tagErotic HorrorThe Gauntlet

The Gauntlet


All teen characters in this story are eighteen years of age and about to graduate highschool.


Billy Jefferson and Justin Hilliard were excited as the cashier at Hotdog on a Stick handed them the extra-large rainbow Slurpee. Both guys had gone back and forth about going through with the intended prank with Justin finally daring Billy into acting by threatening to tell the rest of their clique that he was the ultimate pussy. They'd searched the mall high and low finally locating a target sitting right below them at a food court. It was a fellow senior student and classmate Holly Michaelson. She fit the bill perfectly at five foot nine, a guessed three hundred pounds of female geek. She had long brown hair that stopped at the middle of her back terminating in the front with overly long bangs that all but obscured her small, deep set eyes. She was sitting directly below them alone with several plates of Pizza in front of her and two 64 ounce cups of soda. a large bag of chips occupied the seat next to her.

"Weird Science Challenge?"

"That's right bro; we're doing this shit, right?" Justin was anxious and excited not believing what was about to happen.

"Hell yeah bro, ain't no pussies around here man!" The mall was bustling with customers and vendors They looked over the banister making sure their intended victim was still there. Holly was sitting quietly by herself reading a copy of Anne Frank for her English Class assignment.

"Wait till I get in place before you go Billy, got to get it all recorded." Justin bolted across the floor sprinting down the escalator to get into place across from Holly. He gave the thumbs up to his pal once his camera phone was recording.

The multicolored stream of the Slurpee landed hitting the large teen dead center in the scalp splashing dramatically from the top of her head across all her food and belongings. There were more gasps than laughter as Holly sat quietly taking stock of the situation. No one rushed to her aid as the empty plastic cup landed bouncing off the table to the floor. Billy bolted as security rushed up to the upper level ineptly overlooking him. He was so scared that he nearly pissed his pants rushing out of the mall to the adjacent parking garage where he would rendezvous with Justin Hilliard fifteen minutes later. Justin already uploaded the phone video to World Star with the act garnering a record number of views thirty minutes after it was uploaded. Billy worried about being discovered was assured that a dummy IPO had been used. Justin claimed that his geeky brother set everything up beforehand for things like bootleg movies and other items illegal through regular channels.

"Shit man, you a "BOSS" my Nig!" Justin liked to emulate stereotypical urban talk which alienated a lot of their friends.

"Bitch shouldn't have been sitting there; it's like she was waiting for us bro!!" Both guys had a good laugh watching the video over and over again. He noticed Holly sitting there with this intense expression on her round, cartoonish face when he paused the video a couple of times. It was frozen in a scowl, stone like and impassive. Her long brown hair was matted to her head hiding part of her features under a sticky multicolored rainbow film. Billy began to feel little more than annoyed and challenged as he looked at the video and the look on her face. He felt like Holly was challenging her unknown antagonist in her own silent way and resolved to break her.

The following day Billy sat at the back of class with his camera phone ready to catch his latest prank on the unsuspecting girl. The class was in the middle of a pop quiz and its teacher Mr. Johnson was known to be almost militaristically strict. He's already paid his money and given strict instructions to the parties involved.

"Holly Michaelson?" The door to the class suddenly burst open revealing a pizza delivery man. Everyone perked up giggling a little bit as Mr. Johnson confronted the pimply faced college student.

"Now what is the meaning of this intrusion!"

"Just delivering an order- Holly Michaelson?!!" Several students pointed in her direction as spontaneous fits of laughter erupted in the room. The large teen had nowhere to go dwarfing her desk so much that portions of her torso bulged out the back of the furniture. She was wearing a flannel lumberjack shirt over jeans and some flower print flip flops. Her smallish round face was crimson as the lanky delivery man walked up to her desk removing three supersized pizzas from his hot bag. He removed two boxes of hot wings before unslinging a bag hanging from his shoulder which contained a two liter of diet coke.

"Just like you ordered, oh, there's a mint in one of the boxes." Holly looked around at her classmates noticing several camera phones filming her predicament. Mr. Johnson looked as if he would explode.

