The Game Ch. 17

bySara and Ron©

She laughed and pointed, "we only have two in a line of sight." She pointed to the right and said, "They are out for the night. And they she pointed to the left are a couple that absolutely will not call the cops on us."

I laughed and said, "why not?"

Mary grinned as she slipped into the water and said, "Because they have been over hot-tubbing with us before. And that was an interesting night."

Then Mary winked and I thought, 'no shit'.

I made another set of drinks before stripping down. I piled our clothes away from the hot tub so they wouldn't get wet and then slipped into the tub. The water was hot and relaxing in contrast to the cool night air. It felt wonderful to be naked and wet and warm all at the same time.

As if reading my thoughts Mary said, "I love being naked."

I giggled and said, "Me too. I would never wear clothes if I didn't have too."

Mary laughed and said, "Slut."

I giggled and said, "You have no idea."

Mary raised an eyebrow at me but didn't say anything.

We didn't speak for a while, just enjoyed the heat of the water. Finally, Mary said, "So you think Rachel is getting laid?"

I opened my eyes alert now and looked at my sister. I giggled and said, "I don't know."

Mary laughed and said, "Well you have not seen Jason. I can tell you I have fantasized about him. Jesus he's so um perfect."

I laughed and said, "You are a horny bitch. I think you should stay away from the jail bait."

She laughed and said, "Oh its just a fantasy, but God Damn. He has a hard body."

I giggled and said, "So now you are living vicariously through your daughter?"

Mary sighed and said, "Not like that, but damn remember what it was like to be young?"

I nodded and said, "I remember all right, but I think now is better."

Mary grinned at me. "I know, me too. More confidence and all that, but being young was so intense. I remember being so hot that you felt like you would catch fire and that feeling of wanting it so bad it hurt.

I giggled imagining how I felt the first time and could identify with what she was saying. "You only get that time in your life once though. Right now Rachel is living that."

Mary sighed, "I just hope she is being responsible. I want her to have all those feelings; I just don't want her to have to pay for them forever."

"Well we all have to learn sometime." I said smiling.

Mary looked at me grinning and said, "Hell learning is the best part. I am still learning, but I like to think I am in the advanced course."

We both laughed at that. Our laughter was cut short when we heard the front door and then voices drifting through the window that was half open.

I smiled and said, "Speak of the devil, Rachel's home."

Mary grinned and said, "Earlier than I expected."

Mary turned off the jets to the hot tub and we were about to get out when we heard another voice. It wasn't just Rachel.

The windows were open a crack to air out the kitchen from the dinner smells and we could hear two distinct voices, one decidedly male.

"Oh fuck." Mary said. "Get our clothes."

I started to step out of the hot tub when the lights inside came on. I dove back to the relative safety of the water. Why had I moved our clothes so far from the hot tub.

Mary and I huddled at the end farthest from the window. This turned out to be totally unnecessary as with the interior lights on, there was no way to see outside. Mary and I were naked, but for the time being hidden in darkness.

We, on the other hand, could see inside perfectly.

Rachel came in first leading the way, followed by a muscular young boy of her own age.

"It's Jason," Mary whispered.

I looked at the boy who was every bit of 6 feet tall. He wore a black t-shirt and jeans. His muscular frame was clearly visible and I could see why Mary had fantasized about him. He was perfect. He had sandy brown hair and strong chiseled features.

I whispered to Mary, "Fuck I see what you mean."

Mary whispered, "Shhhh."

I nodded. Rachel left Jason sitting on the couch and went upstairs. I heard her call, "Mom? Aunt Sara?"

Neither of us moved. This sucked. We were trapped naked in the hot tub and to get busted by Rachel would have been no big deal, but Jason added a problem. If he caught us out here, I had no doubt that every teen in the area would know by morning and that just would not do.

Mary must have come to the same conclusion because she said, "Shhhhhh" in my ear once again.

We were both praying that Rachel didn't decide to use the hot tub with her boyfriend. I started trying to imagine a lie that would get us out of this if we got caught, but couldn't think of one.

Rachel came down and said, "Must have gone out. My aunt's car is gone."

'Shit the car', I thought.

Jason grinned lecherously. "So it is our lucky day."

Rachel grinned back and said, "Easy killer. We are just friends now. You want a coke?"

Jason said, "Sure a coke would be good."

