tagAnalThe Garter

The Garter


"Aren't you going to go up and try to catch it?"

Vanessa smiled brightly at Tara. Tara only rolled her eyes. So far this wedding was boring and uneventful and she was desperate to go home.

"No. All those fifty bridesmaids want to catch it. I'll get attacked if I even try."

Vanessa and Tara had been invited to a coworker's wedding. It was a lavish affair and so far they had been impressed with the amount of money spent. A four-course dinner along with an open bar had been appreciated. They only knew the bride for a few short months and were both surprised when the invitations had been placed on their desks at work. When they entered the large cathedral downtown, they understood why they were invited. The whole city was practically there.

"Just go up. I promise if the Barbie girl's touch you I'll slap them." Cindy had chosen bright pink and purple as the colors for the wedding and her six bridesmaids were dressed up like Barbie dolls. They were all single and the stereotype of finding your future husband at your best friend's wedding seemed to be their only quest.

The bride took up on one of the white chairs and the gaggle of single women swarmed beneath her. Tara got up and stood at the side, away from the screaming hormonal females. She had almost wanted to drag Vanessa onto the dance floor as well, but knew that her boyfriend would not be amused. He was also in attendance and had been very protective of her the whole evening. The vultures of single men were circling as well.

"Oh!" Tara blurted out her surprise when the bouquet of pink and white roses fell into her hands. It was a shock to her. She barely had time to register what had happened when the swarm of Barbie dolls attacked her. She got away and practically ran to Vanessa.

"Holy cow. How the hell did I catch it?"

"No idea. Sit down. Jared is going to remove Cindy's garter."

"I really don't care."

Vanessa rolled her eyes and the three of them began to chat. Vanessa's boyfriend was pretty drunk and was chatting about random things. Vanessa and Tara only laughed. They paid no attention to the activity on the dance floor. It wasn't until someone tapped Tara on the shoulder that she looked up.

"You're wanted on the dance floor." It was one of the Barbie dolls.

"Excuse me?" Tara tried not to sound rude, but she couldn't help it.

"It's tradition that the man who catches the garter puts the garter on the woman who catches the bouquet."

Tara's eyes went wide, but before she knew it, Vanessa was pushing her onto the dance floor. She glanced back and gave her the death stare. The man standing in front of her was tall and cute with glasses. He looked to be either a lawyer or a computer engineer. Either way, he was very attractive to Tara.

"Hi." His voice was deep and sexy. "I'm Bill."

Tara could only blush. She was guided to sit on a chair and proceeded to watch the events unfolding in front of her. He knelt in front of her and placed the white lace garter between his teeth. He held her foot gently and guided the garter onto her foot. Tara whimpered softly. She felt his lips against her ankle and realized she was getting aroused.

Tara looked up at Vanessa. She was gone. As was her boyfriend. Tara rolled her eyes. They had probably taken off to their room to fuck all night. She was caught off guard and moaned aloud as Bill's teeth scraped gently against her thigh. In wondering where her friends went she hadn't notice that the rough lace had made its way up her leg and was snug against her thigh. She looked down and saw complete lust in his eyes.

"I have a cheesy pick up line if you want to hear it." Bill had stood up and helped Tara to a standing position. He had a cute, goofy smile.

"What is it?" Tara's voice was soft and sensual.

"I'd love to bring you back to my room and remove that garter, along with the rest of your clothing."

Tara smiled. He was definitely cute. She nodded and they made their way to the elevator. Her mind was racing. She had rarely done this and it had been so long, she was nervous. She looked up and saw Bill was acting the same way.

They entered the elevator in silence. Both of them had the urge to try to explain their feelings, but it wasn't necessary. The elevator swiftly moved up to the seventh floor and when the doors opened, Bill walked quickly down the hall. His palms were sweating and he was trying not to shake. Tara entered the hotel room first and her eyes locked on the bed. It was a King size bed, black and red satin sheets. The headboard was attached to the wall and had mahogany pieces in a lattice formation. She had never seen such a lush and regal looking room.

