tagLesbian SexThe Game of Seduction

The Game of Seduction


Summary: Gold-digging beauty is seduced by a rich business woman.

Note 1: This is dedicated to the real, beautiful SOPHIA.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, Sophia and Wayne for editing this story.

The Game of Seduction

Miranda scanned the bar. And this wasn't just any bar... but a bar where the young and rich came.

Miranda was a gold digger. She used men to get pretty things and then when she got bored she dumped them.

After being with a rich yuppie who was super-hot and equally insipid, Miranda was on the hunt for her next victim.

Miranda was very beautiful in the superficial way men idolize women. She was the stereotypical blonde haired, blue eyed bombshell. She also had a wicked smile that drew men in. Of course her amazing ass, long legs and huge 36D fake tits, also helped lure horny rich men to her.

For Miranda it was never a worry who would be willing to spend money on her, it was more choosing the one she could manipulate the most.

She had learned over time that the men most vulnerable were the less attractive. They were more eager to keep her and thus more willing to spend more freely.

Meanwhile, as Miranda was showcasing her assets and eyeing a few potential targets, Sophia walked into the bar.

Sophia was the polar opposite of Miranda. She was the CEO of a large international company, who dressed only in designer clothes and enjoyed seducing straight women... especially when in a new city like she was now.

Sophia had dedicated, submissive sluts in over fifty cities and fifteen countries around the world... and that didn't include the plethora of one night seduce, turn, dominate, and leave conquests she had accomplished.

Sophia got a table that was reserved for her, and was sipping on a martini as she perused the room for the night's potential prey.

Miranda was frustrated by the lack of single guys, seeing way more women than men... she wondered if she wasn't the only gold digger on the prowl tonight

Sophia noticed the blonde instantly. She had seen her type many times before: trophy wife potential. A woman who uses her beauty to get what she wants, but is too vapid to be more than just a leech on someone's bank account. The kind of girl who fucked her teachers for better grades and to be homecoming queen.

Sophia used her looks and body too... but also her mind, which she knew was a lot more powerful weapon when it came to seducing women.

Men were easy... but women were generally more reserved... women were generally more conservative... yet, underneath that conservative woman was almost always a bitch in heat if you could break past the exterior... and that was Sophia's speciality: awaken the submissive lesbian side within almost every woman.

Sophia knew then and there who tonight's prey was... tonight, the hunter would be hunted. She spoke to the waitress as the plan was set into motion.

Miranda was getting frustrated. Usually, the drinks would be coming to her fast and furious. Yet tonight, that hadn't been the case.

Just as she was thinking she may have to buy her own drink... a rarity... a waitress came over and said, "The woman over there would like you to join her for a drink."

Miranda glanced over to the woman at a table by herself. The blonde was equally as beautiful as she was. Although older, they could be related. But what stood out, even from across the room, was the heels she was wearing.

Miranda, who spent hours online checking out the latest fashions could recognize a pair of Louis Vuitton from anywhere. The most expensive female shoes in the world, often over five grand a pair, made her very classy, expensive 600 dollar Brian Atwoods look cheap.

Sophia, noticing her newest prey glancing down at her shoes, smiled. This woman was a gold digger who could recognize high end fashion in a heartbeat. This was going to be fun... and likely easy.

Miranda wasn't a lesbian. Sure, she had kissed a few girls, and been felt up by a couple, and fingered by one, but she wasn't interested in women not because of any sexual preference, sex was sex and for her sex was about power, but because men were easy prey. Yet... maybe she could manipulate this pretty woman for a pair of shoes. Eating pussy for a pair of Louis Vuitton's would be a great trade-off and a reason to break her no pussy rule.

Sophia saw the young woman pondering her options and knew that the young woman would think she was the one doing the seducing... and Sophia would allow the gold digger to think that... until she turned her completely.

Miranda walked over and reaching the table, got a better look at the beautiful Louis Vuittons, smiled her charming deductive smile, and said, "I'm told you want to buy me a drink."

Sophia acted slightly nervous, a great actress at heart, "If I'm not being too forward. You are just such a beautiful woman."

"Well, it's hard to reject your offer after such a flattering compliment," Miranda smiled.

Sophia offered, "Please take a seat," just as the waitress arrived with a drink for Miranda.

