The Game Ch. 04 Pt. 02

bySara and Ron©

Amy sat on a chair that was behind the counter and spread her legs obscenely exposing her wet pussy to me. Daryl thrust into me harder yet, as we watched Amy masturbate herself. She was close enough that I could reach out and spank her pussy lightly. She scooted closer yet letting me have better access to her.

I slid my middle finger into her as Daryl pumped and pumped his huge cock into my own wet hole. Amy was rocking her hips to my attention, and I finger fucked her to the rhythm of Daryl’s thrusts.

Suddenly Daryl grunted his own orgasm flooding my wet pussy pushing my fingers deeper into his girlfriend. Amy’s eyes went wide at the depth of my penetration and squirmed uncontrollably in her chair as an orgasm ripped through her body violently. Her pussy squeezed hard and tight on my fingers that were buried deep inside her love canal. I was reminded for an instant of a Chinese finger trap as my own pussy gripped Daryl’s cock as Amy’s gripped my fingers.

Daryl thrust twice more emptying himself into me and then slid out of me leaving me empty. He slapped my ass and said, “Damn city girls can fuck.”

Then he used my t-shirt to wipe his cock clean and left it on my back like a used tissue. He walked naked to the cooler across the store and got himself a beer.

I crawled over the counter toward Amy. She was still panting from her own orgasm and I bent and spread her legs wide in the chair and kneeled between them. She looked scared and excited together and I knew from experience the feelings she was having.

I smiled genuinely at her and whispered, “There is nothing like it.” And then I lowered my mouth to her pussy and tasted her. She was sweet and tangy and uniquely her. I licked her clit gently at first to get her more used to the idea. Her reaction was immediate. She relaxed and let herself go and I used my tongue like a cock and invaded her womanly sex with it. She was contracting her pussy around my tongue in a rhythm I identified with immediately as she climbed toward another orgasm.

I expertly fucked her with my mouth, wanting her to know how good it could be and eager only to give her pleasure she may never again experience. I slipped my middle finger back inside of her pussy as my mouth covered her clit, swirling with my tongue in gently circles while applying suction with my mouth. Her reaction was immediate and overwhelming. She cried out, “Oh my GAWD. Oh MY GAWD. OH MY GAWD.” Again and again.

Daryl watched with a spent cock as he drank his beer. He was out of his element here, and he knew it. Somehow his fantasy had become Amy’s and he had lost control. I found Amy’s G-spot with my index finger and massaged it gently with small tapping motions. And then Amy came again. Not in so much an explosion as a thermonuclear detonation. She screamed, “JESUS GOD” and her pussy expelled fluid as if from a fire hydrant.

I came then also. Not from anything that was happening to my pussy, but because of what was happening in my mind. I was giving this girl a gift that she did not expect, and the raw power and sexuality of it, combined with the heat of her orgasm, pushed me over the brink. It was the first time I have ever cum without being touched. Jesus that is hot.

Daryl stood wide eyed as his lover, who was supposed to be fulfilling his fantasy, explored her own and found hers more satisfying than his. He would never understand that her fantasy ran deeper than his. His was a story he would tell his friends. Hers was an exploration of who she was.

When she had finished, she collapsed in the chair exhausted. I stood slowly on weak legs, my own pussy leaking its own remnants of sex. I picked up Daryl’s shirt off the counter and obscenely wiped myself with it leaving a mixture of his and my juices streaked across it much as he had done to mine.

I put on my shorts and shirt that were wet with him and smiled at him as he stared unbelieving at me. “You all have a good day now.”, I said and leaned down and kissed Amy one final time. I left the gas station leaving Amy exhausted and fulfilled and Daryl confused and sticky.

Two exits later I was crying. Tears streaked my face as I drove and I was shivering almost uncontrollably. The intensity of the experience left me feeling unnerved and raw. How did that just happen? What just happened? Was I raped? No. I could not deny that I had wanted what had just happened and had enjoyed it immensely. Who was I? Who was I becoming? Is this who I am, a woman controlled only by her most carnal desires? Did I just let a gas station attendant fuck me for 15 dollars? God help me I did and I loved it. Was I out of control this badly and why did I like it so damn much?

