The Gap in the Curtains Ch. 02



In fact, my peeping Tom days may have been completely behind me if it wasn't for the events of the following Sunday. It was a quiet afternoon, Liz was out having a girly afternoon with a couple of friends, and I was spending time with Liz's twelve-year-old brother Charlie in the large back garden. We had been messing around playing all kinds of games and eventually we started playing baseball. I often felt sorry for Charlie, having three older sisters and no brothers, so I liked to take a bit of time to play with him when I could. Besides it scored me points with Liz's mom and it's not like I didn't enjoy goofing around in the garden. He was actually a good slugger for his age and I found I had to pitch the ball quite fast to avoid him whacking it straight back over my head more often than not.

Eventually Charlie got bored with the game and decided to go inside to watch some TV. I stayed outside to do a bit of gardening. The leaves had just started to fall from the trees and they were already making a mess of the patio. The gardener came once a week to do this kind of thing, but it would be nice to have a clear patio in the meantime, so I decided to rake up a load of leaves and put them in the compost bin. Liz would be gone a while and it wasn't like I had anything better to do. Before long I had finished the rear patio, so I decided to clear the front porch and driveway too while I was in the zone. I was just finishing up, sweeping the last of the detritus away, when Anne came waltzing down the drive. I had no idea where she had been, she wasn't carrying any shopping bags or anything, and I figured she would ignore me as usual. I just carried on with my work but, to my surprise and annoyance, she didn't ignore me, but stopped and watched me for a while.

"Hey Craig how much do you earn an hour?" she eventually asked.

"What?" I replied, wondering where Anne was going with this.

"Oh nothing," she chirruped, in an annoying sing-song voice. "It's just you're such a good lackey I thought we could keep you on as a gardener once you and Liz break up."

"I already have a job, and I wouldn't bet on Liz and me breaking up if I were you."

"She would have dumped you already, but she's worried who will sweep the drive and take out the garbage once you're gone." I felt slightly guilty when she mentioned taking out the garbage, thinking of the times I had spied on her under that pretense.

"Oh yes, she told you that did she?" I said, not wanting to give her too much ammunition, but peeved at her insinuations about our relationship.

"No, not exactly, but I know my sister. She dumped her last boyfriend after eight months and he had a better car and more money than you," she said, with a slight sneer.

I knew Anne was winding me up, trying to make me snap, but I wasn't going to give her the pleasure. I knew about Liz's previous boyfriend, they were in the process of breaking up when I first started speaking to her online. Apparently they broke up because he spent too much time out with his friends and wasn't ready to settle down. I didn't say anything because I really didn't want to start an argument with Anne. I just carried on with my sweeping, hoping Anne would go away.

"Well anyway, I'm going to leave now," she said, not entirely convincingly. She sniffed the air. "Do you know what mom's cooking for dinner? I'm hungry; I think I can smell something nice."

Anne walked off in a hurry as I collected up the last of the leaves. Anne was getting so difficult to deal with. I didn't really care about the generic insults, but saying things about my relationship with Liz was going too far. Maybe I should talk to Liz about her again. It was too much that she couldn't even be civil to me when passing me on the drive. Well, unless you counted that random stuff about dinner at the end, what was that about? As if you could smell something in the kitchen all the way from here. I carried my bucket of leaves around the side of the house to the composter. I walked past Anne's curtain, but I didn't stop to look in. I hoped I was over that phase and besides Anne was going to the kitchen wasn't she?

I took a quick look as I walked past the kitchen. Anne was indeed there rummaging around in a cupboard and she didn't notice me walk past the window. I carried on and deposited my leaves in the composter, considering it an afternoon's work well done. Realising that I needed a shower after my manual labor, I went back to the house through the kitchen door. Anne was still there, now searching the fridge, but as soon as she heard me come in she stopped immediately. I didn't want to talk to her, and tried not to look in her direction, but in my peripheral vision I noticed her surreptitiously hide something behind her back as I walked past. Did she really think I cared if she was a secret eater? Maybe she should learn to cook rather than relying on her mum the whole time.

