tagBDSMThe Games We Play Ch. 02

The Games We Play Ch. 02


He went to the hotel of course. He didn't know what else to do. His mind was a jumble of lust, confusion and hurt feelings. Had he truly made Katie so unhappy all this time? Was he really willing to give her up to someone else's arms? And why hadn't he realized until now how very important she was to him?

He had no intention of going to bed with her. He couldn't bring himself to say "fuck" because it brought to mind too many of the luscious, terrible things he'd dreamed of doing with her and to her. So, he wouldn't go to bed with her, only return her key and see if he could apologize for the way things had come about.

He parked in the restaurant lot next door. His car was too noticeable in this small town, but it was near lunchtime so no one would think twice. He checked the number on the key - an old fashioned actual key not one of those magnet jobs - and headed towards the door.

The motel was a country motel; lots of tiny rooms all in a row looking like one step up from a trailer park. Still, from what he had heard it was clean and actually a pleasant little place to stay. Her room number was 6, and luckily it was on the end nearest the restaurant.

As he crossed the lot he kept expecting someone to recognize him, holler his name and demand to know what he was doing at a motel with the key in his hand. He made it to her door without incident though, and raised his hand to knock.

He paused as it occurred to him that she must have given him the key for a reason. Perhaps she had planned on him coming later, or had planned on meeting him back here. Whatever her reasons, he couldn't simply walk into a woman's room, key or no key. He was simply too old fashioned.

He rapped lightly once, and stopped as the door swung open and the sunlight behind him shone into the dimly lit motel and directly onto the single king sized bed. Now he knew why she had left the key. She must have expect he wouldn't use it though, and the chance she had taken in response took his breath away.

Katie lay before him on the bed, completely naked. Her hands and ankles were bound to the corners of the bed, she was spread-eagle so tightly that it must have been painful for her to try and move even slightly. A blindfold was tied tightly across her eyes, and a small, ball-gag filled her mouth. She didn't respond when the door opened, and taking a stunned, hesitant step into the room he saw the plugs which filled her ears.

He wasn't sure how long he stared at her before he realized he was still in the open doorway for anyone passing by to see. He stepped into the dim lighting and pulled the door closed. He moved towards the bed, intending to untie her, or at least give her a free hand with which to untie herself. He shouldn't be here like this, but he couldn't leave her to the mercies of the next person to enter the room either.

Except, that was exactly what she had done. She had trusted him to come to her like this, not knowing for certain that it would be him who found her. She had made herself completely vulnerable for him. In fact, she was protecting him from her should anything happen. No one, including her, would ever be able to say for certain that it was he that had been in the room.

He traced a finger along the edge of the leather straps that held the wrist nearest him, and for the first time she turned her head blindly towards him. He admired the curve of her arm and her shoulder as it strained upwards towards her bonds and his eyes finally dropped to those beautiful breasts he had admired so often through her shirt.

They were as perfect in person as he had imagined. They boasted smooth skin and large nipples that were already becoming half-erect as he watched. He wanted to badly to touch them, to see if they would indeed fit into his palms as perfectly as it seemed. Instead, he traced another line with his finger down the line of her rib cage, underneath the round fruit he wanted so desperately.

Katie made a slight noise as his fingers ran over her and her skin jumped beneath his light touch. The ache in his groin was beginning to grown, and he knew he needed to release her, place the key on the table and go.

The problem was he couldn't stop touching her. He could stop himself from running his fingertips anyplace distinctly sexual, but he could no more have removed his fingers from her skin than he could have lifted the moon. He continued to trace her rib cage, her neck and her slightly curved belly and watched in fascination as her nipples grew harder under his gaze and her soft, muffled sounds become moans under his touch.

How could he not take that pink tipped, beautiful mound into his mouth? Before he even recognized the thought, her nipple was between his lips and his tongue began to swirl around its exquisite tip. Had Katie been tied less tightly, she would have been pressing herself against him. As it was she was trapped by her own design and could do nothing but accept his touch. Somehow, that knowledge made his own need easier to control.

