tagGroup SexThe Game Ch. 04 Pt. 02

The Game Ch. 04 Pt. 02

bySara and Ron©

I had a 4 hour drive home after leaving my sister’s house, and as nice as my trip was, I was glad to be heading home. My head was pounding lightly from the Margaritas and hot tubbing the night before. Rachel did not mention our nude hot-tubbing adventure and neither did I. I figured she was a bit embarrassed so both her mother and I let it go.

I took a long drink of my diet coke as I drove across miles of nothing that epitomized central Illinois. The day was warm and I was wearing a pair of comfy white cotton shorts, still without underwear, a light blue t-shirt without bra, and listening to classic rock while a warm breeze filled my car.

It would be nice to get home and see Ron.

Now there was a thought. Now that I had sobered up and re-read his latest little fantasy, my heart raced every time I thought of it. I watched the movie on the internet again before I left my sister’s house, and part of me was wondering was this getting out of control? But yet another part of me imagined myself on my knees taking those men, letting them cover me in cum, use me for no other purpose than for an instant of sexual gratification. I felt sexual (powerful?) knowing that I was filling their minds with fodder for their fantasies as I kneeled, covered in their seed, as if worshiping their cocks. It turned me on to think that ten years from now a guy I had not thought of in years would be somewhere jerking off and thinking of my face.

Jesus I was wet at the thought. Am I really like this? My God what is happening to me? Deep down I knew that these feelings were…… what? Wrong? Five months ago I would have thought so. No I would have been certain, but now… I don’t know anymore. In the moment I am so turned on…so sexual. Maybe I am over thinking it. I would not call it wrong anymore, just non-traditional I guess. Yes “non traditional” has a nice innocuous sound to it.

Who was I kidding? I have done some freaky shit in the past few months. I fucked a bunch of guys (and girls) while my boyfriend watched and participated. Why? Who was I becoming? Was this about love or lust? Was I being used? Was I using Ron? Was I really this way? Was I normal (whatever that is)? Shit.

What probably scared me the most was the fact that I was really falling for this guy. We connected on a deeply sexual level, but also there was more to it. We trusted each other and I felt secure with him like never before. Was this sexual adventure giving me freedom to love on a whole new level? I never worried about him cheating on me. Hell how can you cheat when your lover finds strippers for you to fuck. I also knew that a fuck was a fuck, but we shared something deeper.

Or maybe I am the world’s biggest sucker to buy into that line of thinking. Maybe he was using me as a toy. Maybe I was not the first player of the game with Ron, although I knew that this was not true deep down. Fucking maybes.

And then there was the risk to the game. What if someone ever found out? Someone like Mary, Rachel, or the people I worked with. Jesus, I could only imagine the shit I would catch from any and all of those people. Yet that part of the game made it exciting to play. Without risk there can be no thrills in life. This was getting complicated.

What I was struggling with is the question, “Is what I am doing going to have negative consequences, or was this a healthy, albeit non-traditional, expression between two people in a relationship.” Answer: I don’t fucking know.

I was excited, turned on, and terrified of the metaphorical road we were racing down. I just hoped that the bridge wasn’t out.

The low gas light flickered on my dashboard indicating I was about 30 miles short of taking a long walk. I exited the highway at the next opportunity still lost in my troubled thoughts.

There was one lonely gas station at the exit I took surrounded by miles of flat fields that still stood brown and empty. I pulled into the station next to the one set of lonely gas pumps and got out of the car. The station was about ten years behind the times and there was no “pay at the pump” option. I sighed realizing I had to go into the small convenient store to pay, and probably would be ogled by a dirty, overweight attendant. I giggled to myself knowing I was “going commando” as Rachel so eloquently put it earlier that morning and thought, “What the hell. Give the guy a thrill.”

I pumped 15 dollars of gas into my car and grabbed my purse and went inside. The inside of the store was slightly smoky as a cigarette burned down in an ash try behind the counter. The store was crammed full of gondolas of preserved food and stale chips. The attendant much to my surprise was a young woman who looked to be about 19 years old. Somewhere through the back door was another person as I could hear shuffling around through an open doorway.

The woman was pretty but was clearly not the brightest bulb in the bunch. She wore tight “Daisy Duke” jean shorts and a tube top that was two sizes to small. She looked sexy as hell, as only a 19 year old can pull off and there was an instant where I thought of her as a slutty and ignorant version of Rachel.

