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The Fuck Club


Carmen walked out of the office with her perfect ass swaying too and fro. She could almost feel the eyes of every man in the place boring into her perfect rounded butt.

Carmen smiled to herself, smug in the knowledge that every man here would given his left ball to be able to fuck her. But she knew that they wouldn't stand a chance. It wasn't that she didn't find any of the guys in the office attractive, some were OK, maybe even better than OK. But she was the kind of girl who could have any man she wanted and she was very very aware of the rules of the game. If a girl wanted to be put on a pedestal she had to have an air of exclusivity. She had the men in the office eating out of her hand because they knew and she knew that she was way out of their league.

As she entered the lift to take her down to the car park basement a man stepped into the lift beside her. Her stomach lurched, 'damn' she thought 'not Greg the asshole'.

Greg was a company lawyer, a 34-year-old hot shot with slicked back hair and a pin stripe suit. He worked out six nights a week, drove a Ferrari, had a house by the lake and thought it was his God given right to fuck any woman he wanted. As they stood side by side in the lift Carmen could feel his eyes staring down the top of her blouse at her deep enticing cleavage.

Carmen stared at the wall praying that the lift would hurry up.

'Hi Carmen, how about a quick drink' Greg purred in her ear, his mouth far too close so that she could feel his breath on her ear lobe.

'I don't think so!' Carmen said sharply.

'Oh, come on babe!' Greg laughed 'you know that deep down you're going to give up that sweet ass to me sooner or later, why not tonight, nobody's around, I'll never tell, your precious reputation as The Ice Queen of the office will remain intact'.

Greg sneered as he said the words 'Ice Queen' then giggled to himself. Carmen felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up in anger, she almost slapped him, then the lift door opened and she stepped briskly into the basement.

'Not in your dreams asshole' she muttered under her breath, just loud enough for Greg to hear her, silencing his laughter.

Carmen had realized long before that to be desired by men she had to be just out of their reach, if she gave in and fucked an admirer he would think that he had the right to do it again, would act like she was his girlfriend, get jealous if she flirted with another guy. She knew that to keep all the men in the office behaving as she wanted them to (i.e. fawning after her and hanging on her every word) then she had to keep them all at arms length, she could flirt, she could dress sexily so that they admired her long legs, slim body and perfect ass, she could lick her lips and stare into their eyes. But under no circumstances could she let one of them into her tight shaven pussy. To do that would be to break all of her rules…and Carmen lived by her rules.

At 21 years old she drove a Porsche, lived in a penthouse flat and wore the latest designer clothes. She did this because she could sell anything to any man, she was the top saleswoman in the company. And she was successful because…she knew how men thought and she knew how to make men do what she wanted them to do…she knew the rules and she lived by those rules…flirt, dress sexy, leave them thinking they had a chance but never, EVER give too much away.

But tonight was different, tonight Carmen was going to play by a completely different set of rules because tonight was Carmen's first visit to The Fuck Club. Her pussy throbbed as she ran the name through her head. She had heard about The Club from her friend Lucy and while at first it had seemed insane, crazy, the more she thought about it the more it turned her on.

Fuck club had one simple rule, at the end of the night you received your homework in a brown envelope, whatever was on the piece of paper inside the envelope was your task for the week and you followed the instructions to the letter. In effect you gave yourself up totally to the task on that piece of paper. All the rules of attraction that society had built up, the do's and don'ts of how good boys and girls were supposed to act went out of the window, the only rule, the ONLY thing that mattered was to obey the instructions on that piece of paper.

Lucy had received three tasks so far; one was to masturbate in a cinema. She had managed this without being spotted as the film was not a blockbuster, the second task was to rub her ass against a man on a crowded subway train till she felt his cock harden in arousal. And her third, marvelous, fantastic task had been to sit in a hotel well know for high class hookers and offer the first man who approached her sex for $500. If he said no, she was to go home, if he agreed she had to go upstairs to his room and fuck him. Lucy was a sexy 26 year old blonde and the guy hadn't had to think for long before he agreed. While Carmen had acted shocked at Lucy's admission she had been so turned on that she had clasped her legs shut tight in excitement. To add to this, Lucy had tole her in detail about how she had sucked his cock then laid back and screamed in ecstasy while he fucked her for over an hour. She had sworn that it was the best sex of her life and that she had cum no less than four times before she had dressed and staggered from the room.

