tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Game Ch. 04 Pt. 01

The Game Ch. 04 Pt. 01

bySara and Ron©

The Game – Chapter 4 Extra cream please

Wow, where to begin. Well hopefully if you are reading this, you took the time to read the first three chapters of this story, and have sent me your comments. If not, do that now.

Still reading? Great, then you know that Ron and I have been playing a game of sexual fulfillment where we alternate fulfilling our deepest sexual fantasies on a monthly basis. On the first of each month we either give or receive an envelope with a fantasy in it. (I give him mine on odd months, and he gives me his on even months).

For those of you that don’t remember what I look like, I am blond, 5’6”, 34b boobs, and an athletic body. My boyfriend Ron is 6 feet tall, has an 8 inch cock and is about 200 sexy pounds. As you know, he can cum and cum and cum more than anyone I have ever met (or even heard about in porno movies).

This story takes place 2 weeks after Chapter 3. There are still four days for Ron to get me his fantasy, but as you will see, he really only has two. Well on with the story, and again please do not read this out of order unless you want to miss a lot of character development and hot steamy sex.

Also, this chapter is extremely long and contains a lot of character development required for future chapters. At the risk of boring my readers, I have broken this chapter into two parts. Thank you to all who have sent kind words of encouragement as well as those who have offered harsh criticism. I am new author and enjoy well intentioned feedback so please send it.

And now on to the story:


“Wednesday’s suck,” I thought as I sat at my desk. It was 3:00pm and I was suffering from the afternoon blues wanting nothing more than to go home and take a nap. I clicked on the Ace of spades on the solitaire game on my computer screen. “Why do they call this hump day?” I wondered aimlessly. “No one is going to be humping me today.”

I sighed deeply and thought back ten days to the minute from right now. I was standing naked in Ron’s bathroom about to receive the fuck of my life. My nipples tingled as I mentally relived the day. I had watched the movie we had made together at least 10 times since that day. Sometimes with Ron, but often I watched it alone. I loved the way we looked on camera. I loved watching myself cum over and over again until I was exhausted. It was so hot to see Ron and the sexy black man, whose name I still don’t know, pump themselves in and out of me. Mmmmm so hot.

I checked my email again knowing that it was unlikely that Ron had sent me anything in the thirty seconds since the last time I checked. There were still no new messages. Damn. I was getting anxious again. There were only 4 days left until the first of the month and Ron owed me his fantasy so that I could plan adequately to fulfill whatever his mind had conjured up.

I knew this fantasy was likely to be more intense than the other’s we had lived. In the past two months, we were both new to the game we were playing. Although we both were true to the game, I think we both did not explore some of our more intense fantasies the first time. I wondered for the millionth time what he would come up with that was new. In the past two months I had done sexual things that I had never before contemplated. The strange thing is that in retrospect, the things we did don’t seem that kinky or weird now, although any other normal person would probably call us freaks.

What was worse, I was leaving on Friday to go to my sister’s house. Ron, of course, knew this, and he was obligated to get me his fantasy before the first. Since the first fell on that Sunday, I expected his email or letter to come before Friday. “He better hurry the fuck up.” I thought as I returned to my mindless computer game.

I planned to visit my sister’s home that was several hundred miles away. I was going to visit her for the first time in several months and her daughter, Rachel, was interested in moving to the city. I suspected that Rachel wanted me to tell her mother it was a great idea for her to move to Chicago to become a photographer rather than go to college. I also suspected that her mother was less than enthusiastic about this, and I didn’t know exactly how big of a family fight I was being roped in to.

I had not seen Rachel in several months. She and I were much closer when she was a child. My sister had given birth to her when I was 13 years old, so we were too far apart in age to be like sisters, but not so far apart that I was the dreaded authority figure. When Rachel was 14 and 15 she would sometimes come and stay with me for a weekend to get away from her parents. Like any teen she was going through difficult times with her parents. We watched lots of movies together and talked at length about her life.

I enjoyed that relationship with her and tried to encourage her in her endeavors at school and out. She had a difficult time talking to her parents, and I think I filled the void of having an adult that she could talk to without being judgmental, even if the judgment she felt was only in her own mind.

