tagMind ControlThe Funhouse

The Funhouse


Liza rode her skateboard through the carnival, whipping around bustling bodies. The bi-racial tomboy—Indian and Caucasian—had her dark hair in a bun. She was short with an average build, a punk-rock girl wearing black skinny jeans, Van shoes, and retro Captain Power tee. Her arms were decorated with several bracelets.

At Liza's side was her bestie, Nadia. The American girl, with Pakistani ancestry, was long and lanky, gangly, with midnight hair which blew in the cool autumn breeze. She crouched a little lower on her board, keeping her balance.

The crowd yelled at the duo as they recklessly weaved in and out of the pedestrians.

"Fuck off, gramps!" The brash Liza said with a heavy-voice. She saluted the old man with a middle finger. She kick-flipped down the concrete steps while Nadia slid down the handrail. They both landed perfectly and rolled away.

Liza took her eyes off the path and winked back to her friend with cocky smirk. Before she could look forward again, she bumped into what felt like a brick wall. The board went out from under her, and she crashed to her back.

"Hey, jerk!" Nadia scowled. She jumped off the board and kicked it to her hand.

"Easy." The blonde brute offered his hand to Liza. "She ran into me."

Liza swatted the kind gesture away and stood to her feet. "I'm good," she growled.

Nadia approached, her brows creased upon recognizing the guy. "Brock?"

The chiseled jawed athlete appeared shocked, but he covered it with a smile. "Hey, uh... Nadia!"

"That's fucked up what you did," Nadia said heatedly.

"I told you it was an accide—"

"Not that, dummy," Liza blared. "She's talking about our girl, Hilary. You fucked her and never called her."


Nadia rolled her eyes at him. She took Liza by the arm, hoping to walk her away. "Come on. Forget about this asshole."

Liza pulled her arm free, her angry glare never straying from Brock.

"It was a drunk hookup," Brock said. "I don't know why she'd expect anything more."

"Because of what you promised her," Liza fired back.

"Come on, Liza." Nadia pulled on Liza's arm. "Kyle is waiting out front."

"You and Kyle still dating?" Brock asked Liza.

"Ha!" Liza blurted. "You just can't control yourself, can you?"

"Don't play," Brock shot back. "I know y'all want me, just like your friend Melani—"

"Hilary," Liza corrected.

"We're leaving." Nadia forced her friend away.

Liza curled her lip in disgust at the high-school quarterback. His arrogance repulsed her.

As they walked off to their ride, Brock shouted, "When you get tired of fuckin' Manscara to The Cure, give me a call."

Without looking back, Liza flipped him off and returned, "You can keep that shriveled steroid cock to yourself, douche!"

"Nadia?" Brock playfully added.

Nadia replicated her friend's rude gesture.

As Brock spun back around, Liza snatched a half-full coke from an empty picnic table. She flung the drink his way and connected with the back of his head. The Styrofoam cup exploded, and the drink went flying. Ice and coke wet Brock's blonde hair and browned the collar of his white shirt.

Brock closed his eyes, inhaled a deep breath in an obvious attempt to quell his fury. He glared at the two skater girls.

"You'll do fuck-all," Liza barked.

"You two!" a voice yelled.

Liza and Nadia whipped their heads to a pair of cops, who were speedily walking them down. "Oh shit," Liza uttered. "Run!"

They hopped back on their skateboards and darted away.

"Hey!" the cop hollered before stopping and grabbing his walkie.

The girls headed to the entrance, to Liza's boyfriend—the getaway driver. As they skidded around a turn, they spotted law enforcement guarding the gate.

"Fuck!" Nadia bemoaned. "What are we gonna do?"

The crowd began to thin out, but there were enough moving bodies to help them blend in for the moment.

Liza huffed, her eyes nervously searching for an escape.

"We're fucked," Nadia said.

"I can help," a shrill voice declared.

Near the funhouse, parked at the steel grade steps, was little old lady in a wheelchair. A light fixture was just above the entrance, which read Energyhouse in bright yellow.

Liza pointed to herself, confused by if the old lady was referring to her. With a nod from the elderly woman, Liza hurried over with Nadia at her side. "You can help us?"

The frail woman nodded.

"How?" Liza asked.

"Inside." The grey-haired lady gestured toward the entrance.

Nadia eyed the strange decorations on the walls: couples entwined together, spaceships blasted off, and stars exploded. "What the fuck is this place?"

