The Game


First of all I would like to thank everyone for the emails and comments I have received since I began posting here. I do try and respond to all, however I have fallen a little behind but hope to catch up soon. As far as posting more pictures, I really don't plan on posting any others. I was reluctant to even post my picture but my friend Jenna convinced me to do so. Anyway I hope everyone enjoys the story of a little game we played.

It was a sunny fall afternoon and pretty mild temperature wise. I had gotten a call from Ed asking if I was up for some fun. I of course said yes and waited for him to tell me how to dress. He told me to put on the smallest thong bikini I had then to wear a short skirt and button down blouse. He told me to pack a small bag with three or four changes of clothes. He said to be sure and pack a very thin button down dress, a few easy to remove tops and short skirts. He also said to bring a set of old clothes. I finished packing, put on a short skirt that has buttons all the way down the side and a short button down blouse, completing the outfit with sandals with 4" heels.

As soon as Ed arrived we got settled in his car, he lowered the top and off we went. I wanted to know where we were going but he wouldn't tell me. So I sat back and waited to see how and where I would end up naked or nearly naked. Soon we were at a small shopping area and Ed parked as close as possible to the stores. Ed said he needed to drop a few things off at the one hour cleaners and then told me that I should bring his clothes in while he waited in the car.

He reached in the backseat and grabbed a bag and handed it to me. Just as I got out of the car Ed said that when I brought his clothes in I should also give them my blouse and skirt. This of course would leave me in my very tiny thong bikini.

I walked the short distance to the cleaners and was thankful to see that there was no one there but an older man behind the counter. I walked in, gave him the bag and told him that I wanted one hour cleaning but I wasn't sure what time I would be back. He said they were open until 6 pm and assured me that it was no problem. I told him I had a couple of more things and watched his eyes open wide as I began unbuttoning my blouse.

I took it off and placed it on the counter and then began unbuttoning my skirt from the hem up. Once I undid the last button and put the skirt with the blouse I saw the big grin on the man's face. I told him I would be back before 6 and headed out to the car. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked to the car.

While I was inside it seems Ed moved the car much further from the store but it was still easy to spot him, thank goodness. I got looks from the few people I encountered on my walk back to the car. After all you don't normally see a female wearing a tiny thong bikini in the fall at a shopping area. Once in the car Ed put the heat on enough to keep me warm.

I thought Ed would have me put on another outfit but he said what I was wearing was just fine for now. We had been driving for a short time when we pulled into a small convenience store parking lot. I was told that I needed to go in and get us something to drink but before I went inside Ed said he wanted to play a little game.

He had me open the glove box and take out a deck of cards. He said that I could shuffle them if I liked before we started the game. I did my best to shuffle them and then waited to see what was next. Ed said we would each draw a card, if I won I would go inside dressed as I was and get the drinks. If I lost I would have to take off my top before going in. I drew first and got a 9 which wasn't that bad. Then Ed drew and got a jack which meant my top had to come off.

I removed my top and started to get out of the car when Ed asked if I wanted another chance. Being the gambler that I am ( I love Vegas) I agreed. He said if I won I could put my top back on but if I lost I had to go in with just my thong bottoms on, walk back to the cooler get the drinks then remove my bottoms before going to the counter.

I selected my card and this time got a three, so I knew I would lose. Sure enough Ed drew a seven and told me to get going. As I got near the entrance I saw that it was a younger guy working the counter. He looked stunned as I walked in and asked where to find the drinks. He stammered and pointed towards the back, I walked past him and could feel his eyes on me. I got to the back of the store and removed my bottoms, got the drinks and headed back towards the counter.

The look on his face was priceless when he saw my now totally shaved mound. It was then that I realized I had no money on me to pay for the drinks. I started to tell him I left the money outside but he didn't care about money at this point. He just stared at my mound and said don't worry about it. I thanked him and headed back out to the car. I noticed a car pulling in so I hurried out and into Ed's car.

Well now I was out in Ed's convertible with the top down and still holding my thong in my hand. I went to put it on but Ed said to just stay naked for now. We drove for awhile and I know that some drivers in the higher mini vans and Suv's got a good look at me. My stomach told me it was time for food and I asked Ed if we could get something to eat. He smiled and said that of course we could .

I hoped only half heartedly that I would be able to cover up some before stopping somewhere to eat. I have of course been in a few bar/ restaurant places naked and I know I would most likely do it again. The thrill far surpasses the initial fear of being naked in a public place.

Ed told me to go ahead and put on the dress that I had brought with me. I got the dress from my bag and put it on. It is made of a very thin material and has buttons all the way down the front. The very top button is just above my breasts so it shows a little cleavage if buttoned all the way and the hem is a few inches above my knees.

I left the very top button and the bottom three buttons open. Soon we pulled into a small parking lot of a small bar. As we walked up to the door I noticed my nipples were very noticeable through the thin material of my dress. As we walked in I saw that there was a fair amount of people at the bar and a few occupied tables past the bar area. We walked past the bar and found an empty table . Ed had me sit on the side facing the bar and he sat to my right.