Fuck this was insane. Yet even now, as uncertain as I felt, when I thought about Daryl fucking me like that, it made me hot. I had not cum until I was with Amy, but the image of me being bent over and forcefully fucked like a piece of meat got me off.

The thought of my experience with Amy caused a similar reaction in my cunt. I was wet again. Jesus, what was happening to me?

I got off on being used. I got off on dominating Amy’s experience. I loved the control. I loved the lack of control. Is this really me? Should it be? I was racked not by guilt or remorse, but fear. Fear of where this would lead. Fear of who I was becoming. And fear of what would become of me.

Each experience since The Game began was becoming more intense. Hell what just happened was not even part of the game, but a strange byproduct of it. Where would this game lead us? What fantasy would I have a year from now? What things would I do?

I was sticky with Daryl and Amy. I had to stop again. This time I picked a large convenient store that was bustling. I parked next to the women’s room and made the dash from the car to the door. I went inside and locked the door thankful that I did not need a key. I couldn’t go inside covered in semen.

I quickly stripped out of the clothes I was wearing and washed my hands, face, tits, and pussy in the sink. How degrading to wash your pussy in a gas station sink. Fortunately I had some other clothes, even though they were dirty. They were still cleaner than I was.

I dressed in the outfit I had worn on Friday and looked at myself in the mirror. A strange looking young professional stared back at me. She was in stark contrast to the “cum covered slut” that had gone into the bathroom.

Who was I?

My cell phone rang startling me. I picked it up and stared at the number on Caller ID. It was Ron. Perfect.

“Hello”, I said.

“Hey babe. How’s your trip going?”, he asked kindly.

“Okay, just got a later start than I planned. Be home in about two hours.”, I said trying to sound more calm than I felt.

“Sure thing. Hey, are you alright? You sound funny.”, he asked.

Damn him and his intuition. “Yeah no problem. Just had to stop to pee.” I said.

“Oh okay. I thought you sounded like you were in an echo chamber. You in the bathroom now?”, he asked.

“Uh huh”. I said with raw nerves and my emotions churning inside me.

“Hey are you really okay?”, he asked with concern in his voice.

I started to answer but lost all control instead.

I broke down and sobbed and it was like a psychological catharsis. Everything came spilling out of me. I told him everything. I told him about watching his movie that morning, about feeling confused and horny, about fucking Daryl and Amy in the convenient store, about everything.

When I was finished I felt worse not better. I knew he would leave me. How could he not. I waited, sobbing, for the ax to fall, but he never said a word. After several minutes I stopped crying and wiped my eyes still listening for him to say something and afraid that he would.

Finally I said, “Are you still there?”, afraid that he had hung up on me disgusted by what I had said and done.

And then he said the nicest thing I think anyone has ever said to me. Just one word and it made all the difference.

“Always.”, he uttered without a trace of regret or doubt.

It was so genuine and ridiculous and wonderful that I laughed out loud.

“Really?” I asked still not ready to believe so deeply in another person.

“Yes.” He replied immediately.

“And you’re not mad?”, I asked still not believing.

“No. Tell me how what just happened made you feel.”, he said.

“I am not sure. Out of control. In control. Sexual. Powerful. Weak. Scared. I don’t’ know I felt everything”, I babbled.

“Well would you go back and erase the experience if you could?”, he asked.

I thought about that carefully and finally answered, “No. I wouldn’t.”

“Well then neither would I. Some people go through their whole lives and never feel anything. In one moment you felt everything.”, he replied profoundly.

I sat in stunned silence trying to absorb the words he just said.

“You’re amazing.” I told him and genuinely believed it.

“You are too babe. Now come home, and we can talk.”

I hung up and drove home, and just like that I felt a world better. Ron was incredible. But I was even more afraid of how much he could hurt me. But I also knew that he wouldn’t, which is an amazing feeling too.

I drove home and took a shower that cleansed both body and spirit. I was still afraid, but being afraid seemed okay as long as I was with Ron.

I met Michelle for dinner two days later at a small bistro we both enjoyed. She asked me over and over again about every intimate detail of the encounter in the gas station. She squealed with delight during the second telling which also happened to coincide with the second bottle of wine.

Machelle told me about her latest conquests and all in all we had a wonderful dinner consisting of girl talk, filet of sole, and lots and lots of wine.

