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The Game


My wife Lisa and I were sitting on the couch, talking. Nothing of any particular importance, just our usual random conversation. We were watching football, since it was Sunday, and this was our usual event for the day. We didn't have to work, and the kids were spending a week at my parents' home out of state. We were watching the Cowboys, as they are our favorite team, since both of us are from around there. I was watching the game, when out of the blue my wife looked up and said.

"Is there something else you want to do?" She asked, even though she knew that she would get her way, which wasn't necessarily bad.

"Why? Is there something you have in mind?" I replied despite knowing the answer, and knowing she would get her way.

"Well, I just thought that maybe we could do something, more adult. I was talking with my girlfriends and they told me about this great game we could play."

"Well what is this game?" I asked, knowing it would deal with kinky sex, as that is all my wife and her friends ever talk about, which means that I have the coolest wife ever. One thing you have to understand is that my wife and I have a very open relationship and have others participate in our lovemaking. Her girlfriends are all single, and have nice bodies. They are all pretty regular looking girls, none are especially pretty, and likewise none are ugly. They are all different body types.

"The game involves all 6 of us in one room, with the lights off."

"OK, sounds good."

"Now all of us girls will be dressed in outfits that give easy access, short skirts, or whatever. You will be wearing nothing, so that you will have very easy access. The lights are out so you don't know who it is you're thrusting those 9 inches into." When she said 9 inches, she grabbed my cock through my pants, and traced the outline with her finger.

"That sounds great and all, but I don't see how that is a game." I said, questioningly. I'm not sure why I questioned this, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Wait, it wasn't a good idea at the time at all, I was questioning a game, which allowed me to have sex with 5 different women, and my wife was completely cool with it.

"Well, the game part comes that after you find one of us, we then put on a strap-on, and try to find the girls who haven't been taken yet. The last girl gets anything that she wants for 30 minutes from the girl who gets caught first." She raised her eyebrows when she said anything for effect.

"How do we know who the last girl is if it's in the dark?" I asked.

"Well, there is a 30 minutes time limit, if after 30 minutes more than one girl has not been taken, then both will get what they want."

"Sounds like a good game to me, when are we going to play?"

"How about tonight?" She replied, having a look of complete excitement on her face.

"Fine with me."

"Great, let me call them, they'll be so excited." She yelled, while running out of the room. I just went back to watching the game, but had to find a way to sit comfortably with a raging hard-on.

Well, the time came along, although incredibly slowly, and all of her friends had shown up, they all had extremely short skirts on, and tight tops which hugged their fit bodies. Mary was the curvy one, Tina the tallest, Magen the skinniest, and Jenny, who was somewhat in between. My wife quickly took charge, as that is just the way she is with the group.

"Girls, we already know the rules, so now take off your panties, and be sure you have your weapon with you. Oh, and one more rule through, if someone grabs you, you have to stop, if the person has a cock, just submit yourself and take it. If both of you have cocks, just keep going, and if neither of you do, then keep moving. If you run into people doing it, then that counts as being caught. You will stand there and wait until they are done, and then you will be done by both people you interrupted. I guess everyone is ready, so lets' get started." She said, and al of us got up, we closed all the doors in the room, disconnected our phone, and took anything breakable into another room. The girls then stood in the middle of the bedroom, I walked over to the light switch, turned it off, and counted slowly to 10, as I was doing this I could hear giggling, and bodies running into each other.

Even after counting, I stood there a minute, letting my eyes attempt to adjust in the dark, when someone bumped into me. I reached my arms out and grabbed the body in front of me. There was a yelp of surprise from the girl I just grabbed, I had to fumble around to get us orientated as to where was what. I grabbed her and put her back to the wall, spread her legs around my hips and entered her already wet cunt. With my cock still raging from earlier, I knew I wouldn't last long. She wrapped her legs and arms around me, I didn't know who it was, but I did know that it wasn't my wife. She was moaning loudly, and I could fell the walls of her pussy contracting against my throbbing cock. Her entire body stiffeneed, and she came loudly, violently. I continued thrusting, driving my cock hard into her pussy until it throbbed and finally, exploded inside her, erupting with cum all over her inner self. I let her know she was the first that I caught.

"Damn," She replied, "It's fun to be submissive, but I still wanted to have a slave girl to do whatever I wanted her to do."

"Maybe next time, for right now, strap-on, and try to get some" I said. I slapped her ass playfully, hoping to encourage her for what she was going to do.

After recovering for a moment, I realized I still had no clue what was going on. I began walking around in the room, and found that I still couldn't see anything. Then there was a loud sound, it was moaning, which only added to the surreallness of the scene. I was walking in the room, being careful of not walking into any furniture. The moaning was louder, although I wasn't sure as to whether or not the volumewas increasing, and bumped into, and nearly tripped over, something. I managed to catch myself. I then realized that it wasn't something, but someone, and began frantically reaching out trying to make contact again. I reached, and grabbed hair, I began to walk toward it, still reaching out, and finally grabbing her by the arm.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I heard, and then followed like Lemming (wasn't that a great game on the Nintendo?) and fell onto the bed directly on top of her. Quickly taking advantage, I managed to grab her legs and spread them. I inserted my hardening cock and grabbed her wrists, putting them over he head and holding them over her head, holding them there, as I began thrusting faster and faster, making sure my cock was being driven into her pussy. The excitement of the chase was a real turn-on. She had her legs spread and she wrapped them tightly around me, pushing my hips down into her. Then I felt someone run into me, I grabbed backward and moved my hand down her stomach, and moved it down, rubbing her, and finding that she had not been taken yet, and rubbed her pussy. I pulled her onto the bed, and bent her over the side. I then went back to what I had been doing. The anticipation of knowing that I had another girl ready after I had finished this one, made me quicken my pace, as I wanted to have time to enjoy both of their pussies.

I thrust faster inside of her, then slowly came inside her, slowly, letting the cum lubricate her as I pushed in and out. I pulled out of her, and sat on the bed for a second, and began to rub the other girl's pussy, slowly fingering her. I then put my fingers in her asshole, lubricating her asshole for my impending entry. I then felt another hand rubbing the girl's pussy, I realized it was the girl whom I had just conquered. I felt both of their breasts, and realized that the girl who had run into me was my wife, and I was about to have a threesome with her and another girl. I laid back onto the bed, with my wife's asshole ready and waiting, and entered her, slowly, as I didn't want to hurt her, but my cock was not hard yet, so it slid in quite easily. The girl with the strap-on then entered my wife's dripping cunt, we had nearly gotten her to orgasm just from fingering her. I felt the end of her strap-on rubbing against walls of her pussy, and could feel her rhythm against my cock, which was growing rapidly inside my wife's asshole. We began pumping inside of her, filing her. This continued, as my cock began to throb, when the "bring, bring" of the alarm went off, and the lighters came on. We stopped, I'm not sure why precisely, but we did stop.

"Wow, no wonder you were so loud," one of my wife's friends said, seeing her position and the pleasure she was receiving from it. Both of her friends had their strap-ons in hand, obviously jacking off. "Also, she was the last girl to be caught, which means she is the winner, and gets me as her prize." The girl that I caught first said, happily. Both were very excited, and I could see the wheels turning in my wife's head, contemplating what she could have her slave do for 30 minutes. A smile came across her face, she winked at me, grabbed her friend's hand, and led her into the bathroom.

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