The Game


Doug showed up for the game not sure what to expect. They had played strip poker several times before, but Jenifer promised this time would take the game to another level. He was greeted by Jenifer who introduced him to Lynn, Michelle, and Nikki. Jenifer said that they were still waiting on Paul and Tiffany then everyone would talk over the rules of the night's games. Doug knew that Jenifer and Lynn were best friends who would look out for each other, but at the same time were highly competitive so would probably pick on each other too. He knew Michelle and Nikki hung out together, but not much else about either of them. About five minutes later Tiffany showed up and said that Paul had to cancel because he wasn't feeling well.

After a minute of discussion everyone agreed that they were still willing to play. Doug was a bit nervous being the only guy. He was afraid he would be the target so he'd have to be careful and play it conservative until he saw how things were going. Jenifer started explaining the rules. OK we are going to play strip poker with some other rules thrown in. Each person will start with $50 worth of chips and we'll bet on each hand like standard poker. The deal will pass around the table and the dealer will get to name the game. If you run out of money you can give up a piece of clothing for more chips, or you can end the round and take a spin on the wheel of challenges and consequences. Any clothing sold during a round of hands goes to whomever has the most chips at the end of the round.

Also at the end of the round the chips that are in play are all pooled and divided evenly again. So each round everyone starts with an equal amount of chips again. On the wheel you could lose clothes, have an individual challenge or have an opposed challenge. Clothes lost to the wheel are out of play until we quit for the night. If you lose a piece of clothing to the wheel you have to take off something you are wearing, but not other clothes you have accumulated. Once someone is nude if they have to face the wheel and lose a piece of clothing they will have to draw a dare card. At any time people can trade clothes as long as both people agree to the trade. Shoes and socks are worth $10 each, pants and shirt $25 each, and underwear $50 each. Any questions? Everyone agreed and we dealt the cards.

After about five hands Jenifer and Nikki got into a large hand and each of them sold their shoes and socks. Jenifer's two pair was higher and Nikki was broke so she either had to sell more clothes or end the round. She decided to end the round. She walked over and spun the wheel. It came to rest on challenge another player to air hockey. The loser has to take off a piece of clothing. With a smile she picked Michelle and then pulled her aside whispering in her ear. I knew she didn't want to lose another piece of clothing already. Michelle didn't even try to win and dropped a shoe by the wheel. I noted this and hoped I wasn't going to be the odd man out all night.

With a few more chips everyone was a bit more open about betting except Nikki who was obviously afraid of losing her shirt literally. Lynn seized on this in the fifth hand and raised the bet to where Nikki would have to sell her shirt or pants to stay in. Nikki folded. Over the next four hands all of the rest of us sold our shoes to stay in except Tiffany who went on a winning streak. Then the hand came where everything changed. Tiffany, Michelle, and Nikki ended up in a pot and Tiffany pushed in a large bet to force Nikki to sell clothes or fold. Nikki stood up pulled off her pants and raised the whole amount. Michelle decided she didn't want to take off her shirt or pants to stay in. If she hadn't given up a shoe so easily she would have had the money. She shook her head and folded. Tiffany raised again so now Nikki would have to sell her shirt to stay in. With a laugh Nikki called and pulled off her shirt. She flipped over the three sevens and looked at Tiffany. Tiffany flipped over the two pair and nodded saying, "I wasn't going to fold and give you your clothes back for free."

Nikki started to grab her clothes and Jenifer said, "Not so fast. You sold your clothes. Until the round is up you don't get them back. You sold them for chips. Chips you have put to good use." The look on Nikki's face told me that she hadn't expected to stay in her bra and panties. Doug admired her pert little tits in the lacy white bra. Her black satin panties hugged her hips and hid little. She sat back down. Tiffany dealt out the next hand and Lynn lost and was broke. She decided to end round two which made Nikki happy since she had the most chips. She quickly put back on her pants and shirt.

Lynn walked over and spun the wheel. Two spanks from each other player. Jenifer and Nikki both patted each of her ass checks through her pants. Michelle hit her fairly hard and Tiffany hit her harder and Lynn yelped. "Please Doug have mercy on me." I slapped her hard enough to let her feel it, but hardly as hard as I could. Hoping it would keep me from becoming the target of either group, but rather they would go after each other.

