tagInterracial LoveThe Friendly Skies Ch. 01: Keiko

The Friendly Skies Ch. 01: Keiko

byIrish Moss©

I'd just finished checking in at the hotel where I'd be spending the next couple of nights while I was in Seattle for company training and, as I approached the elevator, I nearly stopped dead in my tracks. There was a large group of Asian women, who appeared to all be flight attendants based on their attire, entering the elevator as I arrived. I wasn't sure if there was enough room for me but it turned out that it was a big elevator so the ones in front beckoned me to board. I wondered whether there was some sort of appearance requirement where they worked because they were all so cute that I wanted to face the back of the elevator rather than turning to face the doors as was customary.

"Which floor?" asked the one closest to the buttons.

"Oh, uh, ten," I stammered, then, just for the hell of it, I added, "Room 1038, in fact, if any of you is interested in stopping by later."

A few of them giggled but I was dead serious; I'd have opened my door for any one of them. They were all apparently staying on the same floor, which was a lower one than mine, so I stepped to the side to let them all out when the elevator stopped and the doors opened. This not only gave me an opportunity to smile at each cute face but, when I was back in the elevator facing the doors, I got a nice look at some pretty sweet asses as they headed down the hall. I had a feeling that I'd be stroking off to naked Asian women before I fell asleep that night.

Later that evening, after I'd figured out where my training would be and otherwise explored the hotel and surrounding area, but before I was getting ready for bed, there was a knock on my door. Taking a look through the peephole, I found a cute Asian woman with a hood pulled up standing outside, looking around nervously. I opened the door and she looked relieved that I was there.

"I hope you weren't kidding about stopping by," she said, speaking English very well though it obviously wasn't her first language, "because I could use some serious stress relief."

"Stress relief, huh?" I replied, "Well I'd be happy to do whatever I can."

She entered and I closed and locked the door behind her as she crossed the room to the foot of my bed. She turned to face me again and unzipped the hoodie she was wearing, exposing her tits as she was wearing nothing under it. They were small and perky and her nipples were hard. My cock was stiffening as I went to her and brought my lips to hers while I brought my hands to her tits. As we made out and I fondled her tits, she lowered her hood and slipped out of her hoodie. After a couple of minutes, I kissed my way down along her neck then lowered my head enough to lick and suck her hard nipples. She moaned softly and ran her fingers through my hair. My hands gravitated from caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits, down along her narrow waist, and around to her sweet ass, which I caressed as my lips and tongue worked on her nipples.

Eventually, I continued my journey south and, dropping to my knees, I started to slide her yoga pants down. She was wearing panties and, after kissing her hips and lower abdomen, I started to slide those down as well. She had a well-groomed, black bush that I was ready to bury my face in so, after she'd stepped out of her pants and panties, I stood and picked her up, carrying her onto my king-size bed. I lay her in the middle and took a moment to admire her naked body before lowering my face toward her pussy. She spread her legs and I kissed her inner thighs before running my tongue along her slit and causing her to moan. She was overflowing with juices which I endeavored to lap up while gazing up along her body at her hard little nipples pointed toward the ceiling.

I redirected the attention of my tongue to her clit once I slipped a finger into her snug, slippery pussy. While sliding my finger in and out, I was licking and sucking her clit, which had her moaning even louder as well as writhing on the bed. I hoped that a highly pleasurable orgasm would relieve her stress because providing one was my goal and it seemed like we were on course to achieve it. I was also hoping that, if her stress was relieved, I'd get an opportunity to slip my cock into her snug pussy. I had no doubt that fucking her would feel amazing and my cock was already like a steel rod. Regardless, making her cum had top priority so I was focused on that and her responses indicated that my actions were having the desired effect. I wasn't necessarily trying to rush, however; highly-pleasurable was more important than quick and I was actually quite enjoying the opportunity to eat her pussy. I hadn't really considered that I might have a chance to eat some pussy on this trip, much less that of a cute Asian flight attendant, so I couldn't help but savor it.

