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The 'G-spot'


My wife Anna and I had a very open marriage when it came to sex. We often experimented with new things and we had occasionally tried out a threesome a couple of times. Her name was Jessica and she was something of a hot and nasty little minx – mostly being in charge when we met. She had given both my wife and me many sexual pleasures and taken us into the world of more aggressive and rough fucking sessions; which we both appreciated more and more.

Anna and Jessica had during the last couple of months also become relatively good friends. Not that I minded, I liked having Jessica around. If not for fucking, at least to look at. I have always loved bit tits, but somehow I managed to fall in love with a girl with a pair of relative small ones. So when Jessica came around with her D-sized chest, I wasn't the one complaining.

Anyway, a while ago Jessica had steered our attention to a special sex club know as "The G-spot". Apparently, it was a highly sophisticated sex club with attendance only by invitation from another member; and of course Jessica was already a member and wanted to get us to become members too. We had received two application forms by post and had filled them out separately – that was one of the rules, and my wife had been very keen on following those rules.

The form had basically asked a great many questions about past experiences, reasons for why applying for a membership; your stats and a questionnaire about sexual acts you had done, wanted to perform, never would perform and acts you might do in case of being in the right mood. I had tried to find out the answers of my wife, but she had refused to tell me, saying that this was part of the clubs rules, and if we want to become members, we need to follow them.

After a few weeks, we got a reply saying that I was accepted as a member but that my wife needed to undergo some further personal interviews as to approve her membership. So she went to these interviews without letting me know as much as a single question that had been asked of her. She just smiled and said "I hope we will get the answers soon enough if I can become a member or not".

A few days later I got another message from "The G-spot" inviting me to my first session, as they called it. I didn't really want to go without Anna, but she insisted that I go with Jessica and check the place out; so that we would feel more comfortable when we both could go. So, after much discussion, I finally agreed going with Jessica but promising that I would only check the place out and if I joined in any action, then with Jessica.

Well...my first experience at "The G-spot" was incredible. The place was located at a run down industrial lot far out from the city that didn't bring my hopes up to much. But once I entered I was amazed how nice and well organized everything was. There was a big entrance with a closet for all your clothes and attire. Members were not allowed to wear anything that could lead back to your normal life. In the middle there was a big round stage and around it there were bars, lounge-like looking places and some adjoining rooms with showers, and playrooms with different attires. I was only allowed one garment while inside, since I was a new member, so I chose to be wearing my pair of jeans (maybe not the smartest, but I wasn't thinking so much as I entered). As soon as I entered the main room Jessica showed up from behind grabbing my ass and kissing my ear, letting her tongue feel it out and lick it up real good she knew that always got my really hot. And, as expected she got my boner standing rock hard within seconds. Secretly I loved my wife for sending me along to this place alone with Jessica; I always wanted to fuck her by my own without my wife being involved and making me think twice of what I said and did.

Anyway, Jessica gave me the walk of the place and showed me some of the rooms; there were rooms for heavy bondage stuff with ropes and cuffs and paddles, whips and such; there was a romantic room with a heart shaped bed and all pink and red plush furniture; there were rooms made to look like pub-toilets with urinals on the walls and with small toilet stalls; there was a typical glory hole room; basically there was something for every taste.

After finishing the tour Jessica guided me to one of the bars where we had some drinks and some small chat about the club and how she had become a member; she also assured me that my wife Anna would be allowed in to the club, the only thing being that at the moment there was many women applying and not all of them would get a membership – so the committee had been doing these extra interviews with the ladies; hence the time delay.

The members attending must have been somewhere around 40-50 I guessed, with roughly 70% being female, which I of course enjoyed. Jessica told me that today was a slow evening and a good introduction time; since when it was busy there could be around 200 members at the same time, and then the party and shagging really got going. They also had special themed nights were certain rules were to abide. Jessica mentioned examples such as: "Anal night" where the girls only took it in their asses; "Bukkake night" where one or two girls where laid out on stage and all men were only allowed to cum on them, or in a mouth of another girl who had to walk up and spit out the cum in the face of the girls on stage.

