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The Game


He remembered when he first met his wife, he was in an upscale city restaurant. He had moved to the bar after dinner to have a drink when he saw her sitting alone at a table in the corner. She caught his eye and he smiled to her. He went over to her table and asked if he could join her. She smiled and asked him to have a seat. She was easy to talk to and they chatted for a while, he learned that she was new to the city, that she had moved there recently to start her new store. She sold lingerie in a boutique she owned and managed herself. They had started dating the next week and found they truly enjoyed each other's company.

Over the coming months they got to know each other better, but her past seemed a bit of a mystery. She had told him that her parents were both deceased, and she had no brothers and sisters. The rest of her family lived in other distant states and so did not see each other often. He visited her store and it always had customers in it. Conversations always seemed to stop as soon as he got close, once he swore he saw a man kneeling at her feet when he came in, but it appeared he had just been picking up something she had dropped on the floor. Also he thought this was simply because people were a bit nervous about buying these sexy outfits. A whole section of the store was even devoted to leather boots and costumes.

When they had been seeing each other about a year he got the offer of a big promotion and transfer to another city. He asked her to marry him and come with him. She had agreed and sold her business and they had moved to his new location. He was very successful in his new position and they were very happy together.

Then about a year ago, he had just turned 45, was successful, doing very well in his career. They no longer had to worry about the bills. His wife had kept her figure and still turned heads when they went out. She didn't have to work, was involved with a couple local fund raising groups, and enjoyed taking care of their home. They were a typical happy loving couple. They had a nice house in the country, it was on a piece of land big enough that the trees hid it from the road. He considered himself a lucky man. Then one night they were sitting on the couch watching a movie, in one scene the woman had her lover tied to the bed and was doing a slow grind on top of him. She was tormenting him, fucking him slowly so he was out of his mind with lust but couldn't get that final release. He noticed his wife's hand slide between her thighs and her breathing got deeper as they watched the scene. He could see her gripping her hand with her thighs as the man begged the woman on the screen to let him cum. Thinking back now, that was when it had first started.

Then one night the next weekend she asked if she could tie him to the bed. She said the scene from the movie had really turned her on. She wasn't sure why it excited her so much, but she wanted to try it out. He was so used to being in charge at work and having to make all the decisions every day that he thought it might be nice to give up control for a change. Let someone else make the decisions, to be able to just lay back and enjoy the sensations. He had assented and quickly found himself tied to the bedposts with four of his ties. That night she had teased him for an hour before letting him cum. He had to admit the orgasm he had was fantastic, better than any he had ever had, and that was when she knew she had him hooked. Little did he know that was just the beginning. The next weekend unknown to him the game was to continue.

Friday night she opened a bottle of wine after dinner and made sure his glass was never empty, it was a nice night at home watching the T.V. and without really noticing he became pretty drunk. So that when he finally went to sleep that night with his wife beside him he slept very deeply, of course the powder she had added to the wine made sure of that.

He awoke to a raging hard on and his wife slowly stroking his rock hard cock, but when he went to move he found out he couldn't. He was already tied to the bedposts.

Morning honey, I saw how much you enjoyed our little game last weekend I decided to give you a nice little surprise. I went online and got a few things to make it easier, and so that I can keep you restrained a little longer comfortably. The leather cuffs on your wrists and ankles are padded with sheepskin, and the locks that attach the cuffs to the chains running to the bedposts are all master keyed.

Raising his head and looking at her he noticed the key on a leather strip hung around her neck. He should have wondered where she got all this newfound knowledge from so quickly but he was already crazy with desire and his entire focus was on the wonderful feeling of her hand slowly stroking his cock. Which was exactly as she wanted it. She was moving a bit fast for a supposed novice, but her experience had taught her that as long as a man was concentrating on his hard dick, he was very easy to manipulate.

I thought that since you had such a great orgasm last week after me teasing you for just an hour this time we would go for two. Before he could even start to form an objection in his dazed lust starved mind she reversed her position so her dripping pussy was over his face in a 69 position.