"Bone petit." The delivery man walked out of class happy go lucky with his hands in both back pockets whistling as the entire class laughed and commented on the proceedings. The deliveryman had placed the boxes on top of her test soiling it with grease stains. The two-liter bottle of soda had been haphazardly placed atop the stack falling off to burst open on the floor as several students jumped up dislodging their desks to avoid the splash.

"Holly Michaelson please take your early lunch to the cafeteria and enjoy yourself; you have received an F on the quiz." The large girl silently left class with the food to a chorus of boos and cat calls. Some people even tossed balls of paper at the her while she left. Billy caught the whole thing perfectly on his camera phone.

Later that evening Billy and some of his friends laughed at the video once it was uploaded noting the epic number of views it garnered.

"That shit was funny but lame at the same time bro!" One guy countered after watching the footage.

"How's that shit lame, it's funny as fuck dawg so how's it lame?" The Asian student rolled his eyes at Justin's pseudo urban speak.

"You dicks ripped that shit off from an old movie."

"No we didn't homey, right Billy?" Justin looked to his friend who continued watching the video noticing the same impassive, emotionless expression on his victim's face for the second time in two days.

"Yo Billy, how many times you going to look at that shit man?" Billy glanced over at his friends a moment before looking at the frozen video of Holly's defiant expression once more.

"I'm thinking Mexican Hat Trick fellas; got to finesse this shit." All of the guys looked puzzled as he snatched up his car keys. The group would spend the next two hours making a nuisance of themselves at Costco. They left the store with three carts full of items for the next prank headed out to their high school. The school janitor allowed them to use his master keys for a few bills and a bottle of jack. There was a skeleton key on the ring that allowed access to the student lockers.

Holly Michaelson lumbered up the hallway through the droves of students milling about still angry about the two pranks that had been played on her in the last two days. Someone had it in for her and she didn't have a clue to the identity of the culprit. Holly was in a hurry to get to her algebra class running a little behind schedule. She'd felt as if someone was watching her and was a little apprehensive looking around before she began opening her locker. The large teen was unprepared for what happened when she opened her locker. Torrents of cookies and other treats began raining from her locker littering the hallway floor and pooling around her sandaled feet. Holly looked around as now familiar laughter filled the teen stuffed corridor. Billy was within five feet of her recording the entire thing laughing with everyone else as her face finally broke into tears. He laughed the hardest along with everyone else as she shoved her way through her peers disappearing into the crowd.

Billy skipped his last class to hang out with his friends at the back of the school. The campus was sprawling enough that many skaters used the area. There was this huge wall that separated the campus from a wooded area where students liked to congregate. Billy sat on the wall along with Justin and the rest of his clique.

"So, bro, when's the wedding?" The Asian guy's name was Eddie.

"What are you talking about bro?" Billy and Justin were clueless as their other friends laughed.

"You and Holly; we know you like her Billy." The disgusted look on his face caused even more laughter.

"Fuck you man!!"

"Yeah right, you the one keep fucking with her bro; there's got to be something behind it, right?" He thought back to the defiant look on her face and how it made him feel. He wanted to get to her, push through her strong façade and get at the girl underneath.

"Tell me you're not a chubby chaser dawg." Justin seemed to be turning on him as well sensing the momentum going towards the rest of their clique.

"Listen guys it was just fucking jokes man; I don't fuck with the "Big and Tall" set because that shit's disgusting. I don't want some from a bitch that looks like the Michelin Tire Man; if it don't look remotely like a chick I don't fuck."

"So, you got it in for Holly, why?"

"Fuck, cause that shit is funny and look at the views we got on Worldstar bro!! Bitch was just in the wrong place at the wrong fucking time." Eddie waved him off as Justin took exception to the third degree directed at his friend.

"You got a problem with my homey dawg?"

"No, I don't have a problem with him but that was some fucked up shit he did to Holly."

"Man, you act like she a fucking person instead of a pig."

"We're out of here, Billy man; you and this poser can lose my fucking number." Eddie and the rest of the clique walked off leaving the two best friends alone.

"What crawled up his ass and died?" Justin was genuinely befuddled at the attitude of their friends before posing the question.

"Fuck should I know?"

"You really ain't no chubby chaser, are you Billy?"

