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The Game


It started after I graduated. It was hard to get a job out of college, and after a few months of discouragement, I ended up taking a vacation to Europe with friends...It maybe wasn't the best financial decision considering the circumstances, but I needed to take my mind off of things, and as it turns out, the trip would dramatically alter the course of my life.

I spent a week or two traveling around with friends, exploring sites by day, and clubbing at night. It was at one club where I met Sir. He was a little older than me, but I found him intriguing and soon we were spending more and more time together. After the first time we fucked, I knew that he was different from all of the other guys I had fucked prior to him. Over time he shared what turns him on, and to my surprise much of it turned me on too. I spent the majority of the rest of my time in Europe on his cock.

When I got back to the states, he asked me about my job search. Knowing that I was from a small town, he offered an extra room at his place in the city while I looked for a job. Considering my how wet my pussy got just thinking about him, it was a no-brainer, and I moved in. As time went on, my kinks grew, and I was looking for jobs less. Here I was provided for, and I was having the best sex of my life. I knew even if it weren't a long term thing, I'm only young once, and should enjoy this time while I can. A few months later, and I was his personal play thing. Every session he pushes me to my limits, and teaches me something new. When I've been good, I get to play a game every two weeks. It's been two weeks, and I've been good, so tonight I get to play.

Around nine at night the guests will start arriving. Usually there are between three and eight of them, generally men, who are twice my age (I just graduated two years ago after all), but sometimes He finds younger men who He knows through work and who are in town on business. When everyone has arrived, Sir leads the guests downstairs to a dimly lit room. If you were to look around this room, you would find all matters of play things Sir likes to use on me, and occasionally when the men are overcome with their animal like lust they may grab some rope to tie me down or a dildo to force into my tight little cunt, but that's not the point. In the center of the large room is a small circular bed, illuminated by the light overhead. The beds about thigh height, and big enough so that when Sir wants he can tie me down with my arms and legs spread apart leaving my petite 5'4" frame exposed and helpless. Around the bed, among the shadows, are as many chairs as there are men, each with a small table and hook next to them. Here they hang their carefully pressed suits and shirts and on the table they place their keys, watch, along with a neat little envelope filled with a thousand dollars in cash in ten dollar bills that each of them has brought with them.

The rules of the game are simple, and it gives me a chance to make some money while I get to let out my inner slut. Once they have stripped and sat down in the chair, the game begins for them. Once they get off of the chair, touch their cocks, grab a hold of me, or of course...cum, they immediately forfeit their thousand dollars. Half of the money goes to me, and other half is split among the others who are still in the game. On the bright side, even when they "lose" they get to spend the rest of the night fucking me to their hearts content. At the end of the night if there is nobody left in the game, then I get it all. If all of the guests and I are finished and there are still some cocks I haven't sucked and fucked dry, then the winnings are split. For me, it is one of the few times where I don't have to abide by any rules. I can tease, suck, fuck and otherwise do whatever I want aside from trying to push them out of the chair to get them to forfeit their money. Some nights I don't win and must go over the recordings with Sir while he has me tell him what I should have done differently, but other nights, I don't even have to try. A thousand dollars is nothing to some of these men, and no sooner than I strip off my clothes is one of them on top of me, feeding me a thick veiny cock while the others watch and debate joining in.

Tonight I hope to win. I've been studying old videos of the guests to see what it is that breaks them, and teasing Sir in new ways that seem to please him. Up in my room, I look in the mirror at the cute blonde looking back at me wearing a towel. As I apply a thin layer of eyeliner and mascara to bring out my blue eyes, I think about the dark blue dress Sir bought me last month for my birthday. It has a slit that runs up the thigh, and pushes my breasts up giving anyone who should look an eyeful of my soft, full tits. I decide against it as I walk over to my dresser and drop my towel to the floor. Inside the top drawer I grab a small white thong. I step into it, and pull it up over my thin legs and look back to the mirror. I've always been proud of my legs, as they're pretty long and lead up to a tan perfectly round little ass. Thinking that these older men will relish the idea of corrupting a petite college girl, I decide to go simple, and put on a pair of washed out skin tight jeans, and a white low cut tank-top with no bra. Beneath the tank-top, you can barely make out the small dumbbell piercing of my right nipple. I smile and put tussle my hair as I put a hairband around my wrist...

