tagErotic CouplingsThe Garden Party

The Garden Party


We make love again Saturday night after dinner and a movie... It's been a wonderful day. A day both of us needed.

But Sunday will be busy. You have to rush off to the office for a couple of hours, and you've been invited to an early-evening fundraiser for the symphony orchestra at a wealthy patron's home. There's no getting out of it. Although I love classical music, I make a few protestations about going to stuffy parties with boring people when I could be spending my time getting to know your body better.

But I'm at your door exactly when I said I would be, and nattily dressed... Surprising you. Often, when were out together, I'm so casual and laid-back. A typical guy.

"Well, you clean up nicely," you say, kissing me. A long, thoughtful, sensuous kiss. Mmmmmm. I think you look absolutely stunning in soft, flowing dress that billows about your legs, striking the perfect balance between elegance and informality. Ideal for a garden party.

You let me drive your car. I hold your hand, taking it to my lips often to kiss. We hardly talk, but the silence is warm, golden and enjoyable. I notice that you look over several times, as if studying me. You know that I'm not exactly looking forward to such a formal event, but I hide my discomfort well.

The house is well outside the city, and takes us awhile to get there. We finally find the driveway, unpaved, disappearing though the woods... We when finally reach the clearing, I'm awed. It isn't a house, it's a mansion. There's even half a dozen guys and girls, parking cars... We leave them to their business, and make our way through the wide foyer... It's almost impossible not to look impressed. The house is beautiful, filled with original paintings and sculptures, and we take our time looking at several pieces, before heading out back... But not before taking a tall flute of sparkling wine from a waitress.... It's good, delicious really.

We step out onto a huge stone patio fronting an incredible garden -a breathtaking garden -that seems to go on for acres. You're excited and touched by the beauty... I know that we'll have to go for a long stroll, drink it all in... I love watching you get so emotional. Next we notice a string quartet, playing off to one side. Mozart. Could this moment be any better?

The hostess -a charming older lady -greets us warmly, and even though we haven't actually met her before, she seems to know all about us. Your work, my work.... She's good, and in a few minutes you relax, stop worrying whether I'll enjoy myself. You decide that I can mingle with the best of them.... The three of us talk for a little while, and we're joined by an acquaintance of yours.

When I ask a few questions about the artwork we saw after we arrived, I'm suddenly taken away from you. Our hostess locks her arm in mine -I'm to be given the grand tour of the house... Leaving you behind with your acquaintance... As I'm leaving, I catch your eye, and you're laughing lightly, enjoying my predicament.

Twenty minutes later, I'm back at the patio, looking for you... I talk with a few people I know, eyes always searching... And then I see you, in the distance. Enjoying the garden. The dress is unmistakable, and I know the gentle sway of your body... I try to catch up. There must be more than 200 people here, but the property is so large, it doesn't feel crowded in the slightest.

It takes me awhile to reach you -by that time, you've moved to the far side of the garden, at the property's limit... I steal up behind you -good, you're alone -and pull you to me, your back against my chest. My hands reach up to fondle your breasts, and I can feel your nipples harden beneath the thin fabric.

"Mmmm, that's nice....." you say, leaning your shoulders back towards me so that I can smother your neck with kisses. "But I think it's only fair to warn you that my date tonight knows martial arts."

I laugh as I kiss you. Feeling the start of an erection. When you starting rubbing your gorgeous ass against my pants, my cock gets hard quickly. I start thrusting against you lightly, looking behind us...

Still holding you from behind, I push you over to a small grassy area fronted by a small rhododendron, and encourage you to your knees. I lift your dress, exposing your beautiful ass. You can tell I'm fumbling with my belt and zipper.

"We can't..." you gasp. "It's too open! Someone will see us..." But even as the words leave your lips, you're pulling the band to your panties to one side so that I can enter you.

I slide my cock inside you slowly -Ohhh, God, it feels so good -and slowly start thrusting. You moan each time. And I'm electrified.

No one can see us, at least not until they're right upon us, but what we're doing feels so reckless and wanton.... You're amazed at how excited you are, considering the lack of preliminaries.... I'm shaking already, and you moan softly, so hot, your pussy so wet.... With each thrust, my cadence increases, and soon I'm driving into you so, so deeply.... "Oh, that feels so good," you moan... You rock your pussy back, to meet each hard thrust, and can feel every inch of me... And I'm in heaven, surrounded by your sweet, delicious, gorgeous pussy... Every so often, you squeeze the muscles of your pussy, bringing a long, deep moan from my lips. Oh God, you are so hot and wet....

With my hard cock stimulating your lovely pussy, my fingers are circling your clit with each thrust, and my balls are slapping against you... You can feel your orgasm already.... building, building, ohhh, you're being fucked so hard and so deep.... It steals up on you quickly..... And you let yourself cum, enjoying the incredible sensations, heightened by the danger of being caught.... Once your pussy starts contracting, squeezing my cock, I'm unable to contain myself, and you feel my cock spasm inside you as I bite hard against your dress, to keep from yelling with my release... And just the act of me cumming sets you off again, a second delicious orgasm... So that even after I stop pumping, you continue to move back against me, wiggling your pussy, the remains of your orgasm lingering, slow and delightful...