She started that maddening slow stroking of his cock again. When he just lay there she dropped her pussy right down on his face sealing off his mouth and nose. He realized that tied to the bed as he was he couldn't breathe unless she lifted up off his face. He started to moan and struggle as he ran out of air.

She lifted up off his face and listened to him gasp for a second. Let that be a little lesson to you, if I am giving you pleasure the least you can do is give me some in return. Now unless you want me to punish you further you better get that tongue of yours busy.

With this one simple act she had established a link in his mind between being able to breath and sex and pleasure, overloading his senses with the smell of her pussy and the pleasure her hand was giving his cock.

She was pleased that he didn't utter a word of objection but simply started licking her pussy like a mad man. Over the next hour she continued to slow stroke him and keep him at the height of sexual arousal as he ate her through two fantastic orgasms. Thus establishing another rule in the game without him even knowing it, Mistress always cums first. Getting off his face and walking over to her chair to allow herself to recover a bit she was very pleased to hear him, without any urging from her, start begging her not to stop, to please let him cum. A nasty smile appeared on her face as she sat in the chair and lit her cigarette. She inhaled deeply and then blew a cloud of smoke toward the ceiling as she listened to his continued pleadings, which were music to her ears. They so reminded her of her other slaves, but he knew nothing of that, and if things worked out he never would.

Oh but sweetheart you know the longer you wait the better your orgasm will be. I want you to cum so hard for me. Besides you were such a good boy making me come so well I need a little break before we continue. She took another deep drag and then without another word she got up and waked out of the room. Leaving him with another cloud of her smoke and her scent to keep him company. His words of pleading were music to his sweet loving wife's ears as she closed the bedroom door behind her.

He was out of his mind with craving, here he was, a man used to making decisions every day that affected the operation of a huge company, in a calm rational way. And yet in just one hour his wife had him so filled with ravenous lust he had trouble forming complete sentences. He looked at the bonds that held him, tugging at them. Heavy padded leather cuffs were locked on his wrists, and then locked to sturdy chains, which were in turn locked to eyebolts screwed securely into the bedposts. And the key to his freedom was around his wife's neck. A feeling of complete and utter helplessness and submission flooded through him. He looked down at his cock, rock hard and dripping precum, and nearly screamed with frustration. His head fell back on the bed as he gave in to the fact that his wife was in complete control, but with that admission came the fact that he was also absolutely loving this.

Sometime later, he had no idea how long it had been, she had removed all the clocks from the room and his mind was a wreck, she came back into the room. She looked quite refreshed. His cock had started to droop somewhat but as soon as he laid eyes on her it became ridged again. Oh darling, seeing you all chained up and lusting for me is making me so wet. I'm so glad you let me play this little game with you. She climbed up between his legs and then grasping his cock she started to stroke him again. He gasped and every muscle tightened trying to rip the chains loose from the bedposts. He just had to cum! Just one more hour dear and then you can have the greatest orgasm. He started begging before he even realized the words were coming out of his mouth. Pleading with her to please let him cum. Oh darling, all that babbling and we are just getting started, you're going to drive me crazy if I have to listen to that for an hour. Before he knew what was happening she had gotten off the bed and reached underneath for something. As he continued to plead with her she suddenly shoved a rubber ball in his mouth and buckled a strap behind his head so to hold it firmly in place. There, that's much better. Now I can have my fun in peace. Then she sat back down in between his legs and resumed stroking his now engorged cock, which was just about constantly leaking precum at this point. She could see the small alarm clock on the table beside the bed, but from his position her husband didn't even know it was there. Reaching over to the bedside table she lit a cigarette and settled herself between his legs to begin his next hour of torture.

So started what was to become what he would think of as the longest hour of his life. She would stroke him for a while then use her mouth to suck him for a while keeping him on the edge and driving him further into his depths of submission to her. When she wasn't using her mouth on him she was talking to him, telling him how good this would feel when he was finally allowed to cum. How hot this was making her. She waited until she finished her smoke then taking her free hand she started fingering her own wet pussy, then showing him her soaking wet fingers. He could smell her and this drove him even more crazy, he tried to hump her hand but his bondage was so tight that he could hardly move at all.

