tagFetishThe Futa Hunter Ch. 02

The Futa Hunter Ch. 02


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and Michelle Palmer was driving through a lonesome country road. In this part of the county, it was so rural that the houses were spaced apart by entire blocks. There were no parks, schools, or shopping centers for miles; the closest thing out here that was of any use was a small, off-brand gas station. Why was she is such a remote area? Futanari sex, of course.

Since she was 18, she had been addicted to futanari sex. She had made it her mission in life to have sex with as much futanari as possible. She even kept a black book of all the futanari that she had been with.

Last week, she'd been contacted by an old acquaintance of hers named Alicia. Three years ago, while on a nature hike in the woods, the two of them had run into each other. After a few minutes, Michelle had realized that her newfound hiking buddy was a futanari. She led Alicia into the woods that day and let her fuck her silly. They had met up sporadically after that, and then eventually fell out of touch.

Apparently, Alicia had gotten married, and to another futanari no less. She and her partner had just bought a house, and Alicia desperately wanted her to meet Michelle. She readily accepted the invitation; the chance to have two futa at once was way too good to pass up.

She turned off of the highway, relying on Google Maps to navigate her through the labyrinth of dirt roads. She could barely get any reception here, so she hoped that the address that Alicia had given her was accurate. She made one final turn, and at the end of the road she found the house, so she quietly parked her car and got out. Already, her panties were wet with anticipation.

She pulled out her phone and shot Alicia a text to let her know that she had arrived. Alicia replied that she would meet her at the front door. A few seconds after Michelle's feet landed on the doorstep, she was greeted by a pretty woman with a bob cut of black hair with bleach-blond bangs, wearing only a bathrobe.

"Hey, sexy," Michelle said.

"Hey yourself," Alicia replied, hugging Michelle and giving her a quick peck on the mouth. She put her index finger to her lips and whispered, "Come in, and be quiet. Theresa's asleep by the pool."

The two of them giggled as Michelle entered the house. Once inside, Alicia removed her robe, showing off her Rubenesque body to her guest. She had plump, mango-sized breasts, a large, round backside, and unshaven armpits. Michelle's eyes wandered down to Alicia's crotch, where a large cock and testicles dangled from a nest of black pubic hair. Already, Alicia's rod began to twitch from the excitement of being exposed.

Without prompting, Michelle relieved herself of her clothing. Her slim yet curvy body captivated Alicia, especially with her lovely 34C breasts. Her slit was already moist and filling the air with the scent of her arousal.

Alicia took her friend by the hand and led her to the back of the house, where she opened a sliding glass door that led to the pool area. After stepping out to the patio, Michelle noticed another woman, lying on her back on a chaise lounge chair. The woman was completely nude, save for the sunglasses shielding her already-closed eyes.

The two of them hovered over the still-sleeping Theresa, admiring her beautiful body. She had lovely, teardrop shaped breasts, which were much larger than theirs. Below her navel was a trail of hair that went down into large bramble of dark brown fuzz that matched the color of the long, wavy hair that adorned her head.

Michelle's eyes widened at the sight of the enormous cock resting between Theresa's legs. Even at rest, it looked every bit of a monster that she had dreamed about. A gust of wind carried the scent of Theresa's sweaty, unwashed, sun-baked flesh into Michelle's nose, filling her with desire.

Alicia went over and whispered into Michelle's ear, "Why don't you give that thing a kiss to wake it up?"

Michelle didn't even falter at the suggestion, but eagerly knelt beside the slumbering futanari, gently grabbed her limp cock and put it into her mouth. Alicia giggled and stroked her own hardening member as she watched Michelle greedily sucking her spouse's dick. The breeze made her nipples become stiff and her balls tingle.

A muffled groan of pleasure came from Michelle as she finally felt the dick in her mouth getting hard. Theresa moaned as she started to stir from her sleep. Minutes later, she grunted and sat up, wondering who exactly was this strange woman giving her head.

"What the hell's going on?" Theresa yawned. "I don't remember it being my birthday."

"This is my friend, Michelle," Alicia said, walking over and kneeling beside Michelle. "As you can see, she's been dying to meet you."

Michelle lifted her head and said to Theresa, "A pleasure, I'm sure."

"Ah!" Theresa exclaimed. "And she's a looker, too!"

