't gush like that at first, but you'll probably squirt a little. Once the squirt starts, your orgasm will take off to a whole new level! I don't know why, but it does. Maybe it's because squirting is natural and you're just not fighting it anymore. When we fight the feeling like we might pee, we're really fighting our own orgasm. Why fight it???!!!"

"But how did you cum so much?"

"Once you squirt, and it actually starts to flow, you're just naturally going to want to push a little, almost like when you pee. Go ahead and push if you feel like it. It'll only make your orgasm bigger and last longer. Once I got the hang of it, I learned how to use my old instinct to fight it to build a real big one. I'm sure it's different for every girl, but like I said, you'll figure your own triggers out. For me, the stimulation on my G-spot feels like that's what's filling my gush tank, if there is such a thing, but it's the Hitachi on my clit that sets me off. That's why I like Scott inside me at first. Then, when I get that I gotta pee feeling, I fight it as long as I can and the pressure just builds. I kegal him hard and just grind him into my G-spot for as long as I can stand it. When I just can't fight it anymore, I have to have him out of me and then I just let go. The second it starts, I bear down hard and the gush flies! The harder I gush, the harder I cum. I just can't have anything in me right then; it only gets in the way."

"Sorry honey," Michelle added apologetically.

"My pleasure Baby. I'm just glad to be there!" I assured her.

"You know I have to try it, right?" Tracy said, more to Michelle than me.

"Yeah, I think I've figured that out about you!" Michelle acknowledged.

"Teach me," Tracy said. It was a request more than an outright pleading, but I could tell that her need was deep. So could Michelle.

"Well, I might know how to gush, but Scott knows how to make a girl gush," Michelle offered.

Whoa! Was she actually going to let me fuck Tracy?

Michelle followed up, "The thing is, you'll have enough to deal with without it being your first time fucking him."

Bummer. The typical guy in me would have loved the chance to fuck the overblown sex bomb right then. Still, that was the first time the notion of me fucking Tracy had even been laid out in the open. I quickly got a hold of myself and resolved not to be greedy. As wild as things had been, there were still lines not to crossed and I was in over my head as it was.

"Do her like you did me the first time you taught me how to squirt," Michelle both ordered and offered.

I was dying to, but I paused to gauge Tracy's reaction.

"Please Scott..." she almost begged.

Chivalry was not dead, so I slowly set to work on the voluptuous blonde. While Tracy had spent a fair bit of time sucking my cock over the course of the weekend (on my wife's orders), it had always been in the heat of an intense three-way romp. This was our first chance to enjoy some relaxed explorations so I took my time. Besides, diving in and attacking her pussy wasn't the best way to coax our guest into the new world of girlgasms.

Laying next to Tracy, I held her close as I slowly traced every curve she had. Michelle moved to join us on the other side and my wife and I cuddled and fondled every inch of the scalding hot blonde. It was soothing and erotic, but somehow not overtly sexual. We all enjoyed the time to relax as became accustomed to feel of our touch. I began to gently nuzzle Tracy's neck as Michelle planted a series of delicate kisses all over her face.

She kissed her check, then her temple, then her forehead and I followed suit on the other side kissing whatever open spot I could find. Our hands continued their wonderful journey everywhere, massaging Tracy's massive tits and caressing her magnificent thighs. Michelle dropped down to worship Tracy's left breast with her mouth and I leaned in for a warm, deep kiss as ours mouths opened to fully enjoy each other.

Tracy was melting for us and I knew there was nothing that she wouldn't let us do. Where was the type-A man destroyer now? Who was this sweet kitten? Only she wasn't a kitten: she was an Amazon sex goddess completely at our disposal, and under our spell.

Sensing that she had relaxed into the moment, I dropped my right hand and began to slowly massage her mound. Now it was my wife kissing Tracy's mouth as I reached for the lube. Tracy was soaking wet, but I wanted her first gush to be velvety slick. Her thighs parted of their own volition giving me full access to her pussy. My fingers worked her plump lips and I could feel the heat inside her core. The goddess purred.

