tagGroup SexThe Full Force of the Law Ch. 02

The Full Force of the Law Ch. 02


Chapter 2 Kate's House

It was a week on Friday, the night they said they would return. Kate thought of Officers 1 and 2 and of how they parted company, her name and address on a piece of paper safely tucked into the Officer's pocket.

Hard as she tried to remain calm, it wasn't as easy as that spontaneous night on the dirt track. Her mind raced every time she recalled them and everything that they did. She put on some music to distract herself, took a bath, straightened her hair, painted her nails and tried on a million different outfits. It wasn't just what was on top to think about tonight, but what was underneath too. Usually she dressed simply to make herself feel good, but tonight she was doing it for them as well. Her company's winter lingerie catalogue was out and the samples for the parties, ordered in her own size of course, were hers to use in whatever way she chose. Some she liked, some she didn't but they were especially good this time. Tonight she tried on first a black satin bra and knickers – too ordinary, a black and red lace basque – too tarty, a pair of crutchless purple knickers – screamed prostitute, before settling on a black and silver pinstripe silky bra and knickers set with matching suspender belt and nearly nude stockings. Over the top she slipped on a simple wrap dress with a shrug and a necklace which glinted with the colours of the rainbow under the lights in her house.

8 o'clock came and went as did a glass of wine, 9 o'clock too and a second glass and at 10 after the third, she picked herself to pieces. "Why would I believe they would actually turn up a week on Friday?" she asked herself. Of course they just said that at the time. Beautiful as it was, it was just a one off. They'd be risking too much to return and they've probably moved on to the next susceptible female by now anyway. She looked at herself in the bedroom mirror. "Who do you think you are Kate?" she asked herself. Even with the light of the dozen candles she had lit tonight she was just ordinary, too many curves, and just another woman in hundreds of thousands. She took off her dress and threw it on the bedroom chair. She wrapped a satin dressing gown around her body, turned off the lights, lay on the bed and closed her eyes, allowing the room to swim slightly from the alcohol and desperately hoping the creeping embarrassment that she was feeling would soon disappear.

At 11, she woke to the sound of the doorbell. It took a minute or two for her to shake herself from her slumber and acknowledge what it was. She crept down the stairs with the lights still off but she could see enough through the frosted glass to know that the doorstep contained two Police Officers in fluorescent jackets. Her heart hammered in her chest. She opened the door and watched the recognition on their faces as they watched it on hers.

"Good evening Kate, may we come in" they asked and she stood aside silently as she welcomed them in. The door closed behind them and they visibly relaxed.

"How are you Kate? You remember why we're here?" Officer 2 asked slightly nervously.

"Yes, I do remember, you're dealing with the attempted theft from my garden shed" she replied slowly, recalling the instructions from their previous conversation and her confidence taking a sudden boost, "it happened a week ago last Friday when I was late home after getting, um, lost... terrible... you just can't trust people around here".

"Well there are some you can" he smiled "and I have all the paperwork related to your 'theft' here, completed, signed except for your autograph required here, and no further questions are likely to be asked by anyone. Such an innocuous crime, minor, totally unsolvable. But it's such an important part of our job to take the time to personally reassure members of the public , such as yourself, caught up in all of this, in their own home. Sometimes it takes a lot of time..." he trailed off.

"I see Officer....?" she asked questioningly, unsure what to call him tonight, she could hardly tell him that in her mind she knew him as 'Officer 2'.

"Jack, please" he replied.

She caught Officer 1 out of the corner of her eye. He was just as she remembered him, tall, dark and grey flecked hair, beautiful eyes and a delicious smile. She didn't think they had Police Officers like him, she thought they were just a figment of her imagination. He oozed something quite captivating and distracting. He was looking at her again in the same way he had done on that dark and lonely track and his gaze on her body made her squirm.

"Ready for bed Kate?" he asked with a hint of playful sarcasm, looking her up and down.

"There wasn't much else happening" she replied and he moved a little closer.

