The Gap in the Curtains Ch. 01


I suddenly realized the precariousness of my position, if Anne opened her eyes, even for a second, there was a chance she would see me through the gap in the curtains. I ducked away from the window again quickly. I knew I couldn't risk looking in again, in fact I had been very fortunate to escape undetected until now! I moved gingerly away and ever so slowly pulled my garbage container away and onwards on its journey. Only my raging hard-on betrayed that anything untoward had happened at the window. Wow, I would certainly never look at Anne the same way again, that was for sure!

I deposited the garbage can in the front yard and went back into the house. I quickly made my way to our bedroom, not stopping to say good night to the rest of the family. Sure it was impolite, but probably not as impolite as saying goodnight with a big tent pole clearly visible in my pants. I desperately hoped that Liz would be in the mood for sex as I was incredibly horny! Fortunately she wasn't asleep, she was laying on the bed in her underwear reading a magazine.

"What took you so long?" she teased.

"Sorry about that there was a garbage... incident," I lied.

"A garbage incident?"

"Yes a bag split. No big deal, just had to clean it up."

"Oh okay. You're lucky I was about to give up on you and go to sleep."

Liz was petite, only 5'3" and very slim. Her breasts were small, only a 32AA, but they were in proportion with the rest of her body. She had long dark-brown hair that hung freely down her back. Tonight she was just wearing an ordinary black bra and panties, but it didn't take much to turn me on in my current frame of mind. I still had the image in my head of Anne fucking herself with a hairbrush and I realized for my sanity that I needed to do something to forget that image. A good start would be to focus my sexual urges on the correct sister! I started to take my clothes of, throwing them haphazardly onto the chair. When I got down to my boxers Liz's eyes widened at the sight of my cock straining against the fabric.

"Wow, you've never got that excited seeing me in my work underwear before," she said. But I wasn't interested in her underwear, I just wanted to just rip it off and ravish her.

"I can't explain it either. I hope you're not tired, because I really need to fuck you right now," I replied.

Liz looked taken aback as I was rarely so up front in expressing my sexual desire. Sometimes I would subtly ask if she was in the mood but, more often, one or the other of us would just initiate sexual touching and the other would rarely object. Liz and I had a good sex life, partly because both of us had healthy sex drives and partly because, although we had technically been 'dating' for about ten months, we had no physical relationship for most of that time, so we were still in the novelty stages, exploring each other's bodies.

"Well I do have to get up early tomorrow..."

She was smiling and I knew she was just teasing me, but I was in no mood for teasing games. I knelt on the bed, reached over and grabbed Liz's wrist, pulling her towards me and flipping her over. I was fairly strong and Liz was very light, so she had no hope of resisting even if she wanted to. Once she was face-down on the bed, I grabbed the sides of her panties and ripped them down her legs, exposing her cute little ass.

"Hey, what happened to foreplay?" she said.

"Sorry, I'm just so hot for you right now!"

I ran my hand up the back of her athletic leg and across her tight ass cheek. I gave it a gentle squeeze before tracing a path back down her ass and onto her inner thigh. I pushed my hand up the inside of her thigh and she obligingly opened her legs a little and pulled herself up onto her knees, giving me access to her pussy. Usually I would take my time over sex, teasing Liz and using the anticipation to turn her on, but tonight I was in no mood to take things slow. My fingers headed straight for her pussy, opening her labia and feeling for her clit. She moaned slightly as my fingers found their goal and I started rubbing her nub slowly.

I used two fingers to pleasure Liz's sweet spot, rubbing small circles around her little bud. As I did so I could feel her pussy getting steadily damper. In my head I still couldn't shake the image of Anne with her hands down her panties doing much the same thing with her own clit. Liz lowered her chest and pushed her ass up towards me, grinding her pussy into my hand. I rubbed harder in response and she started to give little moans of pleasure. I used my other hand to pull off my boxers and set my cock free. It was standing to attention at its full seven inches. I rubbed my shaft gently as I took in the view of Liz's pussy bucking against my hand.

I allowed my fingers to slip off of her clit and up to her pussy entrance. As quick as a flash one of Liz's hands came up to replace mine on her clit. I pushed two fingers into her cunt, feeling it slowly expand to accommodate the intruders. Then I started gently finger-fucking my fiancée as she pleasured herself with her own fingers. The dual stimulation was clearly getting her extremely aroused as her breathing increased and her pussy was now dripping-wet.