It didn't take us very long, so unlike our usual lovemaking, but this was intense and satisfying. You kiss me deeply as I help you to your feet... You look so beautiful straightening your dress, your cheeks flushed, your breath still rasping... We make it back to the path just as an older couple rounds the bend... Another minute, and they would have found us.

You smile mischievously, and we talk to them briefly about the lovely estate, wondering if they can tell by our color, our perspiration, what we've been doing... We laugh so easily at their jokes, so relaxed, so pleased....

As we walk back to the patio, I wonder if maybe our cum is dripping down your leg, maybe I should have cleaned you up with my mouth.... I look over at you, the waning sunlight catching your hair, the soft curves of your shoulders... And I'm smitten. So moved. You are so beautiful, so sexy. I can't keep my hands off of you... And I've done things with you that I've never done with any other woman, never even thought of doing. Yet with you, they feel so natural, and our lovemaking makes me feel like a little boy just learning about the world outside his door.

Soon we're back at the patio, busier now, waiters and waitresses swirling by with more Champagne and delicious hors d'oeuvres... A tall, distinguished look man joins us. Our host... We thank him for his generosity, compliment him on his glorious estate... And then he starts in on wine. He enjoyed the wine column I used to write, likes my style, and he'd love to show me his cellar... Damned if I'm not pulled away from you again.

I get another grand tour -and it's pretty impressive. The guy has hundreds of bottles, stored in dark, hardwood racks... The whole room is temperature-controlled, and he shows me wines I've only dreamt of tasting. Including a venerable Bordeaux from the year you were born. I mention the fact... And before I know it, the bottle is in my hands, a gift for us, for a special occasion... I thank him warmly, amazed, and we return to the deck...

Again, I can't find you... After 15 minutes, I don't know where else to look. I head back in the house, find one of the mansion's six bathrooms... When I open the door to leave, you're on me, surprising me, driving me back, smothering my mouth. After a few quick passionate, wet kisses, you force me down on the chair near the mirror, and lock the door.

You lift your dress, so erotically, and I see your beautiful pussy.... You've taken your panties off! And then you move to me slowly, gazing in my eyes, undoing my belt and my zipper, and exposing my cock. It's just starting to rise, and you grab hold and mount me slowly. It's not easy to get my cock inside of you when it's so soft, but you do it, and as it hardens, filling you, you start sliding against me.... Slowly, Ohhhhhh, so slowly... Gazing deeply into my eyes the entire time, kissing my mouth hard...

With your feet touching the floor, you lift off of me until just my cock head is inside you, and then you slide down my shaft, burying my cock deep inside of your gorgeous pussy... I can feel your honey covering me.... You are so wet. And you're doing it me so completely, so deliberately... Looking at me, watching every reaction that I make.... Telling me how much you love my cock, how good it feels to take me inside of you so deeply... Oh God, I know.... It feels so exquisite, so intense, so delicious. I'm gasping with each thrust.... moaning, kissing your mouth, our tongues fencing.... God, this is so incredible, so sexy... So hot!

You never vary your rhythm, you're in complete control... Squeezing me, driving me wild... If you could only feel my ecstasy... And then you close your eyes, crying out.... Oh Baby, Ohhhhhh.... I'm cumming..... And I feel your body shaking, trembling as you cum, so hard, so wonderful... But you don't stop, the same cadence, driving me insane.... Minute after minute... Samantha, oh Samantha.... So hot, so wet, so incredible... And then my body feels it, every nerve and fiber of my being starts to tense.... A warm, delirious wave rushes through me, starting with my cock, and then it's everywhere... Overwhelming me... And I come with every ounce of strength that I have, calling your name over and over and over... Barely aware that your pussy is once again squeezing my cock, and that your cries mingle with mine... And I cum so hard that I almost pass out. Samantha.....

We don't move for the longest time. I just hold you so tightly, still shaking... Amazed at what you do to me... Knowing that I never had an orgasm like that before meeting you... And then I lift you off of me, moving you back to the wall... Before you can move, I'm under your dress, my tongue gliding along your thighs, moving to your sopping pussy... You lift your dress up, so you can watch me.... lifting your legs, spreading your legs... Opening yourself to me, so that I can taste our lovemaking, and please you with my mouth and tongue, probing, licking.... All over your gorgeous pussy, spreading your lips with my fingers, then sliding into you repeatedly with my tongue, sucking, licking, trying to go deeper... To taste you, to taste us.... Your moans, your gasps, so sexy... Ohhhh, I want to hear you cum one more time.... And then my lips move to your clit, circling it, lightly sucking it, and then I'm fluttering my tongue against your swollen pearl, until I feel your hands at my head, pressing me to you even as you hump my face with your pussy, crying out.....

When that orgasm subsides, you slide down toward me unable to stand any longer... And we spend a few tender minutes kissing, touching. Until finally.... We unlock the door, and rejoining the party... Holding hands, exchanging knowing glances.... Until we leave... Bottle of wine in hand....

We drive home slowly, and you squeeze my hand... You are so soft, so beautiful; I love being with you, can't remember what my life was like before you...

Eventually, laughing, I tell you that I had more fun than I expected to... You answer with a smile, and that look in your eyes.... And I know we're not finished yet...

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