tagNonHumanThe Future is Slime

The Future is Slime


In the early 21st Century a company had discovered a profound invention; the control of fluid of varying viscosity. The small company, specialising in revolutionary science had found a way to allow fluid to control itself. All the companies' employees were gathered around as the small slime matter worked its way around a table, take on different forms, and act with total randomness. All pre-set conditioned given to it by its creators.

That night, it was stored in a secure container and left. By the next morning it had grown.

"How is that possible? It was exactly 500cc yesterday evening and now it's easily double that!" one assistant squeaked.

"I don't know" Said Dr Nick, the creator and head scientist at the facility. "I have no idea how it did so. But we have changed quite a few quantum properties of this stuff, we will need to look at it."

By The end of the day everyone was exhausted from running endless tests on the strange blue matter. Not only had it steadily increased its size all day long but more than several samples had been seen to cling to researches hands or fingers, before being gently pried off and put under the microscope.

"Why is it clinging to me??" Once scientist was nervously trying to flick the slime off which has spread over her whole hand. It pulsed gently and buzzed before it slid off her, eliciting a little gasp from the woman's lips.

By the end of the day no one was any the wiser. All scientists involved with the day's research reported their own physical contact with the substance, and all had reported an unusual feeling of the slime.

"It's like a small electrical charge, it felt like a tingle all over my skin´ said the female researcher.

"Yes indeed, the matter itself has been changed, I am frankly surprised it is still a slime and not something completely different by now. But the reason to its growth needs to be found."

Packing the slime away into its container for the night, Dr Nick bid a tired farewell to his colleagues as they all headed home for the night. Unbeknownst to him, a piece of that slime had attached itself to his ankle during a busy moment and went inert, changing its colour to match his skin. Dr Nick never realised he had a passenger.

That night he went to bed early. The stress of the day and the obvious issues were all coming at him at once and they all needed his full attention. So many realisations had been discovered, but they all revolved around reactions and effects, and not causes. The answer to the unexpected slime growth was a mystery. The tests he had performed to destroy the slime, radiation, chemical reactions and heat had all proven completely ineffective. Even against the most powerful acids. Forcefully pushing the concerns from his mind, Dr Nick slid into bed for a restless night sleep.

Since he devoted so much time and attention to his work, he never married. Never had kids. Didn't even have a social life. In short, no one outside of his work even knew about him. As he quickly dozed off the slime surrounding his ankle sensed his slumber and came back to life. Slowly it expanded, increased, moved up his leg an inch at a time.

Nick's dreams suddenly took on a rather surreal state. He was walking through a jungle and stepped into something. Quicksand? Slowly he sank into it, unable to pull his foot free.


A quiet moan in his dream state didn't stop the slime as it continued to encase Nick's entire foot and calf. It sensed its movements restricted by the cloth above and so changed itself to eat the cloth, adding to its own. As it expanded up over Nicks knee and thigh, so too did his bedding disappear and in its place was a soft blue glow emanating from an increasing pool of slime.

Dr Nick was in trouble. His leg continued to sink into the quick sand, (or was it mud?) and he couldn't stop it.

The slim sensed another body of flesh nearby and reached out to touch it, then quickly slide more of itself over to it before expanding slowly around it. It too made its way down Nick's other leg, to his foot before reaching upwards.

'Why am I stuck here...' Dr Nick was in more trouble. For some reason he had sat down onto the quick sand and dipped his other leg in. Now it was up to the tops of his thigh.

As the slime on each leg approached the tops of Nick's thighs, it joined up before slowly expanding over his manhood. Eliciting a soft tingling, it continued to expand, slowly swallowing his length and sliding down under his butt, pulling him gently into more of itself. As it expanded slowly to fill his butt it seemed to stop its expansion and gently pulse around him.

Nick was starting to panic. He just could not get a hold of anything to stop his fall into the quicksand. By now it was up to his waist but instead of a coldness he expected there was just a warm fleshy feeling? With a start he awoke...

With a cry of anguish he sat up in his bed before breathing heavily, realising it was just a dream.

And then he looked down.

And cried out again.

How whole body was absolutely covered in blue slime. His legs were covered with a pulsing, glowing substance.. it made him feel good?

At once he knew what it was The test subject! I must have bought some home with me! Nick quickly reached down to try and push the slime off. How had it expanding so quickly over me? As his fingers reached the slime however, they simply sank into the thick fluid.

Pulling back to have another go saw the goop slide with his hands to splatter over his stomach which started to expand over his chest, tickling his sides gently. His hands also had a liberal coating of the stuff.


The slime, while seemingly as inanimate as a plant at first, had constructed a rudimentary thought process, and was now acting on instinct. Spending so much time around people, indeed being created by them, it easily picked up on their thoughts and desires. It even felt it grow off them, desires especially. And it wanted more.

So it had been able to grow, expand, divide and confuse. Amongst the confusion a small piece of itself broke off to risk some uninterrupted time attached to one of the humans, the most important one it saw, and continue to grow.