"Not much happening you say...?" His face was close to hers now and he reached out to it with his hand. His mouth moved slightly hesitantly towards hers and he kissed her on the lips, gently at first and then harder and with a passion that had been clearly building inside him. A simple kiss told her he had been thinking about the night on the dirt track just as much as she had. As he pulled away he said "Kate, have you been drinking tonight?".

"Yes I have, a couple of glasses of wine" she replied "Why?".

"I'm going to have to ask you for a specimen of breath"

"I thought you just had one of those" she smiled at him.

"But you might be driving" he went on.

"I will not!" she replied.

"Ah but you might".

"I will not Officer" she said firmly. Getting in the car was the last thing on her mind.

"But you might be on the move later, in charge of someTHING or someONE, and it's essential that you are fit for the purpose and not impaired in any way"

"Well now that you mention it, I might, that's a distinct possibility. What would you like me to do Officer?" she asked, looking deep into his eyes and holding his gaze in a helpless, submissive kind of way.

He removed his fluorescent jacket and laid it on her sofa. He removed his radio too and laid it on top. It was clear they had reported their whereabouts from outside her front door and though Jack still had his on, with the volume down low, they weren't expecting to be interrupted any time soon. They had been driven from their duty again and they were driving her fantasies to a whole new height.

Officer 2 passed him the breathalyser and he slipped a new plastic mouthpiece onto it.

"I want you to blow into this Kate" he said.

She allowed him to watch her gaze fall downwards to his black uniformed trousers beneath his utility belt weighed down by his equipment.

"Into this?" she asked waiting for a few seconds before meeting his eyes again.

"Nooooo....not yet.....THIS" he replied, the corners of his mouth turning up despite his attempt to keep the tone of his voice stern, "Cover the mouthpiece with your lips and blow until I say stop".

She did as he said. She had no choice. She really wanted to do as he said.

"Harder" he urged "That was just not hard enough..."

She tried again and she blew harder.

"Longer Kate" he urged this time "Blow harder and for longer. I can't imagine you don't know how because I KNOW that you do".

Why did everything he said sound so seductive? Officer 1, the King of Innuendos. Memories of the safehouse came flooding back to her. He was standing so close, his hands clasped around hers while she attempted the breath tests, so close that she was breathing in his scent, addicted to him already.

One last time she did as he asked and a few moments later he said "Oh dear Kate.... that's gone to red....now I must arrest you for providing a positive breath test. You do not have to say anything..."

"Oh no, he's not having me that easily" she thought and before he knew what she was going to do, or before she had thought about it much herself, she spun round, dived through the kitchen and out the back door.

Jack was first out and into the darkness of the garden. Officer 1 was right behind him and she watched from her crouched position beside the patio table as they began to search for her, taking a side of the garden each. I do hope they are going to see the funny side of this she thought.

"Ka– aa- te" Jack called. Clearly from his mocking tone, they were. "You can't hide from us you know. We're going to find you in the end. Better come out. "

She heard Officer 1 peel back some Velcro, remove his torch and shine it along the bushes.

"Any sign of her Matt?" Jack called to him.

Matt was Officer 1's name then. She imagined that tripping off her tongue in the heat of the moment....

They carried on calling for her. She was enjoying this. She hadn't been sure about taking on her aunt's house, it was a bit rural for her, but tonight she was very grateful for the lack of neighbours.

"Give yourself up Kate.... or I'll have to get my Asp out" Matt called.

She could have sworn he heard her sharp intake of breath because at that moment he spun round and shone his torch straight at her. She fixed him with a come-and-get-me smile, and dived back into the house, through the kitchen, up the hallway and onto the first couple of stairs. But he was way fitter than she was and he was right behind her. He grabbed her waist, threw his body across her back and brought her down on the stairs. He brought his knee up between her legs, steadying himself on the stairs and making her gasp. He grabbed her wrist gently but firmly and pressed himself against her. She twisted her head to the side and he laid his cheek on top of hers.

"Kate, Kate, Kate... you are such a tease" he said, his breath heavy in her ear and he laughed a little which eased the tension and confirmed her hopes that he was enjoying the game tonight as much as she was. "Shall I have you now for resisting arrest as well?.... or maybe a twist on failing to stop?....or shall I just have you anyway?"

