The Game Ch. 04 Pt. 02

bySara and Ron©

My shirt was stripped off of me as I changed cocks once more. I was in a sea of big thick dick, and I loved it. So did Ron by his reaction. Suck the first one, then the second. Then another would be in my face and I would take it as well. Then I tried two at once and Ron groaned at the visual. I rubbed both cocks together with my tongue as I tried to wrap my lips around them both.

Then there was a finger on my wet pussy. God that felt amazing. It rubbed me in magical circles that sent shivers through me as I feasted on cock.

I was back to the thick white cock. I no longer even associated the dicks with people. There was only cock after cock in my face. Each man was stroking himself as we alternated. I felt the one I had spent the most time on shiver and the first eruption happened with my lips wrapped around the cockhead and my hand fondling his balls.

A thick spray of semen filled my mouth and leaked down my chin. Ron was really whacking his cock now watching me take an anonymous load in my mouth. I swallowed desperate to take it all, but knowing it was impossible as stream after stream hit my mouth and face.

When the geyser of cum stopped releasing itself into and onto my mouth, I had to take a break and come up for air or right then I would have been covered by all six of those magnificent cocks. As tempting as that image was, I had other plans for this fantasy of Ron’s.

I stood up on wobbly legs with a face glazed and wet with male ejaculate. I smiled at Ron who was wondering why I had stopped. His pace on his own cock slowed but did not stop. I seductively stripped out of my g-string and stood naked in front of my man. My shaved pussy was slick with my own excitement and my nipples stood out from my 34 b breasts like diamonds.

I walked to him. He smiled lecherously at me, enjoying the look of me covered in another man’s cum, yet knowing I was his. I turned with my back to him and slowly lowered myself on to his lap, gently guiding his cock up against my tight little asshole.

His cock was slick with the lubrication I had provided him earlier for his own pleasure, and this unexpected event was welcomed by him. He told me later that he only expected to watch, but other plans were in play.

I pushed down gently taking him into my tightest of holes feeling the exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain. When I had taken him all I did not move for a few seconds, but rather just enjoyed the fullness of him in my ass. Then slowly I began rocking back and forth, inch by inch, teasing him; squeezing him with my ass muscles; making him feel every nerve of his cock inside me.

The other guys watched in amusement as I took Ron up my ass. Their cocks were hard and throbbing as they stroked themselves as I displayed my anal skills. I was lost in a haze of intense sexual feeling as Ron’s cock filled my ass, its tip teasing my g-spot through the thin membrane separating my pussy and asshole.

Ron fondled my tits, lightly pinching my nipples, the way I liked and I groaned with pleasure. I spread my legs and nodded to the gorgeous black man. He came to me and grabbed my ankles spreading me further. Ron’s cock was buried in my ass and moved in deeper as this large black man spread me wide opening my pussy. I heard Ron’s urgent grunts as he thrust inside me as he watched over my shoulder as the nameless black man positioned his cock at the entrance of my wet pussy. Ron and I moaned together as he entered me.

I could feel both of their cocks working in and out of me as they both fucked me in perfect rhythm. The black man’s thrusts became more urgent as we fucked like animals. I heard the wonderful squishy sounds of sex and light slapping sounds of two sets of balls lightly slapping together as two big pricks impaled my fuck holes.

The black man cried out and pulled his thick cock from my wet cunt and stroked himself as white ropes of cum ejaculated from his cock painting line after line across my stomach and chest.

Ron was going crazy in my ass, but I squeezed hard with all the strength of my ass to keep him from cumming. He seemed to understand and slowed his urgent thrusts. His hands massaged the black man’s sticky cum into the soft skin of my tits.

Encouraged by the excitement of the moment, two more of the men moved toward us. One stood on each side of Ron and I. Ron’s left cheek was pressed tight against my right cheek so that he could see all that was happening. I leaned back to give him a better view as he panted his pleasure in my ear, “God this is so hot Sara. Suck those cocks while I fuck your ass.” He grunted.

Never one to disappoint, I opened my mouth wide and took the man to my right. My ass was slick and hot from Ron’s cock and my hand massaged my well fucked pussy toward orgasm. The man to my left held me by my hair as he stroked his cock and his friend fed me his cock.

Ron’s face was pressed against mine and I knew he was getting and up close and personal view of the incredible image of me getting face fucked. Ron played with my nipples driving me higher and higher into my sexual frenzy.

The other men moved closer forming a circle of stroking cocks around Ron and I. The moment I had fantasized about for a week was moving toward me like a freight train. I was lost in the moment and loving every second of the sheer depravity of my position. Ron’s cock was deep up my ass and five men were jerking off around us as I sucked a big thick cock. It was incredible.

The man in my mouth exploded without any warning (there was not even the tell tale cock quiver I am used to). He came in a copious river that took me completely off guard. I reflexively leaned away from him from the sheer surprise of his orgasm (not something I ever do when I suck dick). My mouth was full of his seed and his tip slipped from my mouth. His hand immediately went to his cock and he stroked himself so as not to lose the power of his orgasm.

I closed my mouth instinctively to swallow and even as I did, I knew I would not open again in time to take his second spray. A jet of cum erupted from him painting my face. I heard Ron moan in agonizing pleasure as white, hot semen sprayed all over my cheek and chin.