I approached the counter and she smiled at me looking both embarrassed and flushed. She wore a nametag that read, “Amy” in the do it yourself sticker tape that I had often played with as a child.

I smiled back a bit confused by her reaction and said, “Hello”.

Immediately through the door a handsome young man about her age emerged from the stock room, and from the state of his clothes and open zipper, I realized I had just interrupted something. The boy was muscular, thin, and fit. He wore blue overalls with the name “Daryl” printed above the breast pocket.

“What can I do you for?”, the Midwestern yokel asked zipping up his fly.

I smiled at the absurdity of the question and said, “No need to do me today, just got some gas. I am sure you can do her instead though.” I nodded toward the girl. The boy obviously did not get the innuendo or the play on words but merely cocked his head to one side and scooped my Mastercard that I had put on the counter.

The girl blushed a deeper shade of red (clearly a few IQ points ahead of her boyfriend) and found the magazine rack clearly needed her attention and moved away from me. Meanwhile Mr. IQ noticed my tits and stared at them as if he were a starving dog in a hotdog factory.

“Sorry missy, but we ain’t got no machine for this here card. Cash only.”

“You’re kidding.” I said incredulously.

“Nope. Got a sign and everythin’”, he said pointing toward a 3X5 index card that looked coffee stained and was taped on the side of the cash register. In block letters that no one could read from farther than 3 feet away, the “sign” clearly said, “No Credit or Checks. Cash Only.”

“You must not be from ‘round here. Huh?”, Daryl said all the while continuing to admire my body.

I rummaged through my purse and came up with 3.43 in change and one crumpled dollar bill. Damn I hate the country.

“No Daryl I am not from around here, and it looks like I am in need of a bank or cash machine. Do you happen to have one of those ‘round here?” I asked getting irritated.

“Well there’s the dairy mart up the road. They got one of them ATM machines.”, Daryl replied. “But they ain’t open till tomorrow, it bein’ Sunday and all.”

I shook my head at the absurdity of him giving me directions to a place that was not even open. “Well Daryl, I think we have a problem. You see I don’t have any money, and you can’t take my credit card. So how about you take down my address and phone number and when I get home I will send you a money order for my gas.”

Daryl cocked his head considering for a moment and taking another opportunity to look at my tits.

“Daryl, as interesting as you find my tits, I don’t think they are going to help in this situation.”, I said trying to direct his line of sight a bit further north.

Daryl frowned obviously irritated at my comment. “Ladies down here don’t talk like that.”

“Well we have already established that I am not from here.” I replied growing more irritated.

Amy moved back behind the counter and toward Daryl obviously interested in our exchange, or perhaps just marking her territory. Apparently her curiosity about me was stronger than her embarrassment of me catching her in the middle of fucking Daryl.

Daryl glanced at the girl and then back to me. I could see the wheels turning behind his eyes, and I wondered what he was thinking. He did the double take again and I recognized the look in his eyes of smoldering lust.

For the first time since I walked into the place, I felt a shiver go through me as if sensing something amiss. I glanced around and I suddenly felt very alone in the store, and I was very aware of how nearly naked I was in nothing but a thin pair of shorts and t-shirt. My anger subsided and was replaced with a tingle of anxiety. What was going to happen here?

A shiver went through me again, not of fear but something close to it. My nipples tingled under my thin t-shirt. I was suddenly aware of every brush of fabric against my chest. My nipples became aroused against my will, and I had to cross my arms in front of my chest to avoid displaying the fact that I wore no bra.

The hairs on my legs although shaved two days ago stood on end as I watched Daryl and Amy whisper in conspiratorial tones. Amy shook her head twice as if to say, “No.”, but eventually Daryl seemed to convince her of his point of view.

Without being aware of it I had slowly backed away from the counter and my ass was against the frozen ice cream cooler. Something inside of me was screaming to get the hell out of there, and hours later I would be asking myself why I didn’t.

Conflicting emotions raced through me. I recognized the adrenaline rush I felt as my fight or flight reflex screamed at me. But there was something more. Something deep under the surface that kept me from running out of that dingy gas station. God help me I was aroused. I had caught those two fucking and now Daryl wanted me.

