tagErotic CouplingsThe Garden Party

The Garden Party


When Pam asked me to come to her pool party next Saturday I tried to think of a way to politely say no. I'm not much of a conservationist and quite frankly I find most women to be boring. I never was one for chit chat about children or homemaking or any of the typical topics most women select to discuss. Pam knew that, so I was a bit surprised that she would even ask. I hemmed and hawed trying to politely say no thanks but I think she read my mind. Look Monica, this isn't going to be another of those boring things that make you uncomfortable. The people at this one are really interesting and anyway it's going to be a mixed group. Not just women but some really fantastic guys I've met. I really don't know Pam, I'm not comfortable with people I don't know and introductions are something that I simply hate. Come on Monica, I promise you this will be different. Just bring yourself and your sexiest bathing suit. I sort of gave a sigh and a reluctant nod and it was set.

Saturday at eleven I pulled into the driveway and her handyman took my keys and drove my car to a parking spot. There were already about ten other cars there and I was getting uncomfortable at the number of people in attendance. Pam took my bag and led me to the pool area. I had been there before but never when there were so many people gathered around. It was catered and there was even a small combo playing music off in one corner. I went to one of the picnic tables under a grove of elms and sat observing the activity. I was still as uncomfortable as I had expected to be. I didn't recognize anyone I knew and Pam abandoned me almost immediately. She had to keep things rolling I guess. A waiter worked his way over to me with a tray of drinks and placed two down next to me. Both champagne. I looked up wondering why two but he just grinned and said, I won't be getting back this way for at least fifteen minutes so you better just stock up, and with that, left.

About five minutes later I had company. I guess he came around from behind because he was sitting next to me before I even heard him arrive. Right now I didn't feel like chatting so I didn't really make eye contact but sort of nodded yes when he asked to join me. He introduced himself as Blake, and I gave him my name. There was a pregnant silence for a few minutes before he tried to be break the ice. He began with a few observations and small talk before I finally turned to speak directly to him. It was than that I came to life. He wasn't the sort of man who I would expect to be at one of Pam's affairs. He was, well, more subdued and almost exciting to be with. He had a way of making eye contact and looking at you as if he had known you all your life. I began to open up and started telling him who I was, and how I knew Pam. From there on I just rambled on like a little fool and yet he watched me intently seeming to hang onto my every word. He never interrupted, or tried to steer my conversation. I found myself telling him things that I would never tell my closest and oldest friends and yet it seemed so natural.

Than he did something that seemed so natural that I responded with out hesitation. He slid his hand across the table and turned his palm up. I placed my hand atop his and he sort of just held me. I suddenly became quiet and we just gazed at each other. Now I don't believe in love at first sight or that sort of thing, but this man was making my heart pound and my face flush. Than something happened that was totally new for me. My pussy became noticeably wet and a bit uncomfortable. Something sexually affiliated began to happen to my body For a long moment we just sat there like that. Than he broke the silence. Would you care for a drink, Monica? Like a child I nodded yes, never remembering the two drinks that had been placed next to me. They were probably warm and flat by now anyway. He turned his head, caught the waiters eye and my gaze never left his face. I never even saw the waiter place the fresh drinks down or pick up the others. Now he turned back to me and smiled. It was almost a knowing smile. The sort of smile a parent gives a child who desperately needed understanding. I was lost in it. I was fast becoming enamored with him and it sent warm washes of sexual pleasure coursing thru me. How could this man make me feel like this, I mused? I haven't known him for twenty minutes and yet I was developing feelings that I was embarrassed to admit even to myself.

His voice was deep and soothing. He told me about himself, how he had come to know Pam, and a bit about his business. I heard parts of it but my mind was conjuring up much more exotic thoughts rather than actually listening to what he was saying. I let my mind fantasize a love affair, a sexual encounter, a voyage to some secluded spot and other sexual scenarios. He must have seen the misty distant look in my eyes because he suddenly became quiet, squeezed my hand and whispered, are you going to join the others and go swimming? I kept my eyes on him and nodded no. I wasn't about to let this moment go. Almost as if he knew what I had been day dreaming about he reached out his other hand and I place my hand in his. Now it was as if we were sending messages to each other with our minds and I actually blushed. I moved my legs uncomfortably under the bench and realized that I was not just wet but sticky. I slowly moved my legs apart and felt the lips of my pussy come apart. It was almost as if they were being kissed by some magical force. It actually brought me closer to an orgasm than I dare admit. I took my hand from his, reached for my glass and lifted it to my lips, all the while watching him over the rim. The waiter had replaced the champagne with a rum drink, a very strong rum drink. He smiled. Damn him, he knew. I swear he could see it in my face. I wanted him and he knew it. My breath came in long slow deep gasps and my breasts heaved. I felt a sudden release as the top button on my blouse parted and now my cleft was exposed. I normally would have been upset, but now I had an urge to see if I could make the button just below separate too. I couldn't.