Rachel and her parents had a typical relationship, I guess. I have no children and spending time with Rachel was both rewarding and educational in ways that I never would have imagined. She was a wonderful girl who was morphing into a wonderful woman before my eyes as the years slipped by.

She was 18 now and had recently graduated from high school. I remember that time in my own life, and was both envious of the possibilities that stood before her and at the same time, glad that you only have to go through that period of time once in your life.

The last time I saw Rachel was over New Years. I was stunned at how beautiful she had become and how much she looked like an adult. She had long, wavy, auburn hair and bright green eyes that twinkled with possibility. Her body had developed as well, and although I probably should not notice such things, her breasts had become full and pert. She was skinny with long legs that were perfectly tanned and smooth. I found myself wishing for her body, and knowing that the blessed period in life when nothing sags and everything looks perfect was over for me.

Not that I am a pig, but I am also not a teenager. At 32 years old, I was still beautiful and often was asked for ID when buying alcohol, but I didn’t look like I did when I was her age. On the other hand, I had experienced things she had not and was probably a lot more comfortable in my own skin than she would be for years.

Rachel was in a word, stunning. What made her more beautiful yet, was her personality. She was very laid back and easy to laugh. She had broken up with her boyfriend a week before New Years last year, and although she was as heartbroken as only a teenager in love could be, she could joke about the guy and somewhere deep down you got the impression that she knew life would go on. I admired her greatly for this, because remembering the scars of my own first “love” was still stingingly painful, and at the time it seemed devastating.

Now Rachel appeared to want to forego college at least for a year and learn about life in the big city. I had talked to her mother at length who was appalled at the idea of her “little girl” moving away from home. Apparently Rachel had suggested that it would be ok since “Aunt Sara” lived there. So I was off to spend the weekend at my sister’s home and talk about options for Rachel. This probably was not going to go well, and I suspected that no matter the outcome someone would probably not be happy.

Thursday and Friday crawled by as only the end of the week does for a working girl like me. I played at least ten games of solitaire each day. And finally I was driving south on I-55 toward my sister and Rachel.

During the long drive I found myself reliving Thursday evening, the one bright evening of my week.

Ron came down to my apartment and we spent the evening watching television. At ten we retired to the bedroom and watched our video yet again. I let him take me in the ass for the first time since our tryst the previous month. I was a little nervous about anal because I was so sore after our last incredible fantasy fuck.

This time was much slower and softer and I found that my orgasm built and built with every inch of him that I took into my tight ass. I closed my eyes and relived the moment of him rolling up behind me in the classic spoon position. I felt his fingers probing gently around my tight anal ring. He lubricated me with KY jelly slowly and I massaged my own clitoris and he massaged lube into my tight butt.

The mixture of feelings was incredible, and for the first time I had time to consider that he was the first person to ever touch me there. I basked in the feeling of taboo and the tingling sensations that my body was generating as we moved together. After 10 minutes of masturbating myself into a sexual horniness that I only recently began to appreciate, I heard the familiar sound of Ron stroking his hard cock.

He took his time to make sure that he was slick with lube and then I felt his tip at the opening to my pussy. He slid easily into me and I gasped with pleasure. He rocked gently back and forth as my fingers continued to massage my clit in tiny circles. He whispered in my ear, “Tell me how it feels.”

“Mmmmm good baby,” was all I was capable of saying. We fucked softly and gently for several minutes neither of us ready to rush toward orgasm, but rather enjoying the slow sensual climb toward sexual bliss.

“Are you ready?”, he panted into my ear.

“Yes. God yes,” I replied.

His cock slowly withdrew from me leaving a void in my womanly core. I was wanton with pleasure, and missed the feeling of fullness that only an 8 inch cock can provide to a woman in my state. Then I felt his tip against my ass. I rocked slightly back knowing the stinging pain would only last a second until he was past the ring of muscles that protected my ass from invasion.

