tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Game Ch. 17

The Game Ch. 17

bySara and Ron©

Chapter 17 Rachel has a one night stand

I woke up the next day at a leisurely 8:30 without the annoying work day alarm. I stretched and smiled in the guest bed of my sister's home. The windows were bright with summer sun and a faint smell of bacon and coffee drifted up to me. I yawned and stretched and climbed out of bed feeling refreshed and happy.

I came down stairs to find my sister, Mary chopping mushrooms and onions as bacon sizzled on the stove. "Morning sis," I said.

Mary looked up and smiled at me and said, "Morning sleepy head. I thought I might have to eat breakfast alone."

I grinned and said, "So when did you become Martha-fucking-Stewart?"

Mary laughed and said, "I actually have been learning to cook lately and I find it shockingly enjoyable."

"I will say a lot has changed with you recently" ambiguously referencing not only the household changes, but also the openness of the discussions from the previous evening.

Mary grinned and said, "Hope we get some girl time to chat about it."

Rachel meandered down the stairs stretching and yawning dressed in a pair of loose fitting men's boxer shorts and a t-shirt a moment later.

"Mom that smells awesome." Was the first thing she said.

Mary smiled and said, "Aunt Sara doesn't cook for you?"

We all laughed at the ridiculousness of that statement. Cooking for me was opening a box of cereal.

"Well I thought we could all eat a nice breakfast together." Mary said stirring eggs into a hot skillet with the mushrooms and onions.

"Panty chat with mom." Rachel said giggling.

I blushed as Mary turned to us with a confused look on her face. Rachel grinned at her slip and was forced to explain our occasional tradition of having coffee in our undies on Saturday mornings.

Mary laughed and said, "You crazy city girls." And we all laughed together.

Breakfast was just about as perfect as it could get. The three of us sat in the kitchen laughing, telling stories of family parties and holidays past, and in general had a fabulous time bonding.

As we were clearing up after the food, Mary asked, "So what would you two like to do today?"

Rachel and I both shrugged as neither of us had thought much about the trip other than getting here. Mary grinned and said, "How about a little 'retail therapy'?"

An hour later we had each taken a quick shower and dressed in casual clothes and were on our way. Mary turned on to the expressway and accelerated west on 64.

"Um where are we going Mom?" Rachel asked as her mom had turned away from their normal shopping haunts.

Mary grinned and said, "Rachel, today I think we are going to go out west to shop. You have managed to not only get into a great college, but have found a way to pay for it. I think you deserve better than Target."

Rachel grinned and said, "Awesome. I love you Mom."

Mary grinned back and said, "I love you too sweetheart. Let's splurge."

The shopping was fun and Mary and I each picked up a few things, but mostly it was Rachel who we were there for. She got two new pairs of jeans, a pair of boots, a new swimsuit that would raise eyebrows in Brazil, and two new blouses.

We took a break and had lunch at a small café outside the mall. Over ice tea and salads we drew up our game plan for the afternoon. Rachel wanted to pick up a new set of tennis shoes and a DVD. I had already blown my budget for the month so was pretty much done, and Mary said she had some other small items to get.

Mary proposed that immediately after lunch we would split up, finish our shopping in an hour and meet back at the Starbucks. After that we would head back to Mary's house for happy hour on the deck.

Mary asked me if I would come with her and I readily agreed. Rachel finished her salad and said, "Thanks for the fun day Mom. I really appreciate it, and I really appreciate you buying everything."

Mary smiled realizing that her daughter maybe had grown up and said, "My pleasure sweetie. Here go buy something fun for yourself."

Mary handed Rachel 2 crisp 100 dollar bills. Rachel pushed the money back and said, "Mom jeez that's too much money."

Mary pushed the money back to Rachel and said, "Honey I told you about your Dad's raise. It really isn't that much anymore."

Rachel took the money a bit uncomfortably and said, "Thanks."

And then she was gone, no doubt doubling back to the music store or the shoe store. It could go either way.

Mary smiled as she watched her leave. I said, "Wow you really have changed."

Mary looked at me and said, "What?"

"Come on sis. You never spent 200 dollars on a day shopping in your life. Today you handed out two hundred to Rachel and I know you charged at least 500 more."

Mary fidgeted and said, "I know. I could get used to it though."