Would you like to walk he asked? Sure I answered and we stood. He drained his drink and took me by my arm and we began to walk deeper into the shade of the trees' canopy. I now was totally wet and each step worked my pussy back and forth teasing my clit so much that I had to stop every so often or lose what little control I had left. It was near the edge of the elm grove that I turned and leaned against the tree. He paused in front of me and looked down into my eyes. I lost control and my arms rose up and entwined around his neck. He bowed his head and as I looked up, our lips met. Kisses are just kisses until they hold some mystical meaning. That kiss was what dreams are made of. At first it was just a warm joining, than I let my lips part, his followed. My tongue moved to enter and his joined mine. Than they seemed to duel with each other. We were no longer kissing. We were seducing each other. I never wanted to break this joining and my arms tightened around his neck and I thrust my breasts hard to his chest. His hands had lowered and now were around my waist drawing me closer to his warm body and my legs were slightly parted as I shoved my pelvis forward and pushed my pussy hard against his thigh. I felt the swollen hardness of his manhood press back in return.

I never thought about it before, but I close my eyes when I kiss. I was in a sort of dreamy world of sensual pleasure when I suddenly lost my breath and we had to break apart. He moved his cheek to mine and sort of whispered in my ear. Where is this going Monica? I mean it can't end like this.

I whispered back. It can go as far as we let it Blake. I probably said that out of desperation. I didn't want to lose him and this seemed to be the point where I either decided to hold him or let him walk out of my life. I had decided that I needed him in my life. I think the drink was getting to me because I looked up and asked. Take me home Blake, now, please. It was a stupid thing to say but I had to get him alone with me and it was the only thing I could think of.

He walked with me to the front and I decided to leave everything here, including my car, and pick it up later. I asked the handyman to tell Pam I had to leave and with that slid into his car and moved across to press my arm against his. Now I had another dilemma. I really didn't want to go to my place. Almost as if he read my mind he turned to me and asked. Would you like to stop by my place before going home Monica? I'd love that I responded. Where is your place anyway? About a half hour from here. It's up in the hills. You'll like it. It's isolated and has a beautiful view of the blue ocean. With that we became quiet. I moved closer to snuggle against his shoulder and sort of rested my cheek on it. I let my hand drift down and come to rest on his thigh. It was strong and firm and at that point I became a bit more brazen. I let my hand slide up and down sort of stroking him from his knee to his groin. I wanted to feel his cock but didn't dare let him know. I'm a little sleepy from that drink Blake; can I rest my head on your lap until we get there? Sure he answered and kept his eyes on the road. I slid over to the door, and lay across the seat and put my head on his thigh. My hand moved up to cradle my face and in that way I could move my fingers more freely. I held still for a few minutes but feigning sleep I let my hand move to a point between his thighs and begin to search for his cock.

That's when I got a pleasant surprise. I couldn't tell if he was hard or just semi-erect but he was big. I squirmed a bit and than turned my head so I now faced his tummy. I deliberately breathed thru my mouth so my hot breath would be felt. Now I could feel him begin to grow larger. He was driving me mad and I wanted to slide my hand up and open his fly and release that shaft but I didn't dare be that forward. I just sort of squeezed his hard rod periodically and kept breathing on him. About the time I was ready to toss caution to the wind and take him out, the car slowed and stopped. I sat up and looked around. Here already? I asked. Um hum he murmured and getting out went around and opened the door for me. We walked in and there was another surprise. The front door actually entered on the second floor. The House seemed to hang off a steep mountain and I was standing on a sort of balcony. Looking down you could see the living room, sunken fireplace and all. It was beautiful. We walked down a spiral staircase and stood in the living room. The carpet was so plush that I simply had to take my shoes off and let it caress my feet. Turning to him, I looked down and saw the large bulge between his thighs. I had accomplished more than I had thought on the way over. We went to the windows and looked down on the beach below. It was breathtaking. Than I turned and slipped into his arms. Again that kiss, but now more brazen and more anxious than before I sucked his tongue into my mouth and ran my fingers thru the hair at the nape of his neck. I let my other hand slide down to stroke the bulge I had created and he moved his hips back slightly giving me more access.