"You like her?" Alicia said, grasping at one of Theresa's large tits.

"I think I do." Theresa got to her feet and stretched, allowing Michelle to see the large tufts of hair in her armpits. "Why don't we show her the bedroom, Alicia? I think we should give her a warm welcome."

Michelle watched with joy as Theresa's dick grew to its full rigidity. She followed the futa to another part of the porch, where Theresa opened another sliding glass door that led to the master bedroom. Once inside, Alicia grabbed Michelle and started to kiss her. Alicia let out a pleasurable gasp as Michelle's left hand immediately went to her breast, while the right grabbed her engorged loins. Suddenly, Michelle felt another pair of hands grab her and pull her away from Alicia.

"Don't be so fucking greedy with your friend, Alicia!" Theresa growled. She looked at Michelle and said, "Get in that bed and suck my wife's cock."

Alicia quickly hopped into bed, sat with her back against the headboard and spread her legs. Michelle was roughly thrown into the bed by Theresa. The giggling young woman eagerly obeyed and crawled to Alicia. The futanari's heart leapt as she watched as the prostrated woman put her face into her crotch. Alicia's toes curled as Michelle noisily sucked on her rod.

"Oh, yeah," Alicia panted. "SHIT! Just as good as I remember!" She noticed her wife climb into the bed and kneel behind Michelle. "Aren't you going to put on a rubber, my love?"

"I was," Theresa grunted, putting a hand on Michelle's backside. "But, for some reason, I feel like going raw inside this bitch. She's making me so fucking horny!"

Michelle was delighted to hear how Theresa felt. She was fully aware of her ability to make futanari completely abandon their inhibitions. She was an F-Type, a special individual that exuded a certain pheromone meant to attract futanari.

And, right now, it seemed that the pheromone was working well, because she felt something long and large sliding inside of her. Shivers of lust crawled up Michelle's spine as Theresa's cock massaged the folds of her pussy. Theresa's hands grasped her waist as she fucked the futanari addict.

"Mmmm," Alicia moaned as she put her hand on top of Michelle's head. Her ears burned from the pleasure of the blowjob she was receiving. She looked up at Theresa and asked, "How is she, dear?"

"Ohhhhh," Theresa grunted through clenched teeth. "I don't know where you found this pussy, but I like it very muuuuuuuuch!"

Michelle was pleased to feel Theresa increasing the force of her thrusting. She no longer had to move her head and neck to suck Alicia's dick, but simply used the momentum she was getting from the back to guide her movements. She gave a muffled giggle as she found her face rammed into Alicia's hairy crotch while having her rod stuffed down her throat.

"Ah, yes!" Alicia cried, feeling the hot breath from Michelle's nostrils making her crotch warmer. "I can't believe this!" She clutched Michelle's head with both hands as she tried to stave off the inevitable. Minutes later, she cried out as she filled Michelle's mouth with hot, sticky cum. Michelle was only too ready and willing to swallow every spurt of delicious semen.

"YES! Ha! Ohhhh, my goooood!" Alicia whimpered as she removed her tingling member from Michelle's mouth. Her mind was still reeling from the amazing gob-job. She got onto her knees and crawled over to her spouse.

"Mmmm, how is she, baby?" Alicia asked.

Though she didn't receive a reply, Theresa's body language gave her all the answers she needed. Her face was red and sweaty, her breathing was rapid, and her body was wobbling with each thrust. Aroused by the sight of her wife mating with the nubile young female, she got behind Theresa and reached forward to fondle her breasts.

"You like swallowing my wife's cum?" Theresa growled at Michelle. When she didn't receive an immediate response, she grabbed her by the hair and pulled it back. "Answer me!"

"Yes! I love futa cum!" Michelle moaned.

"Good girl!" Theresa moved her hips even faster. "Ohhhh, my dick hurts!"

"Mmmm," Alicia moaned as she pinched Theresa's hard nipples. "That's it, lover. Fill this girl with your cum. Don't be afraid to let her have it all." She stuck her tongue out and snaked it into Theresa's ear.

"Oh, no! Please don't do that......mmmmm! Oh, Alicia. Oh, I'm gonna..."

