The Game Ch. 02

bySara and Ron©

The song ended and my trans was broken as the woman stood up and walked off stage picking clothing but not bothering to put them on. She walked nude through the club and disappeared behind a door in the back of the building.

I looked at Michelle and said the only word I could think of, "Wow."

She smiled back, "Wow indeed. That was fucking hot."

"Hell yeah," Rick concurred.

Ten minutes and a drink later, the woman who we had all just watched masturbate on stage reappeared wearing a new outfit that was just as revealing. She slowly made her way to our table and asked me if I wanted a private dance.

Michelle registered the confusion on my face and whispered in my ear, "Say yes and she will take you to a back room and dance just for you."

I, of course, knew about this, but didn't think anyone would dance for me since I was a woman. Now I felt a great deal of emotions. Did I want her to dance for me? Did she like girls? Did I?

Michelle decided for me by taking me by the hand and telling the stripper, "Yes, my friend is shy so we will pay double if you do us both together."

The stripper smiled and nodded as if this happened all the time and led the way behind a velvet curtain on the other side of the club.

Behind the curtain was another surprise. There were several couches slid into semi-private booths that were open only to one side. In the first two were men sitting reclined while women danced on top of them. On the first couch the stripper was straddling her client while he sucked on her tits. She was completely naked and grinding against his cock as if she were fucking him. He, on the other hand, was completely dressed, but the outline of his hard cock was clearly visible through his pants.

Our stripper, who introduced herself as Crystal, led us to the last booth in the place that was set up as a double sized couch. Michelle and I sat down next to each other, our hips touching as Crystal stood over us. She began to dance and sway and within seconds was completely nude. I was again mesmerized by her. Her tits were firm and soft. Her body was athletic and her pussy was only a few feet from me. I could smell her perfume and it was intoxicating. Michelle held my hand as Crystal moved closer to us.

She first put her left leg on the edge of the couch giving me an up close look at her pussy. She leaned forward rubbing her tits across my face and making purring sounds in my ear. Her hands were on my shoulders and I felt them move down across my own tits and she deftly tweaked my nipples making them rock hard. I was lost in the feeling. My pussy was soaking and Michelle was watching me intently.

She continued to rub her tits all over my body. I was squeezing Michelle's hand for all I was worth. My pussy was of fire. Slowly she reached down and slid her hand slowly up my skirt, gauging my reaction. Her fingertips grazed my pussy lips through soaked panties. I was squirming against her, both wanting more and shocked at my excitement.

Then she was gone and on to Michelle. I watched her as she continued to dry fuck my best friend, missing the feel of her fingers on my clit. Michelle was not as shy as I was and I watched in shock as she licked crystals nipples. Crystal had her hand under Michelle's skirt and Michelle was moaning.

Suddenly her eyes rolled back and she squeezed my hand tightly and said, "God Yeah." I knew she was cumming and I was stunned. I felt so hot and dirty. I loved it and was afraid at my feelings at the same time. And then it was over.

The song ended and Crystal thanked us for a dance and kissed us both on the cheek. Michelle handed her fifty dollars and she was gone. I was still in shock. Michelle took my hand and led me out of the back room and back to our table. Rick was sitting at the stage feeding a nude woman dollar bills.

I did not know how to feel. I had almost had an orgasm with another woman and my best friend. I did not even know Crystal's last name. Who was I? Did this really just happen?

Michelle leaned into me and whispered in my ear, "Are you ok hun?"

"I'm not sure," I honestly replied.

"Well just go with this baby. I promise you will regret it for the rest of your life if you don't," she said to me.

Instinctively I knew she was right. I smiled at her and on impulse leaned in and kissed her on the lips (another first for me). She kissed me back deeply. Something inside me changed with that kiss and it made me hornier than I have ever been. I let go of all of my inhibition and felt comfortable for the first time tonight. I giggled to myself and ordered another vodka tonic.

Michelle then announced she needed to go to the bathroom. I sat alone for a few minutes drinking my vodka watching the men ogling the strippers and a few ogling me. I flirted appropriately and declined two private dances. I needed a minute to myself.

Michelle came out of the bathroom and on the way back to our table she stopped by the DJ deck. The DJ was a large black man and he had to lean over the edge of the booth to hear her. He nodded after a few minutes and then Michelle left.