Can't suck cock properly with my hair flowing everywhere, I think to myself. Happy with my appearance, I walk downstairs, my tits bouncing with every step, my nipples lightly chaffing against my top, hard and ready.

Inside I can see that there are three chairs. I'm a little disappointed, but the sight of Sir causes me to straighten up as I walk towards the bed. I notice that none of the men are from the usual groupings. The men seem younger than usual, and hanging on the hangers aren't the usual suits and ties that I'm used to seeing, but rather regular street clothes. As I get closer, I see that the envelopes are on the tables of the two men nearest me (the third is too far away), and as I walk between them I notice something else that is different about the men. Sitting between the thighs of each man is a massive cock. Looking down quickly I can see that each of the two men have cocks that, flaccid, are longer than most of the dicks I've had inside me when they are hard. Sir has been working more and more into my tight little holes, and I can't help but wonder if it was in preparation for this. I bite my lip and contain my excitement as I stand next to the bed under the light for the men to see what, hopefully, they will be playing with tonight.

"Anyone want to help me with this," I ask as I start undoing my pants. Nobody moves. Too easy I think to myself. Sir must have made sure that they were well aware of the rules, and it looks like these men would enjoy the money as much as I would.

I pull down the zipper of my pants, and peel the blue denim down over my ass, exposing my cute little butt to the two men behind me. Once it gets to my thighs, I bounce a little as I push the jeans to the floor, my tits shaking while I do so. My legs free, I crawl across the bed until I reach the center, letting the men stare at my tits through the opening in my top. Having arrived, I lay on my back. Knees bent and legs spread apart. I start simple, and slowly run my hands up and down my body. I start low, lightly tracing my nails along the inside of my thighs as I bring my hands up my sides and lightly squeeze my breasts. I can see my rock hard nipples poking through my shirt begging to be pinched as my hand wanders back down towards my thong. I pass my hand between the smooth fabric, running my nails along the perfectly hairless mound down to my wet little slit.

My heart pounds as I think of the men beside me, cocks getting harder and breathing increasing. I can feel my pussy starting to overflow with my juices. I don't rub myself yet though. Sir has taught me better self-control than that, so instead I rub the soft mounds around my clit. I rock my hips as my other hand works its way under my shirt and find my pink little nipple and gives it a pinch. I let out a little moan as I take my hand out of my panties and dig my nails into my thigh hard enough to make marks. I gasp a little and arch my back. Looking to the side, I catch a glimpse of one of the shadows. I can barely make out the outline of his rock hard cock. It looks to be at least nine or ten inches long and roughly as thick as my wrist. I lick my lips thinking about him forcing it into me as I massage my breasts and slowly move my hand back to the front of my thong.

I press my fingers against the thin strip of white material covering my soaking wet pussy and feel the wet spot making its way through the fabric. I lightly move my finger up and down while I turn my head to the side to catch a glimpse of the man on the other side of me. The lighting is a bit better on this side, and I can see that he's already struggling. By the looks of him, he hasn't fucked anyone like me before. My fit little body would be a treat for him, and I can't imagine where he came up with the money. Maybe Sir provided it for them? His mouth is open and breathing heavily. Beneath his face sits his hard cock. From here I can see how massive his cock is. It has to be at least ten to eleven inches, but not quite as thick as the other man's. Perfect to suck on. A slick of pre-cum drips from the head of his engorged member and works its way down towards his balls.

"You look like you need a little help with this," I say as I roll to my knees and get off the bed, walking towards him knowing full well that the others can see my little ass shake while I work towards the man. When I'm closer, I drop to my knees, and crawl the rest of the way, looking up at him. His cock twitches as I edge my head closer to his dick. I want it inside me just as bad as he does, but I wait. I kiss and lick around the base of his rock hard cock, my hands resting on his thighs, as he groans and twitches. I can feel his dick resting against my face as I slowly run the tip of my tongue along the crease in his balls and lightly suck on them in a way that Sir loves. A bit of pre-cum ends up on my face, and I wipe it off with my finger and lick it off before sitting up, winking, and walking back to the bed leaving the man panting and obviously frustrated.