It chose a time of darkness and stillness from its host before the desire to consume him overwhelmed its thoughts. And so it expanded. Altering its state to its default blue was like a relaxation for it, as was the tingling it gave, knowing it was pleasing to the skin of its host its thought process moved to 'More is Better'.

As it expanded it could feel the desire from its host grow slowly. As it approached the tops of the two fleshy trunks and surrounded the host further, it felt desire shoot up strongly after surrounding a third, smaller fleshy trunk. Paying closer attention to the third trunk it strengthened itself around it, eliciting a jerk and slow growth until it surrounded the host's hard throbbing cock.

Some movement signalled the host's state had changed. Some flesh was pushed into it. Easily surrounded and expanding. Desire then swelled again, as did the host's trunk within the slime body. Quicker movements by the host to within the goop. Even an inanimate object, easily ignored and bypassed. The host was the only thing that mattered. It needed to subdue the host and quickly to explore the Doctor Nick further.


Nick was on the verge of panic. Not only were his hands coated with the blue glowing slime but for some reason his cock was as hard as steel within the creature.

This really isn't the time...

Every attempt to grab a pillow, the sheet, or even a book has seen it disintegrate as soon as the slime touched it. Feeling the slime pulse against his ass cheeks Nick managed to turn over onto his hands and knees and reach for a knife when..


"What the fuck!"

His outstretched arm was enwrapped with a tentacle of stiff slime. Did that come from my back? A tingle at his lower back, expanding upwards confirmed it. Nick struggled to reach forward to the blade but just couldn't get to it. In desperation he lowered his chest to the bed (feeling more of the bedding disintegrate under him as the slime expanded to his nipples) and reach for it with his other arm.


"Oh shhhhhitttttt..."

Now both arms were coiled in thick slime. It felt so strong that it managed to pull his arms back to his sides, forcing his head down amongst the pillows as his arms were slowly encased. As his arms were held and enwrapped, so too were his legs trapped within thickened coils of slime. Nick was sure it had grown so much he was sure his legs were within a blob of slime the size of a sleeping back.

A sleeping bag slowly zipping me up!

Feeling the slime pulse around his cock and ass cheeks did little to alleviate the fear he felt. Instead of the fear of an escaped experiment it was now a simple but very primal fear of drowning.

The slime has now surrounded his arms, his chest and back. As it approached his shoulders the tingling, pleasurable sensation around his body gently nudged his fear aside, replacing it with a warm, erotic feeling.

Nick couldn't help a small moan escape his lips as he felt his cock twitch within the jelly.

The slimes progress had stopped. Instead it simply expanded around him, slowly lifting him clear of the bed. Some minutes and many moans later, Nick realised he was upright and in a standing position within the slime, his head still clear of it. It seemed the slime was in a conical type mound, flared at the base.

I so need to get out of here...

Trying his best to ignore the now wonderful sensations around his cock, Nick struggled to lift an arm within the slime and push up to the surface in an attempt to break out. However the surface toughened, stopping his probing fingers which left a hand shape against the surface for a moment.

A hard pulsing started along the entire length of his cock.

Oh no!

It felt as though the slime was squishing him tightly before releasing, then tightened around him again. Already extremely aroused, Nick had no option but to orgasm. Hard.


His cry of pleasure echoed around his room, his body remaining rigid as the slime coaxed his release out of him. So intense was the orgasm Nick passed out.


Sometime later he awoke.

Maybe it was all just a dream...?

A pulse around his cock and what felt like wet, slimy hands caressing his ass told him he wasn't that lucky.

Nick tried again to move within the creature and was surprised his arms felt a little easier to move than before. But when his hands went to his mid-section, the slime hardened and formed a shell to cut him off.


Again he tried, pushing his hands through the thick goop to his chest. The slime got thicker and thicker the closer he got until it felt too dense for him to push any further, mere inches from his skin. No matter how much probing he did with his hands, he couldn't touch his own body.

Nick groaned, realising his fight to get free of the slime was going to be a lot harder than he though, especially with its incessant distraction of a gentle tingling all over his manhood kept him hard and frustratingly horny even after waking up from a tremendous release. Blinking slowly and trying to take stock of things, Nick thought.

It has me within itself. It doesn't appear to want to eat me. I am naked and it eats through clothing. It is keeping me warm and sedate. It is not allowing me to touch myself.

Nick tried the opposite direction and slid a hand through the thick warm substance to the surface, expecting the slime to thicken and slow his movements.

He was both surprised and disappointed when that didn't happen. Instead of a thickening his his prison he instead encountered a film as the surface seemed to have solidified. Hmm, a hard surface hey.. He poked a finger into the film, expecting it to break through but the film easily moved to wrap gently around his finger, then released him as he withdrew.

Breathing deeply, Nick again poked the surface, much harder and quicker, but still the slime film seemed to mould around his fingers without breaking. After several attempts to grab at the slippery slime in an effort to pull the film apart, and at one stage pushing a splayed hand to the surface only to see a hand imprint form against the goo, he gave up.

Only then did he feel the tingling around his manhood slowly expand to cover his body, feeling like a million tiny tongues were licking him.


