The Game


Amanda moved from her sitting position on the floor to hands and knees, eyeing Nicholas on the other side of the room as she started to crawl across the floor in a delectable motion. Dark blue eyes held to his stretched-out form, succulent rocking motion to heart-shaped ass begging for his attention as she moved towards his feet, noticing his subtle glance towards her, a slight grin crossing his ebony face. Amanda's long blonde hair flowed like spun gold over her slender shoulders, an impish grin crossing berry-stained lips. She noticed the way his eyes glanced over her enticing form and then back to the football game on the screen in front of him, lean athletic form stretched out on the floor as he leaned back against the couch. She purred playfully like a sexy lap kitten as she reached him, slithering on to her belly and nibbling at the edge of his shorts for attention, laughing softly against his firm black skin, cocoa-hued eyes moving from the game once more to the delicious blonde-haired beauty toying with him.

Nicholas' eyes glanced back to the game, playfully thumping her on the nose as he tried to concentrate on the plays ahead, making notes on his pad as dark eyes tried not to watch her teeth tug on the hem of his shorts. "Stop it, Amanda!" he chuckled, "you know I have to write this review tonight." All he heard was the delicious sound of her laughter filling the air as her fingers slid up his inner thigh and into his shorts. He bit back a groan as her fingers slid over his sensitive balls, gritting his teeth as he tried to concentrate on the football play at hand but his mind was quickly going somewhere else as she tugged at his shorts, blue eyes lifting upwards in a silent plea to be used. "Damn girl, I should beat your ass."

"Promises, promises," she commented before her tongue swirled along his dark flesh as she moved between his legs, pulling the pad from his hands as her light colored hair spread in a golden fan over his long, muscled thighs.

Nicholas growled low, reaching into his pants and gripped the base of his shaft, freeing the dark monster from the restraining fabric, his voice husky as he commanded, "Come girl and feast." He saw mink-brown eyebrows lifts, looking from his face to the hardening flesh and then back up to his face in playful teasing, causing him to harden that much more. Again the soft lilt of her laughter filled the room as she inched closer until warm breath washed over his flesh, soft curls brushing tantalizingly against his thighs. She had the most beautiful blue eyes and he drank in her beauty as she gazed longingly at his hardening pole, noting the change in color and then back upwards to his ruggedly handsome face.

Nicholas growled to her feigned tentative nature and reached out with his right hand to grip her by those luscious soft locks, pulling her face closer to the tip. He was rewarded with a trembling moan as he guided his cock to her lips, feeling her expert tongue reach out to touch his swollen flesh, darting out for a taste. With an upward thrust Nicholas forced his engorged member to open those lush lips, shoving it inside of her warm mouth.

Amanda could feel his hand hard in her hair, nostrils flaring wide to inhale his manly scent as long eyelashes fluttered closed, that thick long black cock pushing deeper into the warm, moist cavern of her mouth. Berry-stained lips fit perfectly around his girth as she suckled him eagerly deeper. His growl of pleasure spurred her onward, welcoming his manhood as a strong hand on the top of her head guided her head down. Amanda's moan against his flesh sent a ripple of desire coursing through him, opening her throat to take him deeper as one hand splayed against his groin. The other one reached upwards to caress and fondle his swelling balls as her tongue flattened to the underside of his swollen cock, caressing against the thick vein that pulsed life into that thick pole of steel she loved so much.

Nicholas released her hair as her head began to bob slowly up and down, moving instead to move lush curls of wheat to the side so he could get a clear view of her lips stretched to accommodate him. He grinned to her as he leaned back against the couch once more, letting her do her thing, noting the way her lashes fluttered open to gaze up at him, those sexy blue eyes sparkling with an insatiable lust. Amanda couldn't help but shiver as his fingers left soft tresses to caress against her flushed cheek, feeling his burning gaze drink in the sight of her feasting on his delicious rigid pole, sucking like a hungry baby on a bottle, starved for nourishment. Eager to please, her mouth delved down in long strokes, teasing her tongue across the swollen head as he comes back up, the distinctive scent of her own arousal inhaled with the masculine scent of his flesh.