"I'd love to," Miranda responded, taking a seat.

"I'm Sophia," the lesbian seductress said, offering her hand.

"Miranda," the gold-digger replied, taking the woman's hand.

"Are you from here?" Sophia asked.

"Most of my life," Miranda answered. "You?"

"London originally, but live in hotels more than my actual residence it seems." Sophia answered, opening the door for the seduction by implying she had a hotel room here at this five star hotel.

"Are you staying here?" Miranda asked, assuming the beautiful woman was, but wanting to make sure.

"I am," Sophia nodded, knowing the gold digger was trying to get as much information out of her as possible. "And you?"

"No," Miranda smiled. "I just find it is a great place to meet new people."

Sophia glanced around the bar and said, "Actually, it seems like a group of the most pretentious people ever created."

"Other than at the UN," Miranda joked.

Sophia laughed, thinking the young woman was rather witty at least, "Isn't that the truth."

"So what brings you to Boston?" Miranda asked.

"Business," Sophia answered.

On a male seduction, this was where Miranda would go in for the kill. A little touching of the arm, then the leg, a few questions about his job, a few witty flirtations and the guy was usually putty in her hands.

But a female seduction, well, that Miranda wasn't quite sure about. She did want to learn more about the intriguing woman's job though. How rich she was, was the most important question at the moment. She asked, "What kind of business?"

"A fashion line I'm looking into starting here," Sophia answered, which was true, but she also knew a shallow slut like her would be drawn hook, line and sinker by it.

"That sounds fascinating," Miranda said, before adding, "I do love fashion."

"Well," Sophia smiled, reeling the line in slowly, "I could show you my newest line in my hotel room."

Miranda smiled to herself. She was just as good, maybe even better, at drawing in lesbians. If she had to munch on some snatch to get what she wanted... so be it. She had sucked worse, been fucked by worse and did a lot of kinkier shit to get what she wanted. How bad could eating pussy be? She replied, "I would love that."

Sophia decided to make her intentions clear, make sure the bitch was coming up expecting to be fucked or to eat some pussy, as she put her hand on the sexy slut's leg and said, "I could even show you my new lingerie line."

"I would really love that," Miranda agreed, somehow enjoying the woman's soft hand moving up her leg.

"Thigh highs," Sophia said with approval as her hand slithered under the young woman's skirt, "I like a young lady who dresses classy on the outside."

Miranda finished the sentence for the rich woman, "and like a mynx underneath."

"I was going to say slut," Sophia said, as her hand reached the girl's panty clad pussy.

"I can be that too," Miranda flirted, with a soft moan as her pussy lips were touched.

"You seem a little wet," Sophia pointed out, as she slowly traced the girl's pussy lips through the sheer panty... knowing how to drive a woman nuts... especially a straight woman who was used to her vagina being manhandled by oblivious men.

Miranda realized she was. That was weird. Usually, she didn't get wet during her seductions and she sure wasn't a lesbian, yet somehow this mysterious rich goddess had her thinking things she never had. Miranda responded slyly, "That may be because of you."

"How so?" Sophia asked, as she moved her fingers up to trace the young woman's swollen clit.

"Ooooooh," Miranda moaned, the teasing of her clit sending pleasure waves through her entire body. "I don't know," she answered, which was true... these feelings were not normal. She usually, no always, detached herself emotionally from her prey. But somehow this was different.

Sophia smiled, tapping twice on the girl's clit, knowing this was as easy as taking candy from a baby, "Oh I know. You've never been with a woman before, have you?"

"N-n-no," Miranda stammered, suddenly feeling her head going light, as the pleasure increased and she felt herself losing control.

"But you want to be with me, don't you my pet?" Sophia questioned, continuing the training unbeknownst to the young girl. Always using the conditioning of terms of endearment, but also submissive hierarchy to set a clear statement of who was in charge.

Miranda heard the words, but the one finger tapping her clit ever so lightly was driving her nuts. She couldn't think straight, which, of course, made her smirk to herself. Also, after years of seducing stupid, naive men... she knew when she was being seduced. Miranda used words like 'baby' and 'honey' and 'sugar' as terms of endearment to build the trust of the relationship... she knew the term 'my pet' was a clear statement of who was going to be in charge. And for once, she was going to let loose and not be in control. "Yes," she admitted finally, her pussy on fire in a way she couldn't remember it ever being.