I nodded and said, "Well not too used to it I hope. Even with the new raise, you surely can't afford to do this too often."

Mary leaned in conspiratorially and said, "Actually sis, I could."

I raised an eyebrow. "Really? How is that?"

Mary grinned and said, "Well you know those stock options I told you about?"

"Yeah." I said curiously.

"Richard sold them in the merger and they agreed to split them if he stayed for 24 months. He got half up front and regular payments every quarter for 8 quarters. The total value was 5.4 million dollars."

My mouth fell open in total surprise. "Did you say million with an 'M'?"

Mary nodded. "Don't you dare say a word. Richard and I promised each other we would never tell a living soul because we don't want all the problems that come with that kind of money."

"What problems?" I asked incredulously.

Mary shrugged, "You know those lotto winner stories right. The ones where the poor couple gets a few million bucks and then 5 years later are broke and everyone thinks they are assholes."

"Sure but that is different..."

Mary cut me off. "Is it really? I mean those people think they have so much money they will never run out. Then their friends and family start thinking they should have some too because its millions. And the charities calling all the time. And the tax man takes over half because they don't know about shelters. I know it's hard to believe Sara, but having this money is real fucking work."

I nodded still skeptical and said, "I wouldn't mind trying it."

Mary laughed. "Don't get me wrong, I am not saying its not worth it, but look, Richard and I have a great life. We have always gotten by even when it didn't feel like it. We are putting most of that money in a trust for Rachel that she can have when she is 40 and the rest in a retirement account so we will be taken care of later. We paid off the house and have enough left over to never work if that's what we want to do, but that's not what we are going to do."

"So what are you going to do?"

"We have agreed to spend the two years and not change much about our lifestyle to kind of get used to the idea of having money. After that, we will see. We each took 100 K and spent it. Mad money if you will. And you know what?"

"What?" I asked.

"After the new furniture around the house and a few splurges, I had a hard time finding things to spend it on. I still have 48,000 in a savings account that I have emotionally given myself permission to spend, but it's still there. With no mortgage, care payment, or other big payment, my monthly budget is pretty much groceries."

I nodded slowly starting to see what she was saying.

Mary continued, "And you know what makes me the happiest about the money?"

I shrugged.

"Spending on the people I love. Creating memories; taking vacations; enjoying life."

I nodded and she continued, "I have been thinking since yesterday, and I think I am going to buy Rachel a car for college with the rest of my 'mad money'."

I grinned and said, "She is going to shit herself."

Mary grinned back and said, "I know. I can't wait."

I took a long sip of ice tea trying to process what Mary had just told me. I knew Richard was heavily invested in his company but 5.4 million. Holy fuck.

I smiled and said, "Mary, I am so happy for you and am feeling a lot less guilty about you buying my 5.99 salad today."

Mary laughed and said, "Hey let's go before we have to meet Rachel. I want to stop by a store on the way out and it would be weird for her to go with me."

We got up and left and Mary took me into the lingerie store at the end of the mall on our side. We walked in and it was up-scale, but a little more provocative than a Victoria Secrets. It wasn't a sex shop, but it was definitely leaning that direction.

I laughed and said, "What you won't buy porn with your daughter?"

Mary laughed and said, "Let's let her think that her father and I are now on a plutonic level."

I laughed and said, "Yeah right. You forget she lived with you not too long ago."

Mary was looking through some of the skimpier outfits that no woman could ever possibly sleep in. She held up a pair of leopard striped panties with snap out crotch and said, "Think Richard would like?"

I grinned and said, "Trying to go with a jungle theme?"

She laughed and said, "No but he has been gone a few days. Thought I might surprise him and make one of those memories I was telling you about. Why don't you look for something to make Ron's toes curl. My treat."

I laughed and said, "Maybe."

She settled on a see through sheer red negligee complete with crotch-less panties and some fur lined hand cuffs.

I thought I might be getting a glimpse into Richard's head, and shook the thought from my mind. I didn't find anything that Ron would find toe curling so I took a rain check on my sister's offer to pay.

"Nothing for you?" she asked as she paid.

"'Fraid not," I replied. "Ron will just have to get his toes curled another time."

Mary frowned and said, "Everything all right in that department with you two?"

I giggled and said, "Just fine sis. Ron is just more of a 'naked' person than a 'lingerie' person." I was not sure if that was true, but it felt right.