The kiss ended and I whispered; I'm hot. He mistook my meaning and volunteered a suggestion that we go take a swim in his pool. Oh that would be wonderful I answered, but........ I didn't bring my suit. Well he answered, we're adults, let's go skinny dipping. I took a deep breath. Now I wondered what he would think of me in the nude. With that he went to a closet and took a bundle of towels out and led me to the pool. It wasn't very large but the water seemed inviting and slowly we undressed. It was a bit amusing because we each turned our backs to each other as we stripped. He jumped in before I had finished. I sat on the edge and sort of slid into the cool water. I swam over to him and by now the inevitable happened. My nipples always get hard and stand up when they get cold and that's just what happened. Now about two feet in front of him I noticed his gaze was on my breasts. I have rather small breasts, a I teasingly asked. Like them? He took a deep breath and in a hushed voice, almost a whisper, answered, fantastic. Here, let me rub them against you. And with that I moved up close to him and began to bob up and down dragging my nipples across his chest. I was turning myself on but really didn't care. Now we were so close that I could feel his shaft brush against my tummy.

We broke the spell by dunking each other and fooling around as children might. Exhausted but completely aroused, I hoisted myself up and sat on the edge of the pool with my legs dangling in the water. I was trying to see his cock thru the rippling water but he kept his arms moving, making it difficult to get a good view. Come on. Dry me off Blake. You're going to turn into a prune if you stay in there much longer. And with that I stood and waited for him to get out and join me. When he pulled himself out of the water and stood, I got my first view of my man. The cold water probably had kept him from becoming fully aroused, but even at that he was large. He was obviously circumcised and his shaft was laced with a series of soft blue veins. The head of his cock was a pale purple, almost a powdery purple but it too was thick and large. He noticed my stare and actually seemed a bit embarrassed.

Spreading two towels on loungers along the pool he directed me to lie down and offered to dry me. I took one towel and dried my hair as he began to towel my body off. He was deft and tended to my legs, shoulders and arms quickly but than seemed to linger on my more intimate parts. The terry cloth towel was patted over my breasts, than he dragged the material across my already erect nipples. Than he moved down my tummy to my pussy and whispered, spread! I obeyed as he began to pat that dry also. The brush across my nipples moments earlier had me nearly cumming and now he was doing strange things to my pussy. I looked at him as he parted my puffy firm lips and I asked; like it? I just shaved it this morning. Oh god yes he mumbled. And what do you think about my breasts Blake. They are sensitive you know. I was almost pleading with him to put his hand on them again. Sooooooooo Nice he cooed. Roll them between your fingers I begged. They really get big than. And almost as an obedient child would, he did just that. But his warm fingers were soon replaced by his mouth. At first he cupped my breasts in his hands and sort of forced my nipples up, than he extended his tongue and flicked the tip of it up and down the sides of my darkening nipples, swirling its wet tip around and around my aureoles causing a series of small bumps to populate the soft halos. I felt my ass begin to tighten than relax repeatedly. My pelvis seemed to move almost imperceptivity up and down in mock thrusting as if I were fucking some imagined cock. I guess I always have had some sort of reaction in my pussy when my nipples were taunted. Almost as if some invisible communication were established between the two.

Oh my god Blake. OOOOoooh baby. You're making me crazy. God don't stop what you're doing. My pussy is throbbing. Almost as if to see for himself he let his free hand glide down to my pussy and his fingers began to strum up and down the wet cleft. I was delirious and knew my orgasm was mere seconds away. Than he sent me over the top. I sobbed as he simultaneously pressed his lips down and sucked my nipple into his mouth while whipping his tongue over it and began to swipe his wet slippery fingers up and down over my hard clit. As I heaved up his fingers tightly formed a group, perhaps three, which he began to plunge in and out of my cunt. I went heaving up and down and I heard my own voice gurgle a string of profanity that was definitely not lady like. FUCK MY CUNT! YESSSSSSSSSS JUST LIKE THAT. PUT YOUR FINGERS IN DEEP BLAKKKEEEEE. OHMYGODOHMYGODOOOOOOOOOOOOH BABY MAKE ME CUM HARD. NOW! OH BABY I AMMMMMMMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMMING NOW.

