The Game Ch. 17

bySara and Ron©

I nodded and said, "You know she has your sense of perception."

Mary shrugged. "Que Sera."

Just then the door opened and Rachel came out with wet hair dressed in the same pair of boxers and t-shirt from this morning.

"Hey there. You have a good night?" Mary asked.

Rachel grinned and said, "It was fun. What about you two?"

"Yeah we ran out of wine so we decided to go out and grab a bottle." Mary continued.

Rachel nodded and said, "Mind if I join you? Pour me a glass."

Rachel stripped out of her clothes without much modesty and slid into the water between her mother and I. She took a glass of wine from Mary and took a sip. She settled back into the water and closed her eyes seemingly to enjoy the heat.

There was an awkwardness between us and I glanced at Mary who shrugged as if to say, 'I don't know.'

"So" Mary began, "tell us what you did tonight."

Rachel smiled but didn't open her eyes, "Well we went over to Jessie's house and listened to music and talked for a few hours. I ran into Jason and we ended up chatting for quite awhile. He is dating Kelly now I guess."

Mary and I both relaxed a little.

Finally Rachel smiled to herself and said, "Oh and I had sex with him on the couch, but you two already knew that."

Silence fell between us and for a moment no one spoke. Finally Rachel opened her eyes and looked at us and burst out laughing.

Mary was blushing and so was I. "You knew?" she gasped.

Rachel laughed and laughed and said, "Not at first, but I saw you in the hot tub from the upstairs window when I went looking for you."

"And you didn't say anything?" Mary asked still stunned.

Rachel was laughing hard now, "Neither did you. All you had to say was, 'Rachel we are outside and will be inside in a minute.' I wondered if or when you would say anything."

Mary was irritated and said, "We were naked and didn't want to embarrass you."

Rachel laughed harder and said, "It wouldn't have embarrassed me Mom. Jason would have thought it was funny."

I was starting to see the humor in it now and was starting to laugh myself.

Mary said, "Jesus Rachel you fucked him on my new couch and you knew we were out here."

Rachel grinned, "It was kind of a turn on."

Mary's mouth hung open and said, "A turn on?"

Rachel laughed and said, "It must have been for you too, or you would have stopped us if you were so freaked out by it."

Mary stuttered and said, "Um Er, well... Just don't fuck on my new furniture anymore no matter how funny you think it is."

Rachel and I howled at that.

Eventually Mary even laughed and said, "I need a stronger drink and maybe a cigarette." And she went to get both.

The rest of the night was spent drinking and laughing.

The next day, we drove back to Chicago, a little hung over, but with a promise from Mary to visit the following month with Richard. I agreed to bring Ron along so Mary could interrogate him.

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