tagLoving WivesThe Gambler Ch. 02

The Gambler Ch. 02

byJust Plain Bob©

Three horses that couldn't lose! Three sure bets. Shit! She tore up her tickets and threw them on the ground. All the money she had made yesterday was gone and she didn't have a damn thing to show for it. And there was still the seventh race to go and Blackie's Tyree was going off at 12 to 1 and Susan was certain that he couldn't lose. Sure, she'd had a run of bad luck, but it was going to turn - she could feel it. She needed to find some money quick; she only had about fifteen minutes to get her bet down on Blackie. She looked around and in less than ten seconds she found what she was looking for; a man of about forty who was staring at her with a look on his face that was saying, "Boy, I sure would like some of that."

"Come on Little Andy, Mommy's got to do it again," she said to the eighteen month old baby in the stroller as she started to push it in the direction of the man.

Susan smiled to herself; two days ago and she would have been horrified to even think about what she was about to do. Yesterday had changed all that; Oh God had things changed! Desperation had made her into a whore yesterday, and it looked like it was going to do it to her again today. When she reached the man she said, "Like what you see?"

The man seemed a bit taken aback by her bold approach, but he recovered quickly, "As a matter of fact I do," he replied.

"Enough to part with fifty bucks for a blow job?" Susan asked.

The man gave her a grin and said, "I'd rather fuck you."

Susan said, "Maybe later, but right now I only have enough time for a blow job. I need to come up with fifty before the seventh race. Yes or no? If not I've got to hurry and find somebody else."

The man said okay and asked where? Susan looked around, then told the man to follow her, and started pushing little Andy's stroller toward a line of Porta-Johns that were next to one of the race track's walls. She moved into the space between the line of toilets and the wall and looked around to make sure she would be able to do the man and remain unseen. She held out her hand for the money and the man pulled a roll of bills out of his pocket and peeled off five ten dollar bills and placed them on her palm. Susan put the money in her purse and dropped to her knees in front of the man who already had his cock out.

Susan still wasn't all that keen on performing oral sex, but she had done well enough yesterday and she owed this man a blowjob for his money and she would do her best. She opened her mouth and circled her lips around the head of his prick, her right hand came up to cup his balls and her left wrapped around the base of his cock and she started to suck him off. The man's hands moved to the back of her head and he held her as he began to plunge his cock back and forth in her mouth.

Little Andy started to fidget and to keep him from starting to cry she dropped her hand from the man's balls and used it to rock Andy's stroller. Susan stopped trying to suck the man's cock and instead clamped her lips tight around him and let him fuck her face. It took only minutes before the man said, "I'm cumming baby, I'm gonna cum in your hot little mouth" and no sooner than he had said it, he did it. Susan choked as the spurts of cum hit the back of her throat and she did her best to swallow it all. The man kept his cock in her mouth until he stopped spurting and started to go limp. Susan, determined to give good value in case she ever needed this man again, licked the man's cock clean. As the man put his cock away he said, "I still want to fuck that tight little body of yours."

Wiping her mouth clean with a hankie Susan said, "Maybe later. If my horse doesn't win in the seventh I may have to earn some gas money to get home."

"Who you betting?" asked the man. Susan told him and the man said, "Don't waste your money honey. Bet on Sammy's Child. He's a lock!"

Susan stood at the rail and watched in disgust as Sammy's Child flew across the finish line five lengths ahead of Blackie's Tyree. As she threw her tickets on the ground the man, who had been standing next to her said, "Do I get to fuck you now?"


Susan was disgusted with herself. She had been so upset at losing at the track that she hadn't even discussed price with the man, his name was Dan, who had followed her home and then into her bed. They had fucked for over an hour until she told him that they had to stop because her husband would be home soon. It was only after Dan had gone that she'd remembered that she had forgotten to ask for the money. Shit! she said as she changed the bed sheets for the second time in two days, but on her way to the bathroom she saw green on top of the dresser and when she looked she found two one hundred dollar bills. Not bad, she thought, I'm moving up in the world. Yesterday it was a hundred and today I'm up to two hundred. As she took her shower she was already figuring out where the money would go; five on her favorite number, ten toward lottery tickets and the rest to the track - there were some very good horses running tomorrow.

Susan was changing little Andy's diaper when the front door bell rang. Picking up the baby she went to the front door and pulled it open to find Eddie, her bookie, standing there with two other men and a woman. Eddie smiled, "Susan! I was afraid I might not catch you at home. Can we come in?"

Numbly, Susan stepped aside and let the four of them enter and then she said, "Eddie, you promised me that you would never come to the house."

"I know, I know" Eddie replied, "But you promised me that you would always pay your losses off on time and I figure your broken promise to me cancels out my promise to you."