As we split a piece of cheese cake after two hours of eating and drinking she finally asked the question I was waiting for.

“So my sexually adventurous friend, what has Ron got in store for you this month? As I recall it’s his turn.” She said smiling at me over her merlot glass.

I blushed bright red even though I had not only expected this question, but had hoped for it. Michelle if anyone could make this happen. I don’t think I will ever get over my “blush-reflex”.

“Well actually it’s a bit unique this month, and I am not sure how to make it happen.”, I began.

“Unique huh? What does he want you to do? Pee on him? Have sex with a goat? What?” she asked in typical Michelle fashion.

“Well nothing quite THAT unique.”, I said and began telling her about the letter, the trip to my sister’s, and the video.

She laughed when I finished telling her about the “cum shower” he wanted me to plan for myself and said, “Well that’s about right for a guy.”

I stared at her confused.

She looked back and said, “Come on Sara. Don’t be so naïve. All guys fantasize about a girl getting a cum bath. Why do you think they call it the “money shot” in porno’s? Its about a guy seeing a woman totally submit to him. I remember the first time I let a guy cum on me instead of in me. I just wanted to see it happen, but when it did you would of thought the guy won the lottery. They all fantasize about stuff like that. Now the fact that he wants lots of guys to cum on you while he watches is a little wilder, but basically the same fantasy.”

“So you would do it?” I asked.

“Hell hon, I have done it. With only two guys, but yeah it was a rush. The guys fantasize about you submitting to them. It turns them on, but really you are the one with the power. They submit to their fantasies, and we control how much they can have of them. I’m a giver what can I say.”, she said coyly with a devilish grin.

Michelle never ceased to amaze me. What she said made so much sense and gave me insight into both Ron and men in general, but I never would have thought that way without her.

She was my sexual guidance counselor if you will. She is the one person who I could go to for advice and counsel, which is why I asked her to dinner. I wanted her to help me make this fantasy of Ron’s come true and subconsciously I wanted her approval that I was not going too far. I no longer trusted my own judgment after the gas station “incident” as I now referred to it.

Now that the fantasy was out in the open, the part Michelle really enjoyed and excelled began: planning the fantasy.

“So will you help me?”, I asked her smiling.

“Shit hun you don’t need my help. There’s probably ten guys in this bar that would do it tonight if you asked.”, she replied.

I blushed again looking around furtively at the male faces in the bar imagining each one emptying their balls on my face while Ron watched.

Michelle smiled at me as if she could read my mind and leaned in toward me and said, “Okay hun here is what we will do.”

She spoke non-stop for 20 minutes coming up with idea after idea, refining the script she was refining for me as she went. With each new idea the fantasy expanded encompassing all of Ron’s fantasy elements and some of Michelle’s own.

When we left the restaurant I was on fire with desire. I caught a cab back to my apartment and masturbated for an hour imagining in detail the events we had planned.

Next weekend would be crazy. I just hoped that Ron was ready for what had in store for him. Some of the ideas Michelle had were more than he asked for. A lot more. The only thing I knew for sure was it would be a new experience for us both.

I awoke Saturday morning with late morning sun filling my bedroom. I stretched and enjoyed the feeling of warmth as golden rays caressed my naked body. I smiled to myself thinking, “Today is the day.”

I got up and made coffee and spent the entire day just lounging around the house. I had sent Ron a note yesterday telling him to be at my apartment at 8:00 sharp and I spent my day mentally and emotionally preparing myself for what was to come.

At 6:00 I took a long hot shower. After that I stood in front of my mirror staring at my naked body. I felt like a blank canvas that an artist would soon begin to paint. I could put on my work clothes and become a young conservative professional. I could put on blue jeans and a t-shirt and become normal casually dressed woman in her young 30’s. Or I could put on the clothes that were laid out on my bed and use the make up I had bought to become “Slutty Sara”.

I loved the multiplicity of my personality, and it was fun to role play these various personas in my mind. “Slutty Sara” as I thought of her (almost as a different person) was about to make an appearance that she would not soon forget.

I smiled at the thought and began getting ready.

At 7:15 pm I finished applying the last of my make up and truly looked the part. I had teased my blond hair making me look like a porn star in the making and had used liberal amounts of make up to hide the slightest imperfections of my body. I shaved myself from top to bottom and loved the feeling of soft nakedness.