Nick closed his eyes and moaned deeply at the sensation. The slime formed numerous thick slime hands to caress over his body and interlock with his hands, squeezing them gently in a pseudo reassuring fashion.

Yet another hand gently wrapped around his shaft and pumped it in slow steady strokes, hardening him to steel.


Suddenly, like a short circuit going off in his mind, he thrashed about hard in a desperate attempt to break free.

Hands and feet distended the slime bag around him as he thrashed but the strokes and tingling never stopped.

Nick stopped struggling with a despairing groan, his body and mind slowly crumbling against the impossible onslaught on his senses.

Oh fuck.. Ahhhh!!

Closing his eyes tight he could do nothing to avoid the orgasm squished and slurped out of him by the slime. Opening his eyes a little he could see the slime grow brighter and shudder as Nick fed his surrender to it.

It feeds on my.. semen?

But how did it grow without it?
A return of the tingling and a squeeze of the slime hands as well as a gentle flow of warm slime aroused him instantly with a deep moan. Again he saw the slime shudder, seemingly in pleasure of its own.

It feeds on my arousal.. On my brainwaves produced by arousal!

The slime shuddered harder as if in answer.

In a last desperate struggle, Dr Nick thrashed about again, although his weakening showed as he barely pushed against the surface of the slime.

Then as if to answer his struggles, one tentacle of slime slowly formed at Nick's front. Out it came, watched by a now stilled Nick.

A loud groan escaped his lips as he felt his cock surrounded by a thick dollop of slime and sucked hard upon, while watching the tip of the tentacle arc to sit just in front of his face and gather to form a bulb.

The bulb slowly increased in size then began to flatten out. Two small indentations appeared, followed by a larger one just below them. Then the edges of the slime curled around towards him.

Nicks last memory before the mask of slime attached to his face was yet another giant orgasm ripped from his body, a scream of anguish and pleasure was slowly drowned by the slime shaped mast merging with his head and eventually the rest of his head and then the slime itself.

Nicks former life as a free citizen was ended as he was slowly dragged into the centre of the slime creature. His breathing and bodily functions now relied solely on the slime which had worked hard to intertwine its own make up with its new prey. Its slime had permeated every pore, every cell and every DNA chain and stopped Nicks aging process, healed all his ailments and ensured his time within the slime would be eternal.

The blue slime then grew again, the conscious Nick just visible within it. It grew thinner and taller, snaking tow slime tentacles out its lateral sides near the top and formed two thick arms. The bottom of the slime underwent a kind of fission of its own and split vertically, then it shaped two legs. Last to emerge was the large but shallow dome, dominated by a single giant eye, and one wide row of pointed teeth. Between the grinning teeth lay a long fleshy tongue.

The slime grinned and bought its arms up as if to have a fist fight, its tongue swept over the occasionally struggling form of Dr Nick who's only sign with the outside world was yet another desperate hand pressed against the unyielding surface.

The slime marched off in search for more prey.


Back at the lab, all the scientists were milling around, confused about the absence of Dr Nick. No one had seen or heard of him.

"Well we can't wait around for him to call us back, let's get to work."

Dr Trudy, Nick's chief assistant, went to the containment area and opened the container holding the slime.

"Ahhh!!" Her screams were quickly muffled as a torrent of slime burst from the container all over her body, instantly disintegrating her lab coat, short work skirt and underwear, leaving her a blue, naked mess as she struggled to scrape the slime off her.

Meanwhile everyone in the lab rushed over, screaming and yelling. They too were treated to liberal mounts of slime as it leapt to its individual prey items, wasting no time in stripping them naked and surrounding them for consumption.

As each of them were sprayed with the slime, they all struggled to remove it from them, and stopped any thought of running away or calling for help.

Dr Trudy in particular was now naked, and a thin coating of slime had surrounded her taught, attractive form. Her thick, muscular calves and thighs were each entrapped within the blue substance. It moved up, coating and beginning to knead her shapely butt and trimmed pelvic region. As she moaned in sudden arousal, a small orgasm was wrenched from her pussy by the slime as it used her desire to continue growing. Up over her flat abs to her large breasts and over her strong back before snaking several tendrils out from each shoulder area to wrap around her arms and pull her hands away from her mid-section.

The slime wasted no time and cladded her clitoris, sucking and pulsing strongly as it sent a thick slime tendril into both her pussy and ass, stimulating the poor girl to a hard orgasm. As she thrashed about on the floor the slime was quick to fully encase her and grow to a large blob, suspending her in its centre and extracting orgasm after orgasm from her.

Each scientist, aide and technician were all suffering from forced arousal and orgasmic relief as slime coated them from head to toe, subduing them all with sex, capturing them for food and prolonging their existence for continued growth.

Not 15 minuted has passed from the opening of the container to a dozen human forms quivering in ecstasy at the centre of their own individual slime, feeding their own prison for an eternity.


As the slimes gathered in the main research room, their hosts subdued and aroused, they all agreed; expand or die.

With each step they took their hosts arousal grew until orgasm. The cycle repeated endlessly as the slimes moved out to capture all.

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