"A funhouse," the old lady replied.

"This hag is senile. She'll tell the cops as soon as we're in there," Nadia argued. "There's gotta be a way to jump the fence behind the place."

"Only way to the back is through here," the elder languidly motioned to the entrance once again.

"Fuck it." Liza snatched Nadia's wrist. She shot one final glance over her shoulder, to the cops who were gaining ground through the passing people. She looked back to Nadia. "After you?"


They were welcomed into the funhouse with a cold mist, which they couldn't help but to inhale. It blew directly down from above the inner entrance, coating their face like a flop of sweat.

"What they hell?" Nadia wiped her mouth.

Liza halted and examined the dim room. The walls were giant mirrors, and the carpeted floor felt soft, mushy. Two red doors were against the far wall, Love painted in white on one door while the other read Lust. Liza smirked. "I got love," referring to her boyfriend, Kyle, "so let's try lust."

Nadia giggled. "You're bad."

Liza pushed open the door. Inside, the room was pitch-black, so dark she couldn't even see the floor beyond the threshold. She gripped Nadia's hand tighter and slowly entered the void. She crossed over. The darkness withdrew, and Liza found herself under a full moon on a beautiful country landscape. Everything popped with color: vibrantly green hillsides, sparkling black pond, and a bright red barn off in the distance. The sky became active with shooting stars. "Wow... where the fuck are w—" She abruptly stopped herself when realizing her complete and utter nakedness. The night breeze tickled her bare body. The lotion on her sunkissed skin glistened under the moon. She covered her small, perky breasts and turned to her friend, only to find that Nadia was on the other side of a giant glass wall. "What is going on..."

Nadia stood on the beach under a dusky sun. She was naked as well, an arm draped over her slender breasts, legs crossed, and a hand over her pussy. Her feet were buried in the white sand. She looked to Liza, shouted.

Liza couldn't hear her from behind the glass. She pounded her hand, but it was no use. It felt strong, thick. She took a breath, tried to think of a way out. Suddenly, her body began to tingle, her thoughts sliding. In her stomach, she could feel a thousand butterflies fluttering, like her heart. She tried to shake the strange sensation. "Oooohhh!" she moaned as a tremor plummeted below. "What is—uh!"

She backed from the wall, her nerves felt heightened. The breeze caressed her ribcage. The grass tickled the soles of her small feet. A wave of chill-bumps ran up her arm, and she could feel them as they appeared with a light tickle. They spread all over her body: down her sides, up her thighs, and met in the middle, her center. "Ah-ha! Ooooo—" She squeezed her thighs together and dropped to her knees. She cupped her crotch, hoping to impede the tickle, while peering back through the glass wall.


"The vapor?" Nadia recalled while feeling the strong affects. Her legs were still crossed, one foot on top of the other. She bent forward at the waist. Her face squinched, the hairs on the back of her neck prickled. She shook, rumbled like an active volcano. She didn't even think to check on Liza, controlling her body was taking her full concentration. She expelled a heap of rapid breaths.

"Nadia?" a voice called out.

Nadia froze. She kept her eyes down, knowing the voice and afraid to link it with a face. "Kyle, uh, Liza is not here right now. Can you, uh—"

"I didn't come here for Liza," Kyle said. The pale, boney guy had a thicket of dark hair which swooshed across his forehead. His nails were painted black, lip pierced.

Nadia shyly glanced up. Upon seeing him as naked as her, his large cock semi-hard, she averted her eyes back to the sand.

"I came here for you." Kyle stepped in front of her.

Nadia, who was still bent at the waist, covering herself, couldn't help but to see the blurry sight of Kyle' s cock appear in her peripheral. "What do you mean?"

Kyle grasped her shoulders and helped straighten her posture. He looked into her dark eyes. "You entered the Lust room, didn't you? Well, this is what you lust for."

"Are you really Kyle?"

Kyle smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "I am for tonight."


"You—" Liza couldn't even get the words out. She clenched her jaw in anger. As Kyle and Nadia became uncomfortably close, Liza pounded on the glass wall again. She started yelling, "Hey! You better not fuck that bitch, Kyle! Kyle!"

At that moment, Liza was taken from behind, roughly pressed against the wall. Her breasts, dark protruding nipples, smushed against the glass. She tried to fight it, but whoever held her in place had strength.