Nicholas could smell her, his nostrils flaring wide as he breathed in the scent of her sweet pussy, grinning as his eyes held hers. His hips began to pump upwards into her mouth as he groaned out, "That's it, Amanda ... fuck me with your mouth and show me who's little slut you are." That brought another delicious moan from those gorgeous lips wrapped around his throbbing fuck pole, willingly taking him deeper, opening her throat as if to swallow every inch that he was offering. She couldn't hold back the reflexive gag as he bottomed out, trembling lips pressed to his groin as silver tears spring to her stormy blue eyes, so filled is she with his girth. Her fingers continue to caress his swollen balls, urging them in soft strokes to empty onto the sweetness of her hungered tongue.

Nicholas growls his absolute pleasure, feeling her moan cause a vibration through his athletic body and spreads his legs wider to give her more access. Her fingers massaging and fondling his balls is starting to drive him wild with desire. Amanda's whimpers and shivers of delight are response enough as the rumble of his growl travels down his belly and into the softness of her wet mouth. He can see her shift, thighs of alabaster rubbing against one another, knowing the sweetest of hot honey is dampening those swollen lips as her mouth continues to move incessantly over his flesh, pouty lips formed perfectly around his girl as her tongue continues to caress and coax his erection. With a growl, he reaches down with a strong hand and grabs a handful of her hair again, pulling back as his cock slides out of her mouth. Her shocked blue eyes travel upwards quick, locking with his as he says in a low command, "Get on your back, slut."

Amanda's response is almost instantaneously, folding long dancer's legs beneath her to inch back seductively before his hungered gaze. She moves back in a slow enticing motion on the carpet before him, knowing she is fueling his fire with a languid stretch of creamy flesh as she settles back beneath the flow of the lamplight, curls as a golden halo around her form as she stretches before him like a sleek cat. Nicholas gives her a sly wink as he leans forward, kicking long legs out behind him to lie on his stomach and slide between her legs, pushing them apart with his hands to expose her sweet cunt for his viewing pleasure. Grinning, he leans closer to inspect it, blowing light over her pussy lips as he simultaneously inhales her scent. Agile fingers begin to roam the inside of both her creamy thighs before gripping the left one to place over his right shoulder, extending the tip of his tongue to flick at lower swollen lips near that sweet, tight fuck hole.

Amanda's moans filled the air, back arching reflexively as her flat belly tightened, feeling the warmth of his breath even before the touch of his hand. Long thick lashes fluttered closed as he positioned her leg over his shoulders, a soft whimper of need erupting from her throat, slender fingers searching and grasping into the long strands of the carpet beneath them as her head turned to the left, body tightening in anticipation of his touch. A soft cry is heard in both surprise and pleasure as his tongue extends and flattens, pressing to her swollen lips and dragging to the hood over clit. Amanda's back arches in desire as her thighs tighten over his strong shoulders, glancing down to see the top of his head kissed with short wiry strands. She can not help but shudder as his lips form an O, surrounding her tight throbbing pearl and sucks hard, his teeth grabbing the sensitive flesh and grinding down as she bucks against his mouth, his tongue and lips and teeth sweet torture on her throbbing bud.

Her body is like a raging fire consumed beneath his onslaught as he slides two fingers inside of her right hold to the first knuckles and then shoves them in hard, pumping in a steady rhythm before curling to tickle her sensitive insides. Nicholas grins against her weeping slit as Amanda's head begins to thrash, seeing her fingers grip tightly to the carpet as her hips continue to thrust against his fingers in lustful want, eagerly accepting what he would do to her body and then attacked her clit once more, grinding his teeth down to send pleasurable pain through the body he can't get enough of. Amanda's head flies up, darkened gaze boring into his handsome dark face buried between her sweet thighs as he releases her clit from his teeth and begins to tease it unmercifully inside of his mouth with the tip of that skilled tongue.