As Michelle sat down I leaned into her and asked, "What are you up to?"

She just smiled and said to fasten my seat belt. I sighed at her ambiguity and ordered another drink. Two minutes later the DJ announced that they had a very special treat for the guys. Two amateurs had volunteered to strip with one of the house dancers for an amazing three way strip show on one stage. I noticed that the stages had emptied except the one in the center of the room where Crystal was standing in her g-string clapping.

The DJ continued, "And now straight from the Windy City, the goddesses from table three, Aphrodite and Athena."

Suddenly the spotlight was blazing in my eyes and I could see nothing but white light. I was stunned. I felt Michelle grab my hand and drag me toward the stage. "No fucking way." was all I could think. Did Michelle really get me into this. Fuck.

My feet found the two stairs leading up the stage, and I was vaguely aware of men clapping wildly all around me. I still could not see anything and my heart was beating a million miles an hour. I heard Crystal's voice in my ear as the music started throbbing drowning out much of the screaming men around us. She said, "Relax babe. This is fun. Just start dancing and I will do the rest."

I could see Michelle to my right and she started swaying her hips in time to the music and moving slowly around the stage. I followed her, imitating her dance as best I could. I saw her strip out of her shirt, exposing her perfect breasts. The crowd gasped as a group and I saw wads of cash being thrown at her feet.

I felt Crystal's hands on my waist and I turned toward her. She smiled and pulled up my shirt as I instinctively raised my arms above my head to allow her to remove it. Crystal was naked, and I wondered how she had managed to strip all of her clothes off in such a short time. She was so sexy in those bright lights as she stripped off my top exposing me to a full bar of men.

Michelle and Crystal moved me to the center of the stage pulling off my skirt as they went. I was now in nothing but a g-string and feeling incredibly turned on by the men cheering for me. Michelle was naked and I saw her shaved pussy without clothes for the first time. She was spreading herself for some dirty old man for 20 dollars and the thought of her prostituting herself like that both aroused and appalled me.

As the song began to go into its final chorus, Michelle and Crystal kneeled on each side of me. They each grabbed my g-string on the side of my hips and slowly began to pull them down as men showered me with money. I could have cum right then. I felt my panties got to my knees and then my ankles. I stepped out of them and stood naked in a room full of men for the first time in my entire life.

The crowd was going wild and I saw Rick in the back row standing and clapping for both of us. Michelle and Crystal stood next to me after the song ended and we all took a bow to the cheering men. Crystal then led us off stage and into the dressing room.

After we got out of the main room and were back in the dressing room Crystal lit a cigarette and said, "Damn girls where do you two work? We really made some cash tonight." She proceeded to hand Michelle 500 dollars.

I stammered out that we were from Chicago, but not strippers. She looked at us confused for a minute. "You mean you are civilians?" she asked looking incredulous.

"Yes," Michelle responded. "Just two girls out on the town, but we are looking for a favor. How about you keep the 500 cash and do us this one favor?"

Crystal now was suspicious but nodded, "Okay, maybe. Tell me about this favor."

Michelle proceeded to tell her all about the fantasy, the game, and my quest to find a stripper. After two minutes of discussion, Crystal agreed to be my stripper for Ron.


Fifteen minutes later Michelle and I stepped out of the back entrance of the strip club and into the parking lot. Rick was waiting for us in the limo, and Michelle and I had somehow managed to get our skirts and t-shirts on. We had lost all of our underwear to the crowd, however.

Rick pulled away from the club and I Michelle and I giggle in the backseat. It was 3 AM and I was so horny I was about to explode. I was ready to masturbate and I secretly told Michelle my plan to fuck myself as soon as I got behind the bathroom door.

She smiled at me and said, "Why wait?"

She leaned forward and said, "Rick pull over for a minute would you hun."

He immediately pulled off the road behind an abandoned convenient store. Rick stepped outside. Michelle leaned over to me and started taking off my shirt. "What are you doing I asked?"

"It's best to be naked when you masturbate; don't you think?" she asked with twinkling eyes. "Now strip and get to it."