Rachel got the drinks and they sat on the couch. Rachel said, "You want to watch something on tv? I was hoping that you could meet my aunt. She is pretty cool."

Jason said, "Not really up for the idiot box. I thought we could maybe re-live the old days."

Jason looked both horny and hopeful.

Rachel turned to him laughing and said, "You really want blue balls again?"

Jason laughed and said, "Okay well not that day exactly. That really did suck."

Rachel giggled and said, "Sorry about that. You were sweet though, and you were eventually my first. I just got cold feet that night."

Jason smiled and said, "I think about you sometimes Rachel."

Rachel took his hand and said, "Me too, but you know we are done with that right?"

Jason sighed and said, "Yeah I know. I am sort of going out with Kelly anyway."

Rachel said, "Kelly? That's cool. She's nice and besides she's local."

Jason laughed and said, "Yeah local does have its advantages."

"You guys exclusive?" Rachel asked.

"Not yet. It's early and I think we are both trying to figure out if we want to be exclusive with anyone." Jason replied.

"What about you? Got any boy toys in Chi-town?"

Rachel smiled. "No one special, but I date."

Jason's eyebrows raised but said nothing. I could see he was holding her hand and they were just staring at each other.

"This is bad," I heard Mary whisper in my ear. I was hyper aware that we were both naked and huddled together watching Rachel with an old boyfriend.

"I know but what can we do?" I asked back.

"They better not do it on my new couch." Mary whispered in my ear.

I stifled a giggle. "Maybe they will go soon." I said hopefully.

"Doubt it." Mary whispered and I noticed Jason had leaned in and was kissing Rachel gently on the lips.

"Oh man." I said back to Mary.

"Yeah. Dinner and a show." Mary said with a hint of humor in her voice.

I turned to her eyes wide with surprise. Had she just said that? "You are so bad." I said shocked but also with humor.

"Shut up I want to hear what she's saying."

I looked up and Rachel had pushed Jason back and I heard, ...." Slow up."

Jason was flushed and obviously full of testosterone. "What?" he said genuinely confused.

Rachel looked at him and said, "You are really over us?"

Jason shrugged and said, "Rachel I get it we are just friends. I just thought. Well seeing you again... just..."

Rachel smiled and said, "I know, I just don't want to lead you on or hurt you."

Jason raised and eyebrow and said, "Rach... we had something but it was high school. We are cool. I'm not going to be stalking you."

"And what about Kelly?" Rachel asked. "She and I know each other. What would she think about all this?"

Jason considered for a minute and said, "She might join in."

Rachel's mouth fell open and said, "Really? Kelly?"

Jason shrugged, "Look, like I said, Kelly and I aren't exclusive yet. She's pretty open minded." Jason looked uncomfortable. He was walking a knife's edge and he knew it.

Rachel giggled, "You want to call her?"

Jason smiled and said, "I don't think so. I would prefer it just be us."

Rachel said, "Or she would freak out if I called her up and said, 'hey Kelly I heard you were into three ways, want to come by?'"

Jason shrugged, "Look Kelly knows I left with you tonight. The last thing she said to me was, 'have fun with your old girlfriend.' If you feel weird about this because of her, don't."

Rachel considered for a moment and then said, "Okay then."

Jason said, "Okay then what?"

Rachel grinned and unbuttoned her blouse. "Okay then let's fuck."

Jason was shocked for a millisecond, but then he got moving. He was pulling his own shirt over his head in a frenzy. His body was lean and athletic and I would find out later he was a hockey player.

Rachel tore at her own clothes with passionate ferocity.

Her breasts sprang free as Jason was tugging at his belt. He paused and I could hear the sharp intake of breath.

Mary was staring and I heard her behind me, "Dear God he has grown up."

I glanced over and her skin was flushed as she watched Jason's strip tease.

Rachel was in nothing but a pair of underwear that her mother had bought her that morning. Jason was down to a pair of boxer briefs when she straddled him and fell on top of him on the couch.

I could hear them kissing, loudly, hungrily.

Mary was panting behind me. I turned and noticed her nipples were erect and face was flushed.

"You okay there?" I asked in a breathless whisper.

"Think she would mind if we took a turn with him when she's done?" Was her whispered reply.

I giggled and to be honest I was more than a little turned on. My nipples had hardened and I felt a familiar tingle in my clit. This was better than any porn I had ever seen, but it had the same feeling with them framed out in the window.