"Who the fuck are you?" Liza demanded, her cheek mashed against the glass. She kicked back, hoping to connect with his testicles, but he simply caught her ankle and brushed his thumb across her soft sole. She balled her toes, fighting the tickle.

"You know who I am," the stranger said in a familiar voice.

Liza's eyes broadened. "Brock!"

"The one you secretly lust for?" Brock asked.

"You wish!" Liza gnarred. She could feel something gently probing between her athletic ass-cheeks, but one arm was pressed against her shoulders while the other meaty paw held up her foot. "Is that your fuckin' cock?"

Brock laughed, his hot breath upon her neck.

Liza squirmed with all her mite and finally broke free from his hold. She spun around, ready to fight, but upon noticing his huge cock, she gulped and became distracted. Her eyes lingered briefly before darting back to Brock's beaming face. "You're the one behind all of this?"

"No," Brock said. "This place grants wishes, so to speak, for love or lust. You chose lust, so you get me."

Liza covered herself once again. "I don't lust for you."

"Apparently you do," Brock returned. "That's why you got so mad at me. It wasn't because I played hit-it and quit-it with your friend. You were jealous she fucked me to begin with."

Liza disagreed with a reluctant shake of the head.

"You can lie to people, but you can't lie to yourself." Brock slowly approached, palms upward in a submissive gesture. "But don't worry, I'll never know about it."

"What are you then?"

"Your imagination." Brock grabbed her arms with a strong, firm grasp.

Liza shuddered. "But, I can feel you."

"The mind is powerful." Brock grinned. "And, so is the vapor that blew in your face at the entrance."

"Then... if this is my dream," Liza bowed her sight, sighed, then looked back up. Her soft expression sharpened, her brows slanting in a lustful anger. "You know I want it rough."

Brock winked, but was met with a punch to the jaw which knocked him on the grass. Liza followed him down, straddling him and pinning his arms. She acted feral, her eyes wild with excitement.


Nadia uncovered her breasts. Her nipples were large, flat, but stiff with stimulation. They shared a kiss under the orange sunset. No longer did she worry about where she was, how she got there, or her friend, next door, behind the glass wall. All she cared about was the moment, the moment she longed for ever since Liza introduced them. She fought the temptation all year, but here she was giving in. And, it felt good.

Kyle gently laid her on top of a beach towel. He kissed down her neck, over her bosoms, and down below her navel.

Nadia closed her eyes, licked her lips. She whimpered as he nibbled on her pussy. She tossed one long leg over his shoulder while digging her other foot into the sand, wiggling her toes. Her body felt sensitive to every touch, nerves hyperactive. She pinched her nipples, arched her back, and dug the ball of her head into the sand. She shivered and looked down, watching him as he lapped away. "Keep goin', keep goin'..."

Hearing her pant galvanized Kyle's movement. He devoured faster, raucously. He hummed, smacked, and whipped his head from side to side.

Nadia's shoulders rose off the towel. She hunched forward with a shocked expression. Her mouth was agape, big round eyes distended. She raised her other leg and trapped his head between her slim thighs. "Oh my god, oh my god. Oh. My..." Her face tightened as though staring into the sun. Her body locked up. The sensation was intense, like a fuse from the tips of her fingers and toes, lightly moving up her legs and arms toward her center, meeting in an explosion. She curled further into a tight ball. "Yeeeaaaahhh. Oh fuck!"

Kyle looked up with a sly grin.

As the orgasm spilled out of her, Nadia deflated. She flopped back to the towel, and her legs relaxed around Kyle's neck. She stared to the stars, catching a breath.


The moon spotlighted Liza as she vivaciously rode Brock's long, thick cock. She pushed off the grass with her toes, sliding up and down his length. She was animalistic. Her glare, and clamped teeth, made her appear angry. But, she felt aroused. Her hips thrust faster. Her firm backside dimpled. And, her small round breasts jounced. The scowl sloughed away into an ugly cry-face, her movement lost rhythm.

That's when Brock picked up. He wrapped his strong arms around her, pulling her against his muscular chest, and hammered upward.

"Grrrrr!" Liza bit into his shoulder, just hard enough to leave imprints. Every particle of her body vibrated. She clung to him, tensed. The build-up of tension was almost too much to take. Suddenly, all that pressure released, and she oozed on his cock. "Mmmmm, oooooohhhhh."

Brock suddenly rolled her over. He roughly guided her to all-fours.

