The Game Ch. 03

bySara and Ron©

There was a familiar Ron-shaped lump lying in the center of the bed facing the big screen television. I could not see his face in the darkness, only his shape, but I knew he was smiling as he watched me approach.

The remote was at the edge of the bed and I wordlessly picked it up and pushed the “play” button on the VCR control. Immediately the big screen came to life improving the lighting of the room. Ron was lying on his stomach. He was naked except for a towel the covered his ass. The TV showed a man lying in much the same position as Ron and a sexy blond woman with huge tits. She was naked and smiling at the man on the screen. Then she began to massage his legs, and I understood.

I stepped forward and Ron wordlessly handed me a bottle of massage oil. I applied a liberal amount to my hands and moved toward him. The blond on the screen now straddled the man and began to work his back with long soothing strokes. I imitated her, enjoying the smell of jasmine and the feel of Ron’s hard body under mine. My fingers moved up and down his spine working the muscles in his back. My pussy was on the small of his back and I ground gently against him as I worked. The blond on the T V was doing much the same.

Suddenly there was a quiet noise off to my right. My fingers instinctively dug into Ron as my head whipped toward the noise. There on the couch across the room was another person. A woman, and she had a camera. I stared at her and felt the terror come back for an instant, but I also imagined what I must look like to her and the tingles came back as well.

She moved closer to us and it was Michelle. Holy shit it was Michelle, my best friend. I relaxed now. The terror completely left me and I was left feeling nothing but relief and lust. I could do this in front of Michelle. I would enjoy doing this in front of Michelle. Michelle flipped a switch on the wall and two rows of track lighting came to life. They were not blinding, but I was immediately bathed in an incandescence that made everything clearly visible. I understood immediately. It was for the camera. I smiled at Michelle and licked my lips seductively for the camera and returned to massaging Ron.

The woman on the screen was finishing her work on her partners back and now moved to licking his cock and balls. I was more than ready to imitate her. Thank God she was rubbing her own cunt (I love using that word now). I massaged mine and lay perpendicular to Ron who had rolled over. My mouth enveloped his mushroom shaped cock head and I licked it with wanton abandon. I rubbed his balls with my free hand imitating my porn star body double on the television screen.

Michelle moved in closer and was zooming in on me. I put on quite a show for her. I played Ron’s balls, licking his shaft, jerking his cock with my hand as the real porn star on the screen led me through one of the most erotic blowjobs I have ever given. My eyes were focused on the screen as my porn star body double jerked her partner to orgasm. Her head was resting on the man’s stomach; her face toward his cock. She laid the cock across her cheek and jerked the throbbing shaft with her hands. Her mouth sucked at the base of the shaft as she moaned on his dick to send vibrations across the base of his shaft as she jerked. Suddenly balls contracted and the woman was summarily covered with stripe after white stripe of semen. Her moaning increased as if she were also cumming.

I buried my face into the base of Ron’s rock hard cock. Moaning into him, his body shivered with pleasure. I jerked the cock harder. Michelle was almost on top of me with the camera. His cock was lying across my face as I rubbed it with both my palm on the bottom and my cheek on the top. He erupted in orgasm with an intense groan. I felt his first spurt paint a thick white stripe across my cheek from my chin to the top of my hair. His second spurt was more intense yet covering my forehead and hair with his sticky goo. I moaned using my lips to apply a vibrating sensation across his cock.

His third and forth ejaculation came immediately. I heard Michelle gasp and say, “Jesus he can cum.” The thought of her watching me, filming our home made pornography made me feel even more sexual. The image in my mind intensified my own pleasure as I continued to jack Ron’s cock with the intensity of a true cum slut. He was moaning intensely with pleasure as he came again and again. Five pulses of his cock, then six and seven. Cum ran down my face in a milky white river as he continued to empty his pleasure sack onto my face.

Finally his orgasm slowed in waves. Ron was panting as I continued to lick the base of his softening cock gently. He shivered in post orgasmic bliss and I felt his body relax. I lifted my head slowly. I opened my eyes to see his semi-hard cock oozing the last bit of his seed out of the slit in his cock. In the background Michelle was still filming. One hand was inside of her panties as she rubbed her own clit at the exhibitionist seen in front of her. I smiled at her and semen ran off my cheeks. I then licked the tip of Ron’s cock gently collecting the last of his ooze on my tongue. She was zooming in on me as I swallowed the tangy liquid.