"Do I get to take the garter off now?" Bill stood behind Tara and slowly unzipped her dress. His teeth dug into her skin and she moaned. His teeth were even, if not a little sharp. She stood helpless as he slid her dress down to the ground. He bit her back where the clasp of her bra lay and then removed her bra.

"I'm normally soft and romantic." Tara's voice was quiet and soft. She wanted to tell him that she didn't normally like it rough.

"Me too." With those two words he removed his tie and grabbed her hands behind her back. "Say the word 'princess' if you want me to stop." As he whispered those words softly against her ear, he wrapped his tie tight around her wrists, tying it in a knot. Tara could only gasp. Something within him was growing. It was this desperate need to be forceful and aggressive. She didn't need to know that he was normally submissive with his past girlfriends.

He spun her around and ripped off her panties, pushing her onto the bed. Tara moaned and arched her back. Her hands were above her head, hinting that she wanted to be tied to the bed. Bill grinned.

"You want to be tied to the bed baby? You want to be my fuck slut." Bill was startled at how aggressive he was being. Tara only moaned. She was just as aroused as him. He yanked her up the bed and tied the end of his necktie to the headboard. He then stood over her and undressed slowly. He did not say a word. She was lying there in only the garter. Once naked he leaned forward and bit her inner thigh. The lace of the garter brushed against his face. He bit the other side and then plunged four fingers into her pussy. She was soaking wet and cried out.

"Oh fuck that hurt." Bill thrust deeper, wiggling his fingers inside her. Even though she was crying out in pain, she was getting wetter. He grunted and pulled his fingers out of her. He flipped her over so she was lying on her stomach. The tie wrapped tighter around her hands. He pushed his cock against her ass. His testosterone was raging and he wanted to fuck her ass. He spread her cheeks and saw her perfect rosebud. He slid the tip of his cock into her wet pussy and then moved up to push it against her ass.

"Fuck!" Tara couldn't put together a sentence. Her whole body was burning with desire. She was the good girl and now she was about to be fucked in the ass by some stranger. She breathed deeply, relaxing her muscles. Bill kept pushing and grunted like an animal until the head slipped into her ass. He pushed harder and felt her tightness wrap around his cock. He pulled back and pushed in again. She was loosening up and it felt great.

"I'm going to fuck your ass so hard slut." Bill gripped her hips and began to pound her. He was so aroused it was driving him crazy. He had no idea he was calling her names, but she was not protesting so he kept going.

"You love this don't you my pet. You love being fucked in the ass." Tara moaned with pleasure. Her clit was pulsing and she was near to cumming.

"Rub my clit. Please!" Tara needed her clit to be touched, rubbed, pinched; anything at this moment would be sufficient. Bill grinned and reached under to find her pulsing clit. He squeezed it hard between his finger and thumb and the reaction he got was explosive. She launched herself off the bed and shook. Her pussy gushed all over the bed and she almost yanked the headboard off the wall. Bill had to let go of her clit to hold her hips still. He was on the edge of cumming and wanted to cum inside her cute ass.

He thrusted back and forth, stretching her ass. He pushed against her hard and felt the intense pleasure of cumming inside her. He felt his cock swell against her insides and felt every drop of his cum land inside her.

"Fuck." Bill pulled back and fell onto his side. His whole body was shaking and he was covered in sweat. Tara just lay on her stomach wiggling her hips.

"Untie me." Bill reached over and untied her hands. They were red from lack of circulation and he could tell there would be bruises on her wrists. He pulled her over to him and nuzzled her nose. "I'm not normally that rough. I'm sorry I called you names." Bill was furiously trying to apologize. He was beyond embarrassed.

"Shhh." Tara pressed her finger against his lips. "I liked it. I would have told you to stop if I didn't."

"I'm glad you didn't Tara."

"Me too Bill."

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