The waitress, a young 20 something girl came and took our drink order while we made decisions on the food. We got our drinks and ordered our food. Soon after Ed pulled the deck of cards out and said we were going to resume our game from earlier. We were once again each going to draw a card and I would have to undo another button.

If I won I did not have to undo a button, but I also couldn't button one that had been opened. The game was to see if I could remain dressed during the time it would take to get our food, eat, pay and leave the bar. I lost the first two draws and chose to undo the two lowest buttons on my dress. This left my dress open to the middle of my thigh. I finally won a few hands but then I began losing once again.

Just before the food arrived I had undone a couple of more buttons and now there were only two buttons left buttoned below my waist. My dress was open enough on one leg to show a good part of my upper thigh. I guess Ed saw the food coming because he told me to push my seat back some from the table which would give the waitress a good view of my bared thigh.

She brought the food, gave a shy smile and went to get us another round of drinks. Once again we drew cards and I lost, this time choosing to undo a top button which caused more cleavage to pop into view. I am not sure if the waitress noticed when she returned with our drinks, she gave me another shy smile just before she turned to walk away. The game slowed a bit as we ate, but before long I had to undo some more buttons.

At this point the dress was barely covering my nipples and the lowest button still closed on my dress was the one at my waist. If I back away from the table now the waitress would certainly see I was not wearing anything under the dress. Soon the waitress was back and saw that I was falling out of my dress. As she went to get the check I lost another draw and now my tits were totally out in the open and I could see people at the bar pointing me out to those next to them.

The button at my waist was the only one holding my dress closed. I told Ed I needed to go to the ladies room and he said that I could go after one more draw of the cards. If I won I could button any two buttons I chose, but if I lost I had to undo the last button and would have to walk to and from the ladies room with my dress totally open. I was not allowed to hold the dress at all on my trip there and back.

I have to admit I was hoping in a way that I would lose the draw. I knew that I had the attention of many of the people around us. I lost the last draw and undid the last button holding onto the sides of the dress as I took a breath and then released the fabric and felt the dress fall away to the sides completely exposing me to everyone sitting at the bar. I got up and as I walked to the ladies room the dress flowed behind me leaving me totally exposed to everyone I passed.

I was feeling so exhilarated by the time I got to the ladies room that I started thinking about surprising Ed for a change. If I hadn't been so turned on I wouldn't have done it. I gave it a little more thought while stalling in hopes that Ed would have the check paid by the time I retuned to the table. Just before I went to go back to the table I took the dress off, folded it over my arm, took another deep breath and started to walk back to the table.

I saw the big grin on Ed's face as he saw me walking toward him. It seemed like everyone including the waitress was enjoying the sight of me walking naked through the bar. As I reached the table Ed got up and we walked a little faster than normal past the bar and out the door.

The cool air on my body made my nipples pop out even more then they already were. When we reached the car I went to put the dress on but Ed took it from me. He opened the trunk and put the dress in it. I couldn't wait to see where we were going next.

I was not sure where we were heading next or what was going to happen. I was just enjoying the feeling of once again being naked in Ed's convertible driving down the road. I noticed that it was getting to be near 6 pm and that we were supposed to go pick up what we had left at the cleaners.

I wondered what Ed would have me wear inside to pick up the clothes. My bikini was in the trunk with my sundress.. The only clothes I had left were the top and skirt which I brought with me which I knew at some point would either be destroyed to throw away. I also had the skirt and blouse I had left at the cleaners.

Soon we were back at the strip mall where the cleaners was located. There were a few cars scattered around the parking lot, most of which were at the opposite end of the row of stores from the cleaners. When we pulled in Ed went down and parked about as far away from the cleaners as possible but he made sure we there were only a few cars between us and the cleaners.

I assumed that I would be putting on the last outfit I had in the car but I was wrong. Ed told me that I had to walk from where we were parked to the cleaners just as I was, which of course was totally naked. He said that when the man behind the counter got our clothes that I could put on the skirt and blouse but that I could not button the blouse and could only button the top button of the skirt to keep it on my hips.

I half heartedly tried to get him to allow me to put on the skirt that was in the car and let me just go in topless but of course I was told that the situation could be made worse for me if I stalled too long. So I made sure there was no one in sight and off I went moving as fast as I could across the parking lot trying to use the few empty cars parked along the way as a safe area.

I had just passed one empty car when I saw a car coming in my direction but still a good distance away. I hurried to the next empty car and stayed hidden by it as the other car came very close and then parked only a few spaces away from me. The person got out of the car and walked up and into the cleaners. Now I had to wait for them to return and leave before I could go inside and get the clothes.

It was getting a little cooler out and I started getting goose bumps all over my body and my nipples were once again very erect and hard. I also realized that it was just short of 6 pm and I knew I had to get inside very soon or pay whatever the consequences would be for not getting the clothes from the cleaners.

Finally the person was out of the cleaners and back in their car. It took them a minute or so to finally start moving , then I made my move and headed toward the cleaners. When I got there I found a locked door. It had taken me so long to get there that 6 pm must have come and gone. Now all I could do was make a dash back to Ed's car and put on the clothes I had brought which would probably end up missing or destroyed. I only had to avoid a couple of cars on my way back to the car.