"Enough with the fingers, get your cock inside me!" she said, between panting breaths as she rubbed her clit hard.

I didn't need telling twice, my cock was desperate to get in on the action. I removed my fingers from Liz's snatch and positioned myself in between her legs. I pointed my cockhead, already dripping with pre-cum, at the entrance to her wet tunnel and then pushed forward hard, filling her up with the full length of my member. Liz was taken by surprise at the force of my thrust and let out a little high-pitched yelp in response. I started thrusting in and out of her, my strokes long and forceful and Liz matched them, rocking her hips back as I thrust into her.

"Yes, don't stop Craig. Fuck me, fuck me!" she moaned as I slammed into her over and over.

She was still rubbing her clit and after a few minutes I could tell she was close. I grabbed hold of her hips, giving me more leverage and allowing me to penetrate her even deeper. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer either. I quickened my pace and I could hear Liz's breathing getting deeper and faster in response. She started letting out little moans in response to every thrust, which got louder and louder until eventually she went over the edge, letting out a loud squeal as she came. For some reason my mind went back to Anne. I wondered what had happened after I left. Did the hairbrush did its job and make her come too.

I couldn't wait to shoot my load inside Liz, but for some reason I couldn't get the images of Anne out of my mind. Damn, that little whore had really got inside my head! I removed my cock and grabbed Liz by the shoulder, turning her over. Her quivering body was still recovering from the orgasm and didn't resist. I thought that getting a look at her dark, pretty, neatly trimmed pussy might get Anne's pale and hairy pussy out of my head. I pushed my cock into Liz's cunt again and started fucking her once more, but it didn't work. Watching her pussy lips envelop my cock just reminded me of the way Anne's had enveloped the hair brush.

I pumped in and out of Liz, faster and faster, as my orgasm approached. I knew it was going to a big one, fueled by my illicit spying on Anne and this definitely above-average fuck with my fiancée. Liz was now playing with her nipples, her eyes closed and her head tilted back on the pillow, completely oblivious to my inner conflict. I slowed down, making the most of my last few strokes, then slammed into her hard, firing my seed deep inside her. The orgasm pulsed through my body like a jolt of electricity, making my body convulse from my knees right up until my shoulders.

"Oh fuck," I moaned as I felt a second stream of cum fire from my cock and into her warm cavern.

My orgasm subsided and I rolled over and collapsed onto the bed. Liz reached over and rubbed my cock gently, coaxing the last drops of cum from my shaft. She then ran her hand up my body before wrapping her arm around me lovingly. As I felt the soft caresses of my fiancée, I was in turmoil. As great as that fuck had been, and as amazing as Liz was, I couldn't hide from the truth. When I had shot my load I wasn't thinking about Liz at all, I was imagining fucking Anne.


"What are you looking at?" challenged Anne over breakfast.

"Nothing, I was just looking in your direction that's all," I mumbled in return.

I obviously couldn't tell her the truth. She was only wearing a plain white blouse and a sensible skirt, the clothes she wore for work, but in my head she was completely naked. Obviously Anne had no idea that I knew what she was doing the previous night, but I was still feeling uncomfortable around her. I was hoping that after a good night's sleep I wouldn't be thinking about Anne any more, but if anything the opposite was true. Seeing her now, fully dressed, her usual sullen and rude self, acting as if nothing had happened, made me even more excited about having seen her naked, vulnerable and masturbating.

Fortunately it wasn't long before I had to go to work anyway, which meant I didn't have to see Anne for the entire day. It was crazy that I was struggling to get this girl who I didn't even like out of my head. Liz was the one I loved, the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, all this stuff about Anne was just some weird perversion. An obscure fantasy brought about by a highly unlikely set of circumstances. In fact, I started to wonder if there wasn't something else going on here. I was living with a girl who was sexy, smart, cool and otherwise great, but who I hadn't really spent that much time with, and with whom things were suddenly moving very fast. Now, out of the blue, I was starting to have weird feelings about her sister who is not my type at all and likely unattainable even if she were. I was no psychologist, but I figured that I may just be getting scared about how fast things were moving with Liz and suffering from the common male illness of commitment phobia.

