The Garden


Aurora was sitting on a bench in a secluded part of the garden, watching the fountain, half-asleep.

One of the younger gardeners walked into the small clearing, saw Aurora, and smiled. “Rora.”

She turned. “Hello Tren.”

He sat down beside her, looking her up and down. She was wearing a soft, thin gauze dress in pale blue. It was obvious, from the slight breeze, and the light of the sun, that she wasn’t wearing much under it. He could just see the shadows of her darker pink nipples straining against the fabric. Smiling, he slid closer to her. “That’s a lovely dress.”

She smiled. “Thank you.”

Tren wiped dirt off his hands. “I have a question for you.”

Aurora looked at him. “What?”

He smiled. “Can I see your breasts?”

She blinked. “Uh...”

Tren slid a little closer. “I’ve always wanted to see them. I just never had the guts to ask before.” His eyes seemed locked on her chest, which was rising and falling a little faster than before. Her nipples hardened under the fabric, which only served to stretch the thin material further.

Aurora bit her lip. “That’s all? You want to see them? Not touch them or anything?”

Tren smiled. “Just look. I promise I won’t touch.”

She shrugged, pinkening a little, and reached up to slide the neckline of her dress over her shoulders. The delicate material slipped slowly over the soft round globes of flesh, under Tren’s voracious gaze. Aurora blushed pinker as the top of her dress pooled around her waist. She took a deep breath, thrusting her chest out. “There.”

Tren’s eyes were wide, and dark as he grinned. Her breasts were quite large, round, and soft. Her dark pink nipples were also large, their tips hard, and begging, he thought, to be suckled. He imagined burying his face in her soft cleavage, licking that full flesh, sucking her nipples, while he plunged himself deep into her body. He wondered if she could suck her own breasts, and if she had ever done so.

“Wow. Those are some fantastic tits, Aurora.” he breathed.

Aurora looked down, blushing redder. “Um. Thanks.” she said softly.

“Can you suck your own nipples?” Tren asked, rubbing between his legs absently.

Aurora blinked, eyes going to the considerable bulge in the front of his pants. “Um...”

He laughed. “Have you ever tried?”

She shook her head.

“Try it.” Tren breathed, roughly. “Take one of those great big tits of yours in your hand, and stick it in your hot little mouth.”

Aurora blinked several times, and raised a hand to cover herself. “I-I don’t think so...” she whispered.

Tren chuckled, reaching out to grab her arms. “No. You got yourself into this. He quickly used the arms of Aurora’s dress to tie her hands in her lap. “I’ll have to do it now.”

Aurora gasped as he grabbed a breast in one calloused hand and kneaded it. He moaned softly, grinning. “Nice...” He pressed it towards her lips. “C’mon, baby, suck your nipple for me.”

“You said you weren’t going to touch me.” she protested as her nipple caressed her lips and slipped between them. She moaned, and automatically began to suckle it, moaning louder.

Tren grinned even more. “Yeah. That’s it. Suck your tit. You like that, don’t you?” He reached out with one hand to dive between her legs, quickly finding her soft flesh. She was wet, in fact, the panties she wore were soaked through. He laughed even more, as he pressed her large breast into her face, relishing the moaning, slurping sounds coming from her. “Oh yeah... You like it. You liked being asked to show your tits, and you like being made to suck them. I’ll bet you’ll like being fucked too.” He slipped a finger under her panties and laughed at the engorged clit that met his fingertip. “I hear you’re a great little fuck. The master likes you a lot.” He whispered in her ear.

Aurora moaned softly, sucking more of her flesh into her mouth, eyes closing slightly. She squirmed in her seat, wanting to let him thrust his fingers inside her. She spread her legs, and felt him yank her panties away. His thick fingers found their way into her pussy, one after the other, until he had four inside, thrusting hard. Her entire body shook.