My own pussy was on fire and wet with my own juices. I was dying to fuck, but Ron simply said, “Cut. Sara please go to the bathroom and get cleaned up for scene 2.”

I was dying. Was he fucking kidding. I needed to get laid so bad I couldn’t think straight. Michelle turned off the camera and took me by the hand leading me away from the cock I wanted so bad and into the bathroom. “That was hot. Clean up and you can get yours.” Her eyes glimmered with lust and anticipation as she closed the door on me.

I turned to the mirror and saw my cum coated face for the first time. My hair on my left side was matted to my head. My face looked like I had been bobbing for apples in a vat of Elmer’s glue. I smiled at myself as I took Ron’s towel from the rack and wiped him from my face. I washed my face as best I could, but I still had a light glaze on my face and hair. A shower was the only thing that was going to totally remove the evidence of his orgasm.

On the back of the toilet a blue envelope was taped to the toilet tank. It was not there when I went into the bathroom the first time. I suspiciously turned the envelope over in my hands knowing that neither Michelle nor Ron could have been the messenger of this envelope. I opened the envelope slowly. Written in handwriting that I didn’t recognize was a short note that said:

“Sara, scene 2 begins now. Return to the bed and push play on the VCR. You are to become the blond woman on the screen.”

I read the note again paying particular attention to the handwriting. It was definitely not Ron’s or Michelle’s. The nervousness hit me again with the thought that perhaps Michelle was not our only voyeur. A shiver of excitement raced through my spine. “Fuck it.” I thought. “Let the world watch.” I put the envelope and note on the back of the toilet and confidently opened the door to the bathroom. I moved through the darkened basement toward the bed as my pussy throbbed in anticipation. I was praying that I would get fucked like I have never been fucked before.

When it was over, I was definitely fucked like I never had been before.


I returned to the dimly lit room with the bed in the middle. No one was there. I looked around carefully inspecting every corner of the room. There was a reclining chair in one corner of the room. It was empty.

The TV glowed with a blue screen at the foot of the bed. On top of the television was the camera on a small tripod. The red record light glowed brightly as it filmed the bed. I curled my toes in the plush carpet and felt very naked standing there knowing there were at least two other people somewhere in the house with me.

I smiled to myself as I climbed on top of the bed and picked up the remote. I selected VCR and my finger hovered over the play button. I knew when I pushed it something unique and new was going to happen, and the anticipation made me horny as hell. My nipples stood out and were tight and hard. I lightly pinched them and felt the familiar tingles roll down my body to my pussy.

“Enough anticipation,” I thought. I pushed play. The screen blazed to life and a naked woman was lying on the bed on her back. She was rubbing her pussy and pinching her nipples. I was only to happy to mimic the action I watched and began rubbing my finger across my wet slit. I played to the camera spreading my legs widely. I opened myself displaying my inner pussy to the camera just as the masturbating woman did on the screen.

I was lost in my own feelings of pleasure and exhibitionism as I watched the masturbation scene on the television unfold. Suddenly another woman came into view on the screen. She was a brunette with huge fake breasts and a shaved pussy. She came to the woman on the bed wielding an assortment of vibrating dildos in each hand. The woman on the screen moaned and said, “Yes. Fuck me” as the brunette began to kiss her.

I heard the closet door open and my fingers froze on my clit. I turned my head and saw the silhouette of a beautiful woman that I immediately recognized as Michelle. She was naked and shaved and looked sexy as hell. She also was carrying toys in her hands and my pussy flooded at the thought of what was about to happen. She came to me and kissed me on the mouth. It was not like the brief intimate kiss we shared in St. Louis, but more hungry and wet. Her tongue swirled in my mouth and I was compelled to draw her into me. My own fingers were replaced by hers as she began to masturbate me.

“You are one sexy bitch, Sara.” she said in a whisper. “Now let’s get dirty for the camera baby.”

