tagLoving WivesThe Game Ch. 2

The Game Ch. 2


As my wife opened the bathroom door, with her friend in hand, I was still recovering from what had just happened. The door then closed, and my wife's friends and I heard the click of the lock. I turned to say something to her two friends (one of them had to leave because she got paged by her work) Jamie, a blonde who looked like a shorter version of Barbie, and Jessica, who was a brunette who was tall and lean we making out on the bed. Both of them still had on their strap-ons on, and were passionately kissing, forcefully pushing their tongues into each other's mouths. I sat on the bed, and watched, totally entranced by the movement of the two women. I also heard low moans and grunts coming from the bathroom, but knew that I would hear every kinky detail from my wife later. As I was thinking about what was going on in the bathroom, I snapped back to what was going on in the bedroom when I felt a warm wetness on my cock. I looked down immediately, and saw Jamie's pouty lips engulfing my rock hard member.

I put my hand on the back of her head, helping to push her up and down on my cock. I saw Jessica go over to the bedside table, and grabbed a tube of lubricant that my wife and I always have handy. She then squirted a very large glob of it onto her strap-on, which was at least 8" long, and had decent girth. She then dripped some of it onto her asshole, and positioned her "cock" on the edge of Jamie's anus. Jamie had no clue of this, as she was really going to town on me. As Jessica pushed into Jamie, I saw her eyes light up at the sensation. This increased her rhythm, and the extra involuntary movement from Jessica, pushed more of my cock inside her throat. I picked Jamie up by her hair, lifting her off my cock. Then I pushed Jessica and Jamie on their back, and undid the buttons on the harness that Jamie was wearing. I spread her legs out wide, and pushed my hard swollen member into her now dripping pussy. I thrust quickly, with a quick rhythm, letting my 8" go in and out, filling her, and then bringing it almost all the way out, leaving in only the head, then quickly filling her back up. Jessica was kissing Jamie's neck, furthering her pleasure. She was no longer moaning in pleasure, but she was yelling loudly.

"Fuck me, fuck me, ohhhh, harder, harder" We of course gladly complied, and as she was in the throes of what had to have been her fifth of sixth orgasm, I came once again, spurting cum into Jamie's cunt. I thrust in and out a few times, making sure it was all out. Next I pulled her back up onto my cock.

"Clean it off Jamie." I managed to say between pants. She went back to the same way she had been before. I watched Jessica pick up her body, putting her on her knees. She then entered her recently came in pussy.

"Wow, it's so nice and sloppy, it goes in and out so much easier now." Jessica said, astonished.

"Have you never had seconds before?"

"No, this feels great though." She said, as she continued to thrust inside Jamie. Every few thrusts she slapped Jamie hard on her ass, the sound still audible above her moans that never got out because my cock was filling her mouth. With the head hitting against the back of her throat. I picked her off my cock, as it had been overworked, so I took a seat off to the side of the bed, and watched Jamie's tits move back and forth with the rhythm of Jessica's thrusts. My back was to the bathroom, and I heard the door open. I turned around in my chair, and saw my wife completely red with obvious pleasure.

"You enjoy your time?" I asked, smiling at my wife.

"Of course, however, she has to go now though." My wife said, with obvious disappointment as her lips pouted. Jessica was finishing up on Jamie, with both of them moaning and their knees seemed barely able to hold themselves up. They screamed for what was the last time, and they both collapsed on top of each other, breathing heavily. After they recovered, they left also, with my wife and I leading them out of the door, with goodbye kisses and hugs. We also planned to do this again sometime.

"So what did you two do in the bathroom?" I asked my wife after we had walked back into the house.

"Well, we walked in, and I went into the closet, I put on the latex catsuit with the cut outs over my breasts, ass and pussy open. I walked back into the bathroom, and made her kneel before me. I had her sit next to the wall, and shoved my cunt onto her mouth. I start grinding my hips, which drove her nose onto my clit, I was moaning so loudly, I had her pinned down, and she ate my pussy for 10 minutes, i came so many times. Then I let her get up, I kissed her, her mouth tasted just like my pussy, it was so sweet." While she was telling the story, she started lightly stroking my cock. "After we kissed for a little bit, I pulled her to me, and whispered in her ear to fuck me. She spread my legs while I was leaning against the sink, she propped me up on top of the counter, and entered me, and pulled me close while she slowly started thrusting in my wet pussy. I grabbed her close to me, and put her head onto my breasts, having her suck them."

She was still jerking off my cock, it was literally growing in her hand, with the head becoming purple, and it grew until it was at attention, ready for her. My wife, however continued her story "She did this thing where it seemed like she wrapped her tongue around my nipples, and then moved around it, back and forth, I was having wave after wave of pleasure hit me. Then the egg timer I set went off, we didn't stop though, we kept going at it for a few minutes, then we came out here and saw Jamie and Jessica on the bed." When she ended this portion, she put my cock between her breasts, and moved them up and down on her chest, until my cock came all over her tits and neck. She got up, and simply said "Thanks babe, that was the only other thing I needed to make this the greatest night of sex ever."

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