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The Fuller Life Story


This is part of a longer story which if i can work out how to use my computer i'll be posting on this site. but you can read this story in it's own right.

Patrick and Mary

Just as I started my new venture into film making and placing adds into papers. A man name Mr Fuller answered my advert and asked to see me on a personal level. I invited him round to my place for a chat and to find out his wishes. He arrived with his wife in toe at my house early one evening. After giving them a cup of tea we got down to the matter in hand.

"Mr Turner, we have been married twenty-four years now and life is beginning to past us by. But before we get to old my wife and I would like to get a video of her. Maybe some glamour shots with some teasing you know that kind of thing. My wife and I have talked it over and she is in full argument. I will not interfere in any way with the work, if you are willing to film her. She wants to build up to maybe some nude work. You will understand that I'm the only man to have seen her naked in over twenty years and she's quit shy. Is it possible for you to do it?"

Well Mary Fuller was a shapely woman of forty-two and with a pretty homely face. She had brown colour hair and a body worth looking at, her breasts were firm and her hips and bottom hadn't started to spread. I could understand his desire to have her on film before it was too late.

"Alright Mr Fuller I'll do it. We'll start tomorrow be here by seven with the money. There will be just a couple of forms to fill in and then we can get started."

The Fuller's arrived dead on time the next day and over drinks we ironed out my fee and a contracted. Which they both signed without reading it to well, this was just what I wanted. They would get the original film but unknown to them I could make copes. I told Mr Fuller it would take about an hour and a half then he could can back and collect her. Then after see him out I lead Mrs Fuller up to the bedroom which was already set up with lights and cameras. I gave her another drink to steady her nerves and got her to sit on the bed.

She was dressed in a grey three-quarter length skirt and red jacket with a white blouse underneath. She looked a true picture of mature womanhood. When she'd finish her drink I got the camera out to get started.

"Right Mary here we go, are you ready".

"Yes I suppose so."

"Good, smile into the camera and tell me about yourself."

"Were to begin, to start with Patrick and I have be married for twenty-four years and."

"Can I stop you there Mrs Fuller. I don't know your first name, talk to me as if we'd never meet and you were introducing yourself to me, o k."

"Right, my name is Mary Fuller I'm forty-two and I've been married to Patrick for twenty-four years. We have a married daughter named Catharine and I work as a civil servant."

"Lovely Mary now walk around the room. Look out the window. Look at the staff on the side tables. Make out your looking for something to do."

She got up and walked about just as I'd told her, looking at knick-knacks and things. Then I stopped filming.

"Mary, you have to look at the camera a bit more I want to see your happy face. Now this time I want you to go to the wardrobe and take off your shoes and Jacket and hang them up, then lie on the bed and close your eye as if trying to take a nap."

Mary's blouse was tight around her breast and the nipples were showing though. The situation was obviously getting to her. Taking off her cloths in a stranger's bedroom with him present. If only she know what I had in store for her!

At last she lay on the bed with eyes closed and I took the opportunity to film her breasts in close-up and have a look up her skirt. The tights were flesh colours but her knickers were a pretty pink hiding what I hoped was a lovely pink fanny. Which I had ever intention of seeing in close-up. For ten minutes I walked around the bed filming her so she could get used to it.

"Now Mary I think Patrick would like some nude scene of you so I'm going to leave the room so you can get undressed. Then jump into bed and I'll be back. Is that alright."

"I'm not sure I can do this. Mr Turner."

"Of course you can Mary, you're a lovely looking woman and your husband wishes to keep a memento of this time, and what harm can it do."

"But I'm so shy only Patrick has ever seen me naked."

"Well just keep your eyes shut. Like they say if you can't see me then I can't see you. Think of it that way."

"I'll try." She said as I left the room.

Some minutes later she called me back into the room. Her cloths were neatly folded on the floor and she was under the covers.

"Great Mary I know you could do it. Now I'm going to start filming again. Act as if you are getting hot under the duvet and slowly push it off. So we finish with you lying naked on the bed."

She lay in the bed with her eyes closed but slowly very slowly she began to lower the duvet until a last her bare breast were exposed. Her breasts where two lovely big lumps of flesh all white and soft with big brown nipples. I zoom in on her top half filling the screen with her tits and face. She must have heard me by her side as her eyes flicked open only to close again fast. Then before I could move away she throw the duvet on the floor. My but for a mature woman her body look real good. With wide shoulders and hips and good waist there was quit a tummy but not fat by a long way. Her pussy mound was sparsely covered in light brown hair. I moved around filming her from all angles. With close-ups of her breasts and mound to full length shots. Till time was nearly up.

"That's it Mary now push your breasts together."

Her eyes snapped open. "I can't do that." she cried. "Look there's a couple of minutes left. Now push those tits together and hold them there."

She looked me in the eye with contempt but did what I asked. Pushing her breasts together and even squeezing them so the nipples stood out.

We finished and I made a copy as she was dressing. When Patrick arrived we were having a cup of tea. I gave him the film and let them out.

Patrick what's More

The next day Patrick and Mary were back full of excitement.

"It was just great Steve." Said Patrick. "My wife and i watched it as soon as we got back and it really turned us on. We made love straight after seeing it did-an-we love."

"Yes." She answered.

"I want you to do another one." He said before pulling me to one side so his wife couldn't hear.

"I'd like you to try and get some more intimate shots. You know. Beaver shots and maybe some bum shots."

"Patrick, are you willing to put Mary entirely in my hands."

"Yes I am, and willing to sign to that effect as well."

"But what if Mary refuses?"