Back in the center of the bed, I raise myself on my knees, and slowly lift the top of my tank top, just exposing the soft flesh of the underside of my breasts, but still covering my nipples. I squeeze my soft tits between my upper arms while biting the thumb of one hand, and working my other back into my thong.

I'm wetter than I thought, I think to myself as I slip a finger past my silky wet lips. I arch my head back and moan while I slowly twist my finger in circles coating my finger in my sweet juices before slowly pulling it out and holding it in front of my face so that I (and they) can see. I wrap my mouth around my finger, tasting myself as I've done so many times before and I drop down onto the bed. Lying back now, I lift my ass off the bed, and hook the sides of my thong with my thumbs. Looking up past my tits, I follow the sight of my perfectly tight stomach and watch as the smooth mound of flesh that was hidden beneath the front of my thong presents itself between my hipbones as I pull my thong down just enough so that it leaves a small bridge of fabric. . As I pull my thong down just enough to see my curves, but my pussy still covered, I can feel a thin string of cum between me and my thong break, and as it snaps back. I start to feel my juices drip down my ass.

Lowering my ass back down onto the bed, I work my hand back under my shirt to massage my breasts while the other starts exploring my pussy. With just the tip of my finger I run it slowly along the smooth wet lips on either side of my tight little slit, just as Sir does. Little squeals escape me as my stomach rises and falls whenever I come close to my clit and for a second I forgot while I was here. Looking to the side, I catch a glimpse of the man from earlier. He's weak, and I know I can break him. I back up towards the edge of the bed, hanging my head over so that I can look him in the eyes.

"Feed me," I say, pinching my nipple and rolling it between my fingers, each tine sending waves of pleasure down my spine. He looks hesitant, so I bite my lip, and press against my clit so that I let out a deeper moan.

Almost immediately he gets up and walks over.

Five hundred dollars, I think to myself as he positions himself next to my head. I pull my hand out from under my shirt and wrap it around his girth. Thick and hard, I can feel how warm it is as I move my hand back and forth across his shaft while slowly licking it from below. He sighs and looks down at my tight little body writhing on the bed. With one hand he reaches down and pulls my top up, exposing one of my breasts, my hard pierced nipple peeking out for the first time, inviting a warm-mouth or calloused fingers. He reaches down, and pinches my nipple. Hard. I inhale sharply into his balls as he roughly begins kneading my tit. I can feel myself getting wetter, and know that I will need to cum soon. But I want a cock, not a finger...which means I need another man. Regardless, I slide to fingers into myself and move to the head of his dick.

It's huge, I think to myself as rub my thumb against the ridge of the underside of his throbbing cock looking at the pre-cum dripping down my hand. With that thought, I slowly twirl my tongue around the head of his dick and bring it into my mouth tasting his rich juices as I work more and more into my mouth and run my tongue against his massive dick. He lets out a loud grunt and grabs the my jaw and the side of my head. I can barely smile with his dick inside, but I know what's about to happen next. His hands feel massive as he pulls my head further onto him. I relax my throat and jaw and feel this massive flesh working its way down towards my stomach. With my head hanging over the edge, it goes down easy. He slowly starts pumping away at my throat. I reach behind him with one hand, and pull him in deep and feel my nose pressing against his balls before he pulls out, a long trail of spit following his dick and landing on my face.

"More. I want more," I tell him, catching my breath, and working my fingers deeper inside myself, slowly pressing against the soft ridges on the roof of my soaked little pussy. I open my mouth, and he slowly eases his cock back inside inch by inch until once again, he is up to his balls in my throat. The sight of my throat expanding and collapsing as this man pumping away at my mouth must have been too much for one of the men, because soon I felt another man's hands on me. He pulled my hand away from my pussy (perfect, a thousand dollars and another hand to work with), and licked my fingers clean before lying down and pulling my panties aside. His tongue licked up the cum that had been dripping down my ass as he worked his kissed around my clit. With slow circles he teased me, slowly parting my wet lips with his tongue and making me moan with a throat full of cock. He slid his thick fingers inside me, causing me to lift my back off the bed, putting extra pressure on the cock in my throat. I let out a deep moan as he sucked and licked my clit, picking up speed as he expertly fingered my wet slit.