After four more rounds I was down to my pants, Lynn had collected a pile of shoes and socks as well as my shirt. Jenifer had lost her shirt to the wheel, and Michelle was in her bra and panties. Her large breasts were mostly hidden by her bra, but her nipples were visible through the fabric.

Tiffany had Michelle's pants as well as her own pants and shirt. Nikki had her pants and shirt on still. A couple hands in Michelle had a run of bad luck and was almost out of chips. The next hand Lynn bet enough to force Michelle to sell clothes to stay in. Michelle instead folded and was broke. She decided to face the wheel. It stopped on lose a piece of clothing. Michelle sighed and said, "It looks like it just isn't my night," and started taking off her bra.

Lynn looked at her and said, "I'll make you a deal. This is a one-time offer. I'll trade Doug's shirt and my pants for your panties, but if I lose a piece of clothing to the wheel you have to give it up instead."

Michelle obviously didn't like being topless so she agreed. She put on the clothes. Doug's shirt hung on her and hid everything much to his dismay. Lynn's pants didn't button up, but were staying up on their own at least for the minute. Michelle dealt the first hand and Doug wondered what was happening. On the first hand Lynn bet everything and Jennifer called. Then Jenifer took her pants off and raised. The small wet spot on the crotch of her silk panties told Doug she was getting excited. Lynn said, "Too rich for me. I'll end the round." She walked over and spun lose a piece of clothing. "Oh dear. Michelle pay up for me like we agreed." Now Doug saw her plan. She had just taken out half of Michelle's ability to get more chips and she would still be topless. Michelle tossed Doug's shirt in the pile by the wheel. Her big tits were sagging slightly but were still very inviting. The nipples standing at attention.

The betting now got heated with the two groups going after each other. Obviously Lynn and Jenifer wanted to force Michelle to a dare card. Nikki was determined to help her friend. Two rounds later Tiffany had lost her pants and traded Michelle her pants back for Lynn's which fit her better. All the other girls were in bra and panties except for Michelle who only had her pants. Doug had managed to stay in his pants and underwear. Then came the hand that would define the night. Doug was dealt three aces and the bets came around the table with each girl raising in turn. Soon all of the chips were in the middle of the table. Tiffany folded out. Both Lynn and Jenifer put in their bras to try and force Michelle out since she couldn't sell enough clothing to continue. Both of them had smaller tits and the tan lines showed they usually wore skimpy bikinis. Nikki asked, "Do you think you can win?" Michelle nodded. Nikki said, "I'll trade you my bra for your pants so you can stay in, and I fold." Her areolas were the size of quarters and a dark brown. Doug tried hard not to stare. As he glanced around the table he saw Jenifer lick her lips as she looked at Nikki's breasts.

"OK" so Michelle was now nude Doug thought. He sold his pants and threw in the chips. The four of them still in tossed out cards and drew. Doug pulled the fourth ace. Jenifer and Lynn looked at each other and Lynn said, "I've got this," and pulled off her panties to bet. "Oh Michelle you can't make the bet I guess you are broke and have to go to the wheel." She started reaching for the pot. The wet spot in the crotch of her bet panties showed how turned on she was at this point.

"Not so fast I'm still in." Doug said pulling off his underwear. His stiff cock sprang up when freed. Jenifer folded. Doug flipped over his four aces and Lynn realized she had miscalculated with her two pair. "Oh Lynn it looks like you are broke too. I guess we have two people spinning the wheel."

Michelle walked over and spun the wheel. Lose a piece of clothing. She turned a bit pale and asked, "Where are the dare cards?" Jenifer smiled and fanned them out for her. Michelle drew a card and read it out loud. "Perform a lap dance for ten minutes."

"Lucky Doug since he won the hand that forced her out she dances on him."

Lynn spun the wheel and it came up with lose two pieces of clothing. "Does that mean two dare cards?" she asked.

Jenifer now not nearly as smug said, "Yeah it does."

Lynn pulled her first card. Dildo yourself for five minutes. The second card was play twister with two other players. Loser loses two pieces of clothing.

Doug hadn't put his underwear or pants back on yet. Michelle pushed him back onto the couch and climbed up on him beginning to grind pushing her tits in his face. He groaned and started licking her tits. Doug felt his pleasure building then Michelle would slow down then it would start to build again. Her wet pussy slid up and down his shaft. Precum started to leak from his cock. Before he knew it the ten minutes was up.