"What the fuck is this shit bro; I just played a couple of pranks and now you guys are acting like I'm fucking out here whale watching or some other sorry shit. I don't care about that fat ass wildebeest and I definitely don't want no stank from that Jurassic cow!! Its jokes man, fucking jokes!!" Even as he spoke his mind wandered to the impassive look breaking as Holly ran from the school sobbing.

"Sorry bro, look man, I got to get to baseball practice. Laters, my Nig." Justin bounded off on his skateboard leaving Billy to his own thoughts.

He turned facing out towards the surrounding courtyard trying to process Eddie's reaction to his last prank. He watched the video on his phone wondering what was do wrong about a little joke. She'd get over it and everything would just go back to normal. Holly had been broken and that's all he really cared about. Suddenly he was shoved in the back so forcefully that he nearly toppled over the banister into the grassy incline of the courtyard below.

"What the FUCK man?!!" He pivoted ready for a fight with the asshole that shoved him.

"You owe me an apology." Holly was standing so close there was no room to move. His butt was wedged against the railing while his abdomen was touching her protruding belly. Billy had never realized that she was nearly a head taller than him. Her body was decidedly wider than his obscuring him from anybody that was walking by.


"I-said-you owe me an apology-ASSHOLE!!" She emphasized her words with an exceptionally hard shove to his chest knocking him off balance. Billy wrapped his arm around the top bar to stop himself from keeling over.

"GET OFF ME!!" He attempted to bump back finding her large mitts full of his football jersey. Holly lurched forward headbutting him rubbing her face against his grinding her teeth.

"Holly, this is not good, stop it." Someone else was there with her but all Billy could see was the reddened, round cherubic face with narrow eyes boring into him.

"This motherfucker is gonna give me what I asked for Kimmy." He could feel the heat from her breath every time she spoke.

"But this is bad, we could get in trouble Holly." The other girl sounded scared.

"I don't care."

"But remember last time; it was so bad you had to go away for six months." Holly relented a bit relaxing her grip as she looked to her left giving Billy enough space to see who was speaking. There was a short, chubby Asian girl standing at her side who seemed vaguely familiar. Holly dwarfed the girl in size making her associate appear a kid next to her mass even though both were eighteen.

"Come on Holly, somebody will see and tell." The large teen seemed to think about it for a few minutes before shoving Billy away and backing off.

"Bitch." Billy's ego spoke before he had time to think.

Holly lurched forward arm poised to deal a blow to the bully's face stopped only by her diminutive associate. She looked down at her friend who shook her head unwilling to endorse her actions.

"Fuck this little pussy; let's go smoke a joint." Billy watched the girls walk off without looking back deep in conversation. His clothing was ruffled leaving him disheveled looking as he stalked off towards the student parking lot.

He continued looking over his shoulder unwilling to believe she would give up so easily wondering what her friend had been talking about. Was Holly Michaelson some kind of delinquent with a record? Was the large, silent plumper a gang member or some type of criminal? Billy could hardly wait to talk it over with his best friend already planning to find a way to expose Holly in retribution for punking him out over some silly pranks. He felt better as his Chevy Malibu came into view at the edge of the parking lot. He quickly noticed that his trunk was open and someone was hunched over rifling through his things.

"HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY FUCKING CAR?!!" He instantly regretted it as Holly stood up looking in his direction with a wide smile.

"You got a lot of good shit back here Billy." She brandished a large wrench in her right hand testing its weight as she approached him.

"Oh shit; wait a minute Holly!" He backed up turning to find two other larger girls blocking his path moving like a living wall in his direction. Both women bumped him with their bodies as he noticed the same emotionless expressions on their faces.

"What did I tell you Billy Jefferson?" Holly closed the distance between them as he tried to push past the other two fat teens. He threw caution to the wind raising his fist before the wrench struck him in the back of the head. He would have crashed to the pavement if Holly hadn't ensnared him in a chokehold tightening her grip until his eyes bulged out of his head.


Water thrown into his face shocked Billy awake to find himself looking at the oval face of the Asian girl he'd seen before. An empty bowl in her hand told him that she was the culprit as she smiled down at him. Her dark hair was short stopping just below her ears and her hair line had two visible combs accentuating it. She held two fingers up in front of his face.