As I made my way to the bathroom I heard Anne half walk, half jog down the corridor to her room and slam the door. It seemed a little bit odd to me. Why is she in such a rush, she can't be that hungry can she? In fact, I had watched her eat a large breakfast that morning so I would have been surprised if she was hungry at all. When she started talking about food when we were on the drive, I assumed she was just looking for a convenient excuse to leave the conversation, just like in the evenings when she... What was it that she hid behind her back in the kitchen?

Suddenly a picture started forming in my head. I stopped in my tracks, turned around and went back out into the yard, completely forgetting about my shower. I shouldn't be doing this, I thought. Don't slip back into old habits again! But another part of my brain assured me that I wasn't slipping back into old habits, I was just going to check to see if I was right. It seemed so unlikely, but everything fitted, the 'lame excuse', raiding the fridge, rushing back to her room, a known fondness for 'toys'... I had to take a look in her window long enough to see if she was going to do what I thought she was going to do. And with what I thought she was going to do it with.

I stopped at Anne's window and realized that my heart was beating quite fast. I guess partly because I had rushed around to the window very quickly, but mostly it was because if I was right then this could be the best show yet! I looked through the curtains as I had done so many times before and I saw Anne had already removed her top and her bra. Her breasts hung freely down and swayed and wobbled as she struggled to remove her socks. She finished pulling them off and then started fumbling with the clasp on the pants she was wearing. Anne seemed to be in a desperate hurry. On this occasion there was no warm up, no 'getting in the mood', no removing her clothing piece by piece, no feeling her body outside her clothes. This was somebody who wanted to get off and get off now!

I noticed that her nipples were already erect and I felt the familiar feeling of my cock straining against my pants. I pulled my zipper down and freed it from its cotton cage. Anne had finally managed to remove her own pants and quick as a flash had removed her panties as well. Completely naked, she started frantically looking around the room. I wondered what she was looking for. Ah yes, her prize from the kitchen, I wondered what it was going to be. A carrot? A zucchini? A banana possibly? Her mother always kept a well-stocked fridge. Eventually she found what she was looking for on her desk. She grabbed it and turned around, revealing it to be a cucumber. It was about two and a half inches thick and must have been over a foot long! Wow, she certainly had high expectations in that department. Or maybe it was all she could find. Either way I knew exactly where she planned to put it and I anticipated enjoying every moment of it.

She looked the cucumber up and down, taking in its length and I could see her eyes widen. Her other hand moved down to her pussy, seemingly involuntarily. She walked over to the bed and climbed on. I figured she would go for her usual 'missionary' position, but instead she got on all fours with her butt facing the window. This gave me the most amazing view of Anne I had ever seen before. There, just a few feet in front of my face, were Anne's lady parts spread open with everything on display. Her labia looked at me like two big, red lips begging to be kissed and I could see beyond them into her secret cavern, which was already wet, anticipating the large invader. Above that I could see her asshole, puckered and brown and tight. Below I could make out her pubic hair.

I pumped my cock furiously. I could happily have looked at that sight all day, or at least until I came, but my view was interrupted by her hand reaching around with the cucumber. She was clearly going to try and take the whole thing doggy style! She poked at her entrance a few times but seemed to be having a few problems. The cucumber was long, thick and difficult to control and her arms weren't quite long enough to reach all the way around. At one point it even seemed like she was going to accidentally stick it up her ass! Eventually she managed to steer the knob at the end in between her pussy lips and tried to push it in, but she still couldn't complete the task. Her pussy obviously wasn't yet able to accept such a big intruder, and from my vantage point I could see she was pushing it in at slightly the wrong angle. She made a few more attempts, clearly getting frustrated, before she gave up, collapsing face down on the bed.