A moan of pleasure at what his words did to her and at the anticipation of what was to come passed through her lips.

"What do you reckon? Am I going down for this Matt?" she asked him.

"Oh God yes" he replied "you most definitely are".

Matt pushed her hair back behind her ear and traced around the outline of it with his tongue. She barely noticed he was gently moving her arm down to her side. He eased his body off hers and used the knee between her legs to kneel up on the stair. She had one arm pinned to the wall and the other in Matt's hand. With a swift and decisive movement he whipped out his handcuffs and cracked one around her right wrist which he was holding. She had begun to associate the click of those steel handcuffs with a high expectation of mind-blowing sex but this time she was not expecting what he did next. She began to try and free her other arm pinned to the wall for him to complete his capture of her, but instead he fastened the second handcuff to his own left wrist and clicked it shut. She looked questioningly at him but he just smiled back.

"Kate, not for the first time, I am arresting you, because you like it.... this time for providing a positive breath test, resisting arrest, and being dressed like THIS" and he pulled back her satin wrap which had come undone on the stairs and ran his hand across the fabric of the suspender belt around her waist. "You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on upstairs. Anything you do say may be given in evidence. Do you understand?"

As she stumbled to her feet and led him upstairs to her candlelit bedroom, she said "Matt? If anything I say may be given in evidence, I would like two things noted for the record. Firstly my pussy is in need of some serious attention and secondly, I am about to remove your trousers...".

"It's okay mate, I got that" said Jack, his voice surprising Kate a little as she was starting to forget he was there. He stood in the doorway, removing his fluorescent jacket and stab vest and placing items of equipment from his belt onto her chest of drawers. As he did so, his eye was caught by the 'toys' lined up on the top. They were all end of range items she had been meaning to sell off at parties but which somehow had found their way into her personal possession. In this last week her masturbatory fantasies had gone mad, thanks to Matt. The vibrating rabbits ears had relieved some of them and she had even ventured into unchartered fantasies to try the Double Trouble which had alarmed her slightly before she discovered a week ago last Friday what pleasure it really gave her to have Matt and Platinum Pete together at the same time. Despite all of that she had been walking around in a permanent state of arousal and she knew the only thing which would relieve it would be another dose of this sexy Police Officer.

Matt lay back on Kate's bed and between them they fumbled and stretched, each with one free hand, to remove his shoes, socks, trousers and shorts. He removed his utility belt with all its equipment and laid it on her pillow, still just within his reach. He moved a hand to take off his stab vest but she put her hand over his and shook her head.

"Keep it on, I know its heavy but....

"You like it too much, I know!" he smiled.

"I do" she said and moved her leg across his body so that she knelt on the bed astride him.

"Can I lose the tie?" he asked and she answered him by reaching forward, unclipping it and losing it on the bedroom floor. She placed her hands on his vest and moved forward to kiss his mouth. His kiss was passionate and urgent, his tongue was all over the inside of her mouth and yet there was tenderness in the touch of his hand pushing back her hair as it fell over her eyes. He looked into her eyes with the same look she was giving him. There was lust but something else too and she could imagine him without Jack there, as her lover, gentle and responsive to her needs but at the same time consumed with passion and animal instinct.

She felt him beneath her as he stirred to sit up. She swung her leg back over him and he now knelt with her on the bed. She looked across to the doorway at Jack and motioned to him to come towards her. Without saying a word she glanced over her shoulder at her bra straps and he obligingly undid the hooks, removed it completely and allowed her large breasts to swing free. He bent his head towards her right breast and Matt moved his to her left. She eased backwards and lay her head on the bed giving them full access to her breasts. Matt still had one free hand and he used his finger to circle her nipple, growing harder every second it was within his touch. Jack copied him and then at the same time they both bent their heads and took her nipples in their mouths, licking and sucking at the same time. This was a completely new thing to her. One nipple sent crazy by a man's tongue was delightful, two was sensational. Deep within her pelvis, magic was happening, magic which made her wetter by the second.