Shivering in delight, Amanda's mind gone blank, the only thing she knows is how his tongue feels twirling around her throbbing pearl before he starts to lightly hum against his lips, causing vibrations to rock her shuddering cunt. She cries out again in surprise as her slides his fingers out from her tight fuck hole only to replace them with three, his flesh coated with her wet sex and then shoves them back inside as he bites down on her clit. Her back arches in sudden delirium, the mixture of pleasure and pain sending her over the edge as that first release crashes around his invading fingers, unable to control her passionate responses.

Nicholas can't help but grin as Amanda thrashes about, knowing she is but a toy for his pleasure, releasing her clit only long enough to look up into her gorgeous eyes. Smiling to himself at her tortured look, he leans back down to suck her throbbing little pearl back into his mouth and rams his fingers harder inside of her. Amanda's shay fingers release the tightly gripped furs only to grasp futilely at his head, pulling it closer to her quivering flesh out of delirium. Her back arches uncontrollably as she begins to tremble beneath his relentless attack on her lustful flesh. Gasping for breath through the moans of pure delight, she can hear the sound of his voice breaking through the fog of her desires ... "Not yet, Amanda ... not without me."

Silky thighs quiver and tighten in an attempt to keep from coating his lips and hand with the sweetest of hot nectar, silver tears stinging her eyes as she is only able to react. She can hear Nicholas growl, sensing how close she is and pulls back, releasing her throbbing pearl from his mouth as his fingers slide out of her tight cunt. Reaching between his legs to grip the base of his fully erect cock, he slides closer to her, keeping her left leg on his right shoulder, the contrast of milky white skin against dark flesh erotic. Pushing her up, he guides his shaft to her cunt hole and inserts the head slightly before releasing the base and then with a grin of triumph and without warning, shoves it in hard with a powerful thrust, almost as if exploding inside of has her tight lips spread to accommodate his wide girth.

Amanda's eyes fly open as she feels him gather himself, moaning in anticipation of what's coming, crying out at the intensity of his onslaught on willing flesh, unable to stop the pleasure that shocks through her at his first forceful thrust. Her body shudders around him as he reaches beneath her tight ass to lift her slightly into the air as his docks drives into her, ramming home with purpose as he stares down into her beautiful face, watching as her nails rake down his arms, clinging even as she spirals out of control. Nicholas' pleasure is unmatched as he watches her pleasurable reaction to his taking of her sweet body.

Wide blue eyes remain locked to his chocolate ones, unable to tear away from his unwavering gaze. Amanda's body is but a molten puddle of desire beneath his driving rhythm as she pulls him closer still, his moans reaching her ears as he pounds into her sopping cunt. His growls are like music to her ears as she arches up, quivering lips hunger for his kiss, the muscles of her hot weeping cunt locked around his rigid pole like a vise, milking him with each lustful thrust. Almost sobbing in relief as Nicholas leans forward at her subtle pull to meet her lips with a searing kiss, his tongue splitting open her mouth as he seeks hers out in a passionate rape of her lips.

Amanda can't help but shudder beneath his delicious onslaught on her mouth, her own tongue dueling with his as she eagerly sucks his tongue deeper, yearning for him to consume her with his passions. Long nails dig into his flesh, marking him as his strong hand reaches up to remove her leg from his shoulder, guiding it behind him as her other leg follows suit, locking dainty ankles in the small of his back. A soft groan erupts as his hands then slide beneath her ass, lifting it into the air to grant him more access, plunging back into her harder only to bottom out as his hip bone pounds against her cunt.

Nicholas can feel her tongue against his, sucking on it, knowing she can taste her sweet nectar as he moans into her mouth. So fucking delicious ... he can't get enough! He can hear her gasp from breath as that delectable wanton body of hers shudders around him, feeling her locked ankles travel further up as his back, enticing him to fuck her harder. Grinning to himself, he watches as her head falls back, a low moan erupted from that slender exposed throat as she begs him with both her body and hoarse, needful whispers ... "Please don't stop ... oh god, don't stop!"

