tagErotic CouplingsThe Game Ch. 11

The Game Ch. 11

bySara and Ron©

Chapter 11: The Game Goes On

Two weeks had passed since Rachel and I had made that pilgrimage to Ron's home filled with both fear and hope for a better future. Life had returned somewhat to normal. Rachel had returned to work, and so had I. Ron had been freaked out after I had told him about our 'scare', but he was supportive. He was a little clingier with me over this last two weeks but I took that as a sign of his love for me.

It was nothing overt, but I found him holding my hand more frequently, hugging me good bye more tightly when we parted, and calling me to check in more frequently. I loved him so much more for all those little things.

Things were definitely different between Rachel and I, but as we returned to somewhat of a 'normal' existence we were able to blend that experience into our shared past. The biggest difference between us was a more open relationship. I no longer feared exposing her to life, and she was connected to me in a way no other person ever had been.

We slept together every night for the first week after that experience except that first night when I was with Ron. We did not have sex, but held each other closely as we fell asleep. On the seventh night, Rachel did not join me in my bed, but returned to her room. We never spoke about the change in sleeping arrangements, but both knew that it was time for us to put our fear behind us and get on with living life.

In the two weeks that had passed, however, Rachel and I had talked a lot. After that early morning by the pool where I shared with her the video of one of my fantasies, we had spoken frequently of the game. I told her everything.

She sometimes laughed, sometimes teased me good naturedly, and often asked about what I felt during each of my fantasies. I had not told Ron that Rachel now knew about our 'game', and I was not sure why. I could only say that it didn't feel like it was the right time to tell him.

Ron and I had talked about our 'game' the weekend before. We had not had sex since I had told him about Rachel and my trip to 'X'. Both of us seemed to need a sexual break to get our heads straight, and both of us were content to just spend time together.

Last Saturday was less than 2 days until the 30th of the month. We were lying in his bed holding each other closely, kissing, hugging, exploring each other's mouths lovingly with intertwined tongues. He broke the kiss and said, "I love you Sara."

"I love you too, Ron", and then reached between his legs and gently stroked his hard cock and pulled him closer to me.

He resisted placing his right hand on my chest between us and said, "Are you sure you are ready for that?"

I smiled at his concern and said, "Yes, I'm sure. We have a wonderful sex life and I don't want that to change."

He kissed me on the forehead with love but not lust and said, "I know. I don't want it to change either, but I think we should talk a little bit first. I need to know how you are feeling and I want to tell you how I am feeling."

I leaned back the heat of my passion fading. I could feel his cock wilt slowly in my hand and I let him go. I propped myself up on my elbow and faced him. God I loved him.

"Okay, I always want you to know how I am feeling." I said truthfully.

"Well I guess after what happened I was so afraid for you. I have had nightmares for the last week about losing you." He began with wet eyes.

I felt like an ice pick had been stabbed through my heart. My own eyes filled with tears knowing that I had hurt this wonderful man deeply. I stroked his cheek and said, "I'm so sorry baby."

He took my hand in his and kissed my nose gently. "It's not your fault. I am not blaming you; I just want you to know how very much you mean to me. I have never felt anything like what we have together."

I smiled warmly, the ice pick turning to glowing warmth at his words. "Me either." I said.

"And I really think the game we have been playing has brought me so close to you. I feel like we share everything. I can't believe some of the things I have done and seen with you. And there is no jealousy or fear of losing you to another man. God it's intense and everything we have done has only brought us closer." He said in an ongoing flow of emotion.

I interlaced my hands with his and said to him, "I know. I can't believe it either, but it's true. I love you Ron."

He smiled as if tortured and said, "But I'm a little afraid too."

Here was the 'but'. I felt a stab of fear. I had been hurt before by men and every time they left me it was always with a speech that started our about how much they loved me. And every time there was the proverbial 'but' that preceded the pain. I froze with fear, my heart hammering. Had I blown it? Was this night it? Had I scared him to the point he could no longer stand to be around me? Fuck this hurt so badly.

My eyes were brimming with tears but I could not bring myself to speak. He stared at me, but made no effort to comfort me. That was not like him and I knew what was coming. I imagined his voice in my head, 'Sara this just isn't working out. I love you, but I'm not in love with you anymore. I need my space. Let's try just being friends.'