We talked a further couple of minutes before more and more couples around us started making out, groping each other and having openly sex in front of me, and next to me. I was a bit chocked but at the same time finding it very hot. Jessica saw this and leaned in closer and started nibbling, biting and licking my ear. I felt like being in heaven: gorgeous women and girls around me were getting roughly fucked, moaning and screaming out their pleasure; while I had beautiful Jessica trying to probe my brain with her tongue via my ear – which I loved; and all this without my wife, and without cheating, she even pushed me for it. Fuck, how much I loved Anna at that moment for being such a good sport!

As Jessica was licking my brains out I was half staring, half gazing at the scene developing on a couch about eight feet away. There was a beautiful blonde lying on her back getting her pussy eaten by a dark skinned brunette with massive tits dangling under her body. The blonde seemed to be taking much pleasure of the treatment and would probably have been moaning out loud, unless her face and mouth would have been covered by another blondes wet pussy. Just as I was thinking what a lucky son of a bitch I must be having a wife letting me go to a place like this in company with a hot minx, a guy abruptly appeared behind the brunette and shoved his rigid shaft into her behind. She barely seemed to notice, but just kept licking the pussy in her face and started wiggling her ass a bit more. After a couple of minutes the man erupted in her pussy and pulled out, wiped his dick clean in her ass crack and just left – without a word.

I was amazed! What kind of heavenly place had I just gotten into? Apparently it was alright just to pick any good looking girl, no matter who she was involved with, and just do a 'wham-bam-thank-you-ma'm', but without the thank-you-ma'm. As to underline my point another man, this one a big black overweight guy, came up behind her, lined his cock up in her crack and pushed it up and down a few times, seeming to want to lubricate it with the last guys cum. He then, in one quick and hard motion (I saw her jump a bit forward) just plunged his whole black cock meat into her inviting pussy. This guy seemed to like it a bit rougher than the previous one, cause he was constantly molesting the pretty brunettes tits and slapping away rapidly on her tight ass as he was talking to her, using all sorts of nasty humiliating words and phrases. But none of the girls seemed to be disturbed by this disgusting mans behavior, or be repulsed by his mere looks, they just kept going on with their business as if he wasn't roughly invading the brunettes pussy. He pulled out just before cumming, and stepped over the back of the brunette and emptied his load on the back of her head, in her dark long hair. Again, the brunette didn't even seem to flinch, she just kept licking the pussy at her mouth.

Apparently I must have looked quite new to these scenes, when everyone else around me took this for normal at this place, since the bartender, a short blonde with small tits said "not a bad sight huh? I just wish my shift would end before they finish, so I can go and lick that crack of hers clean" she then re-filled my glass and walked over to the other side of the bar where a young girl was asking for a beer while she was holding on to a leash that was connected to an older mans neck collar as he was crawling around the floor licking her feet.

As I moved my eyes back to the three girls, I was not too surprised to find yet another man humped over the brunettes backside. Again I couldn't stop thinking of what a naughty slut she must be let herself be used and abused that way. I didn't get much more time to think and look at the girls since Jessica now had moved down to between my legs, and was licking my jeans just were my cock was rock hard. I looked down at her and saw her smiling back up at me as she had a big glob of saliva out on her tongue that she was just about to work into the material separating her from my rigid fuck meat. It didn't take long before she stopped licking my jeans and instead got my cock out and started lapping away at it. I just closed my eyes and leaned my head back.

After a couple of minutes I realized that something was not as it should between my legs, it seemed to be too many hands there. As I opened my eyes and looked down, I saw the brunette ( the one that didn't seem to care that she got fucked while eating pussy) sharing my cock with Jessica. I started to protest, but Jessica was quickly up and started tonguing my mouth and sucking on my tongue, stopping me from talking. As she finally let go, she just moved around and started nibbling and biting and licking my ear again while pushing her fingers into my mouth.

I wanted to tell her to stop, I wanted to tell the brunette not to suck on my cock; I knew I had promised my wife only to be with Jessica, I felt like I was cheating on her...which of course I actually was, but I just couldn't get my brain to listen to those signals, let alone to actually stop what was happening from actually happening. I enjoyed the brunettes tight mouth and throat too much on my cock, I loved Jessica's tongue in my ear and her fingers in my mouth so much that I used it as an excuse not to intervene with what was happening. I just followed the flow and enjoyed the action.