Amanda's hips meet his time and again in a wonderment of passion and precision timing, as if they were made to partner in this dance of elicit passion. Long nails score over his hardened flesh, the strength of his will and power executed over her soft yielding curves that fit so damned perfectly to his hard demanding ones. Her eyes open, drinking him in, unable to stop the moans and whimpers of delight as he continues to drive her closer and closer to nirvana. She cries out in anguish as he reaches behind him to unlock her ankles, pulling away from the kiss and swiftly slides his cock out of her spasming cunt only to grab her roughly by the hips and roll her over to lie on her stomach so quickly that she is almost dizzy. Another cry of surprise spills forth as he swiftly spreads her legs with his knees to take her from behind, driving his cock back into willing flesh. His right hand shoots up and grabs a handful of hair, snapping her head back as Amanda's fingers tighten into the carpet beneath them, her back arching deliciously as his balls slap against her throbbing clit.

Nicholas presses his full body weight on top of her and growls into her ear, "You like this shit, don't you?" He is rewarded by her powerful groan, feeling her body convulse out of control over his raging hard cock and he pulls back so that it is almost all the way out and then with a powerful thrust, rams it home again as his grasp simultaneously pulls her head back more. Her answer is unneeded as her cries of pleasure drive him insane, crying out her need to be taken only as he can. A deep growl is released once more as her sweet scent fills his nostrils, leaning down to bite down hard on her shoulder and then sucking her sweet flesh into his mouth, tongue going in circles as his hips pound into her, impaling her with his cock. He can feel it growing, his balls swelling ...

Amanda is sent over the edge at the feel of his hard hand buried in her tangle of curls, that hard fuck pole lodged deep within her hot burning flesh. She can't help but shudder and thrust back against him, crying out in wanton pleasure as he marks her with his teeth. She can't stop the trembling and shaking as her body is trapped beneath his pounding, feeling each thrust grow harder, knowing he is close. And then she is shuddering almost violently beneath him, pushing back in jerking motions, her sobs of relief as she cums unchecked beneath his tutelage. Her shaking hands and knees are held up only by his strength, shuddering as she wills him to empty a hot load into her waiting, willing flesh.

Nicholas' growl fills the air as he feels her release and then quickly pulls out of her knowing how close he is. Strong hand grip her hips an droll her back over onto her back, moving quickly up to straddle her at the shoulders, his throbbing cock offered to her sweet mouth. Even in the delirium of her release, Amanda's mouth opens eagerly for his thick black cock, his hips thrusting forward to push it into her hot wet mouth. Their eyes lock as she draws it in deep and fast as if swallowing him whole is as second nature as breathing. Her eyes never leave his as he growls, pumping his hips into her mouth, fucking her as her hand begins to stroke him fast and hard, matching the rhythm of her mouth. Her sweet moans around his cock send him over the edge, knowing she can taste her own cum as her tongue wraps around his girth, pulling him deeper in and then is rewarded by the surge of thick ropes of pearly nectar that erupt from his swollen balls, struggling to swallow every last drop. Nicholas' hands reach down, burying his fingers into her hair as he slams his cock into her mouth, feeding her with his thick seed. Shuddering violently, he rolls off her to collapse to the floor beside her, gasping for breath as she licks her lips and rolls over to her side to glance at him with an impish grin, blue eyes shining as her blonde hair falls in a wild array around her shoulders.

"Damn," is all he can say, looking over at her with a grin. A soft giggle brings a smile to his lips as she moves to hover over him like a warm blanket. His arms enfold her, pulling her close as their noses touch, rubbing gently as he moans, the scent of his cum warm on her lips. Smiling to her he says, "Well now, that was pretty damn good." Her gentle smile washes over him and then he feels her cheek pressed over his heart, soft curls caressed over his chest, pulling her closer as his eyes close ... the game forgotten.

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