My body heaved up and down like a puppet and I twisted and turned, my legs lifted into the air and my ass shoved my pussy up to meet his slippery wet fingers as a cascade of my own wetness seemed to flood my thighs. I dropped down exhausted and lay there, my breasts heaving as I gasped for breath. My god Blake. Oh my god what did you do to me? He just smiled and whispered, you needed that didn't you? It's what you wanted all afternoon wasn't it?

Damn him. He had read me all afternoon and I hated him for that. Yeah? Now let me see just how much of a cock you have. Come on, lay back and let's see how big it can get with a real woman working on it. He smiled and sat up in a lounge chair. I took two towels, folded them double and placed them on tile in front of the lounger. I knelt on them and spread his legs. He leaned back almost amused at all my preparation and rested his hands atop his thighs. I took his cock and balls in my hand and began. First I gently kneaded those huge balls between my fingers, being gentle and at the same time tugging each. Now I stroked his shaft and watched it expand in my hand. I was truly amazed at how it grew. The thickness seemed to spread my curled fingers apart so that they barely reached around his cock and the length seemed to grow inches as he became harder. I put my thumb under his shaft and pressing slightly as I slid it up from the base to its head. A large droplet of clear pre-cum formed at the tip and as it began to flow downwards, almost dripping off I tilted his cock upwards to my mouth and with pursed lips drove my head down forcing his shaft deep into my throat. I held my breath and began to suck. The fluid was almost tasteless, perhaps a bit sweet but noticeably slippery as I swirled my tongue over that soft yet firm head. So far he held still. But as I began to move my head up and down faster and faster while rolling his balls in my palm, he began to slowly thrust up to meet my rapidly bobbing head. Now my saliva was flowing profusely and the salacious slurping sound I was making was affecting him. Hell it was making me hotter and hotter again. I wanted him! I wanted to feel the cum gush into my mouth and now my frantic efforts became more vigorous. I licked his balls, I ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft and I plunged my tightly held lips up and down its entire length. He suddenly put his hand on the back of my head and sobbed. Monica? Monica. Now! God I'm gonna cum.

I was pleased and moved still faster and now began to twist my mouth around, swirling my tongue across the top of his cock and than as he bucked up and cried my name, I pressed my tongue hard against the head of his cock and felt the first spurting jet of his warm thick cum begin to pulse into my mouth. That was quickly followed by a second and third. My mouth was now full and I was forced to gulp huge quantities down as I swirled the tangy fluid around coating my lips and tongue. Now I slid my wet fingers up along the underside of his cock milking the remaining sperm into my mouth.

Than reluctantly I let him go. I opened my mouth to proudly show him the remains of his cum. Than came a pleasant surprise. He stayed hard. So help me god he was still rock hard and as I stood up I felt my own fluid creep from between my puffy swollen lips and run down the inside of my thighs. He saw the clear fluid glint in the sunlight and stood up and took me in his arms. Another long kiss during which we shared the remains of what had been his full load of cum, and than he reached under my thighs, lifted me and carried me into the house and his bedroom.

It was strictly a mans room, nothing feminine about it. The bed was massive, a king sized bed with dark wood graced the center of the room and it stood about a foot higher than normal. He took me to it and lay me down on the soft dark blue blanket. A number of oversized pillows were neatly arranged at the head of the bed and there were two huge mirrors almost taking up the entire far wall and the wall at the foot of the bed. I lay their passively and patiently waiting. I knew he wasn't thru with me because as he knelt next to me he bent his head to plant yet another of his warm kisses on my lips. Than it began. His lips moved everywhere, his hands caressed my body and missed not one spot. Now they stroked my hips, now my breasts were rubbed under his palms, my eyelids were kissed, and than he began to lick and suck at the hollow of my throat. Nothing was missed. It was as if he were a sculptor letting his fingers dance over my body trying to memorize each curve, each intricate location, trying to memorize the texture of my skin, my very soul and I was writhing in anticipation. I was now fully aware of his physical attributes and I wanted to have him. To feel him moving in me, with me and giving me all the pleasures I had so long wanted.

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