tagLesbian SexThe Garden Party

The Garden Party


Cathy had just settled down to her new house which she had inherited it a few months earlier. The house was in a small quiet town far away from noises of the big cities. Cathy used to play here with her brothers years ago. It hadn't changed much since. It was still the sleepy place where nothing ever happened.

Having moved only a week ago she was surprised to receive a letter one morning. Not very many people knew about her moving and the ones who did were definitely not the writing type. The letter contained an invitation:

Welcome to a garden party at Applemoor mansion
July 17. at 6 p.m.
Susan Harris.

There was nothing more but the address. Cathy was curious. Apparently word travels fast in this kind of town. She had her doubts about going but since she didn't know anybody here she thought she might as well go.

Applemoor mansion was only a block away from her house. It was a beautiful Victorian house with a large garden. By the time Cathy arrived there the garden was already full of laughing and talking people. Still something wasn't right at this picture – yet she couldn't quite point it out. Before she thought about this any further a woman came to her.

'Oh, you must be Catherine. Welcome!'

'Please, just call me Cathy.'

'I'm Susan Harris but all the people here call me Suzie. Come on with me and I'll give you a tour. So I heard you have just moved here. How have you settled down?' Suzie asked as they walked towards the partying people.

'Very well, thank you. This place is as beautiful as I remembered.'

'Oh yes. Your grandmother, Mary. Dear Mary. Such a wonderful person.'

'So you knew her?'

'Yes she used to visit my garden parties from time to time.'

'I hope my dress isn't inappropriate. The invitation didn't...'

'Oh no you look very pretty. Come on now! I'll tell you who else is here.'

Only when Suzie started to introduce her to the other guests did Cathy realize what was the thing that had felt so strange. There were no men. Not a single man were present. Still the women there were quite different from one another. The youngest had to be no more than twenty and the eldest had past her forties. They also came from various social classes. One of them was a school teacher, one a doctor, one was the mayor's wife and one cleaned the town hall. Some of them were married, some dating, some single. The only thing they seemed to have in common was this party. Nevertheless they all looked dashing in their summer dresses admiring the gardenias as the evening sun played with their hair. It wasn't usual for Cathy to notice these things but there was something amazing about this scene.

After toasting to this evening the women sat down to eat dinner in the garden. The air was filled with happy conversation. At exactly seven o'clock they heard a bell ring inside the house. The women got up and went inside Cathy following the others. They all went to the large living room with antique furniture and high ceiling. She felt anticipation in the air. When the mayor's wife started to massage Mrs. Edward's shoulders Cathy thought that aren't people nice in this little town but she couldn't believe her eyes when Mrs. Edwards kissed the mayor's wife. Or when just moments from that they were all over each other. Cathy looked at other's reactions but they simply smiled. Then they slowly started to couple. The sweet and young Alice went to Mrs. Wilson, already at her late forties, the doctor - a gorgeous brunette - went to cashier Sheila and so on until all the people were with someone. Finally Suzie came to Cathy. She took her hand in hers and whispered to her ear:

'In my party nothing is mandatory but we would very much like you to join us.'

This was all so confusing to Cathy but she felt strangely turned on by these attractive women kissing and touching each other. So when Suzie moved her long brown hair aside and kissed her neck she didn't refuse.

The mayor's wife had already taken off Mrs. Edward's dress who stood there wearing just black stockings and bra. She gently caressed her well formed breasts and then let her hand slide towards her panties. Mrs. Edward let her firm body arch when her fingers reached their goal. Cathy was fascinated by this sight. Suzie was still standing behind her covering her neck with hot kisses. She put her hands onto her waist and pressed her body against Cathy's. She stroked her breasts feeling the young woman's nipples harden. Then she kneeled down and started moving her hands under Cathy's skirt.

The woman had long and muscular legs just begging to be caressed. Opening her mouth only a little bit Suzie licked her way up to her inner thighs. Before this Cathy had been able to control her storming emotions but now she gasped a long sigh grasping the curtains to maintain her balance. Suzie could smell her wet pussy under the pink panties and with an experienced move she pulled down the lace dream. Cathy trembled. She knew what was going to happen next and it made her weak and even wetter. Suzie looked at her price that was dripping moist. She pushed her tongue out and drank out the juice with one long lick. Cathy screamed with pleasure and gripped the velvet curtain so hard that it fell off the window.

The room was covered with moaning and sighs. On the sofa Mrs. Wilson clang onto Alice's porcelain white ass squeezing it as hard as she could while the sweet girls tongue made circles in her mouth. On the Persian rug a lovely blond teacher and spicy redhead were rubbing their pussies together. Naked tangled bodies, fingers feeling the softness of the breasts, tongues tasting the sweaty skin.

Suzie got back to her feet. She stared at Cathy with lust in her eyes and started slowly undressing herself. She opened the zipper of her ocean blue skirt and let it fell down. Then she unbuttoned her blouse revealing white see-through bra. The color highlighted her tanned skin. Suzie threw away the blouse and just stood there letting Cathy look at her body. Then she went to her and opened her dress. She could see Cathy's flawless skin appear under the clothing. She touched her with only her fingertips rolling them down her spine. She opened her bra and looked eagerly at her soft round breasts bouncing off of their lace prison.

At the same time Cathy's eyes met with Alice's who was at her climax in the strong caress of Mrs. Wilson. She seemed to interest this young temptress. Alice kissed her partner and walked across the room towards Cathy. Even she had to admit that this swanlike girl was magnificent. She looked fearlessly into Cathy's eyes with a mild smile at her face. She was completely naked and Cathy saw her budding breasts go up and down as she walked. Her pussy was shaved and the kind that even a straight woman like her would want to touch. By the time Alice had walked to her Suzie was already fondling her rock-hard nipples. Her mouth was amazing. She sucked them, bit them gently and used her tongue to circulate around them. Alice was also fascinated by Cathy's body. Standing behind her she slipped her finger into her vagina stroking her back to wet. Then she went to Suzie and slipped her panties down. The young insatiable woman put her tongue into her while Suzie herself was busy doing Cathy's tits. Suzie had a warming orgasm that she felt all the way in her chest. Suzie was ready to return the favour but Cathy stopped her.

'Let me do it' she said smiling.

For the first time in her life Cathy kneeled down in front of a woman. She just couldn't resist that lovely little shaved pussy. This was all new for her so she had to use her instincts. Alice spread her legs invitingly. Cathy kissed her pussy. She kissed it like it were a mouth begging for her to do it. She used her whole tongue to search every hole in this wonderful place before she finally found it. She could feel Alice's muscles tighten as she began to suck her clitoris. Alice took her head into her hands and pushed it towards the moist center. At the same time Suzie stroked her breasts harder and harder. Pretty soon Alice just couldn't take it anymore. She leaned against the wall and moaned so loudly that everyone in the room solidified. Her orgasm lasted longer than ever before. Then she lifted Cathy's head and kissed her to the lips which were still moist from her own juices.

Next month when Cathy went to pick up her post she received a letter that kept her smiling all day long.

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