Eventually they released their mouths, Matt knelt up on the bed and Jack stood up and backed away. She figured he must have worked with Matt on shifts for some time. He knew him so well and he had figured out that his partner wanted to go this one more or less alone, with just a little help. Either that, or he had noticed, as she had, his trembling fingers.

Matt knelt above her, pushing her gently down onto the bed. He lay on top of her, kissed her again and then moved his mouth down across her shoulders to her chest. She lay her right arm loosely by her side so that he could still use his cuffed one as much as possible and she would go wherever he took her. He brushed over her breasts this time and down across her stomach, hooked the fingers of his free hand under the sides of her knickers and tugged at the material, soaking wet and sticking to her skin, until they peeled away from her and he discarded them on the floor.

"Serious attention you say it needed Kate?" he mouthed from between her legs.

"Yes" she whimpered.

"How serious?" he asked, opening her legs and running a finger across her hot skin. Her cuffed hand lay across her hip as he used his, together with his free hand on the other to open the swollen lips of her pussy.

"This serious?" he asked, his head cocked to one side, taking a good look.

"Or this serious?" and before she could answer, he slid his tongue into her wetness and hungrily sought out her clitoris.

"Mmmmmmm" she cried out. He was so good. There was no teasing or outrageous pretending that he didn't know where a clitoris was located as there had been before at the safehouse. He licked at her relentlessly, stopping occasionally to suck gently over her most sensitive of areas. He spread her legs wide and introduced his fingers into the equation. He moved his finger in ever decreasing circles across her clitoris, moving his tongue lower to flick underneath it and then lower again before sliding his tongue inside her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh yes" she moaned loudly.

Matt lifted his head and replaced his tongue with his fingers instead. He thrust them forcefully inside her and she thrust her hips up to meet him. As he rose to his knees on the bed she got a first class view of his cock and she remembered how beautiful it was. It was standing there now, stiff and twitching for attention. She raised her right arm and tugged at Matt's wrist pulling him forward towards her. She knelt up and pushed him down onto the bed in the position in which she had just been laying. She straddled his cock and as he held himself steady with his free hand she lowered herself onto him. He cried out and his face twisted in pleasure at the first touch to his cock. She had deliberately not touched him with her mouth yet as she wanted his first sensation to be her searing hot, saturated pussy, the wetness so intense that he could feel as well as hear himself squelching inside her. He grasped her hands with his, interlacing the tips of his fingers with hers in a tender touch in sharp contrast to the tightly clamped steel around his wrist and hers holding their hands just a few inches apart. She gripped his fingers tightly for support and began to ride him. Despite her inclination to bury his cock as deep inside her as possible, she wanted to savour him tonight and she moved up and down painstakingly slowly, rising high until he almost slid out before gripping him again and sitting back down.

Kate heard a noise beside her and Jack appeared. His trousers were undone, he had his cock in his hand and he was waiting for some attention. Matt gestured to the handcuffs and he obliged, releasing her and his colleague from their restraints. She rubbed at her wrist. They had moved around too much tonight and large red rings around both of their wrists made it look as if we were still wearing them. She slid her hands, now free, under Matt's vest and shirt and felt the hair on his chest under her fingers. His body was warm, almost hot to the touch, and as the material next to his skin lifted, his masculine smell flooded her senses and she breathed him in deeply.

Jack's cock twitched at the side of her and she obligingly bent her head towards him. Much as she would have been very happy for him not to be there tonight, he was, and Kate owed him a little attention. He was being very patient. She looked at Matt in a "would you mind?" way and he climbed out from underneath her. Jack came to the edge of the bed and she took his cock in her hand. She pushed backwards, kneeling now on all fours and felt the coolness of the air hit her as her wide open pussy presented itself to the room. She took Jack into her mouth and he pushed down on her head forcing his cock unexpectedly deep into her throat. It took much of Kate's strength not to send him from the room with a torrent of abuse for that. Nevertheless there was still something about sucking on this Officer's cock whilst having her pussy attended to by another one which made Kate feel very excited and very bad indeed.

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