Knowing that he controlled her utterly made it possible for him to simply run his tongue over one nipple, and then the other. He could spend an eternity, easing from one smooth mound to the other and sucking her nipples gently when it seemed right.

He eased himself away from her when he realized he could smell her fragrance filling the small room. He knew without touching her that she was already wet and ready for him. For the first time, he allowed his gaze to drop below her waist and admire the trimmed black hair that nestled between her powerfully muscled legs. He ran a hand gently down to her waist and began to stroke her gently, ignoring the arch of her hips that begged him for more.

He knew he was lost now. He had already touched her, and if he didn't slide himself inside her he thought there was a very good chance his nuts might rupture on the spot. Sliding out of his clothing, he folded them neatly, trying to use the time to regain his composure. She had placed herself utterly in his hands, and he had every intention of making sure she enjoyed her time there. If he had hurt her in the past, however unknowing, perhaps he could make up for it now.

Katie was making panicked noises by the time he returned to the bed. He wondered if she thought he could ever just leave her like this. Before easing himself into the bed next to her, he loosened her bonds slightly. He wanted to be able to see her pleasure, and the bonds were too tight the way she had left them.

He returned to stroking her nipples, loving the sounds she made as his fingers and tongue grazed them ever so lightly, over and over again. He ran his fingers down her side again, and she gave a sound that was part giggle and part whimper as he found a ticklish spot. He had never heard her giggle before, and he repeated the motion just for the joy of hearing it again.

He remembered a time when he had hugged her in his office, the time he had come the closest to breaking. He had buried his head in her neck to smell the sweet scent of her skin, and his beard had brushed her neck as he turned his head. The effect had been instantaneous. Her nails had dug into his back and her breathing had stopped until she let it out in something that was part sigh and part moan. He had so desperately wanted to do it again, but he'd never dared.

Now, he turned her head to the side and lowered his cheek to her jaw. He rubbed his soft whiskers against her neck and the effect was all he could have hoped for. She cried out past the ball in her mouth and her body lurched up as if to meet a lover not yet there. Her nipples jumped more erect than he would have believed possible, and as he continued to kiss and bite gently at her sensitive throat, her cries became louder and more frantic.

He was throbbing now, a mix of pain and desire washing through him like he hadn't experienced in years. He couldn't tease her anymore and he hoped desperately that he had aroused her enough for her to find her peak. There were so many places he wanted to stroke her and to bury his tongue, but he simply couldn't hold himself back any longer.

Rising over her, he angled her hips higher; glad now that he had loosened the bonds on her ankles as well. He guided himself towards her and had to stop when he saw the low lights reflecting off how wet she was already. He gave his own moan, and then thrust into her, unable to stop or be gentle any more. He knew as soon as his flesh touched hers that it would be over in minutes.

His strokes were long and deep. He buried himself between her thighs and gloried in the hot, slick feel of her. When he withdrew from each thrust, her hips seemed to reach for him, drawing him back in to her. Even tied as she was, it was if she was dancing with him, moving in perfect time. Her cried were growing louder through her gag, and the sounds excited him beyond anything he had thought possible. He began to thrust harder, and he could swear she was crying "yes!"

His orgasm hit him like a blow. As if he had been hit by lightning, the sensation swept through his dick and his balls, streaming the sensation out of him and into her. She responded as if she felt it, rising up against him, her hips thrashing and her cries becoming shrieks of pleasure. He had never been one to make noise during sex, but the intensity of it drew a roar from his throat, even as it drew the cum from his dick.

Whether it took moments or hours he had no idea. His orgasm seemed to last an eternity, and it was over much too soon. He collapsed onto her like a puppet with cut strings and tried uselessly to keep his full weight from falling on her as his energy level vanished completely. Raising his head, he looked at her face and smiled at the peaceful expression there.

True, after today their games were over, and she would be moving on. He knew he would grieve when she was gone for all the time he had wasted making them both miserable. But for now, she was his and he lay beside her and thought lovingly of all the things he had ever dreamed of doing to her.

After all, she wasn't going anywhere.

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