"Yes, what?" Sophia asked, always liking to hear the prey declare what she wanted. To give in without reservations to what was about to happen. She also knew the power of the tease during seduction and she moved her finger away from the girl's fevered, desperate pussy to make the straight girl more willing to say anything, do anything to be with her.

Miranda was willing to do almost anything at the moment and a rush of disappointment coursed through her as the magical hand moved away from her yearning cunt. She didn't hesitate, desperate to have the finger back, "Yes, I want to be your pet."

Sophia smiled, her hand on the thigh of the desperate prey, "You understand a pet obeys without hesitation?"

"Yes," Miranda nodded, looking deep into Sophia's eyes, completely intoxicated by the woman's words, touch and beauty... so drawn in she forgot she was supposed to be the one on the attack.

"Take off your panties," Sophia ordered. She always made a pet do three tasks of loyalty before bringing her back to her room. Each one pushing the boundaries of the pet she was adding to her harem. Once a pet, always a pet was her motto and although she sometimes never saw a pet again, or wouldn't see a pet in years, she always expected them to be submissive, obedient and loyal when they met again.

Sophia had had a mother of four eat her out in her own home with her children outside, she had made a CEO of a company wear a vibrating egg in her cunt and a vibrating a plug in her ass for her amusement, and she had had the beautiful Governor Greene, a future president she was sure, eat her out during a first class flight with her eighteen year old daughter watching. Sophia had a power and she enjoyed enforcing it.

Miranda understood the game that was being played. Sophia was testing her. Well, Miranda had done a lot of nasty things to get what she wanted, so taking off her panties was not even a one on the scale of risk.

Miranda had been triple teamed in a hotel room, she had been fisted by a black man with a large hand while sucking his son's ten inch cock, she had three loads of cum splattered on her and then walked through the entire hotel room without even blinking. The reality was shame wasn't one of her feelings. She lifted up her ass, slid the panties down and off and handed them to the beautiful blonde. She said, "Here you go, ma'am."

Sophia didn't take the panties. Instead, her smile faded as she asked the young woman, "Do I look like a fucking ma'am?"

Miranda stammered, not wanting to offend the beautiful woman, "N-n-no, sorry."

"I'm Mistress or Mistress Sophia, is that fucking clear?" Sophia questioned, not really angry, but loving the ability she had to change emotions at a moment's notice.

"Y-y-yes, Mistress Sophia," Miranda quickly agreed, again understanding she was completely at the whim of this woman... wondering if this was what the men felt like when she was the hunter.

Sophia's hard, cold stare melted and she nodded, "Good. I think you will make a nice pet."

"I promise to, Mistress," Miranda said, still willing to do anything to please this woman.

Sophia took the panties and placed them on the table. "Are you horny?" She asked.

"Desperately, Mistress," Miranda admitted, hoping the beautiful goddess would put her hand back under her dress.

"And you really like my Louis Vuittons, don't you, my pet?" Sophia asked, slipping out of one of the 6400 hundred dollar, one of a kind, shoes made especially for her.

"They are lovely," Miranda nodded. "The classiest shoes that exist."

"I agree," Sophia nodded, before asking, "You know what else they are great for?"

"No, Mistress," Miranda replied, as she was given the beautiful shoe.

"To fuck yourself," Sophia bluntly revealed.

"Here?" Miranda asked, as she stared at the beautiful shoe.

"Yes, my pet," Sophia replied.

Miranda hated to desecrate the luxurious shoe... easily the most beautiful she had ever touched. Yet, she also had decided she was going all in today. She lifted up her ass, hiked up her dress and moved the heel to her pussy. She rubbed the heel up and down her pussy lips, not worried that others may see what she was doing, before she slid it easily inside her wanton box.

"Good girl," Sophia purred as she watched her newest pet fuck herself with the most expensive fuck toy ever.

Miranda moaned as she began pumping the heel in and out of her: the task, the obedience and the voyeuristic setting had her completely overwhelmed with pleasure... as she closed her eyes.