I stood staring at the person I had become and smiled. I slipped on a pair of black satin thong panties and pulled them high on my hips letting the thin floss of material slide into my ass and all but disappear. The thin triangle of material was tight against my lower lips and the outline was clearly visible.

Then I put on a white “wife beater” tank top without bra. It was tight against my full breasts and displayed my nipples prominently. The shirt stopped just below my breasts leaving my flat stomach enticingly bare. I giggled at myself in the mirror feeling both sexy and ridiculous at the same time.

I completed the outfit with a purple satin robe that barely covered my ass.

I checked my makeup once more and stood back to admire my work. I barely recognized myself, but I certainly looked sexy as hell. I smiled and went to make myself a stiff drink. It was 7:45 and the fun would start very soon.

I was sitting on the couch starting on my second vodka tonic when the doorbell rang. My VCR clock said 8:01. I smiled and crossed the room to the door. When I opened the door Ron’s mouth dropped open. He stood there taking me in. When he finally spoke he only could mutter one word, “Stunning.”

I giggled and said, “Glad you like it.” and ushered him inside.

“Now Mr. Fantasy, why don’t you sit down on the couch and I will make you a drink.” I said playing to the submissive role that was his fantasy.

I brought him his cocktail and kissed him on the lips. I put my hands on his chest and lingered close to him for a few seconds letting him feel my sexual energy and allowing myself time to enjoy the feeling of him.

Then I whispered in his ear, “Now I think you are a bit over dressed. Please get naked right now.” I said sternly.

Ron began to strip quickly. In less than a minute he was completely nude and sitting in the middle of my couch. I kissed him again and reached down to stroke his hardening cock. “Things are going to get intense baby.”, I said in a whisper as I stroked him to full hardness. I drizzled lubrication over his member and replaced my hand with his encouraging him to jack off. “Just don’t cum baby.” I said as I watched him pleasure himself.

I was extremely turned on watching him. As he stroked the door bell chimed again. Ron looked startled and vulnerable in his current predicament. I smiled at him reassuringly, and it was nice to know he was nervous about this as well. In a voice more confident than I felt I said, “Keep stroking baby. Don’t mind my company.”

I moved to the door and took a deep breath knowing that once I opened the door, I was passing the point of no return. I turned the knob and opened the door slowly. Outside were 6 Nubian Gods. I inhaled taking them in.

There were two black men, three white men, and what appeared to be a Latin man. Each was tall and built like body builders, muscular and lean. They were dressed alike in polo shirts and tan pants. They all had broad shoulders, thin wastes, and tight, hard bodies. Michelle had outdone herself. I would later learn that these men were male strippers and had each jumped at the chance to fulfill this particular fantasy of ours.

The one in front said in a husky male voice, “Good Evening. I am assuming you are Sara.”

I smiled at him and led him and the others into my living room. Ron was taken back by the sudden intrusion of six male forms. The men did not seem the slightest bit surprised to see another man jacking off on my couch. The men knew their role and no one spoke another word at the moment.

I led the men in front of the couch where they formed a semi-circle around me. I faced Ron whose cock was wilting before me and said, “Honey I think you are going to like this.”

Ron was beyond speech as I kneeled down and seductively removed my robe. The large black man to my right moved forward and I unzipped him. His cock slipped easily out of his pants and I realized that he wore no underwear. These were professionals. His cock was magnificent and I held it gently feeling the thickness of it in my right hand. I held it to my lips and gently licked the sensitive tip with my tongue, never taking my eyes off of Ron.

“Mmmm I love dick.” I said seductively as I licked him and felt his cock expanding to my touch.

The other men undressed silently as I licked their well endowed black friend and watched Ron watch me. His cock was hardening again, and he was beginning to stroke himself once more.

I turned to my left to find a white cock that was longer and thicker than its black brother to my left. I took it into my mouth without preamble and used my tongue to stroke the base.

I felt another set of hands reach around me from behind to fondle my hardening nipples and stroke my g-string clad ass. I alternated sucking these two Adonis’s enjoying the feel of their hard manhood on my tongue. I never lost sight of Ron who was stroking himself harder now. “Don’t cum,” I thought desperately wanting him to enjoy this sexual high as long as possible.

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