What was worse a small part of me loved the fact that he wanted me. I was nervous and afraid, but if I was completely honest with myself, I had to admit that in the animal part of my brain, I loved the fact that this young and handsome boy wanted nothing more than to fuck me right now. It made me feel wanted and sexual, depraved and wanton, and God help me I was getting off on those feelings. Tingles ran through my body. My nipples reacted and my pussy salivated.

Daryl then looked at me with lustful eyes as Amy stood beside him looking both amused and nervous. “How about we work out some sorta payment plan?”

My mouth went dry knowing what he was thinking.

“What did you have in mind?”, I heard myself reply in an unsteady voice that made me feel less in control of this situation than I had since I left my car.

Daryl could sense my weakness and it fed both his lust for me and his confidence. I looked at Amy gauging her position in this developing situation. Would she really stand there and watch while her boyfriend fucked me? I looked in her eyes and saw no hope of respite there. She would let Daryl do to me anything he wished and some part of her would enjoy it.

“How about I pay for yer gas right now outta my own pocket, but I think I deserve somethin’ in return.” Daryl said lecherously dropping a dirty ten dollar bill and five ones on the counter in front of him. “You know the sayin’ girl. Gas, Grass, or Ass.” he said smiling as if I would be impressed with his wit.

I stared at the money. Fifteen lousy bucks. He wanted to fuck me for fifteen bucks. Why the hell did I ever come in here? The depravity of his offer hit me like a punch in the gut. Butterflies filled my stomach and I realized I wasn’t breathing. Why was I even still here? What was I thinking?

I froze. That is the only way to describe it. I couldn’t speak, move, or even think. A war was being waged inside me. Deep down every reasonable and rational part of my being was screaming NO. But even deeper there was another voice that was both scary and powerful. A hedonistic voice that spoke of its own volition and existed only to feed the most decadent and insatiable desires of the human condition.

I was frozen. Two voices: one reasonable and safe; another that only wanted deeply. Sweat broke out across my upper lip as I envisioned Daryl naked. His muscular body pressed against me. I could almost feel him inside me with my mind. My heart was racing and my body reacting strongly to the pornographic images that flashed through my head.

Daryl misunderstood my confusion and frozen state to be acceptance of his offer. He turned to Amy, who now looked less sure of herself now that the offer was on the table. “Close the door girl. We gonna live out those things we sometimes talked about right now.”

Amy shuffled out from behind the counter and I heard and audible “Click” as the door was closed and locked. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her flip the “Open” sign to “Closed”.

Daryl was visibly excited. His cock expanded in his overalls and the outline of his manhood was pressed tightly against his jeans. His cock was big and thick, and I imagined being impaled upon it.

He moved to me slowly as Amy stood 5 feet away watching. “God Daryl are you really gonna fuck her?”, she asked.

“Yeah baby. You know you want me to don’t you? Didn’t ya say it would be hot? Didn’t you say you might like to do it with me and a girl like her?”, he replied to his girlfriend never taking his eyes off me.

“Gawd Daryl you’re so intense.” Amy replied.

Understanding flashed through my mind. They had been fucking and Daryl probably told her about a fantasy of fucking another girl. She had apparently agreed that it would be something she would like.

I looked at her fully for the first time and saw the heat in her eyes as well as his. She was on a “cherry” high much like the one I had experienced a few months before. There can only be one first time, and this was hers.

Her desire fed my own hedonistic voice in my mind and reality and rationality succumbed to desire.

Daryl was close now and I could feel his desire billowing off of him like heat from a forest fire. He was on a high of his own. Commingled with the male fantasy of ménage au trios, was the desire to do something so “wrong” as to take another woman with his girlfriend.

I was hot as hell and could not imagine letting this scenario stop prematurely. I would fuck them both. I knew it. Reason had left the building.

The thought of being their first time got me off. This was masturbation fodder for a lifetime. The thrill of being with strangers was intoxicating and overwhelming. Hell none of us would ever remember each other’s name’s a year from now. But right now, in the moment, we were connected by one common emotion: desire.

Daryl stood in front of me, but made no move to touch me. I could smell a hint of his cologne and met his eyes. He appeared unsure of what to do next. He had played his cards, bluffing well, up to this point, but he was not willing to rape me. I could leave right now, and he wouldn’t stop me. I could see it in his eyes. Feel it in his soul, if that is possible.