Sophia allowed the pet to fuck herself for a minute or two, long enough for the moans to increase. She then ordered, "Stop."

Miranda obeyed, opening her eyes, her orgasm already on the rise.

Sophia explained, "Pets don't get to come before their Mistress."

"Of course, Mistress," Miranda nodded, reluctantly pulling the expensive heel out of her wet, burning pussy.

"Clean your cum off my heel, my little slut," Sophia ordered.

Miranda looked around. The establishment had gotten a lot busier since she first sat down beside this seductive woman.

Miranda then ignored the reality others may see her doing something so submissive as she moved the heel into her mouth and sucked her own pussy juice off the glorious heel.

Sophia smiled at the true submissiveness of the gold digger. Turning someone like her was exciting and she was already considering turning Miranda into not just a pet... but a full-time pet. Miranda would be perfect as an assistant on the outside and a complete submissive plaything on the inside. But first, she had to make sure she was as submissive in the bedroom.

Sophia ordered one more thing before preparing to take her back up to her hotel room, "Crawl under the table and put my shoe back on my foot."

Miranda took the heel out of her mouth and nodded, without hesitation, "Yes, Mistress," as she slid under the table, something she had done in the past at a wedding (she blew the best man while he gave a speech) and at a boardroom (she sucked off five members during a takeover of some oil company).

Sophia lifted up her foot and allowed her new pet to place the shoe back on her foot.

Once the heel was on, Sophia asked, "So you want to eat my cunt?"

Miranda was surprised to hear the 'C' word from a woman dressed so classy. She used it lots as men seemed to enjoy a woman who used the taboo word... but she had rarely, other than in porn, heard another woman say it. Also, although she had never been with a woman, never truthfully wanted to be with a woman, she suddenly was curious what pussy would taste like. She answered in the affirmative, from her submissive position under the table, "Yes, Mistress."

"And you would eat my cunt under this table, wouldn't you?" Sophia asked, as she uncrossed her legs and opened them, her thigh high stockings likely in view now and her shaved pussy covered only by a black thong. She slid her finger inside her pussy and fingered herself briefly.

Although it was kind of dark under the table, Miranda could see the lace top of the thigh high stockings, but she couldn't see between her legs. She answered, too far gone to back out now, "Yes, Mistress."

Sophia considered having the submissive pet eat her right there, right then. Yet, she decided to bring her up to the hotel room for a much more comfortable and lengthy evening rendezvous... and testing to see if this pretty young woman could be her new assistant. She said, as she moved her finger underneath the table, "Here is just a taste."

Miranda saw the finger, and like a trained puppy, opened her mouth and sucked the finger. She briefly smelt an exotic scent as she tasted pussy for the first time. The finger was wet and she got a good taste of this beautiful woman's pussy... and she was in awe of how exquisite it tasted. She instantly wanted more.

Sophia pulled her finger away and said, "If you want to get more directly from the source, meet me on the 18th floor in fifteen minutes. The code to enter is 6969."

Sophia moved out from the table and walked away, not looking back.

Miranda crawled out from underneath the table and sat back down to finish her drink, which was rather warm now. Suddenly alone, she had time to think... after feeling she was completely on the attack while sitting with Sophia.

Miranda's pussy was on fire and yet she knew that her next decision could and likely would be life altering. Sophia had left on purpose... giving her the choice to go upstairs or to leave. She also knew that they had given nothing but first names.

If Miranda left now, it would be like tonight was just a moment of weakness... a blip in an otherwise usually in control life.

If Miranda went upstairs, she had a hunch she would be forever changed. In only 15 minutes she had been put completely under the spell of the exotic, beautiful and rich woman. She went from being the hunter to being the hunted and that both scared and excited her. She was always in control, and letting go of that control was fraught with risk. Yet, she also knew, that if she didn't go upstairs and explore her sudden sexual curiosity, she would always regret it. Plus, she was hungry for

Miranda went to the bar, got herself a shot of tequila, and headed upstairs to explore the other side... her wetness leaking down her leg.

Miranda entered the elevator and clicked on the 18th floor. She entered the quirky code '6969' and ascended.

Sophia, meanwhile, had pulled out her bag of sex toys. Tonight she was going to have fun. Tonight she was going to turn a gold digger into a submissive sex slave.

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