After this Carmen could hardly stop thinking about Fuck club, if her mind drifted onto the idea in a sales meeting she would feel her nipples start to harden and her pussy go moist. Finally she could take no more, she had to go to a Fuck Club meeting, the idea of throwing away the rules she lived by for one night only was something she could not resist.

Carmen dressed that night in a one piece black dress with black stiletto heals. She wore her dark hair down and red lipstick, the classic look of a sexual woman. At 10pm on the dot her buzzer rang and she took the lift down to where Lucy was waiting in a cab. The two girls traveled in silence to a suburbia address.

Lucy's heart beat fast as she walked up to the door behind her friend. Had she made a mistake? Could she still turn back? Then the door opened and a startlingly attractive woman of about 40 years stood in front of them, she smiled so beautifully that Carmen was put completely at ease returning the smile with her own.

They stepped into the living room where a group of women and girls, about six in number, were sat around the room on chairs or on the floor. They stopped talking as Carmen and Lucy walked in, eying up the newcomer, then Carmen was introduced to the group and given a large glass of wine.

She soon relaxed and sat back to listen to the other women talk about work, their husbands and children. Carmen could hardly believe that they were in the right place, the women were all attractive but there was no mention of sex at all.

Then their host, Annabel, returned and said loudly:

"Ladies it is time to begin this weeks meeting of The Fuck Club"

To hear the word's "The Fuck Club" spoken by so elegant a woman made Carmen's pussy throb with desire, her mouth went dry and her tongue slid along her full lower lip to wet it. She could feel the excitement in the room like electricity, it was as though someone had flicked a switch.

The women took it in turns to tell their stories and Carmen listened fascinated as one by one they told of the erotic and exciting nights they had enjoyed the previous week. Some girls, by the luck of chance had gone home untouched, but others had enjoyed evenings and nights of incredible sexual excitement. Carmen's pussy was dripping wet, her panties soaked, by the time the women had all finished their tales. She had drunk three or four glasses of wine and was slightly drunk.

Then her host stood and announced that the time had come to receive their homework. She pulled from out of a leather bag a collection of white envelopes and stepping from woman to woman handed them out to the excited females.

'Don't read them until you get home' she said firmly.

'And be back next week to tell me how things went….if you dare!'

The women then stood and thanked their host, kissing her on the cheek as they left the house to walk to where a row of taxi's stood waiting.

Carmen and Lucy traveled back to the city hardly speaking a word. Carmen was excited beyond belief and couldn't wait to get home so that she could open the envelope. They talked about what might be this week's task but both girls were lost in their own dream worlds.

Carmen entered her flat and shutting the door leaned back against the oak frame. Her breaths were coming heavy and fast, her pussy was wet and her breasts swollen and heavy their long thick nipples so hard that they were visible through the dress like bullets.

She closed her eyes and fingered the envelope then making up her mind she crossed into the room and sat down on her black leather sofa.

Opening the envelope carefully she removed the pearl white paper inside and began to read the instructions.

'Your homework for this week is to go to The Zone nightclub in the Southside on Thursday night. In case you didn't know Thursday night is singles night and ladies get free entry and drinks till midnight.

Wear sexy and revealing clothes and get there early enough so that you can get a seat alone at a table.

When men approach you, get rid of them with the most humiliating put downs that you can think of….that is until the bar clock hits midnight.

The first man to approach you after midnight gets to keep you for the night, laugh at his jokes, smile sexily, stare deep into his eyes and treat him like a king. Buy his drinks and if he asks let him take you home.

Tell him that you want him to do anything he wants to you, that you need to please him completely.

You may well find that pleasing can be more fun than being pleased.'