Theresa dug her fingers into Michelle's perky backside as she shot her load inside of her. The two of them undulated with lust as they came together. As Michelle fell forward, Theresa fell backwards on top of her wife. Alicia moaned and continued to fondle Theresa's large, heaving bosom. She smiled as she watched the cum bubbling out of Michelle's wet snatch.

"Oh, god," Theresa panted. "That was amazing."

"See, I told you," Alicia giggled from beneath her.

Theresa rolled off of Alicia to lie beside her and said, "I love you so much."

Alicia responded by kissing her wife passionately. Simply having Theresa reciprocate was enough to cause Alicia's loins to engorge again. While the two of them made out, Michelle climbed on top of Theresa and began fondling and sucking on her enormous chest globes.

"Awwww," Theresa said. "I think someone was feeling left out."

"Ohhhh, yes I was," Michelle moaned as she nuzzled Theresa's boobs. "I just want to spend the rest of my day worshipping your beautiful, hairy futanari bodies."

Michelle sent a hand down to Theresa's crotch, grasping at her fuzz-covered balls. The futa let out a groan, which was quickly muffled as Michelle rammed her tongue into her mouth. The two writhed and caressed each other as their lust grew.

"Now, now," Alicia said as she gently pulled Michelle off of Theresa. "I think it's my turn for some fun."

Michelle's heart leapt as she was forced onto her back and had her thighs spread open. Alicia wasted no time in pushing her thick cock into Michelle's pussy. The two females crowed as their loins were reunited once again. Michelle's brain was alight with white-hot bursts of erotic sensations. Alicia lay completely on top of her, pressing their jiggling breasts together.

Theresa gave her wife a smack on the thigh and said, "Flip over onto your back."

Alicia obeyed at once, making it so that Michelle was on top. After they were settled into their new position, the futa planted her feet and began thrusting up into her weeping snatch. Meanwhile, Theresa crouched down in front of her face and put her large penis to her lips. Michelle took the hard cock into her mouth immediately and slobber all over it.

"Yeah, that's it," Theresa' growled as she grasped Michelle's head. "I'm going to fuck your skull like there's no tomorrow, my dear."

Michelle looked up at the futa as she pleasured her with her mouth. The young woman audibly gurgled and slurped as she bobbed her head back and forth along Theresa's rod. Theresa's ears burned at the sounds of her dick being slovenly licked by this new woman.

"You're so good at sucking my wife's dick," Alicia cooed as she continued to plow Michelle's eager pussy. "Keep making her feel good."

Michelle popped the dick out of her mouth, grabbed it, and started stroking it while she looked up at Theresa and defiantly said, "You better fucking make me choke on this thing. I want to feel it in the back of my damn throat. I'm gonna swallow every drop of that baby batter in that pecker of yours!"

Theresa moaned as she shoved her dick back into Michelle's mouth to silence her. She held her head tighter and began thrusting her pelvis back and forth against it. Alicia saw her wife's eyes flutter as the pleasure of fellatio coursed through her body. Usually, she was the more dominant one in their relationship, but it looked like she had finally met her match. Though Michelle's mouth was full of Theresa's cock, Michelle was definitely in control.

"Oh, here it comes!" Theresa moaned. "You better....oh! SWALLOW IT ALL!"

Explosions of milky white nectar went off within Michelle's esophagus as Theresa climaxed loudly. A few minutes after she came, she pulled her cock out of Michelle's mouth, leaving a long, strand of cum-tinged saliva that briefly united them. Theresa tottered to her knees and the fell on her back, panting audibly.

Alicia watched as Michelle moaned and thrashed on top of her. Michelle's face was red, her eyes were the same color and filled with moisture. Her mouth was still stained with semen and spit, and Alicia could see a few pubic hairs stuck in her teeth. Still, even though she looked quite disheveled, she carried an expression of satisfaction. The poor girl put her head down on Alicia's shoulder.

"Ohoho, don't worry, sweetie," Alicia whispered, not stopping her thrusting in the slightest. "I'm almost done, too. You're going to get a big blast in this pussy of yours."

"Thank you," Michelle panted. "Just fuck me...fuck me..."

"Yessss...I sure will."

