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The Games I Play


I enjoy chatting on the Internet and talking to total strangers about my sex life and about my sexual adventures. I never cyber because I find it very boring, especially because I can get it any time of the day or night without having to resort to the very in-personal online cyber sex. Besides, I think that there are much better and more enjoyable ways to get off while online with someone. Described below is one of those better ways.

This story involves one of my cousins, though I have no incestuous tendencies, and even the thought of getting it on with him would make me nauseous. Nevertheless, it centers on him, and the sexual game I play with him online without him knowing that it is I.

Here it goes: I was visiting my cousin's new apartment not too long ago and spent the night there. He had just turned 18 and this was his first apartment on his own. While there I went online to check my e-mail and happened to notice the same Instant Messenger service that I use myself. My natural curiosity got the best of me and I had to see what user name he was going online by. After a little research in his Windows file I discovered his user name and memorized it so I could see if I could find him next time I logged on.

The first couple off attempts were unsuccessful, but then I learned that by adding his name to my "Friends" list manually his name would light up whenever he came online, and BINGO!, I'd know it right away. I did just that, and he accepted my request to add him to my "Friends" list, without knowing that he was giving permission to his cousin. How Fun!!

The next time I logged on I waited long enough to catch him when he came online himself, and sure enough, within half-hour his name lit up! I typed him a short greeting message and sent it to him. He replied right away, and the game was on.

We chatted about all sort of nonsense at first, but eventually the conversation turned to sex, just as I'd hoped. He asked me what I liked to do sexually. I told him that I enjoy exhibitionism, voyeurism, threesomes, nudity, etc., but that I hated any hardcore stuff like domination and other similar stuff. He asked me for my picture and I almost passed out at the possibilities. I told him that I'd send him a picture of my body but without the face, because "who knows, you might know me". Little did he know!

The first picture I sent him was a simple one of me wearing nothing but a thong and a sports bra. He next commented that he'd love to see me without the bra. He said that it looked like I have nice breasts. The whole scenario was making me very hot, so I sent him another picture, this time with a thong, but leaning forward with my breasts hanging forward a little and my hands on my hips.

He thanked me, and we chatted some more that evening about my sex life, with me answering all his questions. Nothing stimulates me more than good questions with lots of detail. My fingers had been in my pussy all evening so I soon had a mini-orgasm, and we said our good nights.

A couple of days later I went online again, and once again he was there soon enough. We started to chat again, and he got more courageous and asked me more personal and kinkier questions. He asked me about my best sexual experience. Then he asked me how I lost my virginity. I like talking to him because it was all about me, not just him, and he responded with additional questions about everything I was telling him. He asked me some very kinky questions, such as if I would ever let an animal fuck me, if I liked the "rape" game where one fakes being raped, incest, black guys gangbanging me, etc. I told him about my idea on all those, and we were in agreement on all of them. (I've had a dog try to fuck me twice while I was on all-fours servicing my husband; I love the "rape" game as long as it doesn't go too far; I'd never considered incest, but when I was young I wasn't much different than I am now, so I was pretty sexy around my dad; a black guy gangbang is a fantasy of mine, and I've been with a black man once).

Anyway, he asked me for another picture, this time showing my pussy. I decided to play a dangerous game this time, so I found a good picture of me, completely naked, but instead of leaving it named with a generic name, I re-named it with my first name and the first letter of my last name: "Lisa M". The picture showed me with my back to the camera, bending over and with my left hand between my legs spreading my pussy lips for him. My face was turned back towards the camera, my hair flowing, but my face completely blurred. I hesitated before clicking SEND, but realized that if he somehow recognized me, he'd never tell a soul because he'd be too embarrassed. I clicked SEND.

He commented on the sexiness of the pose and asked me questions about my pussy, like what the kinkiest object that's been in there is. I told him it was the remote control for the TV, which everyone who visits us uses at one point or another. He never hinted that he recognized me at all. He then asked me to take the kinkiest picture that I could come up with and send it to him. Normally I wouldn't do requests, but this was too good to pass up. I agreed and told him I'd come up with something.

The next day I paid a visit to a friend's house. The reason for the visit was 2-fold. She owns a digital camera, and she owns a big rottweiler. I made up a bogus story about a stray cat always making a racket in my back yard and how the rottie can help chase it away. I told her I wanted to borrow the camera to take some pics….duh! After a nice visit, I left with the dog, and the camera.

As soon as I got home I set up the camera on a chair and set it on 20 second timer that takes a photo every 20 seconds. I got completely naked, activated the timer, and started to play-fight with the dog. We were rolling around pretty good and I got very good pictures of me on my back with the dog on top of me and between my open legs. The only thing making the photos sexual was that I was totally naked.

I also told my husband that I had borrowed the digital camera and that we should take advantage of it by going out and getting some good shots. We went out to a local park at night and got some good shots, and were interrupted by a homeless man, but that story will be told soon. Later that night I was back online and chatting with my cousin. He asked if I'd fulfilled his dream. I told him I had pictures and sent him a teaser. He loved it, so I sent him the rest. He then said that he wanted a close-up of my pussy for a surprise. So out came the digital camera again. I spread my legs wide open , and while holding my pussy lips open with the fingers of my left hand, I took the picture with the right. A few minutes later he had it. He made comments about how he would love to lick my pussy. A couple of messages later I got a message asking if I'd like to accept a picture from him. I accepted and on my screen appeared a picture of my cousin's cock poised above the close-up picture of my pussy in ready-to-fuck position. It was an awesome evening.

He next asked me to take pictures of myself outdoors. I already had some pictures of myself naked outside, and told him so, but he wanted some of me that day or the next day. I was skating on thin ice here. Since I was at home I couldn't just step outside and snap away because he would recognize the background as my apartment complex and that would be too close for comfort. So I managed to put him off until the next day. A few more pleasantries and we said our goodnights.

The next day I went to work as usual but took the digital camera with me. I actually managed to snap s couple of good pictures at the office; one in the ladies room, where I simply took a shot of me over my shoulder in the bathroom mirror with my skirt pulled up and my butt sticking out. Another where I'd left my panties off and tried a self-upskirt that came out a little too dark. The final one at the office I took after I made an excuse to work late and after everyone left. It was of me copying my pussy on the office copy machine.

When I got home hubby was there and after a little heavy petting, I convinced him to take me out for a little outdoor photography. We drove to a local park where he snapped a few pictures of me flashing. That soon got boring so we drove to a lingerie store where I tried on some sexy outfits of which hubby took pictures. Finally, we decided to take a ride to a local hangout in our city, Triangle Square, where we drove to the topmost level of the parking area. From this vantage point one can see the whole city of Costa Mesa. This is a great hang out for the sexually adventurous types, and that means me! We were the only ones there and I took off all my clothes. Hubby was as happy as a lark just snapping away the 128mb memory of our digital camera.

Later that evening, my cousin and I were back on the net chatting away and I sent him as many of the pictures as I'd finished face blurring. And that's how he found out that we live in the same city, but to this day he doesn't know that it's really me, his cousin, whom he is chatting with…. Or does he? :)

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