I had heard it all, and it all sounded hollow and empty. Probably because all of those things are hollow and empty, and they are said only to make the person saying them feel better about shattering a lover's heart. I braced myself for what was coming. I knew I would cry, but I would try not to until I had collected my clothes and left his house for the last time. I waited for him to stab me with his words and then he spoke.

"But, I would give the 'game' up for you. You are too important to me, and you have been through a rough week. We both have. So we don't have to play the game anymore if you don't want to. Just promise me that you will love me and that can be enough for me."

I blinked and tears spilled from my eyes. That was a strange speech for a break up, but part of me wondered what the hell this was all about. Was he cutting me off or stopping the game in hopes that I would stay or go? What was going on here?

"Do you want to stop playing the game?" I asked tentatively.

He sighed and said, "Honestly, no. But it scares me a little."

"Why?" I asked now curious.

He looked at me confused and said, "Because you have been hurt by sex in the last week. Because I don't know how you might react to the things we might do together. It would destroy me to lose you over a fantasy of mine. I love you and I am so very afraid of how we could hurt each other. I love the game, but I love you more. I just don't want to lose you."

I let out a laugh and cry together. It was one of those moments that can only be shared by two people in the deepest of love. Tears spilled from my eyes but I also laughed with joy as the fear in my heart evaporated and I was filled so deeply with love for this wonderful, wonderful man that it physically hurt.

I hugged him and felt his tears wet my shoulders. It was the first time I had ever seen him cry, but he was unashamed and held me fiercely. I continued to laugh and cry together in heaving sobs and grins. Tears fell from my eyes and my nose filled and dripped (not sexy, but true).

I pulled him close to me and held him tight as if I were trying to draw him into me and become one person with him. It was a wonderful feeling that only grew in its wonder. When my emotions finally felt more under control I leaned back and kissed him gently on the lips. His cheeks were wet, and I was a mess, but he kissed me gently back.

He smiled and said, "Need a tissue?". I laughed again and when I did a snot bubble formed out of my left nostril.

Ron laughed out loud as I reached for the box of Kleenex on the nightstand. I sat up blowing my nose and wiping my eyes. I was straddling his body and he grinned up and me. I handed him a tissue and he wiped his eyes and then stroked the side of my face gently.

"God you are beautiful." He said.

I smiled at him and said, "Yeah I'm sexy when I cry. The snot bubbles I am sure are a huge turn on."

He grinned and said, "You are beautiful even with the snot bubbles."

There was levity now to our conversation, and I finally believed how much he loved me. I had 'known' it and 'felt' it, but there was always a part of me that could not believe that someone could love me so completely. I believed it now and my hands once again interlaced with his.

"So you don't want to play anymore?" I asked.

His face went serious and he said, "I want to, but not if it will hurt you."

I leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips. I let my tongue trace his upper lip softly. I kissed his bottom lip just as gently and playfully sucked it into my mouth. I licked the tip of his nose and then whispered softly, "I love you and you need not worry about my desire or love for you. I am okay and I want to keep playing. And right now I have a fantasy. My fantasy is to fuck your brains our right here, right now."

I kissed him more passionately now and felt the stir of arousal in my nipples and wetness in my pussy that straddled his body. He groaned and I knew instinctively that his cock had come to life and was growing.

I reached back and took his shaft in my hand. He was fully hard and I stroked him gently never breaking our kiss. He licked my mouth urgently and his hands found my breasts. My nipples hardened to his touch and our kissing became hungrier.

I grunted, "God I'm gonna fuck your cock so hard."

He groaned at my words. I knew he loved it when I talked dirty to him and I so desperately wanted to bring him pleasure. I stroked him harder now sitting up. His hands lay back in a cross on the bed and I gently rocked my hips, rubbing my wet, hot pussy gently across his chest as I stroked his dick.

"Oh god that feels so good", he moaned.

"Good baby. I love making you feel good." I said my own heat building with his.

"Jack me off Sara." He groaned.

I smiled loving when he called me by my name when he talked dirty. I opened the nightstand drawer and found a bottle of lubrication. I drizzled it over his cock and he sucked in his breath as the cool lube hit the heat of his member.

