tagFetishThe Gas Station

The Gas Station


Summer is coming to an end. Your wife is out of town with the kids for two weeks. Although you are sad to see them go, you are aroused at the free time which gives you a chance to play. You've always had a strong fantasy of kidnapping some unsuspecting young girl so you could tickle and rape her poor feet.

You've been staying out of the house as much as possible in order to look at feet. In your mind you are playing the fantasy that you will actually try to kidnap someone. You are out looking for a victim. Of course this is all role play in your mind because you'd never take such a big risk and endanger everything you have created in your life. With that being said, you have taken the fantasy to the point of going and buying these super strong sleeping pills.

You drive around town doing errands. In the grocery store you see a cute young college girl and casually follow her around the store. You are aroused while you mind role plays how you'd take her and what you'd do to her. You have been doing this for several days and haven't masturbated. Therefore you are extremely horny and it is clouding your judgement. You haven't yet seen a girl that motivates you into action.

Leaving the grocery store and heading to your next stop, you pull up next to me at a traffic light. I'm sitting in my car listening to music and don't notice that I've captured your attention. From what you can see of me, you are very happy and your cock swells in your pants. You reach down and squeeze it several times as you watch me sitting there.

You are DYING to know what my feet look like. The light turns green and you maneuver your way behind me. Lucky you for, we only drive a few blocks before I signal that I'm turning into a gas station. You follow a few cars back and turn into the gas station too. Pulling up at the pump across from me, you park. You are whispering under your breath as you continue to squeeze your hand on,

"Come on, come on, get out of the car honey. Please tell you that you decided to show off your pretty little feet today."

You almost double over when I step out of the car wearing a pink tank top, a jean skirt, and a pair of casual wedge heels. You get out of your car and top off your tank. We can't see each other's faces but you can see my feet. My cute little toes are freshly pedicured French style. I'm talking on my cell phone and unknowingly I give you several key pieces of information. I joke with my friend on the phone about how my husband is out of town and how I'm out shopping all day. You hear me say that I don't feel like going out tonight. In your mind you now know that nobody is going to be missing me for a little while.

I go inside the store to buy a few things and you casually follow me inside. Staring at my feet the whole time. Walking behind me you get quick glimpses of my soles as they pull away from my wedge heels. You're now having a hard time walking with your erection! Standing behind me in line as I wait to pay you debate whether to talk to me and try to pick me up.

You want me really fucking bad, but the idea of actually going through the kidnapping is hard to do. You aren't sure if you'll have the will to actually do it. You keep looking down at the floor and watching my feet. I have no idea what is going on. Maybe if I did I wouldn't of slid my right foot from my shoe and flex and point my toes. The shoes are sexy, but hard to walk in. It makes my feet feel better to slide each one out, bend my knee slightly backwards just outside of my shoe and point my toes. Once you see my soles wrinkle up, you have to fight the urge to run back to your car and jerk off.

Having fun with the kidnap fantasy, you follow me around town as I run my errands. Your lust is really a fever pitch. As you watch my legs and ass as I walk in and out of each store. You've carried around a "kidnap kit" since your wife has been gone. You never really had the idea of actually using it, but you liked knowing that you could. Inside the kit you have lots of white rope, ball gags, sheer stockings, and a large variety of tickle tools.

Finally I am driving again with you following. I drive out of town and into the country. You have decided that you are going to try to kidnap me. I approach a four way stop sign. You look around and see that there is no other traffic because we are far from anything. As I come to a stop, you allow your car to roll forward and you bump into me from behind. You get out of the car and run up to my door as I open it.

"Oh my God, I am SO sorry! Are you okay?!?" you say. We walk back to my bumper and see that it is hanging down.

"I am really sorry, let me call a tow truck for you because you can't drive this as the bumper will certainly fall off."

You can see that I'm annoyed but not super pissed off. We exchange information and you walk back to your car telling me that you are calling your free roadside service. I sit back in my car so I have no idea that you aren't calling anyone, just pretending to. What you are really doing is dumping a lot of those sleeping pills into a water bottle.

Walking back to my car door, you tell me that the tow truck is on it's way. I get out and don't feel the least bit threatened by you.