Mary smiled, "You can tell me all about that over 'grittas on the deck."

I laughed and said, "In front of you daughter. You horrible mother."

We both laughed and then Mary turned serious, "I wasn't too out there last night with her was I?"

We walked and I said, "Mary what you said was incredibly brave and very insightful for her. You are her mom. It's your job to teach her things about life."

"Yeah I know but she is sometimes so young to me and I don't want to totally fuck her up. You know?"

I laughed and said, "Mary she is almost 20. She's not that new to sex and hearing your experiences will make her a stronger woman."

Mary nodded. "I know, but it's hard to think of her that way."

I laughed and said, "Really I thought you walked in on her 'double clicking her mouse' once."

Mary blushed, giggling, and said, "She told you about that?"

I laughed hard and said, "Yeah it was a funny story."

"I am not sure I handled that well." Mary said laughing harder now. "I slammed the door and ran"

I laughed so hard it hurt. "Well you didn't scar her. She is still doing it; my room is right next to hers" I said.

Mary nearly choked she was laughing so hard.

By the time we got to Starbucks, we were nearing tears from our laughter. Just then Rachel joined us with a bag in each hand.

"What's so funny you two?" she asked grinning.

We both just kept laughing.

"Are you two drunk?" Rachel asked with a look of confusion.

We laughed all the way to the car and to this day Rachel has no idea why.

* * * * * * * *

At 4pm we had convened on the deck with a pitcher of Margaritas. Mary made the batch a little too strong, and my head was a bit fuzzy after one. We were all loose and giggling about nothing when Rachel's cell phone rang.

She looked at the number and snatched it up.

She walked inside the way only a teenager can when they want to talk in private. One minute they are there. The next minute, 'poof', she was gone.

Mary looked at me and said, "Must be a boy."

I nodded and said, "Yep that was the 'boy dash' if I ever have seen it."

"Any idea who?" Mary asked.

"Not really sis. She dates, but not really that much." I said truthfully.

Two minutes later, Rachel returned with the phone in her hand and a look of anxiety on her face.

"Who was that hun?" her mom asked.

"Um it was Jason." Rachel responded.

The name hung in the air. It was Rachel's on again off again high school sweet heart. As far as we knew, they were off for good.

"How is he?" Mary asked prodding her daughter.

"Um good. He heard from Jessie that I was in town this weekend. He just called to see if I wanted to meet him and Jessie and a couple others from high school tonight." Rachel said nervously as if asking permission.

I thought, how easily we slip back into that parent-child relationship.

Mary nodded and said nonchalantly, "So you gonna go?"

Rachel considered for a minute and said, "I don't think so. I came down here to hang out with you and we have to go back tomorrow. I will just tell them I am in for the night and we can go out another time."

I wondered how much of this was guilt over the shopping splurge.

Mary nodded and said, "Well okay if that's what you want to do, but there is no way that at 19 I would stay in with old people if I could party with my friends. But that's just me. You do what you want to."

Rachel's face turned immediately to a grin and glowed with joy. "You sure you don't mind? I mean I won't be out that late and...."

Mary cut her off and said, "For God sakes Rachel Go." But she was laughing as she said it.

Rachel beamed and turned away already dialing on her cell. A minute later she was dashing up the stairs to change clothes.

I grinned at Mary as I sat watching her.

She finally noticed me. "What?" she asked.

"Just thinking you are a pretty kick ass mom." I said.

Mary smiled. "Shut up and go make another pitcher of drinks. I suck at blending and if I make another pitcher we will both be falling down drunk." Mary said and handed me the pitcher.

I went and Rachel was out the door before we sat down again.

* * * * * *

We ate chicken and rice for dinner. We sat out on the back deck as the temperature had become comfortable after the heat of the day had passed. After dinner, Mary asked if I was up for a cocktail and some 'girl chat'.

"I need to move my car off the street. I think I saw a sign that said they street sweep tomorrow." I said.

Mary said, "Pull it in the garage next to mine. Richard won't be home until tomorrow night. I will make us drinks."

Mary made each of us a Cosmopolitan martini and we sat outside. She began with, "Okay girl dish. What's up with Ron and you?"

I giggled and said, "You get right to it don't you."

"Enquiring minds want to know and all that."