Theresa lay on her side as she watched her wife rutting inside of Michelle. She lazily stroked her tired penis, enjoying the two pairs of bouncing tits, the dueling tongues, and the tousled hair. Though her body was spent at the moment, she was still aroused by the sex happening only a few inches away. It wouldn't be long before her loins would be ready for another go; cumming three times in a row was her limit, before she'd need to take an extended period of rest. By the looks of things, Alicia was nearing her third orgasm right now.

"Ohhhh, yeah, I'm going to blow!" Alicia wailed, her face red and burning.

"Give it to me," Michelle moaned, staring her right in the eye. "Give me all of your cum, you beautiful, hairy, futanari goddess! CUM IN ME!"

With a loud bellow, Alicia's dick injected its glorious payload into Michelle. The two of them cried aloud as they reached the summit of erotic bliss. Even after they were done, the continued to embrace each other as they stewed in each other's cum, sweat and spit.

"Are we satisfied?" Theresa asked with a smile.

"Ohoho, yes," Alicia breathed. "Yes, my love. Oh, I've had my fill."

"Your cum is still leaking out of my pussy," Michelle giggled. She rolled off of Alicia, sat up, and spread her legs wide to show the two futanari all of the copious amounts of goo flowing out of her womanhood.

"I haven't seen that much since our honeymoon!" Theresa marveled.

"Well, I don't know about you," Alicia said, rolling off of the bed. "But, I'm going to get a drink."

She walked out of the bedroom, not caring that her half-limp cock was dripping cum on the floor. The other two followed her into the kitchen, where they all enjoyed a large pitcher of iced tea with lemon slices. Theresa then prepared a meal of hummus, sliced vegetables, and grilled chicken. The trio sat naked at the table, enjoying light conversation and replenishing their energy with the delicious meal. Michelle was surprised that she was having enough fun to make her forget about her overpowering need for futanari sex.

After their meal, they all jumped into the pool and enjoyed some swimming. When they got drowsy, they showered and returned to the bedroom for a nap. Michelle loved being naked and sandwiched between the two slumbering futanari.

Hours later, Michelle was the first to awaken. Refreshed and horny, she sat up and looked at the married women, who were still asleep. It was then that she noticed that Alicia was fully erect. Without any concern for getting consent, she straddled her and put her cock into her pussy. Michelle moved her body up and down, enjoying Alicia's thick rod. It was about five minutes before she was stirred awake.

"Mmm, I guess I wasn't dreaming," Alicia murmured after cracking her eyes open to see who had disturbed her sleep.

"I'm sorry," Michelle panted. "When I woke up and saw how hard you were..."

"Ohhhh, don't worry about it. Just focus on riding my cock. You're so beautiful."

Michelle moaned as Alicia reached up to give one of her breasts a squeeze. Other than that, the futa woman barely moved, opting to enjoy the feeling of the horny young woman gyrating on her loins. But while the two tried to keep their noise to a minimum, they ended up awakening Theresa as well.

"This girl just doesn't quit, does she?" Theresa said as she yawned and sat up in bed.

"Sorry to wake you, Reese," Alicia said. "We could move this party into the guest bedroom, if we're keeping you awake."

"Oh, no apology necessary. I think it's time for me to wake up."

Theresa crawled over and knelt right between Alicia's legs. When Michelle felt Theresa's hands rubbing her back, a jolt of excitement traveled up her spine. She immediately leaned forward to rest her body on Alicia's.

She looked over her shoulder and asked Theresa, "You gonna stick that big dick in my ass?"

"Good idea, but, no," Theresa replied. "I'm going to give my sweet wife some attention."

She reached down and lifted Alicia's testicles, getting a full view of her moist pussy. Eagerly, she took her stiff cock and slid it into her wife's womanhood. Alicia shuddered with delight as Theresa began to fuck her.

"How's that feel, baby?" Theresa asked.

"It's...amazing!" Alicia moaned. "Ohhhh, I'm fucking a pussy while I'm getting fucked in my pussy! How did I go all my life not doing this?"

"Well, I want to try it next. You hear me, Michelle?"

"Mmmm, of course," Michelle moaned, her face pressed against Alicia's. "I'll do anything you want."

Michelle didn't emerge from the house until the following evening. She drove home, thoroughly satisfied. Alicia and Theresa had enjoyed her body every which way they pleased. Once she got home, she made a special note in her black book that being used by the couple was definitely something she wanted to do again. Still, it would be nice to revisit some of the other entries in her book.

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