I was lost in my own lust and could only respond by kissing her more deeply and opening my legs wider to giver her complete access to my sopping cunt. Her fingers entered me and I moaned in the satisfaction of the feeling. I was grinding against her magical touch as her mouth lowered to my nipples. Fireworks exploded in my pussy as her mouth and hands worked my body together. Another finger entered me filling me up. I had only ever had two fingers in me before, but now she worked in a third. I was on fire and realized I was moaning loudly in pleasure as she fucked me.

Suddenly she removed her hands and sat next to me. She knew I was ready to explode from her ministrations. She slowly began pouring some KY lubrication on one of the toys and I knew she intended to fuck me with it. I was dying in anticipation. She positioned me on my knees with my face buried in a pillow. My ass was facing the camera and I could imagine what my wet pussy and ass must look like to the mechanical eye that was watching me. I shivered in pleasure. She whispered in my ear, “Put on a good show for the camera baby.”

I felt her move behind me and begin rubbing the tip against my swollen pussy lips. I moaned out and rocked backwards trying to get the tip to penetrate my molten core. She slowly pushed the 8 inch plastic cock inside me. I groaned in pleasure. Slowly at first, but then increasing speed she began to fuck my wet pussy.

“Fuck it like a good little slut Sara,” she said seductively and then slapped my ass cheek with her other hand, hard. I cried out as her hand stung my ass leaving an outline of her fingers in a red burning print upon my ass. The sweet mixture of pleasure and pain drove me higher and higher into the zenith of pleasure.

SMACK. Another hand print on my other cheek and I almost came, but the wave continued to build. She was ramming my pussy with the plastic cock now. Hard and fast, and then a new sensation came. It was so unexpected and new that at first I could only glow in the pleasure of it. A soft and wet feeling crossed the tight rose bud of my ass. It was an incredible feeling mingled with the stinging of my cheeks and the pleasure of my pussy.

Oh dear God she was licking my asshole. The thought of it, the feeling of it, the imagery in my mind’s eye of what the camera must be capturing, drove me wild with lust. I moaned and heard myself cry out, “Fuck me. Lick my asshole more. Tongue fuck my butt.”

I had never in my life had anyone touch me in this way, but I could not help but lose myself in the pleasure it brought me. Her hot mouth left my tight asshole and I moaned in disappointment. Seconds later a cool feeling of a well lubed finger came to my tight little butt. It did not try to enter but rather massaged my outer ass ring gently as the dildo relentlessly banged in and out of pussy.

Finally with slow increasing pressure her digit entered my ass. I groaned at the stinging pain and pleasure of the experience. Slowly she entered me deeper, and for the first time in my life I had someone in my ass. After the initial inch of penetration my ass relaxed and took in the invading digit more easily.

She slowly worked the finger in and out of my ass and I could feel her finger in my rubbing against the dildo between the thin sheath of skin between my ass and pussy. I found that with her finger in my ass, my desire to cum increased but found it impossible to push myself over the edge. My sexual tension continued to climb higher than I thought possible keeping me on the brink of orgasm but not able to explode.

Another finger now entered my ass. She twisted her hand opening me up wider. The second finger would not go as easily. I wanted it, but was clenching tightly around her hand due both to the stinging pain and the proximity to orgasm.

Then I heard her sultry voice, “Push out to let it in.” I understood then, and let myself relax and push lightly. Two fingers entered immediately.

“Oh god yeah, fuck me like that. Fuck my ass.” I cried. The walls crumbled around me and both my holes were spread wide. The urge to pee hit me from nowhere. I could not stop it.

“Stop or I’m gonna pee. Please stop.”, I cried.

“No way baby. You are gonna cum not pee and its going to be like nothing you ever have felt before.” I heard her lust filled voice say.

Finally I let go. My body exploded in orgasm and my pussy gushed like a fountain flooding my thighs and Michelle. I screamed and screamed in the most intense pleasure I have ever felt. Michelle was behind me yelling, “Oh yeah baby let it go. Do it. Cum for me.”

My orgasm rolled through my body like a freight train. Contraction after contraction rolled through my stomach and pussy. I came and came and came.