Carmen read through the instructions three more times. Then she placed the paper on the sofa beside her, raised her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and slid a finger easily into her gleaming pussy. As she rubbed herself she shut her eyes, her instructions running through her mind, moaning and panting she brought herself to an intense orgasm within seconds.

The next two days were a blur for Carmen, she could think about hardly anything but Thursday night. She had always been a very selfish lover, focusing on her own pleasure rather than that of the man she was screwing. She seldom, if ever gave head any more and expected her lovers to lick her pussy for hours before they would be allowed to thrust their cocks into her. She wondered if she would be able to give herself as her instructions demanded.

At the same time she felt incredibly sexual. She had dressed since her Fuck Night debut in more revealing clothes at work enjoying the attention and the looks, flirting even more with colleagues laughing and joking. She had felt happier and more excited, like a child waiting for Christmas.

When Thursday evening arrived she went to the gym after work and had a hard gym session, she always felt that this and a sauna left her skin glowing and made her feel energized. Even in the gym she exuded sexuality, she could see the men staring at her as she trained and she pushed out her tight sexy ass and firm breasts so that the men could fully appreciate her magnificent body, wanting them to desire her so much that they went home with her on their minds and thought about her as they rubbed their pricks or fucked their wives and girlfriends that night.

At home she got out her outfit for the night. The instructions had demanded that she dress sexily, but she knew that dressing like a hooker would only turn off many guys, she had to be clever, wear something that hints and teases suggesting the delights beneath the clothes rather than revealing them too readily. She pulled out a pair of skin tight jeans, a yellow top and a tiny black thong. She rarely wore a bra as her breasts were easily firm enough that she didn't need the support.

Carmen ran a bath and luxuriated in the hot waters before carefully shaving her long athletic legs and her pussy. As she gently ran the razor over her mound she smiled at the excitement that she knew her nakedness would give her lover tonight. Drying herself she spent a while spreading cream over her body, it would leave her skin soft and smooth to the touch and make it shine in the light. Finally she sat and prepared her makeup and hair for the evening, she took over an hour to perfect her look, wanting to look sexy but not tarty, emphasizing the fullness of her mouth and her large brown eyes, her long hair ran down to her shoulders, swept back from her face and gleaming in the lights of her room.

Standing she walked to her large full length mirror and stood naked before it, legs slightly apart. She was amazed at how sexy and beautiful the vision in the mirror looked, her body so firm, the lips of her sex so pronounced without her pubic hair to shield them, her nipples already long and hard atop her firm breasts..

She turned slightly and admired the curved perfection of her rear, the light gleaming against the round firm cheeks. They would look spectacular when she was wearing the tiny thong.

Carmen dressed slowly, enjoying the sensation of preparing herself for the big night, then she picked up her leather purse and walked to the door, pausing for a second to check that the room looked tidy and welcoming in case her lover wanted to bring her home. She smiled at the thought, that she was preparing to bring a man home but had no idea who that man would be. Strangely the thought excited her more than ever.

Downstairs Carmen paused to hail a cab. A taxi driver swerved across the street ignoring another potential passenger so that he could pick up the stunning, sexy brunette. She smiled and told him where she was going. The driver wanted to talk during the journey but Carmen was quiet, thinking about the excitement that lay ahead.

Arriving at the bar Carmen walked inside, it was full of groups of guys and a few girls, as the instructions had said she didn't have to pay and she was able to find a seat at a table by the side of the club, it was dark but she could feel the eyes on her as she sat down. Within seconds a witress approached and asked if Carmen wanted a drink, as the instructions had said, drinks were free, so Carmen ordered a gin and tonic and then looked around the room. She was the only single girl in the place from what she could see. As her drink arrived Carmen smiled sweetly and checked her watch, 11pm, an hour to go, as she looked up from her watch she caught the smiling face of a man, about twenty five as he sat at her table.

'Hi honey' said the man 'you here with anyone'

Carmen looked at him, he was fairly handsome and she almost returned his beaming smile, then she remembered her instructions.

'Look mister' Carmen said coldly 'I'm here to meet the man of my dreams so get away from me 'cos I'll tell you now…you're not him!'

