The Game Ch. 12

bySara and Ron©

I knelt before Robert and placed my hands on his naked thighs. My breasts were all but touching his knees. I rand my hands up his thighs toward his cock. It twitched and began to harden. I smiled.

I could feel Monica watching me intently. All rage was gone and had been replaced with burning curiosity. I licked my lips seductively and unzipped my black skirt letting peeling it away from my hips. My black thong accenting the curves of my hips and ass with the thin material covering what Robert was now longing for.

I lowered my mouth to him without hesitation and took him deeply in my throat.

He groaned at my touch. I bobbed my head on his hard shaft in gentle oscillating rhythms. He lay his head back in pleasure. I stroked his shaft with my hand as I performed my very best blowjob on him. I found myself getting wet at the thought of his hard cock and his wife's curious eyes on me. I love cock sucking and it was such a turn on.

I sucked his cock not with lust although I was aroused, but with anger and hatred transferred from Monica to me. I wanted to hurt him, but more than that I wanted Monica to know what he was. I would show her who he was and maybe who she could be.

I felt Robert shudder and immediately stopped. I squeezed the base of his cock to prevent his eruption. Precum oozed but he did not cum. I flicked my tongue over the tip of his shaft tasting him and letting a strand of his pre-cum stretch obscenely between the tip of his cock and the tip of my tongue. I broke as I pulled away from him and I licked my lips.

"Does it feel good Robert?", I asked seductively.

"Jesus yes it don't stop." He said in quivering tones as his cock spasmed in my hand.

I squeezed tighter around his shaft. "Not yet." I whispered.

As near orgasm subsided I slowly released my grip on his cock and slowly began stroking him. I completely ignored Monica and wondered if he could do the same. For her part she sat silently watching us without expression or comment.

"So tell me do you like her watching me suck your cock Robert?", I asked.

I could feel his whole body tense. He did not like the way this was going and although his mind was in a sexual haze, he knew this line of questioning could be dangerous. I imagined his dilemma. Should he be honest? What was the right answer? Was there a right answer? He chose silence which was both wise and cowardly at the same time.

I stopped stroking and gently began massaging his balls. He moaned, but there was also fear there. I could hurt him and he knew it. His cock was still hard, but I could feel the mixture of fear and arousal in him. I wondered if he enjoyed the feeling. "Now don't be shy Robert. Tell me. Does it feel good to do it in front of her?"

Monica's eyes were now sparkles and the curve of a grin returned to her face. The cold hardness was there, but also some thing more.

Robert still chose silence and I squeezed his balls a little more tightly. Not enough to cause pain. There was still pleasure in my touch, but enough to remind him of his position.

"Um yes it feels good.", Robert groaned finally deciding an answer (even the 'wrong' one) was better than no answer.

I rewarded him be licking his balls gently and stroking his shaft. Monica gaped. I smiled inwardly. Robert relaxed again as his arousal once more began to build.

I slowly stood not releasing my grasp on his shaft and turned to face Monica. Her face was flushed. Our eyes met and she held them. I stared back into them and I slowly sad down upon Robert's lap. I positioned his cock at my pussy and slowly impaled myself upon him. His hands found my hips and once fully inside me I leaned back against his chest feeling him filling my cunt while allowing Monica to watch him slide inside me.

I watched Monica silently watching me as I ground my hips back and fourth on her husband's lap as his cock slipped in and out of me. I could feel Robert panting on my neck and knew he would not last long. I brought my fingers to my clit and began masturbating myself knowing he would finish long before I got there.

Monica was still angry and curious, but also aroused. Her face was flushed and the nipples beneath her robe had to be like hard pebbles full of desire. Her own hips rocked involuntarily as she watched us.

Without warning Robert's grip on my hips tightened and I felt the familiar warmth and spasm inside of me indicated he had ejaculated. I pushed down hard on him, not cumming myself, but what whore came with her trick in real life anyway. His cock spasmed again and I knew another spray of him had gone off inside of me. And then his body went limp and it was over. His cock slowly wilted inside me.

Monica seemed to sense this also and shifted slightly in her seat breaking eye contact with me finally. I took a deep breath and slowly stood up off Robert as his cock slid from me with an audible 'plop'.

I walked to Monica slowly and took her hand. I said softly to her, "How do you feel?"

She considered me and then said in a whisper, "I'm not sure. I expected..." Her voice trailed off.

"You expected more? Something special perhaps for the sum you paid me. Perhaps something you couldn't do?" I smiled knowing my understanding was correct.

"Yes." She said as if I had voiced her own thoughts.

I smiled at her and said, "Sorry to disappoint you, but getting a whore isn't about a woman's inadequacy, it's about the man's. I hope I helped you to understand that."