I continued to press down harder on my clit now. His phallus was pressing hard against my anal ring and I clenched myself tightly closed enjoying the feeling of penetration against my straining muscles. I relaxed when the stinging turned from pain to pleasure as his slick cock entered my ass to its first inch. His tip was just beyond my sphincter, and my body seemed to surrender to the penetration. The second inch of his member slid inside me much easier and I was filled with a feeling of fullness I had experienced only once before.

This time, however, it was much more pleasure than pain and I could hear Ron’s grunts and feel his shivers of pleasure as my ass opened to him. I was spanking my clit lightly as my orgasm continued to build. Waves of rippling pleasure rolled through my entire body as another inch entered me. Ron was rocking back and forth now, pumping me full of him. With each stroke his cock entered me deeper and deeper and the pleasure I felt grew and grew.

My pussy was slick and wet from my own excitement and my fingers were soaked. I knew I was wetter than I had ever been in my life and the thought of how much pleasure I was receiving from such a taboo act only drove my pleasure to new heights. Ron was truly ass fucking me now, with long, slow, deep thrusts that grew in urgency as we both approached orgasm.

“Mmmmmm your so tight,” he groaned in my ear.

My fingers went wild on my pussy at his words, “And your cock is huge in my ass.” I grunted as he buried himself in me again.

We were fucking harder now. His cock was slamming hard into my ass as I pushed back against him to maximize his penetration. My pussy was aflame as I could feel his cock invading my anal cavity, but also putting rhythmic pressure on the walls of my cunt. My clit was swollen and exposed as I rubbed it. I moaned out my pleasure as Ron fucked my ass with animalistic grunts.

My fingers entered myself feeling for the first time what his cock felt like rubbing the thin membrane separating my two fuck holes. I fingered myself with two fingers and then three. I opened myself obscenely pushing as many fingers into myself as possible. My middle finger found the soft spongy g-spot in my cunt and the overwhelming desire to pee hit me hard.

I rode the feeling squeezing my muscles, contracting around my fingers and against Ron’s cock. He grunted and began to let go inside of me with the new tension in my ass. I felt his balls against my wet pussy and the spasms through his cock. I closed my eyes and drank the feeling as his orgasm filled me with wet, hot, sticky cum. I continued to ride his cock with my ass. I clenched as he came intensifying the experience for him until he cried out in ecstasy. Spurt after spurt erupted into my ass as I pumped my own fingers in my hot, wet sex.

I began to cum as he continued to flood my ass with his seed. The intensity of my own eruption caught me totally by surprise as did the gush of juices that sprayed from between my legs with the force of a garden hose. I was shaking in orgasm like never before. Another eruption of unfathomable intensity was ejaculated from my pussy as my body clenched and clenched upon itself in powerful waves of pleasure. Ron’s balls were covered in my womanly juice as were my thighs, the bed, and even a bit of the floor and wall of my room.

Another smaller spray came out of me as my orgasm slowly subsided and I collapsed with my back to Ron. He held me softly until his shrinking cock slipped from my ass followed by the inevitable backflow of his orgasm. I could feel his semen leaking out of my ass and across my cheek to where it pooled between us.

“God you are so hot. I love sex with you.” Ron said as he held me.

“Mmmm we are pretty good together. I have never cum like that before. Did you like the cum shower I gave your balls?”, I asked giggling.

“Cum shower? I thought you peed on me.”, he said jokingly.

I elbowed him in the ribs gently. “No but next time I will if you don’t act more appreciative. See just cum.” I said as I brought my fingers to his lips and traced my sticking fingers across his tongue.

“Mmmmm Sara juice. I like it. But do you?” he asked as he kissed me on the mouth forcing this tongue slick with my juices into my own mouth.

I giggled and with him as he made me taste myself on his mouth and fingers. Then we went to take a shower together. In the shower we washed each other as we normally do when we shower together. I cleaned my ass from his cock with a wash cloth and soap and then rubbed his back.

Then he used the wash cloth on my back and eventually paid special attention to my ass. I was still oozing and I felt him part my cheeks and let the spray of the water hit my still open asshole. I was somewhat self-conscious, but I figured we had done way too much together to be concerned about a little cum in the ass. When he finished washing my ass I could not help but notice the incredible hard on he had.

I took it in my hand and said, “Wow wasn’t I enough for you in there?”