When it was over I collapsed forward on my stomach and let the waves of orgasmic joy wash over me. My ass was open and felt like a truck had driven through it. It was an intensely erotic feeling. My pussy was flowing with juices as I panted to catch my breath.

Michelle came to me and kissed my cheek lightly. “Mmmm I can still taste Ron.” She giggled.

I smiled at her and saw how wet she was. Her face was drenched in my juice and my orgasm dripped down her chest. “Did I do that?” I asked bewildered at my own body’s capability to cum.

“Yes baby and it was great.”, she said. I kissed her mouth and tasted myself on it. It was a sweet and tangy taste that I loved.

She turned me over and faced me to the camera and leaned in to my ear and whispered, “Smile and wave to the folks upstairs. They just got a hell of a show.”

My face went pale and then crimson. I thought the camera was recording not broadcasting. I heard laughter upstairs as my face must have shown my revelation.

“Come on honey. Let’s go to the bathroom and clean up.” Michelle said. She took me by the hand and led me away from the bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom. I was in a daze of orgasmic bliss and unreality. I felt as though I had just stepped through the looking glass.

One question loomed. Who was upstairs?


Michelle led me back into the white light of the bathroom. It was her cum covered reflection that struck me as incredible this time. She was smiling and her eyes glimmered with lust and excitement. My own face showed only confusion and anxiety. She took my hand and brought it to her left breast and traced my fingers down her soaking body. Then she licked my fingers clean of my own pussy juice.

“Bet you didn’t know you could do that,” she said still smiling. I smiled and again realized she was my best friend in the world and had just shared something incredible with me. She saw my mixture of emotions on my face as only a true friend can and said, “Hon it’s all good.”

I relaxed and hugged her tightly needing to feel her body against mine as both proof that this was really happening and an affirmation of the love I felt for her in that moment.

As the moment passed and I became more myself, I turned to her and said, “So are you going to tell me what the fuck is going on?”

She laughed lightly and said, “We are fulfilling your fantasy, of course.”, as if this explained everything.

She continued, “It was actually Ron’s idea. He has a hell of an imagination. He recruited me to help after you spilled your guts on the St. Louis festival of sex. I wondered if you would tell him or not.”

“Anyway, he came to me with this fantasy of yours; me being the ideal candidate for your voyeur. We talked at length and the ideas started coming and well here we are. Ron thought it best if we sort of eased you into your fantasy in three phases. I came up with the filming a porn movie idea. It’s a nice touch if I do say so myself. So anyway, Ron decided that the first phase would be for you to do something sexual on camera thinking I was the only witness. The second phase was to have you and a woman on camera with other people watching without you knowing until the end. I of course happily volunteered. I always wondered if I could get a woman to cum like you did. And damn girl it was a flood. You could be a real porn star with that squirting pussy of yours.” Michelle smiled watching my reaction.

My head was spinning as she spoke. So I was really doing all of this to an audience. Holy shit, the thought of it made me instantly wet again. I imagined what I must have looked like to them. How much of a slut I must appear to be. The thought made me shiver in a guilty lust.

She continued, “So you have done the first two easing in phases of your fantasy. We have fulfilled half of your sexy request. There is only one thing left.”

I looked at her puzzled. I looked back at the mirror where on the edge was still taped my fantasy.


I want to watch myself get fucked. I want people to watch me get fucked. I want to look into strange eyes and see my orgasm reflected in them while I get fucked.


Realization hit me. This all was just a warm up. I was going to get fucked in front of God and everyone else that was in this house. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. My pussy tingled at the thought and my stomach rolled with butterflies. Fantasy was one thing, but confronted with the reality of it all made my head spin.

“Connecting the dots are we?”, Michelle asked as she smiled at me.

She took my hand and got me into the shower stall. “Time to clean up for round 3 hon. You are going to totally love this. Let’s hurry, I am sure you are almost has horny as me.”.

We washed each other sensuously in the shower removing all traces of my pussy from her body. I soaped her soft skin and got lost in the sensuality of it. She ran a sponge over my entire body. She spent extra time on my ass, spreading my cheeks and washing me deeply inside. “Just a little extra attention that you might need.”, she said smiling at me. The feeling of her soapy fingers rubbing my ass and the implication of her words sent shivers down my spine.

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