I used my hands to make him slick all over and he groaned again. "God I love your big cock." I said. "It's so hot baby. You like it when I jerk you off?" I asked teasingly.

"Oh yeah, jack it baby." He said groaning.

I slid my body down and sad cross legged between his legs. I stroked his erect cock with my right hand and massaged his balls with my left, loving the feel of him in my hands.

"Uhhhh." He said as I squeezed his testicles gently and continued to pleasure him with my hands.

My rubbed a little lower and found the base of his balls. I rubbed in little circles stimulating his prostate and jacking his dick faster. I was rewarded with a groan, but I tightened my grip on the base of his cock holding off his impending ejaculation.

"Mmmm I bet that feels good." I said as his body shivered in pre orgasmic spasms. I would not let him cum yet, however. I wanted to please him in the most carnal way.

"Fuck me." He groaned.

"Not yet." I said. "This is all for you right now. Tell me how good you feel."

His reply was immediate and lust filled, "God it feels so good. I can feel tingles in the tip of my cock when you rub my balls."

I pushed harder on his perineum and said, "I'm not touching your balls, but I will if you ask me to. Or do you like this better?" I traced a finger against his asshole not letting up the pressure on the base of his balls.

His reaction was immediate and I thought he would erupt. I tightened my grip on the base of his cock. He did not cum, but his cock oozed pre-cum like I had never seen before. It flowed out of the tip and over my hand. I could smell the sex of him and I loved it.

"I see you liked that?" I asked.

"Ummmm" was all he said, but I wanted to hear him talk to me. "What was that? Should I stop or do you want more?" I traced my finger across his ass gently.

"More." He said groaning.

"More? More what? Tell me baby." I said seductively.

Finally he relented and groaned through a sexual haze, "Finger fuck my ass while you jack me off."

I smiled and said, "Oh you dirty boy. I love it."

I knelt and kissed the tip of his oozing cock, savoring the taste of him. I sucked it like a lollipop, swirling my tongue over his sensitive head. My middle finger found his tight little ass hole and I gently pushed into him.

He groaned and his cock seemed to strain harder. I sucked it and it seemed to ooze onto my tongue driving me wild with my own desire. I felt him tighten around my finger and I gently wiggled my finger knowing how he must be feeling having learned to love anal sex myself.

"You are so tight." I whispered to him. "God I can't believe I'm fucking your ass."

He groaned and then panted, "Fuck my ass baby. I love it. Fuck me and make me cum."

I stroked his cock with blinding speed now. I jacked his cock so fast he could not get into a thrusting rhythm, but rather relaxed allowing my finger deeper penetration inside of his asshole. His orgasm built and built, not with urgent thrusting, but with deep contractions inside his abdomen. My hand was a blur on his cock and my middle finger was hilted in him.

He groaned but did not cum. I watched his face contort in pleasure, fascinated by the intensity of his orgasm that built. His balls tightened and pulsed, but now white semen came spewing forth. His groaning built and built.

I wiggled my finger and continued stroking. He was moaning constantly now and gasping in pleasure. Sweat poured off of him as I listened to his incoherent pleasure groans, "God,..... fuck....yeah......more.....fuck me.......ohhhhhhh".

I smiled and then his body tensed. Shivered went through him and his ass gripped my finger fiercely. The shivers grew to near thrashing and I slowly slid my finger out of him a centimeter at a time slowly relieving the pressure on his magic gland.

The semen did not spurt from him, but instead came in an overwhelming torrent. He screamed in pleasure, something I have never heard him do before. The first eruption came out with such force that the spray shot above his head and painted a wet, white glob on the head board. The second followed immediately covering him in a ropey white line from his cheek to between his hardened nipples. The third and fourth wetted his chest and stomach. His ass clenched in spasms as my finger finally slid free. Two more jets issued forth from his cock, pooling in white puddles in and around his belly button.

His cock wilted slowly in my hand and his shivers slowly subsided. I was grinning when he opened his eyes and saw me. "Jesus Christ." He said in heaving breaths.

I laughed and said, "Glad you liked it."

That was the most intense thing ever. "I never thought...." His voice trailed off as a new tremor passed through him.

I giggled with delight at the pleasure he was feeling.

