The Game


"Yes... I know that sounds brazen... but there was only one reason for me being there and... well, I guess I wanted him to know that I was... well, okay with it, y'know?"

Jeanie fell quiet for a few seconds, and I guessed she was reliving the events in her mind and probably waiting to see how I'd react. When I didn't say anything, she went on:

"I took hold of his hands and we kissed... very softly. It was weird, really, because it wasn't anything like as frantic as the ones in the shop doorway, but it sent such a shiver through me that my knees almost gave way. I guess it may have had something to do with where we were...? Anyway... we kissed again... and again... and... I'm trying to remember, but some of it's a bit of a blur...

"I think I started to undo his shirt buttons... but he finished that and slipped it off. I remember that because, when I kissed him on the chest, the hairs tickled my nose. To be honest, Love, I wasn't really thinking about anything by then. I mean, I was very nervous and very aroused by that time... obviously; but there weren't any clear thoughts. I know when he unhooked my bra and slipped it off, it felt really exciting to press my tits against his hairy chest. That really gave me goose bumps! But it all gets a bit confused just after that.

"I remember kisses... lots of very nice kisses... and I remember that he took a lot of time over fondling my tits and teasing my nipples... oh, and he kissed them... and sucked on them very nicely, too! I think... yes... we were on the bed by then... although I can't actually remember how or when that happened... and I can't even remember him removing my pants! I mean, I know he must have done that, because I'd remember if I had... but I can't... Anyway, the next thing I definitely remember is that he got his wish to get his face between my legs!

"Jeez! He was good at that... I mean... really good! He took his time... and he kept taking me up to the very edge of a climax... and then he'd slow right down again! It was gorgeous... but it was agony as well! After a while... it's no use asking me how long because my mind wasn't functioning at all by then... I was almost ready to beg for release.

"I guess he must have got rid of the rest of his clothes at some point... probably while his tongue was working on me, because I don't recall him doing it but, just when I was ready to scream that I couldn't take any more teasing... he suddenly moved up and, almost immediately, I felt... I felt his... his cock... sliding into me!

"I was so far gone that I didn't even think about it... I just wrapped my arms and legs around him as he began to fuck me. He was trying to be gentle... but that wasn't what I wanted right then. I just wanted him to fuck me! I know I started to urge him on... calling his name and saying 'Yes! Yes!' over and over until... until it turned into a long, drawn-out moan as I felt myself cum!

"I mean, that's how worked up I was... it probably took no more than a minute or so for him to make me cum. Can you believe that?

"Later on, when I got to see it properly, I realised his cock was only a little bit longer than yours... not enough to make any real difference... but it was the excitement... the sheer wickedness of it... that probably made it feel absolutely huge that first time and... sorry... I'm rambling again.

"Where was I? Oh, yes... my orgasm. It seemed to last for ages... probably because he kept fucking me, harder and harder and faster and faster until he suddenly gave a loud groan and stopped with it right up inside me. I heard him breathe my name and then his cock seemed to swell even more... and it started to throb and twitch inside me and... that was when... when I realised that he'd reached his own climax!"

Seeing the look of shock on my face, she gave a faint smile and said: "I'm sorry, Love! I just wasn't capable of thinking at the time. I mean... you always take care of that and...well... yes... Greg came inside me! It didn't really dawn on me at first... I didn't think about it. We just stayed as we were... you know... kissing and cuddling and gradually coming down from it all. It was only when he finally withdrew that I could... you know... feel some of it leaking out and..."

"It's okay, Jeanie... it doesn't matter," I told her, "We can sort it out... tomorrow."

She leaned over and kissed me lightly on the cheek, knowing that it really did matter. We'd always used condoms. So it meant that, as things stood, Greg was now the only man who'd ever shot his load inside my beautiful wife. She asked if I wanted her to go on, then asked again to be sure, before continuing.

"Okay... well... we stayed like that for a while. We just talked about nothing very much... telling each other how good it had been and swapping compliments, you know? Then, after a few minutes, I suddenly felt his cock stiffening against my leg. It really surprised me... I mean... so soon! So I put my hand down to it... just to be sure... and he was rock-hard again! I mean, he moaned with pleasure when I touched it... and I wasn't sure what to do for the best so... so I... I went down on him.

"I mean, I didn't go very far with it. That's when I found out he was just a little bit bigger than you, because... well, anyway... I didn't want him to cum in my mouth, so... when he started squirming a bit, I stopped sucking his cock and then he sort of... pulled me on top of him.

"God! That makes me sound like such a slut, doesn't it? And it's even worse, because I wasn't exactly unwilling. I've no excuse. I can't say why I did it... I just felt so wicked... and so incredibly horny! I knelt astride him, guided his cock carefully into me, and tried to really take my time.