“Jesus yes. Take it bitch.”, he groaned lost in his own sexual haze. It was the first time Ron had ever called me “bitch” and even in the moment it was surprising, and I liked it.

“Yeah take it bitch.”, the white man grunted as he jacked another stream of semen onto me (us).

When the man finally had emptied himself onto me, the other men were cheering for him and applauding. I continued to grind my ass on Ron’s cock. “More.” I grunted.

The other man to my left began stroking himself faster now. I turned my head toward him and Ron adjusted so that his right cheek was now against my left. His cheek was as wet and sticky as mine, and I realized he was getting as much of the shower as I was. The thought made me so fucking hot I came at the realization.

I pushed three fingers forcefully in my cunt as the man to my left grunted and ejaculated onto my open mouth. My pussy spasm felt amazing and Ron pushed into my ass hard and deep knowing I was cumming.

I bounced on his cock now just wanting to ride him. I loved the intensity of this. Semen covered my face (and his). It dripped down my body in thin white steams. The four men left moved forward toward us. I was sitting straight up now really riding Ron’s dick. Each of them was close and I took turns leaning forward and taking them in my mouth one after the other.

Ron leaned forward and wrapped his arms around me and placing his hands over my tits and pulled me back to him. The guys understood his intentions and moved closer yet. Ron was lost in his fantasy and loving it, and so was I.

“Cum on my bitch while I butt-fuck her.” Ron moaned to the other four men. “Cum all over us!”

“Us?” I thought.

And then the thought was lost as the four cocks erupted in an amazing display of a man’s ability to produce cum. Ron moaned and exploded in my ass as what felt like gallons of cum spewed forth from those beautiful fire-hose-like cocks. My own orgasm rocked through me in wave after wave of contracting pleasure as I was showered in sticky white cum.

Stripe after stripe of white sticky cum crossed my cheeks and opened mouth. I could taste the wonderful mixture of male essence. I could feel the heat as rope after rope of cum painted my hardened nipples. Ron’s body shivered under mine in intense pleasure.

Another spray of cum hit me from behind and I realized the two men who had fucked my pussy and mouth had moved behind the couch and were ready for round 2. I leaned back and looked up to see a black and white cock inches above my forehead spew forth another forceful orgasm.

As the spray subsided, I collapsed back against Ron in exhaustion as his limp cock slipped from my open ass. I was breathing hard and so was he. He held me close to him, arms wrapped around me. “I love you.”, he whispered and I purred my contentment.

Each of our visitors then moved forward silently and rubbed the tip of their wilting cocks against my lips in turn. I licked the last semen off of their tip as the final display of my depravity. Ron watched as I cleaned the remnants of cum off of each of them. As the last man approached he leaned in and opened my mouth to clean him as well. Instead of putting his cock to my lips, he surprised me by moving his cock past my cheek to Ron’s lips.

Ron leaned forward and licked the tip as I had done to the other five. The man smiled and then the group of them dressed quickly and left without another word.

I was absolutely stunned. I could not believe what had just happened. Jesus. That was so fucking hot. I shivered again in excitement.

When the door closed behind the men, Ron and I moved on uncertain legs to the shower to clean up. As we entered the bathroom and turned on the lights, the mirror revealed two people I barely recognized. I was absolutely covered in cum, but the surprising part was so was Ron. His face dripped as much almost as much as mine.

“You are messy!” I giggled.

“Your not one to talk.”, he replied.

I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. “Was that the fantasy you were looking for?”, I asked uncertain how he would respond now that the sexual high was over and he was left covered in 6 other men’s orgasm. That was definitely not part of the fantasy he had written, but it was something Michelle was sure he would enjoy. I was not so certain in this moment.

Ron appeared uncertain as how to reply, and butterflies welled up within me. Had I gone too far? Was this the beginning of the end? Shit.

“Actually it was not what I expected, but to be honest I think it is the hottest thing I have ever seen, done, or even heard of.”, he replied.

“I can’t believe you licked that guys dick.”, I stammered.

Now it was Ron’s turn to look uncertain and afraid. I smiled reassuringly and said, “That was hot. Was it the first time you have ever done that?”, I asked.

He smiled back and said, “Yeah. I never would have ever imagined myself doing that, but in the moment it was so hot and I was already covered with spunk so it didn’t seem so weird.”

I nodded knowing exactly how he felt, remembering the moments in the convenient store that I still could not believe I participated in.

“Did you like it?”, I asked now very curious.

“Um I am not sure how I feel honestly, I would not pursue it, but it didn’t bother me either”, he replied honestly.

I knew exactly how he felt. We were two of a kind. Both of us could (and did) easily get lost in passionate moments.

“My God this is the love of my life.” I thought and hoped he felt the same.

He then came to me and hugged me. We kissed gently tasting both each other and the 6 biological sex toys that we had used to fulfill a fantasy.

We showered together and then went to the bedroom and fucked gently and lovingly.

Afterwards, I told him about my trip home and the new room mate I was expecting.

We were both nervous about where this game was leading. We decided to take a month off from The Game since Rachel was moving in next week. Neither of us knew how her presence would affect our relationship or The Game.

We were both surprised at how it turned out.

To be Continued………..

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