"Christ part of me is still cumming." He said.

I leaned forward and kissed his lips, my breasts touching the wetness left on his chest. When I sat back up I looked down and said, "You made a mess."

He laughed and said, "Totally worth it."

On a whim I leaned forward and licked his belly button that held a little pool of his cum. I held it on my tongue for him to see and said, "Tasty."

He laughed and said, "Help yourself to as much as you like."

I grinned and said, "I'm good for now. I just wanted a taste."

He laughed and pulled me on top of his cum covered body and said, "Come on baby get messy."

I squealed and tried to pull away, but it was too late. He pulled me down on top of him and I felt the wetness slide between us. We were both giggling and wrestling on the bed. He rolled me over and eventually pinned me straddling me and holding my arms down.

He leaned in and kissed me. "I love you." He said.

I grinned and said, "You love me or you love it when I fuck you?"

"Both", he replied.

"Me too." I said.

A flash of lust once again appeared on his face. "Well I think I owe you one after that." He said.

"Hmmm I think so," I said seductively. He kissed my nipples and they immediately hardened in his mouth. I sighed and surrendered to the moment letting him worship me.

His tongue traced every inch of my body and tingles of pleasure washed over me. I spread my legs as his mouth gravitated toward my wet pussy. I closed my eyes and floated in that heavenly feeling as his tongue perfectly caressed my clitoris and outer lips. And then his finger was inside me.

I groaned with pleasure, my own orgasm beginning to build quickly. I tried to relax and allow myself to ride the pleasure wave without grinding or pushing him into me, but just letting him expertly push me toward my orgasm.

His tongue traced my ass while his thumb worked my clit and his three other fingers pushed into my wet pussy.

I groaned and used my words, "So you like that or should I stop?"

I opened my eyes and looked between my legs seeing him smiling and glistening with my wetness waiting for my answer.

I smiled at him but did not say anything. He stared at me waiting, holding me on the edge of intense pleasure.

"Well?' he asked smiling.

Silently I reached into the open dresser drawer next to the bed and removed the 8 inch vibrator that I had used on Rachel weeks before. I rolled over on my stomach and got on my hands and knees. I lay face down with my ass straight up in the air and slowly slid the dildo against my pussy lips giving Ron a visual show that was sure to arouse.

I then slid the vibrator deep inside me and held it there with the muscles of my pussy. I reached behind myself and spread my ass cheeks opening my tightest hole to his view. "Please lick my asshole and then butt fuck me Ron." I groaned.

My hands were replaced with his as he spread me widely open. I began to fuck myself with the dildo driving my orgasm higher. His tongue slithered into my tight ass and I groaned with nasty pleasure. "God yeah lick my ass." I groaned.

"Mmmmmm so hot." He said between licks.

I could see his hard cock between my own legs if I looked back like a center for a football team. I reached the tip barely and gave it an encouraging stroke before he entered my ass with a finger and I was forced to use the hand for balance.

I groaned and was feeling so hot I thought I would explode, but forced myself to relax. I wanted Ron's cock in me in the worst way.

I grunted dirty phrases to him when I was not reduced to guttural groans, "Butt fuck me baby. Fuck me with that thick cock. Fuck my ass deep."

He was fully hard now and he drizzled lube on my open ass and his cock. He stroked himself a few times to fully coat his member. I groaned at the visual.

Then he was over me. The tip of his cock was against my tight asshole. He pushed forward and entered me easily with the lubrication.

I moaned at the tingling vibrations that rocked between my pussy and ass. The dildo was inside me and I could feel it against Ron's cock deep in my ass.

He fucked me slow at first, but then gained momentum. I rocked faster as my orgasm grew deep in my belly. I was dripping sweat and pleasure as I felt him hilt himself deep inside me. He held himself there and said, "God I can feel you fucking yourself with that toy on my cock."

I pushed the toy deeper inside me and elicited a groan from both of us and then twisted the base to bring the toy to vibrating life.

Tingles raced through my body and I cried out in orgasm immediately and completely. Ron was groaning with me and I felt him unleash his second orgasm deep in my ass, flooding me with hot cum. This only drove my passion to a higher level and my pussy and ass contracted together in an intensity that was unparalleled.

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