"How many?"

"Two?" She looked up over his head grinning at someone else before showing him all five fingers.

"How many again?"

"Five." Billy answered robotically.

He didn't expect the vicious slap across the right side of his cheek that followed. The girl who'd been stooping over him quickly backed off as he rubbed his cheek realizing they weren't alone. He looked up finding some sort of metallic roof staring back down at him with a glass skylight and some overhead gears that belonged inside ...a garage? The floor was cold, slightly cracked concrete painted grey. The walls facing him were metal on the outside with wood visible around a sliding window in front of him. He rubbed the back of his skull groggily looking over his shoulder.

"HI BILLY JEFFERSON!!" There were twelve standing there including the Asian Girl Kimmy and they were all huge, plus sized girls. They greeted him in unison sounding like some demented choir.

"What's going on here?"

The wall of girls parted and Holly Michaelson emerged staring a hole right through him. All the other teens were laughing and jeering encircling him. He knew she wanted to pummel him and the bully was prepared to fight his way out of the garage if necessary. Holly was big and bulky looking with big, ham sized fists that were balled up ready to beat him senseless. He made sure to keep his eyes on her watching as she undid a few buttons on her flannel lumberjack shirt. He round, childish looking face was reddened and her eyes narrow slits bearing down on him.

"Look, I'm really sorry for everything Holly, okay." His arm was outstretched in her direction trying to calm the large girl. Her nostrils were flaring as she bit into her bottom lip. His eyes involuntarily dipped lower noticing her immense cleavage hidden behind a white tank top and over shirt.

"TOO LATE!!" Kimmy suddenly shoved her hands into his back propelling him forward into a roundhouse right that nearly knocked him unconscious. Holly followed with two more powerful right hooks knocking the stunned bully into two other fat girls who promptly shoved him back into the fray. Holly landed a devastating left smashing his nose against his face. Billy finally threw a right screaming as another of the girls launched her foot into his groin from the rear.

He found Holly's large hands around his neck tightening before she pushed her forehead into his nose again headbutting him. The floor ran up smacking him in the side of the face as he collapsed a battered heap before the mob of large and plus sized teens. There was nothing he could do realizing that he wasn't just fighting Holly but all her friends as well.

"I-I'm so sorry." The large girl walked around his prone figure looking at her handiwork delivering a heavy kick of her combat boot to his face when their eyes met.

"Strip him." Kimmy ordered as the others pounced.

Billy flailed about trying to get away but the group of big and tall girls quickly subdued him removing his clothing and handing it to Kimmy who quickly disappeared.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!!" Several camera phones were recording his nudity.

"This ain't gonna work; his dick is too big." One flabby blonde commented while her redheaded associate looked on bewildered at her statement.

"You lost me."

"It's too fucking big; he's not going to be humiliated if we put these pics all over his locker." It made sense to some of the girls who nodded in agreement.

"I don't care about that shit; I just want to fuck him up." Holly was still seething with rage at all the humiliation she'd experienced over the last few days. Billy curled up into a ball with his hands covering his junk and backdoor.

"WHY YOU HIDING, LET US SEE IT!!" Another girl he'd seen in the hallways around school was sweating profusely, excited at his nudity. She was this big, burly teen with a pronounced midsection that was impossible to ignore. Billy rolled over on his belly unwilling to reveal himself to them. The noise generated by the constant jeering and shouting women was deafening. Some of the girls started kicking at his thighs and lower back.

"Get your ass up bitch." Holly palmed the back of his head with relative ease forcing him to his knees. Her face was stone, impassive devoid of humanity which scared him even more.

"I-I'm sorry." He mumbled barely above a whisper.

"GET UP!!" Billy managed to rise to his feet as the girls took photos of his crotch. Holly circumvented him seething with rage slapping him in the back of the head on a whim.

"STAND UP STRAIGHT!" Billy snapped up rigid as some of the girls moved closer with their camera phones.

"It's a shame because he's kind of cute." One portly blonde teen commented. She had a rectangular figure devoid of any curves making her small head feel out of place on her body.

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