Tiffany asked, "Doug who is Lynn playing in twister?"

"You and Jenifer"

Lynn and Jenifer smiled obviously hoping they would be able to team up on Tiffany and make her lose. After a couple of rounds they were in a pretty complicated knot. Tiffany's face was right over Lynn's tits and she was barely balanced on a foot and hand. Jenifer had one leg between Tiffany's and the other between Lynn's legs. Her left hand was between Lynn and Tiffany's bodies. Tiffany spun left leg on blue and it was obvious it was going to be tough as she had to lift it out and go over both girls without losing her balance. As she started to make her move Jenifer gave her a bump with her leg to try and knock her off balance. Unfortunately for Jenifer it made her lose her own balance and she fell loosing.

Jenifer stripped off her panties and pulled a dare card. With a groan she showed it to everyone. She had to dildo herself for five minutes too. So Lynn and Jenifer looked at each other and each grabbed a dildo. They both started slowly pushing their dildo in and out. The dildo spreading their lips open. From the first thrust they were covered with juices and it was obvious they were quite horny already. The shaved lips of Lynn's pussy started to shine with her juices. She adjusted her hips to get a better angle as she kept a steady pace.

Michelle said, "Remember when the first person cums tonight is the sex slave for the group for the rest of the night."

Lynn moaned and Jenifer was panting, but so far both of them were holding out. Jenifer's juices started to run down her leg. As the first minute turned into the second and third their pace was picking up. Both of them were struggling to hold back the relief they so badly wanted because of the consequence it held. Then the five minutes were up. Doug put on his underwear and pants. Only he and Tiffany had any clothes left on. He had accumulated a pile of clothes to buy chips with even if they all were starting with the same number of chips. After four hands Doug realized his biggest fear was coming true. Each of the girls were taking turns keeping him honest. At the same time they wouldn't drive up the bets when he folded.

Doug started pushing back selling off socks and shoes to bring him chips without giving the opportunity to win back clothes they would be able to put back on at the end of the round. He knew he would get a good hand and a chance to pounce sooner or later. Even not raising each other after several hands both Michelle and Jenifer were running low on chips. It was Doug's deal so he watched as the bet went around the table. Michelle took a long look at her hand and then finally pushed in the rest of her chips saying she was all in. The rest of the girls quickly folded and Doug looked at his cards and called. Michelle drew three cards and Doug took one hoping for a five to complete his straight. Looking at her hand Michelle started to beam. "I have three sevens."

Doug nodded and then showed that he had pulled his straight. With a sigh Michelle got up and spun the wheel. Challenge a player to a game of air hockey. Loser loses a piece of clothing. Michelle picked Lynn hoping she wasn't very good. If she could beat her maybe the dare would be something to push Lynn over the edge. Her pussy was still wet from her dildo play earlier. The game went back and forth both of them stretching for the puck causing their tits to swing. Finally Michelle double banked the puck and Lynn mistimed the block. Michelle won. She jumped up and down her tits bouncing nicely.

Lynn pulled a dare card and got dildo yourself for five minutes. "Again?" she asked. She grabbed her dildo and walked over to the couch. Spreading her legs she started pushing the dildo slowly into her pussy. She knew she would have to go slow to make it through five minutes. She pushed the dildo in all the way and then pulled it back out so only the tip was in. Then she pushed it back in her back arching slightly. Michelle walked over and stood in front of Lynn. I think you need some motivation. She started playing with her tits. Michelle watched her as she started working the dildo faster. Her hips jerked and it rubbed her clit. Jenifer said, "Two minutes done. Hold on you can do it."

Lynn felt the pressure of her climax building as she continued thrusting in and out. She began panting as the pleasure built. Michelle's nipples were hard and her tits looked so inviting. Lynn closed her eyes trying to take her mind off her building pleasure as she continued to push the dildo in and out of herself. She realized her mistake as the wave rose and started to overtake her since all her senses were focused on her needy pussy as the dildo pushed in and out. Her pussy contracted as she came. Her hips thrust at the dildo wanting more of it. Lynn started thrusting as fast as she could. Since she had lost she might as well get as much pleasure out of it as she could.

She heard Tiffany say, "We have tonight's slave." Through the haze of her pleasure.

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