Rachel was grinding her hips into Jason's crotch as she licked his lips and mouth. Jason's arms enveloped her and pulled her hard onto what must have been his very erect cock.

Then Rachel slid down his body and slipped his underwear off him. He lifted his hips and his cock sprang free. He was thick and hard and my tingles got more intense.

Rachel giggled and said, "My mother would shit if she knew what we are doing on her new couch."

Jason laughed and said, "Well for God sakes don't tell her. I still have to live down the street."

Rachel laughed and said, "Shut up about my mom and fuck me."

Jason laughed and said, "You brought it up."

Both Mary and I stifled a laugh.

Mary whispered to me, "I can't believe how turned on I am right now."

I nodded and said, "It's getting to me too."

And then Rachel's head disappeared from view into Jason's lap. Jason arched his back and moaned "God yes Rachel when did you start doing that?"

Mary and I could only see the back of Jason's head, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to know what Rachel was doing.

Mary was breathing hard now. I turned to see her and she whispered, "I can't help it."

She was masturbating below the water.

"Jesus Mary, you better not be a screamer or we are so busted." I said in a whisper watching her and the show inside alternatively.

Rachel reappeared a little worse for wear, but she was grinning. "My turn stud."

Jason and Rachel switched places on the couch and now it was Jason's head that disappeared. Rachel arched her back and moaned and said, "Oh my god yeah lick the clit like that."

Mary was quivering and I could see her hand over her pussy through the clear water.

She saw me watching her and whispered, "I need to cum so bad."

I nodded thinking, 'Me too.'

I began rubbing my own clit. Mary smiled at me as we watched each other and Rachel and Jason.

Jason's head reappeared, his face wet and sticky from Rachel. I shivered with excitement of the visual and so did Mary.

Rachel got up and pushed Jason down on the couch. She straddled him and said, "Fuck me good." And she sat down on him gently.

She moaned as he entered her and began to ride up and down his cock slowly.

Mary was next to me breathing hard. Her legs were quivering against mine. I leaned back instinctively against her and felt her hard nipples on my back. She wrapped an arm around me and tweeked my right nipple. I bit my bottom lip and noticed she was doing the same. Must be a family trait I thought and looked to find Rachel also biting her bottom lip. I almost laughed.

Rachel was really riding Jason hard now. Hot sweaty slapping sounds between them drifted out and I could swear I could smell them.

Mary came first. I could feel her whole body spasming against my back. She pulled me into her and moaned in my ear quietly, with great restraint, "Oh my fucking God."

She slowly recovered and released me, but continued to watch the show.

"Feel better?" I asked in a whisper.

"Yeah, but I will need to cum again if this keeps up." She replied.

"This really is turning you on isn't it?" I asked.

"My God Sara they are so sexy together." She said.

She was right and I wondered what the hell had been going on in the past few months. If this would have happened 6 months ago, she would be dialing the police to have Jason arrested. "Sara have you ever been with a girl?" Mary whispered in my ear.

I looked at her confused and said, "A few times."

She smiled and said, "I want to show you something."

Her hand went to my pussy and I was surprised by her aggressiveness, but I let her. She massaged my clit and said, "You will like this."

Rachel was getting off of Jason and I wondered if he had cum. His cock was still hard and throbbing so I guessed not. Rachel took his hand and went to the back of the couch. Jason looked confused, but followed. Rachel bent over the back of the couch and said, "Let's do it doggie, but don't cum inside me okay."

Jason nodded and stood behind Rachel guiding his cock into her open pussy. He slid into her easily and I could see him pumping in and out of her.

Mary was sitting behind me and I was between her legs. She was kissing the back of my neck and whispering in my ear, "Relax and enjoy this."

I relaxed and spread my legs so that our feet and legs were touching. Her legs were on the outside of mine, my weight supported by her body. Her arms wrapped around me and her right hand found my clit while her left massaged my hard nipples.

I felt her fingers between my legs rubbing gently and I began to climb up toward an orgasm.

Rachel was panting and I could hear Jason's balls slapping against her as he fucked her from behind. She was pushing back against him hard and fast. "Fuck me hard Jason." She moaned.

The sound of her voice turned me on more. Jason was grunting. I could feel Mary's fingers open me and the heat of the water on my clit along with her fingers pushed me higher and I found my hips rocking in time to her gentle clit massage that was increasing in intensity.