Liza's brain was switched off, so she went right along with Brock's direction. On her hands and knees, she looked frazzled, confused. Her bun was loose, her dark hair disheveled. She blinked as though trying to bring life back into her eyes. She glared over her shoulder as he gathered behind her. The lascivious snarl reappeared on her face.


Under the deep sunset, Nadia sprawled on her back across the beach towel, her thin legs around Kyle's waist. He thrust softly, gently, just how she liked it. She felt a faint tickling itch which unlocked her ankles and stiffened her legs in the air. She panted in his ear as his hips kept a steady pace. She leered out to the horizon, and the sun sparkled in her watery eyes.

Kyle's motion slightly sped up, causing Nadia's long legs to ride up his side.

Nadia breathed, with a slight whine, each time Kyle made impact. She bent her knees, tucking her ankles under his armpits and toes locked behind his arm. She held onto her slender breasts as they rocked with the rhythm of Kyle's thrust. She bowed her back off the ground, squirmed, almost twisting from him, before falling back. She expelled a heavy sigh, curled her toes. "You're gonnnnaaa..." Her lips continued moving but no words came out. She blinked, her vision sliding. "Mmmmmm!"


Liza's body shook violently. She flopped to the grass, leaving her backside in the air. As he squeezed her tiny hips and yanked her into each plunge, she growled and clawed into the soft soil. Her sharp, angered expression once again softened. She buried her face into the crook of her right arm and let loose a muffled groan. "Ooouuuuuu!" She jolted back up on her hands as he repeatedly sent ripples of pleasure through her small, but round, backside. "This feels so—oooouuuuuu—this feels sooooo good. Ooouuu!"

Brock picked her up, walked her to the glass wall. Standing, he pressed her against the surface once again.

Liza raised her weary head and came eye to eye with Nadia from across the wall, who seemed to be in the same position. Both were one their tiptoes, bosoms squished against the glass. Seeing Nadia being fucked by Kyle angered Liza. Not at the fucking, she knew Kyle wasn't real. She was furious because Nadia apparently lusted after her boyfriend. She sent Nadia an evil eye, brows scrunched.

Nadia's body shook from the fast, repetitive thrust. Her face tightened in a sneeze, but she fought it, and for a split second, forced a dirty look back at Liza. She gestured her head toward Brock, admonishing Liza for being a traitor.

Liza looked back over her shoulder as Brock entered her. He ravaged her, causing Liza's leg to uncontrollably shake. She dug her small toes into the soft grass, her knees locking and thighs straining.

Brock reached around her, situating her against his chest. They were standing vertical as he continued his assault. He wrapped one hand around her throat, the other rubbed her clit.

"Oooh... my..." Liza said in a weak, enervated way. Her eyes misted, legs trembled. As the orgasm erupted, she melted through his arms and crumpled to the grass. She lay there, silent. Her mind was blank, and her eyes looked off into another dimension. She just counted her breaths, twitching on the soft soil.


Liza staggered through the exit. Her clothes magically reappeared, but a flop of sweat covered her forehead. She looked to her right.

An old lady leaned against a fencepost. She balanced on one foot while emptying sand from her shoe. Her black hair had streaks of grey, her face pruned from years under the sun. She glanced up and seemed to notice Liza. She froze with a mystified expression. "Liza? What happened to you?"

"Nadia?" Liza crouched over a puddle, her face displaying the same wrinkled years as Nadia. "What the fuck happened to us?"

"We're old," Nadia started to cry.

"Oh, hush!" a voice said.

A blonde stepped out from the exit, pushing a wheelchair. A long dress covered her rectangle body, the same garb the elder wore at the entrance.

"Can't be..." Liza said.

"Yay!" The blonde struck a pose. "I'm young again."

Liza balled her fist and started toward the woman, but aches riddled her body and arthritis loosened her hand. "What have you done to us?"

"You've exhausted yourself with a sensation most won't ever feel," the lady said. "But! You'll get your youthful exuberance back soon enough. You just have to wait at the entrance, entice others to enter."

"How many do we need?" Nadia asked.

"I needed two," the blonde said cheerfully. "So... double that."

The two friends, Liza and Nadia, despondently looked to one another.

"By the way, one hour is to a year. So, get to work before you age any further. You might need this." The lady shoved the wheelchair to them. She showed a bright, wide smile, waved, and said, "Ta-ta!"

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