"You like having cock inside your mouth, slut," The first man asked, taking his cock out of my throat long enough for me to catch my breath.

I looked up at him, mascara running down my face, "Yes. Yes I want more. Please give me more."

"Good girl," He said as he once again plunged his dick into my mouth as the other man lapped hungrily at my sopping wet pussy.

I grabbed his head and pulled it in tighter as he sped up. His tongue was amazing. Feeling his tongue flick my clit side to side before sucking it gently between his lips was too much. I could feel an orgasm building as he slowly started to massage my tight little asshole with one finger while his friends fucked my mouth. When he slid it deep inside my tiny little ass, a wave of pleasure came crashing down on me. I couldn't take it anymore, and wrapped my thighs around his head, pulling the other man into my mouth as deep as it would go, as I struggled for breath. My body convulsed on the massive cock in my throat causing him to let out a loud groan as he came. I could feel every bit of his dick swell and flex as he pumped his hot juices down my throat. My first reward of the night. I held him tighter as the man on my clit slowly removed his fingers from my pussy and pulled my thong down around my now limp legs. Drained, the man in my mouth fell back, pulling his softening cock from my worn throat. I gasped for air and was flipped around on all fours by the man with the magic mouth. I was able to see him for the first time, and the dick that he had waiting for me. I knew that on a normal day, it would be a challenge to fit inside me, but I was so wet and turned on, that I didn't care. I looked up at the man whose cock was coated in my spit and his cum.

I looked over to where I knew Sir was sitting. I had to show him I was taught well. Even if I didn't have to play by the usual rules, I wanted him to be proud of what he made me.

"Please let me clean it off," I begged, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

The man laughed "Goddamn, this slut wants more."

He slowly walked towards me as the man who so expertly licked my pussy set up behind me. I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my sopping wet cunt and I wanted it. I tried backing my pussy back onto his waiting dick, but his large hand on my ass held me back. I let out a sigh of frustration as once again I was presented with a cock. I licked it clean, kissing and caressing it. He took me by the chin, and raised my head so I could see him. It was at this moment that I felt the head of biggest cock I had ever had pop into my cunt. My eyes rolled back as my head was jerked up and a thumb put into my mouth. I sucked hungrily, waiting for the man behind me to fill me deeper, my pussy aching around the massive dick that was to fill me.

"Little whore...you don't even care about the money do you," he asked. It was true; at this point all I wanted to was to get fucked. Sir would be disappointed, but I couldn't take it. These men were so big; their cocks filled me so deeply that it was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

"Please...Fuck me. I want to be filled" I moaned. He grabbed my hair while I tool his juicy cock into my mouth and stroked it. The man behind me felt this was an invitation, and slowly yet firmly pushed his cock deep inside me spreading me apart. I squealed loudly, gripping my hand around the hard cock in front of me before he grabbed a mess of my hair and forced me back to work. The cock spreading my cunt sat there for a while. I could feel everything. Every movement of his dick inside me caused by my head bobbing up and down as I slurped on the cock in my mouth. Every time the man behind me readjusted. Fuck, I could even feel my pulse as my sore little pussy stretched around this massive dick. I felt it in every inch of my useless cunt. My tiny pussy ached from being spread so wide. It was so big, I had to spread my legs apart a little further, sinking lower to the bed but still keeping my ass proudly displayed like I had been taught. It begged to be fucked. He slapped my ass causing my muscles to grip his cock even tighter. Between breaths, when a cock wasn't being forced into my mouth, I begged him to fuck me. My cunt couldn't take it and I needed to be fucked.

He grabbed my hips with his rough hands which completely warped around my waist and slowly pushed me off his cock. I couldn't believe how empty this left me feeling. I was starting to panic by the thought of having to wait longer, but when he almost fell out, he slowly pulled me back on.

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