"I was just grinding gently on him and feeling his cock rub against my insides. And all the time, he was playing with my tits... I have to say he's really very good at that... until... almost without expecting it... I had another orgasm.... another really shattering one!

"I was just stunned! And as soon as that happened he pulled me down, raised his knees, grabbed hold of my buttocks and started to fuck me fiercely. I felt completely helpless... but I loved that feeling... it was fantastic! I'm not sure, but I think I probably had another orgasm before he rammed it in as far as he could and shot another load into me.

"At that moment, I didn't care. I think he could have done anything he wanted and I wouldn't have been able to refuse.

"When my head eventually cleared and I went to climb off him, he held me where I was. I think I muttered something about needing to clean up because I wasn't protected, because as soon as I'd said it, I felt his cock start to stiffen up again... even before it had softened enough to slip out of me!

"Still... even though I wasn't even sure that I could manage any more... I straightened up and then I squatted over him and... well... his little bit of extra length didn't half make a difference in that position! It filled me so much that I could barely move at all... but I think it really turned him on because he could actually see his cock going in and out of me.

"He made me cum again. I couldn't believe it... but he did! I was drained. I just couldn't move. And that's when Greg took it out... keeping me on all fours while he changed position and started to fuck me from behind... doggy style!

"And that was when," she said hesitantly, her voice little more than a whisper, "...was when... when I... I think I really... betrayed you."

I just waited and listened as she took several deep breaths, before continuing in a soft tone:

""As he was banging me like that... quite forcefully... he suddenly said, 'I want to put a baby in you, Jeanie!'

"I've no idea why, but the thought just seemed to tip me completely over the edge. It was as if I didn't have any control at all anymore! I just responded by matching and meeting his thrusts and, when he grabbed my hips and started to pound me even harder, I began to have the longest and fiercest orgasm I've ever known... it just went on and on. And I was begging him... really begging him... to 'fuck me,' and pleading with him to cum inside me. And I was telling him to... to... put a baby in me... telling him that I wanted his baby!"

She was silent again for a few seconds and then, with a slight catch in her voice, she went on:

"And that's what I wanted... at that moment... you know? I don't understand it... but I really, really wanted Greg to make me pregnant. It's so confusing but... at the time... it just seemed so... so right, somehow.

"And it had an effect on him, too. He practically roared when he started to cum! And even though it was the third time, there seemed to be more than ever of it spurting into me!

"His cock seemed to be incredibly far up inside me... and I remember thinking of all that liquid seed being released into my body... searching for my egg to fertilise and... and create a baby inside me. And I know I was yelling... God knows whether the people in the rooms on either could hear, or what they thought if they did... I was yelling, 'Yes, Greg! Yes! Yes! Fill me! Fill me!' until he'd fired every last drop into me.

When he eventually withdrew, I lay on my back for a while and we were both gasping, and panting for breath... and swapping kisses and exchanging stupid grins."

She fell silent at last, and I had no idea what to say. After a while she stood up to remove her blouse and, despite everything, I felt a real thrill in knowing that I was the second man to see her do that tonight... and the second to watch her reveal her small, firm breasts when she removed her bra.

I don't think I was even too shocked when she unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor to see that she had nothing on underneath.

"I couldn't be bothered looking for them," she explained, but her smile seemed forced and her eyes were sad.

"He fucked me again," she said. "It was after I'd dressed. We were having a final goodnight kiss that turned into a lot more. He fucked me... standing up... against the wall. I enjoyed that, too."

I could see the glistening wetness around her crotch and thighs as she slid, naked, into bed beside me. She saw my desperately straining erection and gave a slightly bleak smile. "So... even with what happened... it's really turned you on?"

"Yes," I admitted, and then added, "I really do love you, y'know, Jeanie?"

"I know," she smiled, "but I'm sorry, Love... I'm just too tender down there to let you fuck me at the moment." Then she dipped her head and took at least half of my cock into her mouth. She stroked and sucked me very gently... but I lasted no more than a minute or two before I began to pump my cum onto her tongue.

Normally, she's not keen on that and, on the few occasions she'd allowed me to do it in the past, she'd always spat it out fairly quickly. This time, though, she swallowed every drop with only the tiniest hint of a shudder, and then lovingly licked it clean before cuddling up and switching the lamp off.

"I've learnt an awful lot about myself tonight, Love," she murmured, "and not all of its very nice. We'll need to do a lot of talking over the next few days..."

"Whatever you..." I began, but she gently shushed me.

"Not now, Love. We're both tired." And then, just before she drifted off to sleep, I heard her whisper, "This Jeanie's out of the bottle now... and I don't know if we'll ever be able to put her back."

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