Tren laughed, and pulled her breast out of her mouth, only to shove it in his own. He began to suck her hard, making loud slurping, suction noises. Aurora began to spasm slightly bending her head down to seek her other nipple. Tren saw this, grinned, teeth locked around a nipple, and grabbed the neglected breast, pushing it up for Aurora to suck. His hand moved faster inside her, and he slowly added his thumb. She slid back on the bench to allow him the best access, as he began pistoning his hand in and out of her.

Moaning loudly, Aurora’s body began to spasm more violently. Liquid flowed out of her, dripping between the slats of the bench to hit the ground. Another loud gasp caused her breast to fall from her lips, and she began to squeal, panting, “Fuck me! Yes! Harder!”

Tren laughed as she shook and squirmed under him. He let go of her breast, and chuckled. “Fuck you? Shall I really fuck you hard, Rora?”

He pulled his hand out of her body, and grabbed her, dragging her with him, as he pulled her over to the edge of the fountain. He pushed her over the ledge there, so that her ass was in the air and her breasts and face were forced into the water. She came up, gasping, as she felt something very big and thick prod her pussy.

She looked over her shoulder, to see Tren holding his manhood, a large, thick, long shaft, pointed at her ass. He grinned. “Now, I’m going to fuck you hard. Just like you wanted.”

She groaned, as he pushed slightly at the entrance to her body, then screamed as he plunged into her, sheathing himself to the hilt in her hot pussy.

He began pounding her, shaking her entire body with the force of each thrust. Aurora gasped, flailing in the water, unable to use her hands to support herself. The water was cold, nipping at her skin, tightening her nipples, causing her to orgasm again from the mere shock of the iciness alone.

Tren was relentless, his hands dug into her hips as he slammed his cock in and out of her body. He grunted, moving faster, as he heard her cry. He raised a hand and slapped her shuddering ass soundly, causing her to squeal again. He chuckled, slapping her harder. She gasped, and he continued to slap her with each thrust, hard, reddening her skin. She began to scream, squirming and crying.

He felt her body tense and begin to tremble, and another orgasm took her, squeezing him almost painfully from inside as she spasmed. He shouted, and his cock pulsed, shooting cum all over her insides. She continued to spasm, squeezing him as he came, milking every last drop from him. He shuddered, trying to pull out, but each squeeze of her hot pussy only delayed his attempt to escape her.

Aurora screamed, as her body spasmed, gasping for air. As Tren finally pulled away, she slumped, spent.

Cum mixed with her own juices dribbled out of her pussy, running down her leg, to pool on the grass beneath her.

Tren dropped to his knees, staring at her, as he put himself away. “My gods, Rora.... you are a good fuck.” he breathed.

Aurora looked over her shoulder at him, and slid to the ground, running her fingers between her legs to catch some of the escaping liquid. “I am?” she asked softly, licking her fingers absently, to his surprise.

“Yeah... one of the best... Mind if I fuck you again when I get the chance? I got something in mind I think you’ll like. That is, if you suck me off next time.”

Aurora giggled softly. “Oooh... I like sucking on men. Will you suck my tits again? You did such a good job, I could come just from that alone. I love having my tits stared at and played with.”

Tren laughed, watching her breasts as she spoke. “Oh yeah, baby. Whatever you want.”

Aurora crawled across the grass, and leaned down to kiss his cock before he buttoned his pants. She licked it as well, making him shudder. “I’ll look forward to having this in my mouth.” she breathed, looking up at him.

Tren groaned softly. “Stop that, or I’m going to let you suck me off right now. And I have to go back to work.”

She giggled. “Come see me in my room when you get done for the day, and I’ll suck you all you want.”

Tren closed his pants and stood up, tweaking a nipple as he did. “Okay. That’s a deal.”

Aurora giggled, and rolled over on her back in the grass, spreading her legs, and slipping a hand into her wet pussy. “I’ll just keep myself busy till you do.” she purred, slipping a breast into her mouth to suck it.

Tren’s eyes widened, and he coughed slightly at the sight before him. “Gods... Uh... okay....” he muttered, and turned. “Gods. You’re too hot...”

He vanished into the garden, leaving Aurora to pleasure herself in the clearing.

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