Finally after he had lost all track of time and just lay there in his bondage moaning into his gag she finally said the words he had been waiting to hear. Well dear your second hour is up but I think before I let you cum you should thank me for all my hard work. First lighting up a new cigarette she then climbed up to the head of the bed, she removed the gag from his mouth and kneeled over his face. Without a seconds hesitation he started licking her dripping pussy for all he was worth. She loved this. She just leaned her arms on the headboard and continued to take drags off her cigarette as his tongue continued to do its job on her clit. Every once in a while she would let her pussy drop down onto his face cutting off his air until his frantic struggles told her that he was getting desperate for a breath. This continued until she had another shattering orgasm.

Then she slid off his face and pushed the ball back into his mouth and buckled it securely on again. Sitting on his stomach facing him she rose up and positioned herself so just the tip of his cock was inside her. Looking him right in the eye she said, beg for my pussy bitch. Without even thinking, he started begging, screaming into the gag, not even conscious that the ball in his mouth made his words totally unintelligible. Seeing her husband so desperate and filled with uncontrollable lust that at her command he was trying to scream words of pleading through a ball gag, simply because she commanded it, she decided he had earned his reward.

She dropped down on his cock letting it slam up into her pussy completely. She started riding him for all she was worth and in seconds he came. Every muscle in his body went taught, and he threw his head back and screamed into the gag as he came. To him it seemed to go on forever. His body stretched tight, the feeling as his cum poured out of his poor cock into her pussy. Finally he started to regain his senses. He felt her unbuckle the gag and pull it from his mouth. He heard her unlocking the cuffs and the chains. He just lay there recovering. By the time he came to she had stored all the toys in a box and slid it under the bed.

She was lying beside him propped up on an elbow smoking a cigarette when he finally regained his senses, looking at him with a gleam in her eye. Honey that was fantastic, I have never seen you cum so hard, and it made me so horny I just wanted more. He just lay there as she curled up next to him, once again just his loving wife who did the shopping and cooking and took such good care of him, wondering when they would do this again.

By the time they had rested and napped and finally crawled out of bed to shower it was after noon. He went to take a nice long hot shower and by the time he came out his wife was dressed and looking through the paper in the kitchen. Everything just slid back into it's normal routine and if not for the marks on his wrists where he had been pulling at the cuffs he might have thought he dreamed this mornings activities.

She got up and gave him a hug. Thank you honey that was so good, I had such a wonderful time and it was wonderful watching you when you came so hard at the end. I have to go out to the store for a few things. I will be back in a while, and with that she was out the door. The rest of the weekend was pretty normal, they took in dinner and a movie with friends and then it was Monday morning and back to the workaday world.

But things did change a bit that week, he noticed when they made love at night now, she expected him to lick her to orgasm first. She would sit back against the headboard propped up with pillows with him lying on his stomach between her legs, his face buried in her pussy. Then she would have him get on his back so she could ride him from above, controlling the speed of the sex and making him wait longer to get off. He looked under the bed one evening but the box with the toys was gone. The only evidence of this weekend's activities was the eyehooks still embedded in the bedposts. But even they had been painted the same color as the wood so they blended in unless you really looked for them. They had talked about what they had done last weekend and he had confided in her that he also found it exciting and that it would be all right with him if she wanted to continue to explore that type of scene, and even take it a bit further if she wanted to. She had hugged him and told him that she thought he was wonderful for indulging her.

Friday night finally rolled around but his wife had a fundraising event with her girlfriends so he spent a quiet evening at home and went to bed. He felt her crawl in under the covers and snuggle up next to him as he drifted back off to sleep. When he woke up she was already down stairs. She was in her long terry cloth robe sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, and reading the paper. As soon as he came in she looked up. Well you said you might want me to take the game a bit further if I wanted to, is that still so? I stopped dead; I felt my cock instantly start to harden. Yes was all I managed to say. Good then go back upstairs and strip naked. The box is under the bed; attach everything to the posts as it was last week. Then put on the blindfold you will find in the box and lay on the bed. I will be up in a few minutes.