I gave Liz another good seeing to that night to try and forget about Anne. It didn't work, but it was good fun trying.

The following day it was Friday and Liz and I went to a party. It was one of Liz's friends' birthday and I didn't particularly want to go to be honest. While I had met several of her friends by this point, I didn't know the birthday girl or indeed anybody else at the party, and I was obviously only invited as Liz's 'plus one'. I tried my best to socialize and fit in, but I often found myself with nobody to talk to and so, with nothing else to do, I hit the bar quite hard. Fortunately I'm not somebody who usually makes an ass of himself after a few drinks, and I'm not sure anybody other than Liz even noticed I was drunk.

In fact this night is only relevant to the story because it resulted in me having a bit of a hangover the following day. It wasn't a nuclear one, just a lingering headache, but I was due to be going biking with Liz and didn't really feel up to it so she decided to go shopping with Anne instead. Her mother took Charlie out to a little league game at lunchtime, then Vicky went out with some of her friends and so suddenly I was home alone with my future father-in-law. Harvey Delaney was an intimidating man, but we had a good hour of 'bonding' over a bottle of wine. Eventually he fell asleep in his armchair and I was left completely to my own devices.

I read a book for a while, then played video games back in our bedroom, but I soon got bored. My mind started drifting towards Anne again as images of her fucking herself with her hairbrush played repeatedly across my mind. It was strange, I had only watched her doing this for ten seconds tops, but over the last few days my imagination had managed to fill in all the blanks, so now I had about ten minutes worth of 'memories' of the event. I could 'remember' her frantically hunting round the room for a sex aid, before eventually settling for the hairbrush. Then she quickly stripped her jeans and panties off, nearly tripping over as she did so, before jumping on the bed and opening her legs. Then she finger fucked herself for a minute or so before sticking in the hair brush. Slowly and carefully at first, but then gaining confidence and shoving it up her cunt faster and harder until eventually her body exploded in a toe-curling orgasm.

Annoyingly, reliving this part memory, part fantasy in my head had given me a hard-on. As there was nobody else around, I decided to jerk off to give myself some relief. I got as far as opening my zipper, but then another thought struck me. I was practically alone in this vast house, with only a sleeping Mr Delaney for company. Given the number of people who lived there, that was a pretty rare event. In fact, it could be a completely one-off opportunity to do something I had secretly wanted to do for the last few days. Ever since peeping through Anne's curtains watching her perform, part of me wanted to go 'backstage' and see what things were like on the other side of the curtain.

There were butterflies in my stomach as I made my way through the house to the part where I now knew Anne's bedroom to be located. It started to occur to me that trespassing in Anne's room was quite risky. Mr Delaney could wake up at any time, or Liz and Anne could get home from the mall and I could be caught red handed. I could have chickened out at this point but, if anything, the risk of getting caught just made the whole thing seem even more exciting.

I arrived at what I believed to be Anne's bedroom door and stopped to listen. I could hear no sound other than the muffled tick and tock of the grandfather clock coming from the front room. Ever so slowly I turned the doorknob and pushed the door slightly open. I took a quick peek inside to confirm that my calculations were right and it was indeed Anne's room, then I quickly stepped inside and shut the door behind me. I was in! I took a deep breath and looked around. My heart was beating incredibly fast with excitement and I wasn't really sure why. It was just a girl's bedroom, what did I really hope to see or do in here? I hadn't really thought about what I would do next, I just knew I wanted to see inside. Well, okay, I had seen inside, now maybe I should leave in case I got caught.

But then a pen on the desk caught my eye. Was this the pen that she had put down her panties while I was watching? It was difficult to tell as I was so far away at the time. I picked it up, hoping for a tell-tale sign, maybe it would sticky or something, but it just seemed like a regular pen. It probably wasn't even the same one. I bet I could find the glue stick though! I remember she got it from a drawer to the right of her desk just... here! I found the item I was looking for almost immediately. I held it in my hands, smiling a big goofy smile. It didn't feel any different, but I knew this item had been up Anne's cunt. I sniffed it, hoping for the smell of her pussy. While it didn't smell of pussy exactly, it did smell slightly strange - enough to pique my interest into exploring further.