She did gradually begin to tense up as her moans grew louder and longer. I just continued what I'd been doing since it was obviously having the desired effect. With a cry of pleasure, she went limp then began to shake when she started cumming. I continued to eat her, feeling her pussy flooded with even more lubrication. Her orgasm was long and appeared to be highly pleasurable, just as I'd hoped for her; she had, after all, put herself out there by knocking on my door so she deserved to be rewarded. Once she'd gone still and had let out a sigh, I raised my head and slipping my finger from her pussy into my mouth, sucking off her juices. I was admiring her body from my position between her parted thighs as she recovered.

"Do you feel relieved of stress?" I asked as I crawled up to lie beside her.

"Almost," she replied, turning to face me, "I enjoyed that a great deal but I want to be sure all of the stress is gone before I go back to my room."

We kissed as I fondled her tits some more while she reached down to massage the bulge in my pants. Feeling how stiff I was, she started to unfasten my pants then ended up getting up on her knees to get me undressed. She pulled my shirt up over my head and tossed it aside then started to slide my pants and underwear down, my rigid cock springing out. I continued to openly stare at her naked body as she got me naked then straddled me. As she was guiding my cock toward her pussy, I reached up to caress her tits again. Once she lowered herself onto my cock, we both moaned; I couldn't believe how incredible her pussy felt, so snug and so slippery. She sat on it for a moment then began to move slowly up and down. Having my cock embedded in her pussy felt incredible but the feeling as her pussy moved up and down my cock was almost blowing my mind. I don't know how I didn't blow my load in about ten seconds.

As I continued to fondle her perky little tits while she rode my cock, my attention was alternating from her tits down to her trim bush and up to her cute face. Unless she'd be staying there another night like I was, there was no way I'd be seeing her naked body again so I was committing every aspect to memory along with how her tits felt against my hands and how her pussy felt sliding up and down my cock. I was pushing up into her as she was riding me harder and, despite their diminutive size, her tits were bouncing so I moved my hands around to caress her ass so I could watch them. The soft, smooth flesh of her ass was just as awesome as every other part of her so it was one more thing that I was thoroughly enjoying.

She was moaning louder the longer and harder she was riding my cock so she was clearly building up to another orgasm. Although grateful that I hadn't cum already, I had no idea how I'd managed it and wasn't doing anything special to hold off my orgasm. I was really just going with the flow and enjoying every aspect of this encounter. When she dropped down onto my cock and just sat there for a moment before letting out a cry and beginning to shake, I was happy that I'd been able to hold out long enough for her to cum again. She bounced a couple more times as she was riding out her orgasm but I'd moved my hands back to her tits to fondle them again, not expecting to see them bounce any more. She went still once she'd finished cumming and just sat on my cock, catching her breath.

"There might still be stress," she finally said, "We'd better keep going."

She didn't continue riding me, however; instead climbing off of my cock and positioning herself on all-fours beside me. I got up on my knees and moved behind her, admiring her sweet ass and running my hands over it before guiding my cock back into her pussy from behind. It still felt incredible and, based on the sounds that she made, it seemed as though she agreed. Once my hips were pressed against her sweet ass, I held her narrow waist and began to slowly slide my full length in and out of her. She dropped her head down onto the bedspread and reached beneath herself, I assumed to stroke her clit as I fucked her. Once I had a steady rhythm going, I slipped my hands forward and cupped her tits, caressing the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples.

I couldn't see her face or admire her body in this position so I was more attuned to the pleasure I was feeling and the feel of her tits against my hands. I wouldn't say that my orgasm was building up faster as a result but I did expect that I'd be blowing a load into her in this position. What I wasn't expecting was that she'd still be so keyed up from her last orgasm that she'd be on the brink of another one almost immediately. Her pussy, which already felt amazing, was just getting hotter and wetter and she kept moaning louder and longer. She started pushing back against my incoming thrusts and ended up setting an even faster pace, so I straightened up again and held her hips. I left the pace to her as she was pushing back and would just give a thrust each time her ass hit my hips. Finally, she pushed back and just remained there then started shaking as she cried out again. It appeared to be another long and highly pleasurable orgasm, which I knew could not be solely attributed to my sexual prowess. I think her already being fired up enough to come seek me out had a lot to do with it.