"That's not fair!" Susan cried, "I've always paid you."

Eddie waggled a finger at her, "You have been promising me for over a month now and I haven't seen a dime. Yet my sources tell me you have dropped at least six bills at the track over the last two days and that was money that you could have given me to pay down your debt. At the very least you could have had the courtesy to place those bets with me instead of giving your money to the track. It wouldn't have drawn down your debt to me, but at least I could have made a buck or two off of it and you would have kept my good will."

Little Andy started whimpering and Susan said, "I've got to take care of the baby and then I have an appointment at noon so tell me what this is about and then go."

Eddie's smile went away, "What this is all about is that I have sold your IOU's to Mr. Diamano" and he pointed at the larger of the two men who were with him, "And he is here to discuss with you the method of repayment."

He turned and headed for the door and partway there he stopped and turned back toward her, "Oh, by the way, don't call me to place any bets anymore. You belong to Mr. Diamano now" and he turned and left.

Diamano said, "Let's get down to business. With transfer fees, penalties and interest, you owe me twenty-two hundred. You got it?"

Susan was stunned, "But I only owed Eddie seventeen!"

"Like I said, penalties, interest and fees" Diamano replied. "Do you have the money?"

Little Andy was crying now and Susan got up and started to walk to the kitchen. Diamano said, "Henry!" and the other man moved in front of her and stopped her.

"Gloria, take the baby." And the woman reached for Andy.

Susan tried to step back but Henry put both of his hands on her shoulders and held her in place and then he squeezed. Susan cried out in pain and gave up the baby when the woman again reached for him.

"Sit down!" said Diamano, "One last time, do you have the money?"

Susan looked down at her hands and weakly mumbled "No." Diamano looked at her for a moment before saying, "That's too bad." He looked at Henry, "Take her into the bedroom and strip her."

Susan lay on the bed staring at Diamano and Henry as they took off their clothes. She had struggled and had tried to fight Henry, but he had just picked her up like a doll and carried her into the bedroom. He had thrown her on the bed and told her to get undressed and when she hadn't moved he had ripped her clothes off of her. She had deep welts on her shoulders where her bra straps had dug into her flesh before breaking. Diamano approached the bed and said, "This is your first installment. We will call it a collection fee and if you prove to be adequate we will adjust your debt to reduce some of the principal. Do you understand?"

Susan meekly nodded yes and Diamano had pushed between her legs, lined up his cock and pushed forward. It took him four strokes to work his cock all the way in and then he started to fuck her with slow strokes. Susan, in an attempt to be 'adequate' moved her legs and locked them behind his. She started pushing up to meet his strokes and Diamano started to move a little faster and push into her a little harder. Susan felt the little 'tingle' in her loins that signaled the start of an orgasm building and she started to moan and the moan turned into a string of 'oh oh oh's which in turn became "oh yes, oh yes, oh yes."

Susan was no longer trying to pretend to be adequate, she wanted this orgasm and she began to fuck back as hard as she could. Diamano was fucking her fast and furious now and she was meeting every thrust with an intensity that astonished her. She wanted to make this brute cum, to drain his balls, to show him that she was the best piece of ass he'd ever had. Her heels were drumming on the backs of his legs, her fingernails were dug into the cheeks of his ass and she was crying, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" in his ear. His hands went under her and he pulled her to him and she felt the warmth that told her that he had cum inside her. Diamano kept stroking into her, but she could feel his size diminish and she cried, "Don't stop, don't stop damn you! I'm almost there, I'm almost there!"

Diamano rolled off her and said, "Give her what she wants Henry, finish her off."

Henry moved between her legs and sank his hard cock into her wet, juicy cunt and he started fucking her hard and fast. It took twenty strokes of Henry's cock to send Susan over the edge and she fell back on the bed drained of energy, but Henry was just getting started. Susan lay there, breathing deeply, as Henry ploughed her pussy and in only minutes she felt the 'tingle' again. Both men fucked her three times that morning. It was during Diamano's third time that Gloria came into the room. Diamano was fucking her and she was sucking Henry's cock when Gloria came in and said, "The baby's hungry."

Susan took her mouth off Henry's cock long enough to say, "The formula is in the fridge. Use the blue bottles, not the red ones" and she went back to working on Henry's dick.


As Susan changed the bed sheets for the third time in as many days, she thought about what Diamano had said as he was leaving, "I'll be back tomorrow at nine in the morning. Either have the money or a plan on how you intend to pay off the debt within the next two weeks."

As Susan fluffed the pillows she wondered where in the hell she could come up with two grand on short notice and then her train of thought was interrupted as little Andy began to cry.

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