I sighed and smiled and said, "I think I fucking love him." And I think I may have giggled.

Mary said, "ooh sounds serious. So you love him or just love to fuck him?"

"Both," I said jubilantly.

We both laughed. And Mary said, "So does he feel the same?"

I nodded and said, "Think so."

"You know I have to meet him before you two run off together." Mary quipped.

I nodded and said, "Not a bad idea. I will talk to him about a weekend get away."

"Hell we will come up to Chicago. We could see Rachel and you guys together. How about the first weekend in September?" Mary proposed.

I nodded and said, "I think that could work."

Now it was my turn. "So what is going on with you and Richard? I always thought him a nice guy, but he doesn't strike me as a sexual dynamo."

Mary raised and eyebrow and I back peddled thinking I had maybe insulted her. "I mean er... what I mean is that he is just..."

Mary grinned and said, "I know what you meant. I thought the same thing about him when we first met, but damn looks can be deceiving."

"Really?" I asked incredulously.

"Really." Mary said matter of fact.

I nodded and said, "So you two are doing good then?"

Mary grinned again and said, "Better than good." Then she lowered her voice to a whisper, "I swear I am sore from the sex as many days as not."

My eyes went wide, "No shit?"

Mary giggled obviously enjoying sharing her sexual escapades. "My God Sara I can't tell you how much we have been at it. I mean it has always been good, but lately we have been all over the place."

I grinned and said, "Now that's my slutty sister."

She laughed and said, "Well I'm not a slut; well not anymore; but damn we've been fucking like teenagers. Last weekend we did it in every room in the house including this deck."

"Wow that is a lot" I said, mentally counting the rooms in their home.

"And the variety...." She continued. "I mean we got a couple of books one day from Barnes and Nobles. You know secret fantasies for couples. Shit like that. It was kind of a lark at the time, but we actually started reading it and even doing some of the things in it."

I nodded and said, "Hot married sex huh?"

She grinned and said, "Yeah, but it's so good." She lowered her voice again and said, "We even tried anal."

I laughed and said, "Fun!"

She gaped and said, "You too?"

Then we both laughed. Finally she asked, "So what is the wildest thing you and Ron have done."

My face went crimson thinking of the things I had done in the game. I said, "Er, not sure I mean..... what about you?" trying to deflect the conversation.

Mary leaned in and said, "One weekend we decided to go out of town and went to St. Louis. We got a room down town and went out to a nice dinner. Afterwards, Richard took me to a strip club. I have not been in one of those in two decades."

My mind flashed and imagined what would have happened if our lives would have intersected during my strip club experience and blushed harder. The full risk of the game I was playing real to me again.

"The girls were butt naked." Mary continued. "And I mean totally" as if butt naked was not descriptive enough.

"After wards we went back to the hotel and had me pretend to be one of those girls. He even tipped me and I wore a g-string, etc. He fucked me half way through a lap dance." Mary giggled at the memory.

"Another time we were out here and I was wearing a skirt. He came up behind me and put his arms around me. Then he pushed my underwear down to my ankles, unzipped, and proceeded to take me from behind. It was 2 in the afternoon. I know we have a private deck but not THAT private." Again Mary giggled and I noticed her skin was flushed. I wondered if it was the alcohol or the memory.

I grinned and said, "Sounds great. I like the outside thing too."

Mary giggled, "I just feel so sexual these days. When he travels all I do is get horny."

I laughed and said, "Good thing for the new shower head."

Mary grinned and said, "And my toy drawer. You ever been to a 'fun' party?"

I shook my head and she said, "It's like a Tupperware party with sex toys. A lot of women around here have had them. I have bought a few and they have come in handy."

I laughed and said, "I will have to find out about those in Chicago."

Mary grinned and said, "So you think I am a total freak or what?"

I laughed and said, "Mary you are not a freak, you are just a horny bitch."

She laughed and said, "I really am."

So we talked for a few more hours as the sun went down and the night turned cooler. Around 10 pm we were both a lot buzzed. Not drunk, but very giggly and silly.

"Let's get in the hot tub" Mary said and stood to take the cover off.

I shrugged and said, "Okay" and helped her fold back the cover.

"I need to borrow a suit" I said.

She laughed and said, "Just us girls. You are fine." And she proceeded to strip naked on the deck.

I shook my head and said, "Your neighbors must love you."

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