I was getting close and rode the wave forgetting all around me but the fingers in me and the visual of Rachel fucking.

Jason was fucking her hard now. He grunted and groaned with each thrust.

"Gonna Cum" He grunted.

I moaned softly feeling my pussy muscles beginning to contract in my own orgasm.

Rachel screamed, "Cum on my tits." Mary lifted deftly spread my pussy wide with two fingers, lifting my clitoral hood. Then she took my clit between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed and stroked at the same time.

It was a feeling I have never encountered before and I had the feeling my orgasm had been put on hold. It didn't abate, but I felt like I was right there hanging at the crest of an orgasm for an impossibly long moment.

My body shuddered demanding release.

Rachel dropped to her knees inside pulling Jason from her pussy just as his orgasm hit. Rachel's fingers went immediately to her clit and she masturbated herself over the edge as Jason's cock exploded. Rachel's back arched and she groaned in pleasure. Jason's hand went to his cock, stroking himself through his own orgasm. He ejaculated hard painting semen stripes on Rachel's nipples, belly and cheeks.

Rachel was still cumming and was panting, "Oh my God Yes."

Mary's fingers held my clit in for moment longer and then release as she slipped her middle finger inside me. My body exploded in violent orgasmic contractions.

I bit my bottom lip until I bled.

The orgasm seemed to go on forever. Mary held me tightly as I quivered against her. And then a second wave of orgasm hit me. This was not as intense as the first, but definitely not an aftershock either. I whispered, "Sweet Jesus" and rode the second wave to crest again. My pussy was contracting hard again on Mary's magical fingers.

As the second wave ebbed through me, I could see Rachel and Jason recovering from their own orgasms. Rachel was on her knees with her back against the back of the couch. Jason stood next to her, his cock slowly drooping in post orgasmic refraction.

Rachel looked up at him and giggled. She leaned forward and took his cock gently in her mouth and then kissed the tip gently.

Jason looked down at her and said, "Jesus Rachel when did you learn how to do that?"

Rachel grinned, "I could ask you the same thing. The last time you wouldn't eat pussy if memory serves."

He laughed and said, "Well we have both grown as people since prom I guess."

He helped her stand up on wobbly legs.

She said, "We better get dressed and get you out of here before my mom and aunt get home." Jason sighed, "I have to get my own place" as he pulled on his jeans.

Rachel giggled, "It would make these trysts a bit more convenient. And I wouldn't have to kick you out afterwards." She said as she picked up her own clothes.

Jason sighed, "So is this going to be a one time thing or what?" He pulled on his shirt and sat down to pull on his socks and shoes.

Rachel shrugged, "As long as we can be friends and neither of us are exclusive, I am okay with 'friends with benefits'."

Jason nodded, "I like the benefits."

Rachel smiled and said, "Me too now get out of here so I can shower."

Jason got up and walked toward the door. Rachel leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and squeezed his hand. "You are awesome Jason. I am glad we are still friends."

Jason kissed her back gently on the lips and said, "Me too Rachel. You will always be in my heart."

And then he stepped out off our view and was gone.

A minute later, we saw the lights above the deck in the bathroom turn on and the sound of the shower coming on.

Mary turned to me, "Okay get our clothes."

I hopped out followed by Mary and began dressing. The clothes stuck to us as we had no towels to dry off with. "So what are we going to tell her?" I asked.

Mary said, "Fuck I don't know. Maybe we could go around front and pretend to just be getting home."

I laughed and said, "And we are wet why?"

Mary laughed and said, "I feel like when we were kids hiding from our parents."

I giggled and said, "I know. It's a bit ridiculous isn't it."

Mary turned to me and said, "I know what to do. Get undressed and get back in the hot tub."

Mary was already stripping again and then went to the door leading into the house.

I was confused and watched. She quickly went to her purse and moved it to the center of the kitchen table and then grabbed two new glasses and a bottle of wine.

She went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled, "Rachel we are home. We are getting in the hot tub. Come down when you are done."

She then hurried back to the deck just as I heard the water shut off.

"What are you doing? Get naked and back in that hot tub before she comes down.," Mary said to me.

Getting the idea I quickly stripped and got back into the hot tub.

Mary said, "So we just came home and decided to take a soak. We have been out to get a bottle of wine. The end."

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