I headed back to the bedroom and found the box under the bed. I went right to work attaching the chains and restraints to the bedposts. As soon as I finished I buckled on the leather blindfold and lay down in the middle of the bed. Some time later I heard her enter the room and smelled her perfume.

Before we get started I just wanted to be clear on a couple things. I want to let you know that I find this new game very exciting and I am so glad that you let me try this. It seems that you are enjoying it also but I want to be sure. I want this to be something we share together.

Well I wasn't sure at first, but I have come to enjoy giving up power to you and not having to make any decisions for a while. I have to admit the orgasms have been incredible and I do enjoy submitting to you.

That is so wonderful to hear dearest, I am really enjoying dominating you and it does make me so wet when I have you all tied up. I am so happy to have such a wonderful husband who also enjoys my kinky little games. All right then, lets get started, spread yourself out so I can secure you.

I quickly locked him in the cuffs and chained him out to the bedposts. In no time he was completely helpless and under my complete control. I had been doing some more shopping and reading on line during the week and couldn't wait to try out some more advanced training on my lovely husband. I went down the hall to a closet and pulled out a box with my new items in it and returned to the bedroom. I started in the usual way by sitting on the side of the bed and stroking his already hard cock until he was squirming and moaning in his bonds. Then I got one of my new toys and stuck it in his mouth and buckled it on behind his head. It was a dildo gag, a rubber ball went into his mouth like the one I used on him last week but this gag also had a nice 7 inch dildo which stood straight up off the front of his face. Once I had that strapped tightly on his head I decided to show him some of my other purchases. Standing beside the bed I took off his blindfold.

The first thing I saw as the blindfold came off was a large shiny black dildo sticking up from my face. Then I turned my head to look at my wife and I almost came right then and there. My cute little housewife was standing there with her hands on her hips. Her face was heavily made up giving her a very severe look. She had on a leather corset, elbow length leather gloves and hip high boots with stiletto heels. She climbed up on the bed and straddled my head. My wife towered above me, I was looking right up into her wet pussy, her boots were on either side of my head and the smell of the leather mixed with her sex was maddening. She grabbed the dildo gag and slid the first inch into her pussy.

Reaching over to the nightstand I lit a cigarette then grabbing onto the headboard I slowly slid down the dildo until I had the entire thing inside me. Looking down I felt an incredible chill shoot through my body. Here I was, a loving housewife, with my husband chained helplessly to our bed, impaled on a dildo strapped to his head, my body encased in fabulously tight leather, and I was in complete control. I had waited so patiently for this moment. Then feeling an incredible rush of power, and to enforce this point, I pushed my crotch down the last inch and my pubic mound covered his nose, suddenly sealing off his air supply. I took a deep drag and looked down at him.

What's the matter slave, don't you like my pussy, oh I see you are having trouble breathing. I could get up and let you have some air, but your struggles are making the dildo in my pussy wiggle around so nicely I really don't want to get up just yet. Your face is getting very red though, and you have been such a good bitch for me, letting me chain you up so nice and tight. I suppose you do deserve some reward. As I lifted up, slowly drawing the dildo out of my pussy, he started drawing in deep breaths. I was overwhelmed by the feelings of power that were coursing through me. God it had been so long. Looking behind me I saw that his cock was rock hard with pre cum already dripping from the tip. It seemed my husband was enjoying me taking the game to a new level as well. I was glad to see it because this felt wonderful! Taking another drag I looked down as I very slowly slid my pussy back down the length of the dildo, watching his face as he realized what was about to happen again, until I sealed off his air, then started grinding my pussy against his face. My juices were flowing like crazy and squishing noises started to mix with his plead full moaning as he ran out of air again. I watched his arms tighten as he started to panic and tried to pull the chains loose, but there was no chance of that happening, I had bought very,, strong,, chains. His struggles got more desperate and he was screaming behind the gag. I rose up letting him get some air; he must have been drowning in the scent of my pussy as he breathed in through his nose. I dropped back down quickly sealing him off again. He started screaming immediately as I only let him get a little air. I reached down with one hand and started playing with my clit.

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