She looked at me and grinned a real smile for the first time. It was just a flash and then evaporated, but it was real and genuine while it was there. She nodded and said, "I think you did. Thank you."

I giggled and said, "You are the first woman I know that has ever thanked a hooker for fucking her husband. I hope you two work it out."

Monica smiled at me and then looked over at Robert who was sitting there wondering what the hell was going to happen to him. He could not hear our whispers, but Monica's face went from warm and conspiratorial to cold and calculating immediately. "Oh I am sure I am going to work it out." She said loud enough for Robert to hear.

Robert cringed at her words, and judging from how she looked at him he had every right to be worried. Never before had I seen a man so absolutely fucked.

I picked up my panties and Monica' took my hand before I could step into them.

"May I have these?", she asked. "I will pay for them if you want."

I considered her for a moment and then handed her the thong panties. "Sure." I said confused.

"Thank you, I have plans that may require this sort of underwear, and although I am sure more could be purchased, there is something fitting in that they be yours."

I shrugged as I stepped into skirt and top sans panties. I did not understand, but all I really wanted to do was get out of there at this point. I really didn't ever plan to wear that underwear again anyway.

Monica walked me to the door and handed me another 1000.00 dollars. I took the handful of bills and said, "Enjoy the rest of your night." It sounded hollow and stupid, but I couldn't think of anything else to say.

She nodded to me and closed the door. I would never see either of them again.

I rode down the elevator with two business men whose eyes seemed to maul me. I could feel Robert running out of me and that was when I realized that I had thrown my other panties away.

I sighed as the doors to the lobby dinged open and quickly made my way to the ladies room to turn back into Sara.

At 10:05 I was in a cab on my way to Ron's with 2000.00 dollars in cash. Although it was not the fantasy I imagined, I had been a whore for a night, and a successful one at that. And while it was not a mind bending sexual experience, the memory of Monica's eyes on me while her husband's cock was inside me would be masturbation fodder for the rest of my life.

* * * * *

An hour later I was naked again. This time I was with Ron and much more comfortable. He was naked too and sat immersed up to his neck in the hot water of his spa. I sat on the side, at his request, drinking another martini. He wanted to see me while I told him my story.

He sat and listened in stunned silence as I told him every detail exactly as I remembered them. When I had finished I knew he had to be hard, and I suspected he was stroking himself under the frothing water.

"Did he really have sex with you while his wife watched? Jesus.", he said with a flushed face.

I grinnned and spread my legs to answer his question. I used my fingers to open myself for him (he loved that visual) and I knew he could see I was more open than usual from the night's escapades. Not to mention some of Robert's cum was still stuck to my thighs.

"Jesus." He said again but this time lustfully.

He stood up, his erect cock before him. I grinned as he came to me. He positioned himself at my pussy and slowly slid into me. I sighed as he easily hilted himself on his first thrust. "You are such a good whore." He said.

I moaned at the word which did not cut this time but aroused hearing it from him. And at his words I became his whore. But this time not for money, but so much more.

He was urgently thrusting inside of me then and I held his shoulders as I wrapped my legs around his body. I could feel him deeply inside me and I was wet from my current arousal and the fuck from before.

"Fuck my cum filled pussy baby." I whispered nastily in his ear knowing he wanted me to be nasty now. I could sense deep down he was extraordinarily turned on by the thought of fucking my cream pie pussy. A little part of my brain went, 'Hmm that's interesting', and then the thought was lost in my own lust.

"Oh God." He replied and thrust more urgently.

We both came fast.

He erupted inside of me harder than I had ever felt before. It was like a hose let loose deep inside my pussy. I came with him, equally hard, gripping him with the contracting muscles of my cunt.

It was fast and hard, and I felt myself lose control of my mind as I came on his cumming cock.

Wetness squirted from me, coating his cock and balls. This rare event never ceased to catch me off guard and when it happened I was completely beyond control.

Another squirt from him and I was contracting in orgasm again. I was lost in the feeling and when the orgasm crested, we crested together. I held Ron tightly and he to me both shivering uncontrollably as we rode the waves of a mind bending orgasm.

Slowly the shivering tingles subsided, but we hugged each other tightly until we both broke into a fit of giggles. We sank into the water together both laughing and kissing. We spent the rest of the night making love and loving each other.

Around 4:00 we held each other in Ron's bed. He kissed my forehead and said with good nature, "God I am so glad it's my turn again."

I kissed him back and said, "You mean I don't get to go twice in a row after that?"

He smiled and said, "No way babe. I'm not giving up my turn."

I reached between his legs and gave his cock a gentle squeeze. I was somewhat horny again. Jesus this game made me a nympho. And then feeling particularly dirty I said, "I think you should be really dirty this time."

I drifted off to sleep holding him not knowing that my words would set in motion a fantasy that would change three people's lives forever.

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