Ed as usual was parked in the same area but had moved father away and closer to the busy road that the stores were on. I know that I was certainly seen by more than a few cars as I made my way back to Ed by the honking horns I heard. I could see the smirk on Ed's face and I knew that he was very pleased with the delays that caused me to miss the chance to get my clothes from the cleaners.

I didn't know what was next but I knew that I would be wearing the clothes that I was willing to see destroyed. I wanted to get dressed but Ed turned the heat up a little for me so I sat back wondering what was to follow.

We had been driving for awhile and even with the heat on I was beginning to feel chilled. I asked Ed if we could stop and put the top up but he said that I could go ahead and put on the last outfit I had in the car. It was a mini skirt that was a bit too small and just barely covered my crotch. The top was also a little small and ended a little below my breasts.

I got dressed and felt a little warmer. Soon we were near an adult movie theatre that never seemed to do much business but somehow it still remained open. There were a few stores scattered around also which included a pizza place and a few other shops.

We found a parking spot about a block from the theatre and soon we were making our way down the sidewalk. We passed the pizza place and saw that there was one guy sitting at a table facing the window. He seemed to be surprised to see me walk by wearing a very small skirt and top in the rather cool evening air. I also had on a pair of cheap sandals.

I saw that there were two men behind the counter but they were not facing the window when we passed. We entered the lobby of the theatre and as Ed paid for us I could see I was getting the attention of the guy taking the money as well as the guy near the entrance to the theatre itself.

There were maybe 20 people which looked to be all men inside seated here and there. We chose some seats in the center section about midway between the screen and the door we entered through. I sat down and Ed sat to my left . There was one guy in the same row as us sitting to my right but across the aisle which was quite a few seats away. As we watched the movie I could see the guy to my right stealing glances every chance he got.

I guess you don't see many females in a theatre like this. Ed also of course was aware that the guy was there and soon he thought it was time to have some fun. He told me to unbutton my blouse and then just leave it alone. As soon as the buttons were undone it fell away to the sides totally exposing my tits to anyone that looked my way.

I saw the guy glance my way and then his head snapped back to the left when he realized my tits were out in the open. A short time later Ed had me remove my blouse completely and he put it on the seat next to him. Now the guy couldn't care less about the movie he spent all of his time trying to see me as best he could in the dim light.

The movie was about half over when Ed said for me to take off my skirt and hand it to him. I could see the guy straining to see me as he saw that I was taking my skirt off. Now I was left in nothing but my sandals. Ed leaned over and told me he was going to the restroom and would be back quickly. I was a bit apprehensive about this because he had once left me naked in a theatre and went out to the car.

He assured me that he would not leave me in that situation and off he went. I was nervous with the guy looking at me sitting alone and naked, so I thought I would cover up a bit until Ed got back. I reached over to the seat where Ed had left my clothes and they were gone. Now panic started to set in along with the exciting thought of me being naked again with nothing to put on.

It was just a minute or so later that Ed was back and sitting next to me. I told him how I was both scared and excited when I thought he had left me and he smiled. After I calmed down I started thinking about my clothes and asked him where they were. He said that there had been a little mishap in the bathroom and my clothes were gone. This now meant that I was going to have to walk out of here naked and then walk the block past the pizza place to the car.

I told Ed I wasn't sure about walking back to the car in just my sandals and he said I wouldn't have to. I told him that I was not going to fall for him going to get the car and coming back for me. Been there done that before. We didn't wait for the movie to end we got up and began our walk up the aisle and out to the lobby. I heard some guy say very loudly " Shit she's naked" and then all of the attention was on me.

Out in the lobby I got approving looks from the guys as we walked past them. We were told to come back again soon. Just before we were going to get outside I mentioned to Ed that he said I would not have to walk to the car in just my sandals and he said that this was true. He told me to take them off and leave them there.

Now I was going to walk a block in pretty chilly air with nothing on at all. We got out side and the chilly night air hit me. My nipples popped out and I got goose bumps all over me. The sidewalk was pretty much deserted and so it would not be that bad if we hurried to the car. As we got to the pizza place Ed grabbed my arm and guided me inside.

Needless to say I got quite a reaction from the guys working there as well as a younger guy and girl sitting at a table. I was so turned on once I saw that my lack of clothes was not going to cause a problem. We each had a slice of Pizza and a drink all the while I was being watched by the young couple.

I finally decided to break the ice and said hello to them as they looked at me. They both quickly looked away and then the girl finally said hello. We had a little conversation about my lack of clothes. She asked if I got cold and I said of course but that it just adds to the thrill of it for me. Soon they got up and left and we did the same shortly after. I got cold again soon after going outside but before long we made it to the car.

Ed took his time letting me in but he did have the heat on high which was good because he had once again put the top down. We decided to call it a night and went back to my house. Ed parked a little down the block from my house so that I would have to walk naked down my street.I am not sure if any of my neighbors saw me or not.

Once inside Ed asked if I had enjoyed this latest adventure. I didn't say a word,I just walked over to him, reached down and undid his pants, got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. Once he finished he said he should get going and would see me again soon.

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