I worked the soft entrance to her moist tunnel with my index and middle fingers as she continued to open for me. Her pussy was tight, but accommodating, and I was enjoying myself as much as Tracy was. My fingers slid deeper and I worked her in and out. God she felt good: such a strong, meaty pussy. An invisible line had been crossed. She was heading down the path to an entirely new kind of orgasm. She wasn't even thinking about it, and that's just how I wanted it.

I massaged her deeply, taking the time to feel every bit of her that I could reach. I wanted to know every inch, curve and juicy crevice inside of her. Her G-spot was painfully obvious. Nearly two inches long, it was almost an inch wide. The rough texture of her wonderful sponge was nicely engorged and firm, yet squishy. I searched for the part that would later drive her insane. Curling my fingers and giving the area a circular pumping rub, her groan told me when I found it. I quickly left it alone, resolving to return when the time was right.

Instead, I treated her to a nice slow twisting finger fuck as she ground her pussy into my hand. Michelle was now kneading both of Tracy's huge tits, taking the time to rub her nipples as well. The stimulation high and low was bringing Tracy along nicely.

She was ready for more and I nodded at Michelle to add the Hitachi. Tracy's eyes were closed as she absorbed it all. Michelle, whose right hand had never left Tracy's tit, flicked the power on low with her left. Tracy sighed as she waited for my wife to apply to buzzing addition.

I slowed the pace of my right hand to give Tracy a fair chance to accept the change in events. She gave a slight jolt at the first touch of the wand, but quickly accepted the new pleasure. With my free hand, I reached for the breast that Michelle had abandoned, and we began a couples' breast massage to complement our work on her pussy.

Tracy took it in stride: not trying to force anything, just letting us give her slow, patient pleasure. I rewarded her by ramping up my pussy work and shifting my focus towards extracting her precious first gush. Much to my surprise, Michelle released her tit, set the Hitachi aside, and reached for the lube. She put her right hand on Tracy's pubic bone and pulled the skin back tight, gloriously exposing Tracy's clit which poked through its little hood. With lubed fingers, Michelle began her own pussy massage, circling Tracy's clit while I worked in and out of her tunnel. Tracy's pussy squeezed my fingers. It seemed that Michelle was on to something.

I slowed my pace and curled my fingers as I probed for the sweet spot that I had filed away. It was easy to find and I started a firm pumping of her sponge, which was now twice as thick as it had been not long ago. "Good girl," I silently thought.

Tracy spread her legs wider and pulled her knees back, giving me unfettered access as she humped herself into my hand. This made Michelle's circular clit massage tough to maintain, so she countered by toggling the underside of Tracy's clit back and forth with two fingers. I could tell that Tracy was picking up the cues that we had spoken about, and I could see her fighting her orgasm off as it continued to build.

I wanted to get her off, so I really started to work in and out of her fast with my fingers while pumping furiously at her G-spot. My wife upped her assault as well, now frigging Tracy's clit at light speed. The grip of her pussy on my fingers tightened even more, and then Tracy surprised me by pushing Michelle's hand away as she continued to crush my driving fingers.

She had to be close, so I zeroed in on the sweet spot and pumped it hard. Tracy was out of control now, moaning, bucking, and rolling wildly. She drove her pussy into my hand one last time with a deep sigh. Suddenly, she froze and her entire body stiffened. Her pussy muscles gave a final squeeze and then quickly relaxed as she let her orgasm overtake her. Juices began flow and as soon as they did, I felt her push. A long groan escaped her mouth and her whole body shook as a geyser went off between her legs. She quickly pushed my hand away and a powerful stream of gush arched high and over the end of the bed. She launched for seconds on end. When her torrent finally dwindled it painted a trail right up the sheets to its place of origin. I don't think the bed could have been any wetter if I had dumped a gallon of water on it. Tracy basked in her newfound glory.

"Oh my God, that was fucking incredible!" Tracy blurted.

"Not bad for a beginner," I grinned.

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