Right, next up I wanted to find the Holy Grail - the hair brush! I put the glue stick carefully back in the drawer and started looking around. Unfortunately I had missed this part of the show and so had no idea where she had got the brush from. I checked on the desk and on the dresser and in the drawers of the dresser, but to no avail. Where did women keep this kind of stuff? I started opening drawers at random, most of which contained clothes, makeup, jewelry, and eventually underwear! I took a minute or so looking through Anne's pantie draw. It was an untidy collection of mostly unexciting, sensible cotton affairs. There were a couple that were a bit more skimpy, but nothing too risqué. I didn't know a thing about Anne's sex life, but it seemed she didn't have much 'date underwear'. I mentally compared it to Liz's collection, which contained a number of tiny thongs and little silk numbers.

I eventually found the hair brush in the bedside cabinet. I was excited to find it, but I was even more excited when I thought about the ramifications. Why would you put your hairbrush in the bedside drawer? There were no chairs or mirrors nearby and lying in bed was obviously an impractical time to brush your hair. The only reason would be if brushing hair was not the primary purpose of the hairbrush! This thought excited me a lot, causing my dick to stir from its slumber once more. Maybe the scene I experienced wasn't a one-off, maybe she masturbated a lot! I ran my finger along the handle of the hairbrush, feeling like I was almost touching Anne's pussy by proxy. I gave it a good sniff, but there was nothing unusual. I was vexed by this, I was desperate to inhale the scent of Anne's private parts.

I suddenly realized that there was an easy solution. It may be that Anne had gone to the trouble of washing the glue stick and hairbrush and even if she hadn't, plastic is pretty bad at retaining odors. But one thing that wasn't bad at retaining odors was fabric. I had seen Anne's clean panties, all I needed was a pair of dirty ones. I went over to Anne's laundry basket and opened the lid. After picking though a couple of t-shirts, some pants and a pair of socks, I found exactly what I was looking for - a pair of Anne's worn cotton panties. They were white, just like the ones I had seen her in the other night. In fact, it was difficult to be sure but they could even be the ones she used that night!

I sat down on the bed and gave the crotch of the panties a good sniff. Oh shit yes, that was the stuff! My dick became rock hard as I smelt the slightly stale but still highly arousing scent of Anne's sex. I lay down on the bed, pulled out my cock and began to stroke it gently. I gave the panties another deep sniff and imagined lying in this very spot, while Anne sat on my face. I closed my eyes and rubbed my cock harder, imagining her hairy snatch right there in front of me while I inhaled the deep aroma of her cunt and drove her wild with my tongue on her clit. I brought the crotch of the panties to my nose again, but this time allowed my tongue to run over them. I tasted Anne's pussy juices on the panties as I imagined tasting her pussy for real. This was enough to send me over the edge. I felt my orgasm coming hard and just in time I managed to cover the tip of my penis with the panties as I fired jets of milky semen into them.

The orgasm was electric, but the comedown was hard. Shit, what was I doing? I had just jerked off on my fiancée's sister's bed while sniffing and tasting her panties! I cautiously looked inside the panties and saw them coated in streams of my cum. Crap, there's no way I could put those back into the laundry! I would have to throw them away and hope she didn't miss them. Okay, time for some damage limitation before I got caught. I straightened out the bed sheets to make it less obvious that I had been lying on them. I put the hairbrush back where I had found it and made sure that the lid was back on the laundry basket.

I was about to leave when I noticed that the curtains were still open a little, just as they had been the other night. Had she not opened or closed the curtains since Wednesday night? I tried to close them fully, but found that the curtains were just slightly too small for the window and as a result they didn't close properly. Well, that was interesting. It meant that there was a permanent gap and anybody walking past the window could look in any time they wanted. I guess nobody had ever bothered to fix the problem because nobody ever came around the side of the house. Even in its state of recent discharge, I felt my dick slightly hardening again with this new information. Focus! I had to get out of here now, before I got caught. I quickly slipped out of the door and walked back towards my room. Half way down the corridor I realized to my dismay that I had left the soiled panties behind. Shit, how obvious did I want to be! I quickly returned and stuffed the cum-filled undergarments in my pocket, before going to the back yard and disposing of them deep in one of the rubbish bags.

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