"She won't, didn't you see the way she reacted when you told her what to do. She didn't like it but she done it. I recon she'd do anything you say, or more precisely anything you ordered her to do."

"Super, I'll see you both this evening. This will be the last time I'll ask you to sigh anything. I know it's a bore but I must cover my back."

"No problem." Said Patrick. "After last night we're up for anything, any thing at all."

Poor Patrick, he had no idea what I intended for his wife, Mary.

Spot on seven they were both back and again I sent Patrick packing off down the Pub. She was dressed in similar clothes only this time she had her hair pulled back which showed of her face more.

"Right Mary up stairs you go and strip down to your underwear and I'll be along shortly."

She went up and I went to the sitting room to get some props. Returning to the bedroom I found Mary sitting quietly on the bed covering her breast and thighs with her hands.

"Right Mary shall we start our little session by you standing up and putting your hands by your sides."

Slowly she stood and dropped her hands. "Please Mr Turner can I shut my eyes. I find this easier to do if I can't see."

"O K, Mary I can live with that. In fact if you look in the bedside table you'll find a blindfold which you can put on."

She found it and put it on very quickly. "That better now what do you want me to do." She asked.

"Make your introduction like last time please Mary."

"My name is Mary Fuller I'm forty-two, married with a daughter named Catharine. My husband is Patrick and I work as a civil servant."

"Why are you standing there in your underwear, wearing a blindfolded?"

"Because I'm shy and the blindfold makes me fill safe."

"Why do you need to fill safe."

"Because you're going to tell me to take my underwear off."

"Right! So off with the bra and show me those breasts."

The bra came off and there were her two beautiful big fat breasts. Her nipples were slightly erect.

"Push your chest out Mary stick those tits right out. Pinch the nipples, make them stand-up."

"I can't do it Mr Turner."

"Do it Mary. Show your husband how pride you are of them."

"His seen them loads of times."

"But I haven't. Now make those nipples hard and stick-out those tits."

Reluctantly she squeezed her nipples between thumb and fore-finger until they were hard and then thrust out her chest.

"What are you showing us Mary?"

"My breasts, Sir."

"Chickens have breasts Mary. You have tits. What have you got?"

"Tits sir."

"Nice big tits too. Are your daughter's tits as big as yours."


"Is showing me your tits getting you wet down-below."

"Slightly Sir."

"Off with the Knickers then. On the bed and spread those legs. Let see that cunt."

"But nobody has ever seen my private parts. Not even Patrick."

"I bet your doctor has."

"Yes but."

"No buts. Pretend I'm you gynaecologist. Show Patrick what his never seen. I want to see it too, now knickers off. On the bed and lets see it."

Bending down she lowered her knickers and took them off before slowly sliding onto the bed. Laying flat on the bed she parted her legs to some extent. I zoomed the camera in on her pubic mound.

"That's better Mary. Now raise those knees and splay them out to the sides."

Her vagina was small but the lips were well defined and a shade darker than the rest of her.

"You've got a nice little cunt. I bet it's nice and tight. Is you daughter's cunt just as small."

"Please Mr Turner I haven't seen my daughter naked for years she was a young girl when I last saw her naked. So no more talk of her or I'm leaving."

"Fine. No more talk of her. Let's concentrate on you. Move back so you can sit up a bit but keep you knees apart."

For a chance she moved into position quickly. She was getting more controllable.

"Now put your hands round your thighs and spread it."


"You heard me. Spread it. Pull your cunt open." I almost shouted.

But it did the trick. In a flash her hand were under her legs and pulling the lips apart. Although small it looked very moist.

"Are you getting wet Mary. Is this turning you on?"

"Yes, a lot actually."

"So smile for us. I'm doing a long shot. I want to see a smiling face, big tits and open cunt."

"Hold on a sec, and I'll open it a bit wider." A finger from each hand slid inside and she pulled the hole open.

"Now we're getting somewhere." I said throwing her a Banana.

"Fuck yourself with that."

There were no moans or groans this time she simple found the fruit and pushed it inside her vagina. Pumping it in and out, and non to slowly.

"What are you doing woman."

"I'm wanking myself off with a Banana. Does it look sexy?"

"Very sexy but fuck yourself harder."

"I can't because it's bent."

I throw her a cucumber. "Try that." I said.

She grabbed it with her left hand. Pulled the Banana out and immediately replaced it with the Cucumber. Than grabbing it with both hand she fucked herself faster and faster.

"I think I'm going to cum." She cried.

"Not yet Mary. Turn over onto your knees. Head right down and bum in the air. I want to see you fucking yourself like that."

"Yes sir." She said turning over.

I filmed between her legs. With squished tits and with the Cucumber being shoved in and out of her cunt. Placing the camera on a stand I went a stood beside her.

"Here it is Patrick. Your wife's tits, cunt and." Using both hands I pulled her buttocks apart. "Arsehole."

With the final degradation she cum. literally spraying all over the bed.

Again I made a copy as we waited for her husband.

"Mary are you alright with all of this? What with one thing and another."

"Yes now I've broken the back of it, it makes me feel sexy again."

"Great, because if you and Patrick are willing. I'd like to film you being fucked."

"By Patrick!"

"No by a man with a good sized cock. Of cause you can keep the blindfold on or I can get one made especially for you."

"I'm not sure what Patrick will think also I'm not too sure about size. I don't want to be hurt."

"Well actually Mary that's just what I do want. To see and hear you call-out as your cunt is stretched open by a big dick."

The door bell rang.

"I'll give you two days to think about it. Let me now."

Patrick and Mary walk off down the road arm in arm carrying a new film for them to watch.

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