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The Friendly Skies


Returning from Europe on an airliner only half-filled, I took a seat next to an attractive brunette of around 28 to 30 years old with a very nice figure-- gorgeous legs in a short skirt! She smiled, I think, because she also knew the plane was only partially filled and understood my interest was in her. It was also obvious that most of the seats near us were going to be empty for the entire flight back to New York... more evidence of my interest.

However, other than exchanging first names and the usual light, get-acquainted banter, there was no indication she was at all interested in me or anything else. She said she was a flight attendant for another airline and was flying Comp... some sort of free program for airline personnel.

The movie came, but she had seen it, several times apparently. With the lights dimmed, she opted to recline the seat and turned away to nap. The movie didn't appeal to me either, so I dozed off.

I awoke a short time later. Although she must have been quiet in trying to not wake me getting past, I saw her removing a sheet of paper from a carry-on bag open on the seat across the aisle from me. Bent over the bag, her short skirt was not covering all of her ass and reclined in my seat as I was, my eyes were on about the same level... she wasn't wearing panties! Even in the dimmed lighting I could see her plump, shaved pussy!

I may have made some noise or she possibly felt my eyes on her because she turned abruptly! Catching my eyes focused on her ass, she smiled impishly, not the least offended. After closing the bag and returning it to overhead storage, she removed several blankets and a couple of pillows before indicating she needed to get back to her seat by the window. After handing me a blanket and pillow, she lifted the two chair arms dividing the three seats we shared. Removing her shoes, she spread a blanket over herself and scooted back so she was against me spoon fashion. I really didn't need written instructions!

I turned sideways to add my spoon. In seconds I had a raging erection! Her ass was completely uncovered now and against my growing crotch I could feel her heat! Turning a bit toward me, both our hands got busy getting my belt, pants, and zipper out of the way!

She then turned toward me and her sweet, aroused breath filled my nostrils as her lips and tongue met mine, both of us exploring heatedly and softly, alternately. We took turns sucking the other's tongue, then duelling and stabbing at each other as our hands were busy under the blankets!

She was already very moist and exquisitely hot when I slid two fingers into her pussy. I heard her moan as she pushed back on my fingers. I slowly fucked my fingers in and out of her while she awkwardly stroked my cock from the spoon position. We needed to make an adjustment quickly; I couldn't get my thumb to her clit or a finger to the front, inner wall of her pussy to find that elusive G-Spot. Our position was also hindering her access to my cock.

I removed my hand from the rear access between her legs to reach around her. Reaching between her legs from the front, she quickly pulled my cock up against her hot, wet pussy and began rubbing the one against the other as she rotated her ass gently. I was in Heaven!! From the front now, I could easily slide two fingers into her shaved pussy while my thumb began to rub her blood-engorged clit.

She began to moan softly and her ass was moving much faster, her dripping pussy almost burning my cock! Abruptly, she lifted and my cock slid into a boiling hot caldron of honey! The incredible muscles in her pussy clamped down on my cock and she began to cum, thrashing about so hard I had to hold her tightly to reduce the noise we were making! I began to cum and I really lost all conscious thought... I pulled her head around enough to get my tongue in her mouth and we moaned into each other as the orgasm seemed to last forever... yet never long enough!!

When we had gained some control, I continued to move in her, knowing if I moved away at all, I'd slip out of her hot, wet depths. My fingers returned to her mound and clit, as the other hand moved to her lovely breasts, nipples now as hard as marble! I had been aware of her very adequate breasts, but my focus has always been elsewhere. I am very definitely a man for all pussy!

This encounter did not end at that moment or even with the landing in New York. We continued to explore and enjoy each other the entire flight. At one point... after some lights came back on at the finish of the movie... we moved to a restroom in the rear of the plane. There, after cleaning up a bit, I got my tongue and lips into her delicious pussy, licking and sucking her to several more orgasms. She in turn sucked my cock better than I had ever experienced previously or since!! She had the most amazingly soft and subtle lips and a tongue that could move and grasp like a constrictor!

Upon arriving at the Kennedy terminal, we had a drink together to exchange telephone numbers. Sitting at our table, she removed a sheet of paper from her purse, telling me "This is the paper I took from my bag on the plane. " Handing it and her pen to me, she said, "Please read it and I would really appreciate it if you would fill in the blanks, being completely honest with your answers. "

I was more than a bit amazed to see that it was a form with blanks and contained a Heading that identified it as a Certification of Membership in the "Mile High Club"!! Of course I had heard of this "club", but honestly I thought it was just a way for someone to indicate they enjoyed a great fuck while flying the "friendly" skies! Not so, apparently; we each completed the form letter for the other, being honest with names, addresses, telephone numbers, date, time, airline, flight number, and attesting the encounter was jointly consensual. Then followed a description of what had transpired with suitable comments regarding performance and the degree of satisfaction received and given. Both of us placed our signatures... verified by our respective Driver's License... on each form.

This all happened before the ugliness of AIDS reared its evil head, but was still evidence that human beings could be honest with each other, while providing the opportunity for each of us to alert the other had something unwanted resulted.

I met with her several times over the next several years to replay our wonderful flight in more relaxed and uninhibited surroundings. She married a nice guy, left the airline, and the last I knew of her was her moving to Boston.


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