Come on Anne, don't give up now! I thought, as she lay there on the bed breathing heavily. She manoeuvred one of her hands underneath her leg and used her middle finger to start playing with her clit. Again I had a perfect view of this, I could see her probing digit roughly working her nub. After a minute or so of this she rolled over onto her back and reached for the cucumber again. She positioned it between her legs and started to push, the vegetable intruder piercing her labia. It went in a couple of inches, but it was only the thin part at the end, it seemed her youthful vagina couldn't cope with the widest part of the cucumber. She sat up in the bed and pumped the cucumber slowly in and out, watching mesmerized as her pussy lips widened trying to accommodate the green penis substitute. It was slowly getting lubricated with her pussy juices and from my vantage point I could see that every time she pushed she was getting it a little bit further in - two inches, then two and a half, then three. Her vagina had now expanded enough to envelop the full width.

Anne started to breathe heavily as she pushed the cucumber further and further up her cunt. Her strokes became faster and faster as she became more lubricated, until she was fucking herself rigorously, like a piston. I adjusted my stroke to match, pumping my cock like mad, thinking of my own impending orgasm and not noticing that Anne was no longer looking at the cucumber, but straight ahead. Straight towards the window. Straight towards the gap in the curtains. Straight at me!

Our eyes locked together and I stopped pumping my cock mid stroke, paralysed with fear, standing perfectly still. Anne's expression went through a dozen different emotions from shock, to anger, to fear, to panic. She opened her mouth and let out a shrill scream, loud enough for me to hear through the double-glazing. In one movement she pulled the cucumber from her pussy and grabbed her sheets, pulling them up to cover her naked body. I regained control of myself and darted away from the window, clumsily putting my cock away and refastening my pants as I ran from the window. I ran down the drive and along the street, away from the house as fast as I could. I had been caught! My secret was out!


I didn't know where I was running to or even why I was running; it's not like I had anywhere to go. Everything I owned was at the Delaneys' house, so I had to return eventually, all I was doing was delaying the inevitable. I actually ended up in a coffee house in the center of town. I sat at a table in the corner on my own, drinking a coffee I had bought with the loose change in my pocket and wondering how I had let my life go so horribly wrong.

I have no idea why it popped into my head at that time, with everything else I had to think about, but I suddenly realized why the criminals on the cop shows always got caught. It wasn't always that they were stupid, or didn't have the ability to plan properly, as I had always thought, the problem was one of complacency. The first time they robbed a store, they probably planned it meticulously and worked out every second of the operation in minute detail, with contingency plans in place for every eventuality. It went well, so they did it again, and again. After a while they stopped making all the contingency plans and eventually stopped planning altogether. They were pros right? Get in, take the money, get out. Nothing had gone wrong before, why should it now?

It was exactly the same with me. I had watched Anne so many times without getting caught, that it didn't even seem dangerous any more. I had got to the point where I was no longer careful about keeping still and perfectly quiet. I no longer cared what direction she was looking, or how far away she was, in fact the closer I was to the action the better. When she sat up in bed while using the cucumber, I should have been thinking shit she's looking in your direction, duck down! Instead I was thinking about the great view I was getting of her tits and how I could watch the expression on her face as she came. It hadn't even occurred to me how much easier she would be able to see me during the daytime. I knew from experience that when looking out of a window from a lit room into the darkness you would see virtually nothing, but the same was not true in daylight. Today I hadn't even ducked down and peered through the bottom part of the window, I had just stood there jerking off like an idiot. I was the director of my own downfall.

I wondered what would happen now. I knew Anne hated me and I could expect no favors; she would tell Liz the first chance she got. Or maybe she would tell her parents instead, to get as many people involved as possible and make sure I couldn't sweet-talk Liz and worm my way out of it. Maybe Liz would be back at the house by now. At this very moment they could be having a 'family meeting' to discuss what had happened and what to do about it. Her father would be furious, her mother shocked, Liz herself would be crying probably. Anne would be pretending to be upset but would be secretly reveling in the attention and being the victim at my expense. I bet she wouldn't tell them what she was doing while I was spying on her.