She stripped off my t-shirt easily and then pushed me back on the seat and yanked my skirt down and off my feet before I could protest. She took my clothes and stepped outside with Rick.

Less than a minute later the door reopened and Michelle climbed in naked followed by Rick who was also naked. My eyes sprung wide open at the size of Rick's hard muscles and his equally huge cock. His cock was at least 10 inches long, as big around as my wrist, and hard as a steel bar.

Michelle was giggling and said, "You can masturbate if you like, but I need some big black cock."

She immediately kneeled in front of Rick who was sitting across from me and started sucking his cock. His eyes rolled back in his head as her mouth enveloped his throbbing member. I watched her and could smell her wet pussy in the closed in space of the back of the limo. I was rubbing my clit fast and hard.

For a minute I realized how surreal the day had become. Twelve hours ago, I never would have even considered something as ridiculous as masturbating in front of my best friend while she blew some stranger we just met. Then I let myself go in the moment and watched Michelle bob on Rick's cock. She could take it all down her throat and I could see his balls swelling as she moved up and down on him.

Michelle then took her mouth off of him but continued to stroke his cock with her left hand as she leaned back over her shoulder to look at me. "Mmm want to watch him fuck me hun?"

I could only nod. She motioned me to kneel where she was as she climbed on top and straddled him. Her hand could not even close around his cock and I was amazed as she pushed the tip into her wet pussy. I saw her stretch as she moaned and his cock slowly impaled her. Rick was moaning and talking dirty to her as she began to slide up and down on his cock.

I was frigging my clit like crazy. His balls were inches from my face as Michelle rode his thick black pole. Her pussy smelled musky and sweet at the same time. We were all close to cumming and on a whim I leaned forward and sucked on Rick's balls. He grunted almost immediately and knew he was seconds away from filling Michelle with cum.

She was grunting like an animal as she fucked him. Her wet pussy was slamming up and down on him. With my mouth on his balls while she rode him, her ass was slamming into my face. I leaned back to avoid a broken nose and rubbed his balls with my left hand and slowly slid my index finger of my right hand up Michelle's ass.

As soon as my finger entered her, she moaned and screamed, "Yeah baby. Fuck my ass while I cum all over this thick black cock. God damn."

I finger fucked her ass faster and could feel Rick's cock pumping in her pussy as I rubbed his balls with my other hand. Then she came in a torrent and I could feel her ass grab my finger tightly. His cock was going crazy inside her as his balls contracted and I could feel his hot cum shooting inside her pussy from the finger in her ass. They both cried out together and shook violently.

After they both came I slowly slid my finger out of my friend's ass and leaned back to watch them. She slowly rose up off of him and I watched as cum oozed out of her slick pussy all over his balls. She leaned back and sat on the floor next to me. "Jesus Sara that was hot." was all that she said.

She then pushed me onto my back and to my total surprise buried her face in my pussy. I was too horny to protest being eaten by a woman. I was shocked yes, but my need to cum overpowered any inhibition that was left. I moaned as her tongue entered me and felt her sucking on my clit. I was bucking my hips into her face and could see Rick looking down at me with his big dick starting to get hard again.

I was panting like a bitch in heat and bucking my pussy into Michelle's face. Rick was jerking his cock and telling me what a slutty whore I was. I watched him jacking off and felt my orgasm building as Michelle worshipped my wet pussy.

Rick was pounding his cock right above my face and I realized what might happen seconds before it did. Rick erupted in a grunt and his balls contracted again just like when he was inside of Michelle. His hot cum flew out of his cock and striped my face with thick sticky ropes of cum. My body reacted in my own orgasm and I flooded Michelle's face as Rick came all over me. I was cumming so hard the world around me went dark and I clenched my thighs against Michelle's face.

I came around less than a minute later covered in Rick's cum. Michelle was glazed in my juices and Rick looked the least cum covered of the three of us. He smiled and got out of the car and got dressed. Michelle helped me up and used a cocktail napkin from the limo's wet bar to wipe some of Rick's jiz off of my face. We got back to the hotel and sneaked as fast as we could through the lobby and into the elevator to get to our rooms without being seen as the cum covered sluts we were.