I didn't last long. It was so great to be getting this treatment from a friend of my wife and from a complete and utterly unknown but gorgeous looking brunette. As she realized I was about to cum she pulled out my cock from her tight lips and aimed straight at her face. String after string I shot of my hot white cum, it plastered her face and glued one of her eyes shut. It landed on her nose and dripped down onto her chin. But she didn't even twitch. I had just had one of the most massive cumshots in my life, and the women getting it straight in her eye and face just smiled at me, turned around, and crawled back to the blondes pussy a couple feet further away. I couldn't believe what had just happened.

But knowing Jessica, this wasn't over yet. She hadn't cum yet, and she rarely left without having had at least one orgasm. She seemed to have read my mind, because at the same time she took my hand and dragged me over to the female threesome. She pushed me down onto my back on the couch next to the blonde, and without any words she just straddled my face in a reverse cowgirl position. Within seconds she had my hands and arms stuck beneath her legs and thighs and my face deep in her slopping wet cunt. From time to time I felt her face getting close to my semi-erect cock and teasing it with her tongue and lips. Then her head was gone, I figured she was in some way joining in on the threesome next to me – although I couldn't be sure since I had a juicy pussy and tight ass in my view. But I didn't care nor did I mind. Licking Jessica, or even fucking her, was not cheating my wife – we had agreed upon that. That Jessica on the other hand was involved with the girls laying next to me, well that was also ok, since I was only doing things with Jessica. So I went back to focusing my thoughts and mind on her lovely pussy that I enjoyed so much.

It must have taken me another 10 minutes to realize that Jessica must again be sharing my cock with some other woman. I couldn't see it, but I heard Jessica saying "common, lick his cock you fucking whore! I want to see you use your mouth to make him cum again, your dirty nasty cocksucking little cum whore!!" and then I heard a slap and felt the warmth of a hot mouth starting to bob up and down on my rigid fuck pole. I also felt that Jessica must immensely enjoy this abuse of another girl as her whole body started to shiver and get closer to an orgasm, and I could feel her fingers trying to squeeze into her pussy along with my tongue.

Again I felt that I was betraying my wife's trust, and that I was cheating on her the second time within the hour. But this time I couldn't have stopped it even if I wanted, since Jessica had me nailed down underneath her body. So again, after some short thoughts, I let myself relax and just follow the motion. Letting my tongue dig deeper into Jessica's pussy then ever before while guessing that the hot brunette was once sucking my cock.

Before Jessica was about to orgasm she removed her own fingers from her cunt and clit and must have started using them on the brunettes head instead. Making sure that she was not just sucking me, but literally piston fucking my cock with her dark skinned face. It was amazing! I had never experienced anything like it before!

Jessica must have held her head in her hands and decided the tempo of how she should face fuck my cock, because I heard her yelling

"I told you to fucking fuck his cock with your face, not fucking suck it like a lollipop! I'll fucking teach you, you no good cunt, how to face fuck a mans cock!! You are nothing than a fucking cock whore! Here purely to please others, you cum sucking pig!! Here, now open your FUCKING THROAT!!!" I could feel how the speed was increased and how her head was going up and down faster and faster. Just like fucking engine piston. I have no idea how the fuck she was able to take my cock so deep, yet alone to breath during these last couple of minutes while Jessica used her face to fuck my cock!? There were continuous coughing and gagging sounds I heard as I felt my cock go in and out of a tight throat. We had tried to get Anna to deep throat me, but we never managed to get my cock all the way inside her throat. On the other side, we had never used so much force and abuse as Jessica was using now.

Needless to say, I couldn't take much of it, even though I had just emptied my balls. But the pleasure of hearing Jessica humiliate and degrade that pretty girl in combination with her tight, great throat coughing around my cock in a furious staccato speed made me once again give my hot sticky cum to the brunette. This time though I felt, as well as heard, hat much of my load went into her mouth and throat, and with her coughing most of the time, much of it quickly left her mouth and dropped down onto my balls and crotch. I heard Jessica call her a lot of more filthy and degrading names and I felt her mouth and tongue lick my balls, thighs and ass clean, but not my cock.