"I think that took care of the last of the stress," she finally gasped out, once she'd finished cumming and had recovered enough. She moved forward so that my cock slipped out of her then straightened up on her knees, taking my cock in one hand and stroking it while bringing her lips to mine. We kissed briefly before she had me lie on my back while she moved down the bed. She knelt between my legs as I propped my head up on a couple of pillows then she lowered her head toward my cock. She held the base as she wrapped her lips around it then engulfed it in her mouth. I moaned as I experienced yet another level of pleasure thanks to this exotic stranger. She definitely had some talent when it came to cocksucking so I was glad that she'd cum several times already. I intended to savor her skill along with the accompanying visual then blow my load guilt-free down her throat.

I ended up lasting quite a bit longer than I'd expected, primarily due to her ability to draw out the pleasure without it feeling as though she was denying my orgasm. I was happy to enjoy the slow build-up while also watching her cute face as my cock disappeared repeatedly into her mouth. She was slowly pumping the base as she sucked me off, occasionally pausing to lick my balls or run her tongue up along the underside or around the head. I absolutely appreciated that she was able to allow me to enjoy her blowjob for longer than I expected, though I'm pretty sure that she was enjoying it as well. When my cock finally began to swell even more in advance of my impending orgasm, it didn't slow her down. She continued to expertly suck me off even as I spewed into her mouth with a grunt. She swallowed my load and continued to blow me until I was fully spent. Only then did she let my cock fall from her mouth and crawl up to lie beside me.

"You're welcome to stay here tonight," I said after a bit, "if you're concerned that the stress might come back."

"I would really love to," she replied, "but I'm taking a big chance being here as it is. I could lose my job and have to find my own way back home. I was so horny, though, that I couldn't resist your invitation."

"And you're leaving in the morning?" I asked, trying to sound just disappointed, not desperate.

"Yes," she replied, "but how long will you be here?"

"Just two more nights," I replied, "I head back home on Sunday."

"Where is home?" she asked.

"Southern California," I replied.

"I actually fly there more often than I fly here," she said, "if you're interested in doing this again sometime."

"I'd absolutely be interested," I replied, which caused her to smile then kiss me. She crawled down to the end of the bed and picked her hoodie up off the floor, her ass aimed right at me and her pussy peeking between her thin thighs, which caused my spent cock to try valiantly to rise to the occasion. When she came back up by me, she had her phone.

"Are you okay with giving me your number?" she asked, "Email, too, if you want."

"Sure, of course," I replied, then rattled off both as she typed them into her phone. We didn't even know each other's names until that point when she told me hers was Keiko and I told her mine. She both texted and emailed me, causing my phone to ping on the other side of the room. She stayed and we chatted just a little longer but then she thought she might be pushing her luck so she got up and gathered her clothes. I got up, too, and went to grab my phone but, rather than replying to her text or email, I brought up camera mode and asked her to pose for me. She did so willingly as she dressed, including a shot with her hood up but her tits still exposed with her hoodie unzipped. I set this one as her contact photo on my phone.

"Can you check and make sure the hallway is clear?" she asked as she was about ready to go. I pulled my pants back on before opening the door and looking out. It was dead quiet so she gave me a quick kiss then slipped off to the nearby stairwell. She messaged me that she'd made it safely back to her room and we exchanged a few messages before calling it a night. I sat there in bed, recalling all that had happened, still pretty astounded by the whole event.

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by Anonymous

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by OGHMNW10/02/18

Fun story

After a long flight it is very possible that this cute little flight attendant needed to let off some stress. It was very nice of you to help her. I can remember seeing a flight attendant lounging at mymore...

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by Anonymous08/04/18

Well done

Pretty believeable

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by Anonymous08/01/18

Great story

Some people below are just haters and can't stand the truth because they've never had an Asian woman, and yes, they are like this. That poster is jealous

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by Anonymous07/28/18

More than a living.

Why do you think any woman, Asian, European, Hispanic or who ever becomes an airline attendent? It's the adventure of travel and meeting new people with the freedom to experience more than the unordinary.more...

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by Anonymous07/27/18

In your dreams.

Pathetic story. Do you actually expect anyone to believe this disgustingly racist story? Stereotypical fantasies of Asian women? you clearly know nothing about real Asian women.

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