Once safe behind closed doors, Michelle stripped all of my clothes off me and threw them in the garbage can. They would never clean up. Then she led me to the shower where we bathed each other. We slept naked in the same bed that night and I dreamed of a return trip to with Ron the next weekend. I had Crystal's number in my purse and promised myself I would set Ron's fantasy up before the week was up.


The following Friday came and I had as promised called Crystal to have her be Ron's stripper for the weekend. We planned the whole thing out and planned to have us "pick her up" at a strip club. We decided to use a different club since I might be remembered at the one where she worked. She said that she could do a few sets at a club outside the city for the weekend and we could fulfill Ron's fantasy. I agreed to pay for her hotel and rental car.

Ron was somewhat suspicious because he knew that I had disappeared for two days earlier in the week, but I told him a "white lie" about a work trip at the last minute and I think he bought it. I told him I was tired after a long week and wanted to go out and have a few drinks after work. I agreed to meet him at a quiet place north of the city.

I arrived around 6:00 pm dressed in tight black dress that made me feel so sexy. I found Ron sitting at the bar smoking a cigar and drinking an expensive scotch. I sat next to him and ordered a martini. He cocked an eyebrow at me as he never knew me to drink hard liquor.

I smiled and said, "Special night. How was your day baby?"

He smiled and said, "Great babe. You look hot as hell. What is the occasion?"

"No occasion," I replied. "Just like to look sexy for you." I leaned in and kissed him sensuously on the lips and let my hand wander across his cock. I immediately felt his cock stir, but I did not linger as I leaned back grinning at him.

"My my, aren't we playful," was all he said.

We got dinner at the bar and continued to drink and talk about our day. At around 9:00 pm, I told him I thought it was time we left. He had planned to stay at my place and we stepped outside to grab a cab.

We got inside the cab and I immediately handed the driver a note with the address of the strip club on it along with 20.00 dollars. Ron smiled at me mischievously suspecting that something must be afoot.

Thirty minutes later we pulled up in front of a dingy looking building a few miles outside the city. The neon sign was well lit and advertised a "Gentlemen's Club". I stepped out of the cab and motioned for Ron to follow.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me to him, "Hey babe you really want to go in there? I mean I know it was my idea and all, but it can get a little crazy in these places."

I smiled wickedly and said, "Baby I thought we would just check it out. I am sure I can handle it. Besides maybe you should ask me about some of the crazy things I have seen and done before you get too worried about offending my sensibilities. Besides this is your fantasy right. I can always get even next month."

He laughed and said, "Lead on girlfriend."

We entered the bar and after paying a ridiculous cover charge for Ron (I got in free), we were seated at a table near the back. The room was dark and smoky. The music was blaring to the point you could not hear the person next to you. Ron ordered us drinks as a young woman began stripping on the stage nearest to us.

I saw Ron watching her, but trying not to appear to be watching her. I laughed to myself at how ridiculous it was that he was embarrassed to look at a naked woman onstage after I had been that woman just last weekend.

I was thoroughly enjoying this, and after Ron got used to the idea of me being there, he relaxed nicely. The young woman dancing when we first arrived was the first to ask if we wanted a table dance. Ron was politely declining when I shoved 40 bucks at her and said, "Yeah do him baby. Do him good while I watch."

Ron went pale and then crimson. I sat down as the stripper, who was obviously enjoying Ron's discomfort, began to gyrate around and on him. I watched her perform and she was nowhere near as good as Crystal, but Ron's cock was most definitely responding to her. Every now and then I would whisper in his ear, "I bet you wish you were fucking her right now.", and he would blush again.

After the young woman was finished with my boyfriend she left to find another man to take for 40 dollars and Ron and I sat close together. "Fuck babe this is crazy hot. I can't believe we are doing this," he said.

I just kissed him deeply and rubbed his still hard dick through his pants. Suddenly the stage lights came on and the announcer was introducing a feature act. I looked up and saw Crystal take the main stage. She winked at me as she did her first twirl around the brass pole that was at center stage.

She was easily the sexiest hottest woman in the place and I could sense Ron's attraction to her. He was mesmerized by her much like I had been less than a week ago the first time I saw her dance. I watched him reliving my own experience with this woman in my mind. My panties dampened at the thought of watching her fucking Ron while I rubbed my own pussy.

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