"It's going to take the tow truck a while to get here. Here is some water." you say smiling with an outstretched hand. I smile back and thank you taking the water from you. We pull our cars off the road and into the parking lot of this abandoned old country store to await the "tow truck" that is never going to come.

You watch as I sit in the driver's seat of my car sideways with my feet flat on the pavement. I'm drinking the water pretty fast. You tested these pills on yourself a while back and know what I'm going to be feeling soon. You know my movements will become very sluggish and I'll be unable to move before I finally pass out. You walk back and ready the kit, pulling the rope out.

When you come back, you can see that I'm feeling it. My speech is slurred.

"I feel so weird. Did, did, I hit my head when you, when you...ummm....bumped into me?"

You know it won't be long until I am out cold. You want to say things to me that you always want to say to the young girls you see around with pretty feet.

"You know, you might have hit your head. Better just stay sitting down so you don't fall off of those heels. I guess I could test your reflexes by taking your heels off and tickling the soles of your pretty little feet."

I look up at you with my eyes saying, "What the fuck did you just say?" It's mixed with a look of confusion as I'm feeling very drunk.

"What the....hell...does that, that...mean? Don't....tick...tickle my.... feet, that's just weird...you'd even say that....Why did, did...you say that? That's a stupid...thing to say...who goes around...wanting..asking to...tickle a stranger's feet? My feet are...extremely... ticklish...I'll slap...slap you if you...try to touch...or tickle my feeeeeeetttttt." My eyes are starting to close, but I'm barely hanging on.

Before I finally go out you say,

"Well young lady, today is not your lucky day. I drugged you. Once you fall asleep, I am going to tie you up, put a gag in that pretty mouth, and put you in my truck. I'm going to take you somewhere private where I am going to lick every inch of those feet, tickle the living shit out of you, and then finally I am going to rape your feet and cum ALL over them! You're gonna love it. Well actually you probably aren't, but that isn't my problem!" you chuckle.

I try to stand up to run and you push me back down in the seat. I try to speak when my world goes black.

You look around and make sure the coast is clear. My feet are still on the pavement and I'm laying on my back with my head in my passenger seat. You lean down and lift my feet off the ground and quickly strip my feet off. You make a happy moaning sound as you inspect my soles making sure I was worth it. Your hands stroke down my soles and feel how soft they are.

Leaning in you kiss the balls of my feet and smell the slight smell of scented lotion from Bath and Body Works all over my pretty feet. There will be more time for this later and you put my wedges back on my feet. You slide me out of the car which makes my skirt ride up and you see my pink panties. Throwing my limp body over your shoulder you rush me to your car and place me in the truck. A HUGE ball gag is forcefully stuffed in my mouth.

It's really too big and you are worried it might break my jaw since my mouth is small. Once secured behind my teeth it is buckled behind my head. I'm turned over and my wrists tied behind my back as well as my elbows. My ankles are tied together as well as my knees and thighs. You close the truck.

You gather my stuff from my car and drive it over to the abandoned store. You write a note that says, "Broken down, will return for it later." You run back to your car and speed away. You know I'll be out for a while. You debate where to take me. Maybe in this old country store, maybe in the woods?

You decide that you can have more privacy with me by taking me back to your house. It's dangerous, but you have a garage and you don't want to risk taking me to a cheap motel where you have to risk being seen taking me out of the truck. You honestly hadn't ever thought you'd really go through with this and you didn't fully plan out where to take your victim.

Parking in your garage and closing the door, you leave me in the truck as you go to the guest bedroom and move all the pictures and anything else I could use to identify you. The bed is stripped to the bare mattress and you place the sheets over the furniture. The room looks very generic and you feel comfortable that I wouldn't be able to identify anything. You go back to the garage and carry me and my purse inside. Tossing my limp body on the bed. You sit next to me and pull my feet into your lap. You go through my purse and find my driver's license. "Well Miss Natalie, welcome to my home!"

As I am still knocked out you untie me and slowly strip off all of my clothes, except for my shoes. You run your hands all over my body as I am on my back. Kissing my neck and working down to each of my breasts. Sucking on them and massaging them with your hands. Kissing down my tummy and kissing around my trimmed pussy.