I didn't have much time to reflect about what just happened before Jessica was off my face and pulled me back up on my feet. The threesome next to me was looking like they hadn't been doing anything else then licking each others pussies since Jessica and I joined next to them. Except that the make-up on the brunettes face was all out of place and her face was covered with a mixture of cum and saliva. And still, when she looked up at me before Jessica dragged me away, she still sent me a warm smile. I just didn't get it. Could any women actually like acting like that? Maybe even love, or perhaps even crave it?

I know that I had seen girls act like that in porno's, but that's the movies. They get paid to look like they enjoy being treated like no good two-dollar street whores.

But again, Jessica dragged me away from the scene, so I dropped the thought and wondered where she was going. She was aiming down the row of doors we had passed earlier when she showed me the place. And while passing the bar Jessica picked up a beer for me as the cute short blonde bartender winked at me and gave me a smile. I didn't know what for, but returned the favor. While looking at her I saw that it was close to midnight and that we had already spent more the 4 hours at the club. I sipped the beer and followed Jessica.

Jessica was pulling me with her into one of he rooms looking like a cheap pub toilet, with two porcelain urinals on the left next to the washing basin, and three toilet stalls on the right. I wasn't sure where she was going with this, but knowing Jessica from before, and from how I had seen her act today I was sure I was going to get a surprise. And I did!

She seemed to be in a hurry and I could see from her gaze that she had still not orgasmed, but that she was on the verge of it. "Now, unless you want me to tell your wife what a bad boy you have been today, cheating not only once but twice on her, even though you promised not too, you better do exactly what I tell you! You're going to make one of my dreams come true!!"

I was just standing there with my beer in hand, feeling like a complete moron.. Jessica made me let that girl suck my cock, both times. Once even having me in such a position that I could not resist nor stop the action even if I would have wanted to. And now she used this to blackmail me. The thing was though, that she already knew that I would go along, because I would not want to risk loosing my wife over this. So I just nodded my agreement.

"Drink up" she told me hinting the bottle in my hand. I looked at it and did as she told me to, I downed it within a couple of seconds. She then grabbed the bottle from me and sat down in between the urinals with her hands holding on to their edges. They looked dirty and stained with yellow spots, but she didn't seem to care. She slowly lowered her body onto the bottle and soon had it deep in her pussy. She then told me to start jabbing it in and out of her pussy until she had her orgasm. I knelt down on the dirty floor that actually did reek quite a bit of stale piss; but not seeing an alternative way out I did it anyway, and started fucking her cunt with the now empty beer bottle.

"Ooooohhhhh yeees!! Fuuuuckk that's good! Oooooohhhhh fuck me harder with that Fucking bottle!! Make me cum!! Ooooohhhhh" she moaned out. "Tell me what a fucking whore I am!! Tell me what a dirty cock sucking bitch I am!! DO IT!!!" I felt a bit strange to her asking because even though she normally was the one in charge in our games at home, I had never seen, nor heard, this side of her. But at the same time it aroused me massively, having the hot minx Jessica in front of me asking, no, begging me, to verbally abuse her and tell her what a dirty fuck slut she is.

"Do it now!!! Pleeeassse!!! Tell me!!! I need to hear it!!!"

"You fucking bitch! Your nothing but a fucking cocksucker!" I started .

"Mmmm More!!! Dirtier" she told me.

I don't know what hit me at that time, but I guess that I was pissed of with her for making me cheat on my wife, I was turned on by seeing her begging to be verbally abused, and I was getting hot by seeing her in between two dirty urinals getting fucked by a beer bottle. And that just seemed to be enough for me to let go of my inhibitions and start my verbal abuse of her: "Your nothing but a fuckin worthless toilet whore! Dragging me in her to fuck you with a dirty fucking beer bottle! in a room fuckin reeking of stale piss!! Your just a nasty lil big titted whore!"

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