I ordered myself another coffee, using the last of my money. It occurred to me that if Anne was smart she wouldn't tell anybody, but would blackmail me instead, knowing that I would do anything to prevent Liz from finding out what I had done. Would she want money? She didn't have a great job, but I was sure her parents gave her money. On the other hand, she did seem to spend a lot on designer shoes, clothes, make up and stuff. Liz knew how much savings I had, as we were saving for a house together, so it would be tough to explain where the money had gone. But explaining a missing hundred or even thousand dollars sounded a lot better than explaining jerking off at her sister's window. Could this really be resolved so easily with money though? If I paid Anne off, then every time she needed money after that she would hit me up, knowing I couldn't refuse. Then, when the money ran out, she would spill the beans anyway. In many ways the quick resolution might be better than the slow and painful death. Besides, I would need all my money if I had to set myself up again in San Francisco, I thought bitterly.

No, I couldn't give up that easily, there must be another alternative. Maybe I could talk my way out of it. What if I claimed I had just been looking through the window to see what room it was? It was a good excuse, because it had an element of truth to it. The first time I had spotted Anne that was actually what had happened. But how could I explain that I had been jerking off? I could just say Anne made that bit up to make her story juicier. After all, everybody knew that Anne didn't like me, so it was at least plausible that she would make something up to get me into trouble. In fact, if I was going to go that far, why not just claim she made the entire thing up? I could act confused and innocent and say I had never been near her window. Most of the family would be more likely to believe Anne, their own flesh and blood over me, the relative newcomer, but if I could sow enough seeds of doubt...

But then what? Even if Liz believed me on balance of probabilities, she might not trust me fully after that. And the rest of the family certainly wouldn't and Anne would be doubly-determined to get her revenge. It would make life in the house unbearable and could end up tearing the family apart and the most likely result is still that Liz would want to put the whole thing behind her and dump me anyway. I came up with plan after plan in my head, and none of them were great. Depending on how Anne played it, maybe I could deny it, or claim a misunderstanding, or pay Anne off, or something. I didn't know what would work, but I knew for certain that the longer I was AWOL, the more it would arouse suspicion. I decided that there was nothing else for it but to go back and find out what kind of trouble I was in.

I opened the front door, bracing myself for the wall of rage I expected to hit me, but the house was quiet. I found Mr and Mrs Delaney in the back room with Charlie and they greeted me cordially enough. Liz and Vicky were still out and Anne was nowhere to be seen. It was clear she hadn't told anybody yet and I assumed she was still in her room plotting. Maybe she was waiting for Liz to come home, or maybe she was going for the blackmail option. I decided that it would be better if I seized the moment and tried talking to Anne. I didn't know what the outcome of such a conversation would be, but I knew the longer I left her to scheme, the more likely she would come up with a really evil plan to hurt me.

I knocked on Anne's door, feeling the tension coursing through me. My mouth was so dry I wasn't sure if I would even be able to speak coherently, let alone what I would say, but I had to try. There was no reply to my knock. She must be in there mustn't she? I was about to knock again when I heard movement from inside. I saw the handle turn, then the door opened, and there stood Anne looking disheveled, but with an expression as cold as ice. She had thrown on a t-shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms and she stared at me, her eyes full of hate. I wasn't sure, but it looked like she might have been crying. For the first time it occurred to me that this might not be so easy for her either. As far as I could tell she loved her sister and might not relish hurting her so badly. And she probably felt violated that I had seen her like that. Maybe I could use that to my advantage.

"What do you want?" she said. I could tell she was trying to sound calm, but was barely suppressing a torrent of emotion. I swallowed a few times, trying to generate enough saliva to put a sentence together.

"I think we need to talk," I eventually managed. Anne just stood there, her face a mixture of pain and rage.

"Okay," she said eventually.

She stepped back from the door, begrudgingly allowing me access to her room. Although I had seen her room many times, I had only actually been in there once, and then not with Anne's knowledge or consent. I took a few steps in and looked around. The bed, the desk, the computer, the chair, the mirror, they were all things I had seen Anne using, but they looked different from this side of the window. I walked into the middle of the room towards the bed, where I had last seen Anne naked with a cucumber shoved far up her pussy. There was no sign of the cucumber now. I heard Anne close the door behind me. I turned to look at her and she stared back defiantly. Neither of us said anything for a few seconds, but Anne eventually broke the silence.

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