It was up to me. And I chose.

I leaned forward and grabbed his thick cock through his denim overalls and said, “Fifteen bucks; Fifteen Minutes. Make them count.”

His eyes bulged both at my grab and my words, but he wasted no time. His hands went to my shirt and he roughly pulled the t-shirt up over my head exposing my breasts. Amy inhaled sharply at the suddenness of the moment. Daryl pushed my back against the cooler and lowered his mouth to my hardened nipples. His tongue rolled roughly across my swollen nipples causing me to inhale sharply. I felt his hard dick against my crotch and I obscenely ground against him.

Amy moved forward toward us. I could see her watching us with curiosity and awe. The look on her face was indescribably beautiful. I watched her over Daryl’s head as he mauled my nipples roughly, his need increasing with each swirl of his tongue across my quivering flesh. I bit my bottom lip to avoid crying out my own excitement. My shorts were soaking in a flood of my own juices.

Amy was right behind him now. She watched my pleasure as Daryl’s fingers found my burning pussy through the fabric of my shorts. I reached out slowly and took her hand in mine.

“God Damn Daryl. She’s lovin’ it.”, Amy said in stunned syllables.

The sound of Amy’s voice seemed to interrupt Daryl. It was like he forgot she was there, and he probably had. He then turned to Amy; his cock still straining to be set free. I stood upright from the cooler and the three of us stood in an equilateral triangle. Amy was to my left and Daryl to my right. He leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth and grunted hotly, “Tell me you like watchin’ me with this here slut. You like it don’t ya?”.

Amy looked at me to see if I was offended at being called a slut. I almost laughed at the absurdity of it. I was a slut. Instead of laughing I reached out and took Amy’s right breast in my hand and deftly tweeked her nipple in a way only another woman could truly appreciate.

“Yeah Amy, you want to see your boyfriend fuck this slut, don’t you?”, I asked her. It was her turn to bite her bottom lip, but she nodded. Then I leaned in and kissed her on the mouth much like Daryl had done. She kissed back immediately and I knew that this was not only Daryl’s fantasy, but hers as well (although Daryl was probably not bright enough to see Amy’s fantasy was to be with a woman; and not just watch her boyfriend fuck a slut.)

“Damn girl. You are crazy wild.”, Daryl said not knowing who he was talking to. I continued to kiss Amy deeply, our tongues intertwined. She explored my mouth eagerly and shivered at my every touch. I began unbuttoning her blouse and revealed a perfect body.

Her stomach was flat and tanned. She had full 36 c cup breasts that were hidden under her “work uniform”. I massaged her breasts as we kissed exciting her nipples further.

Daryl moved behind me and pulled my shorts down exposing me completely. Immediately Amy’s hand went to my sopping pussy. A convulsive orgasm swept through me as her fingers entered me. Amy was licking my mouth and fucking me with her fingers. Daryl was not much more than an audience, much to his chagrin.

As I recovered from the explosion in my pussy, Daryl decided to become a more active participant. He grabbed my shoulders from behind and urgently pushed me toward the counter. I moaned as he bent me over the counter forcefully holding my golden hair in his fist, my cheek pressed hard against the Formica countertop. He entered my sopping cunt a second later spreading my pussy open forcefully, using me for only his own urgent need for pleasure.

Amy stripped out of her shirt and shorts and came to the other side of the counter. She watched me taking Daryl’s cock hard. I slammed myself back against him, impaling myself on his thick cock, returning his violent entry into me with an equally violent need to feel him deep in the core of my hot pussy.

I was grunting with each of Daryl’s thrusts that filled me completely. The tip of his cock slammed into my cervix with every thrust and the mixture of pain and pleasure was delectably intense. I was pinned against the counter, face down, as Daryl held me by the back of my hair and slammed his thick cock into me. I willingly submitted to the violent fuck I was being dealt. He spanked my ass as he took me leaving stinging hand prints on my butt cheeks.

Amy was rubbing her own pussy through her underwear as she watched us like her own personal porno movie. “Take it off bitch.” I grunted at her as Daryl rammed me harder.

Amy immediately stripped off her panties and discarded them. It was as if I had given her permission to fulfill her own desires. Daryl watched her over my shoulders as he fucked me doggie style on the counter like an animal.

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