The man opened and shut his mouth as though he wanted to say something then forlornly stood up and returned to his laughing buddies.

Another guy was hot on his tracks

'Like to dance babe?' he asked standing by Carmen's chair.

Carmen looked the man up and down slowly

'I'd rather have sex with my Grandfather' she sneered, sending him scurrying away.

For the next thirty minutes a steady stream approached her and each man was sent packing with an icy remark. At last the stream of potential suitors slowed then ran dry as most of the guys in the place had been subjected to Carmen's humiliations.

By 11.45 there were no men at all approaching Carmen and she was on her third Gina and Tonic and feeling very excited that the witching hour was almost upon her, she had to admit that she had gotten a thrill from turning down all the guys, now she was glancing around looking for a potential lover. She had seen a couple of guys she quite liked and was planning to try and catch their eye and smile once midnight had passed, glancing at her watch she noticed that it was 11.55 and her heart beat hard and fast.

Something out of the corner of her eye distracted her and she looked over to the door where a group of five guys had entered. She thought she recognized them and then her stomach lurched as she realized that they were a group of guys from work and right in the middle, acting like he owned the bar was…Greg The Asshole, the man she hated most in the whole city.

Carmen watched as Greg looked around the room, eying up the women in the club, she desperately willed him to see her and come over before midnight, just 4 short minutes away, she would have loved to humiliate him. But as his eyes roved around the room he caught sight of a blonde pair of girls to Carmen's left and came striding over to them, drink in hand. For a few moments he smiled and tried his tired and annoying pick up lines till the girls looked away deliberately ignoring him. Greg shrugged and turned back to his friends. Carmen glanced at her watch, ten seconds to go, she looked back at Greg, his friends were pointing in her direction, Greg was turning to look, Carmen felt her stomach lurch as he turned to look at her, their eyes met and he walked towards her. Carmen looked desperately at her watch, willing the seconds hand to freeze.

Five…four….three…two…one……she looked up

'Hi babe, you look fabulous' said Greg smiling down at her, 'mind f I join you?'

Carmen struggled to breathe, she felt like she wished the earth would open and swallow her, but at no point did she even contemplate disobeying her instructions.

'Laugh at his jokes, smile sexily, stare deep into his eyes and treat him like a king. Buy his drinks and if he asks let him take you home.'

Carmen smiled as sweetly as she could.

'Sure' she said lightly her voice struggling 'please do'

Greg sat down and leaned back casually, his eyes wandering over her body.

'You look great hon' he said leering at her breasts 'fabulous'

'Thanks' smiled Carmen then thinking of her instructions added 'can I buy you a drink?'

For a moment Greg looked surprised then grinned

'Sure, a bottle of bud will hit the spot'

As Carmen ordered the drink she saw Greg turn to his buddies and give them the thumbs up.

The night progressed, Carmen smiled and laughed at Greg's corny and lewd jokes, she didn't move an inch as his hand rested on her knee then moved up to caress her thigh, Greg moved round the table inch by inch till their heads were almost touching, he looked in her eyes and she smiled at him, his hand was stroking her thigh from her knee to the top of her thigh and back again.

'Hey Carmen, how about we go back to your place for a little drink, this place is a bit too public for what I have in mind.'

Carmen paused for a second, looking into his blue eyes, her mind spinning.

'OK.' She whispered licking her full red lips as she wondered what she was getting into.

Greg stood quickly, he made his way to the door then paused to let Carmen catch him. As Carmen reached him Greg slid his arm around her, his hand resting possessively on Carmen's firm round left ass cheek. No man in the place could have mistaken the signal that Greg was the man who had claimed this stunning woman and in all likelihood would be fucking her tonight.

Greg smiled and waved at his buddies as he left then walked over to a cab, opening the door for Carmen as he reached it.

Carmen told the driver her address and they sped off into the night. Greg placed his arm around her shoulders and she leaned into him resting her head on his shoulder.

Greg's hand moved around her shoulder and down to her breast, casually stroked the firm globe, her nipple hardened against his hand and Carmen had to bite her lip to suppress a moan.

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