You fight the urge to hold my legs vertically and find out how tight my pussy is by fucking me deep and hard. My wrists are tied together again behind my back and my ankles together. You turn me over on my tummy and kneel down beside the bed. You'd rather me be awake for this, but I'm still knocked out.

You slowly tug on my right wedge and loosen it from my foot. Wiggling it back and forth and you feel that it is free from my foot. You scoot really close and put your face inches from the sole of my shoe. Sliding it down towards the floor and you watch as each new part of my sole is made bare. My pink heels, my creamy white arch, the pink balls of my feet, again the creamy white under my toes, and finally the light pink color on each of my toe pads. You repeat the same with my other shoe and now my feet are bare.

You lean in and place your face against my soles so that my toe pads are on your chin, your nose between my arches, and my heels against your forehead. My soles feel warm and slightly moist against your face. You smell a slight scent of sweat, scented lotion, and a hint of shoe. You breath deeply over and over again. Keeping your face pressed tightly against my captive soles as your lips kiss the skin in front of them.

Leaning back you place your fingers on the tops of my feet and your thumbs into my soles. You bend my toes forcing them to point. You almost cum in your pants seeing how my soles wrinkle. You take your cock out and start masturbating to the view. It's difficult to keep for cumming all over them, but you definitely want me awake for that! You spend the next half hour licking, sucking, kissing, smelling EVERY inch of my feet.

You stop when you hear me start to moan and try to move. I'm still really out of it. While my body is still mostly limp, you put me in a tight hogtie. You pull a chair around to my head and sit down. You wait until I am more awake. You see in my eyes as I start to figure out what has happened to me. I try to scream but the ball gag prevents that. I am tied tightly and trying to pull my hands and feet free. You reach out and stroke my hair and tell me to just relax.

"Listen, I kidnapped you and as you can tell, there is no way you are going to escape. I want you to know that I am not going to hurt you, but I am going to do things with you that you might find a bit odd. Do what you are told and don't do anything stupid and you'll be released. If you try anything, I'll make sure you regret it. You might find this hard to believe, but you were kidnapped because you have such pretty little feet. I was already helping myself to them while you were sleeping. One thing you should know is that I coupled with my intense foot fetish is a tickle fetish. Let me show you what I mean."

You climb on the bed beside me and start tickling the crap out of my feet!! I am trying to scream and thrash around. You tickle my soles for what feels like an hour. I am exhausted and my nostrils flair trying to catch my breath. Feeling me squirm against you combined with the feeling of total power you have over me has made you insanely horny.

"Want me to stop torturing your ultra ticklish feet Natalie?" you ask. I nod hard. "I'm sure you must be. I've never seen such ticklish feet. Well Miss Natalie, if you suck my cock, I'll quit tickling you. Sound good?"

I try to say "fuck you" through my huge gag and shake my head back and forth.

You tell me to have it my way and go back to work tickling me nearly to death. Twice you stop and ask the same question as before. Each time I say no. Finally after a super long tickle session I feel like I am about to go insane. You ask again. I slowly nod my head.

You walk around in front of me and strip nude. My eyes open wide when I see just how big it is! You rub the head of it over my lips and around my face.

"I'm gonna take this gag out and you know what to do. Try to bite it and you'll never leave this room. Agreed?" you say.

Again I nod.

The gag is removed and your cock is slid into my mouth where I wrap my lips around it. You back arches from the warm, wet saliva. You hold my head and slowly thrust your hips.

"Point your toes Natalie. That's it, but HARDER. Your toes should always be pointed!" Your cock shines with my saliva. You can't take much of this without cumming.

You pull him out of my mouth and cut the rope holding my hands and feet together. My bound ankles lay flat on the bed. Walking around behind me, you pull my feet off the bed by my ankles.

"Time for your first ever foot rape Natalie!" you exclaim.

You slide it between my arches and use your hands to keep them pressed tightly together. Your thumbs massaging my wrinkled soles as you fuck my feet. It isn't long before you pull it out and aim it down at my soles as you jerk off like crazy. The next thing I feel is my soles being sprayed with a massive amount of cum! It is all over my wrinkled soles and dripping down to my toes. You nearly collapse from the strain. Before you pass out you walk back over and gag me again.

"Take a nap Natalie. We are done with round one!"

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