He smiled and said, “Yeah that was great, but it was also 10 minutes ago.”

We laughed together as I continued to stroke his cock. I was not ready for another round yet, but didn’t mind indulging him. “Well do tell then. What has got you so turned on? Bathing me never has done this in the past.” I said teasingly as I began to stroke him faster.

“Well to be honest, I never watched cum ooze out of a sexy woman before. I guess it turns me on.”, he said honestly.

“Well how about I let you see it ooze out of my mouth this time?” I asked as I lowered myself to the bathtub floor.

He never said another word as I swallowed him deeply and worked his cock up and down with my mouth. He came in another torrent about 5 minutes later. I was never able to swallow all of him, but most I caught in my mouth. I let what oozed between my lips drip down my chest to be washed down the drain by the shower.

I smiled at him as I finished him by cleaning his cock with my tongue. My mouth was still full and I looked up at him letting him see his girlfriend with a mouth full of him. I slowly stood with his help and let him see me up close. I intended to swallow all of him while he watched, and to this day I do not know what compelled me, but instead I leaned into him and kissed him deeply opening my mouth on his.

The flood of semen in my mouth dripped down both of our chins and bodies. At first he recoiled from me, but then sucked my tongue deeply into his mouth. We continued to kiss in the shower until we had either swallowed or washed off his entire load. As we broke we both uttered one word together.


****************************** My reverie was broken as I had to concentrate on finding my sister’s house in the darkened subdivision. I had only been to her house a few times as she had just moved to a small town in Illinois.

I followed the street where every house looked alike, until I found one at the end of the culdesac with a familiar white car that I recognized as my sisters. Two other cars were parked there that I didn’t recognize.

I got out and went to the door. Immediately the door was pulled open and I was enveloped by my older sister in a familiar hug. I was pulled into the house as her husband Richard took my small overnight bag and kissed me brotherly on the cheek.

Then I heard the familiar cry, “Aunt Sara” and Rachel came down the stairs in a bound, filled with genuine joy at seeing me. She was more stunning than I remembered. We hugged, and she smiled that amazing smile of hers at me and said, “I am so glad you are here. Maybe you can talk some sense into Mom and Dad.”

The mood of the room immediately darkened as if a sudden rain storm erupted unexpectedly on a warm summer day. I smiled feeling uncomfortable as my sister frowned and Richard shook his head. “Here we go,” I thought as I was ushered into the family kitchen.

I sat down as Richard poured me a glass of wine and retreated to the living room leaving us alone in the kitchen. My sister, Mary, sat to my left with Rachel to my right. I could feel the tension between them as well as see the icy stares that crossed my line of sight. “Rachel seems to have it in her head that she doesn’t need to go to college,” my sister said, firing the first volley as she stared coldly at her daughter.

Rachel gritted her teeth and turned ugly in a smoldering rage that I had not seen since her temper tantrums at 3 years of age. Clearly this was a long and ugly argument that was taking its toll on both mother and daughter and was not likely to be resolved any time soon.

I suddenly felt a great deal of sympathy for both of them. Clearly this had become a bitter battle. Rachel had lost sight of the fact that her mother’s position was based on concern and love for her, and Mary could not see that Rachel was almost an adult and had many paths to choose from in front of her and could not be forced down one simply because her mother deemed it best.

“That is NOT what I said,” Rachel growled through clenched teeth. “What I said was that I wanted some time to explore my options and learn outside of school before I committed to a decision that I might regret. But clearly you were not listening to me. You never do.”

“Young lady I am your mother, and I will not be talked to rudely in front of your aunt or anyone else.” Mary returned her cheeks glowing with anger.

Rachel’s eyes narrowed to glowering slits that burned hatred for her mother.

“Fuck you then.”, she spat and got up from the table hurriedly exited from the room as tears began to well in her eyes.

Her mother sat stunned as if she had been slapped in the face. I could see the disbelief turn to hurt as her wide eyes began to glisten with tears.

After Rachel had left Mary broke down completely and wept. I moved to her and held her against me as she cried. We sat like that for several minutes until she finally retreated from my embrace and sat slumped at the table.

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