tagGay MaleThe Gaymaker Ch. 02

The Gaymaker Ch. 02


"I hope there are no hard feelings," Linda went on for the twentieth time. They were sitting in a booth at El Taco having lunch. It had been three weeks since Jenny learned about her ex-boyfriend Mark and Linda. It wasn't the first time Jenny caught Mark cheating on her. She was surprised that Linda fell for his bullshit.

"He said you guys had broken up," Linda said trying to pin everything on Mark. He had been a good fuck, but that was no reason to loose Jenny as a friend.

Jenny smiled. "Yeah we broke up," she said leaving out the when. "Normally I wouldn't do this...but since you guys might be seeing each other...I thought you should know," Jenny said reaching for her cell phone. She opened it to My Pictures and handed it to Linda.

Linda stared at the first picture. It was Mark, on his knees, kissing the head of a huge cock. And he was wearing pink panties!

"Oh...my...god," she said zeroing in on the bulge in Mark's panties. She flipped through the rest of the pictures quickly. Having seen them all, she flipped through them again much slower. She was particularly upset by the one where the guy was shooting his load into Mark's mouth. Cum was dripping from the corners of his mouth.

"Just thought you should know..." Jenny smiled.

* * * *

Darrell pulled into the parking lot. It was not what I was expecting.

"This place looks a little rough, Darrell. Are you sure we will be ok in there?"

"Now Mark, I come here all the time. Nobody will mess with you." But suddenly I'm not so sure.

He gets out and comes around and opens my door. Why did he do that? I can open my door just fine, thank you very much. Still sitting in the car,

I am eye level with his crotch. I can't help but notice how obvious his bulge is outlined in his tight leather pants. Doesn't he know that everyone can see it?

"Let's go Mark," he says taking my arm and leading me towards the door. It feels creepy to have him holding my arm, especially going into a club. I didn't know what to say so I just went with it, but I didn't like it.

The men around the door looked like bikers, serious bikers. They stopped talking as we approached. "Hey Darrell, who's your friend?"

"Jealous Pete?" Darrell replies as we step inside the door.

I wonder what that was about as we step inside. It's dark and smoky; a band is playing in the back. Darrell leads us to two empty barstools and we sit down. He turns towards the bartender and orders us drinks.

I look around the club. All I see are men. Then my eyes start to adjust to the low light. I see two men sitting at a booth against the wall. As my eyes focus, I see a younger guy underneath their table, on the floor.

That's strange, I think. Why is he on the floor underneath that table? Then my eyes focus a little better and I realize he is sucking the guy's cock! And I mean right there where everyone can see!

Holy Shit!! I realize it's a gay bar. I had no idea! I feel my stomach sinking. Suddenly I'm scared. I thought we were just going to talk about the other night.

The bartender brings us drinks. Mine is a daiquiri with a penis straw sticking out of it. I instantly freak out!

"Darrell, I'm sorry if I gave you the impression I was gay. I'm not. I'm straight as can be," I tell him. Then I quickly follow up, "You know... the other night...that was all Jenny's idea. She was just getting back at..."

"No Mark, I know you are straight," he says, "That is what attracted me to you."

What? His words don't make any sense. He's attracted to me? How can he be attracted to me if he knows I'm straight?

Then it dawns on me. From his perspective we are on a date! Jesus Christ!

"I'm sorry Darrell, but I would really like to go. Can we go now, please?" I plead.

"We aren't going anywhere. Just take a pull off that drink, relax." I can tell from his tone that he has no intension of leaving. He couldn't care less that I am all freaked out.

My god what have I gotten into? My mind starts to race. We are in his car. OK, I will walk. But I'm not even sure where we are or how to get home. Shit!

I pick up the drink, push the straw to one side and take a pull. It is strong and the alcohol feels really good going down.

"Use the straw," he commands. His tone is authoritative.

"I don't want to use the straw," I said rebelliously. "Why did you bring me here?" I ask trying to calm down.

"You said you wanted to talk. Well, this is where I talk," he said with a crooked smile. "I assume it's about the other night when you sucked my cock."

"I told you I'm not gay!" I see a few of the men near us looking at me. They look really rough. Maybe I said that a little too loud. I can see the way they are looking at me and it's not good.

"This is a pretty rough place, Mark. I would be careful how you act...and what you say," he says calmly. He causally takes a sip from his drink.

Of course his drink is a scotch with a regular straw. "You will be ok as long as everyone thinks you are with me. But if they think you are up for grabs...well that would be another thing entirely."

Holy shit! Suddenly I get his drift. I feel my heart beating. I look over my shoulder. The place is filled with guys who could easily rip me apart and look like they wouldn't think twice about doing so. I pick up my drink to take a sip. I look at the straw. It is a pink penis with an exaggerated mushroom shaped head with two balls underneath. Although I don't want too, I slip my lips around it and take a strong pull. The booze shoots through the slit and feels good going down.

I noticed only three other guys in the bar have a penis straw like mine. They are so obviously feminine compared to everyone else in the bar they stick out like a sore thumb. One is sitting in the guy's lap for Christ sake.

Great! So I am obviously Darrell's date. He expects me to play the feminine role I suppose, that's why I have the penis straw. Considering the alternative, I just have to accept it. I slip my lips around the bulbous head and drain my drink. It feels obscene having the booze jetting out of the slit, but I am thankful for the alcohol. It's the only thing keeping me remotely calm.

My head is spinning. I don't know how I got myself into this or how I'm going to get myself out. I was scared, really scared. I hear a loud grunt from behind me and instinctively turn around.

The old guy in the booth is pumping his load into the young guy's mouth. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. The young guy is so into it. He drinks that load as if his life depended on it. Suddenly I wonder if his life did depend on it.

The young guy drains him dry, licks every inch of his cock clean and gently pushed it back into his pants. Then the young guy turns in the other direction and reaches for the other guy's zipper. He pulls it down and pulls out a big fat cock. I watch as he lowers his mouth and starts sucking. No one in the bar bats an eyelash.

I turn back towards the bar. The young guy is obviously into cock. And I guess if you are into cock, this was the place to be. I grab my glass for a sip. I don't even think about the penis straw between my lips as I suck it dry. Darrell smiles and orders me another.

"Look...I just wanted to talk about the other night," I tell him trying to control my anger. "I'm not gay." My drink shows up and I slip the penis between my lips and take a pull. I can't help but think about the young guy under the table. He probably started out the same way...sucking penis straws.

Darrell looks at me. "Maybe not. But you better start acting like it until we leave. You have no idea how much they like straight boys in here. And they won't be nice like me."

I look at him. Oh my god, what did I get into? Why didn't I see this? I look around the bar. The men in the bar are hard men, that much is clear. And the way they are looking at me! Shit!

I find myself having to act 'gay'. But then I realize I have no idea how to do that. I decide to pay more attention to my three role models. I glance over at the guy in the pink tee-shirt and watch him for a minute. He acts just like a girl would. He is wearing a pair of short, shorts and he is sticking his ass out. I guess if you wanted someone to fuck you in the ass, you stick it out like he was. There wasn't a straight guy on the planet that would stand like that.

"I need another drink," I say defeated.

"Smart thinking Mark," he said getting another round of drinks.

"Follow me," he says as he gets up. I follow him into the bathroom. "Take off your jeans."

"What? Are you fucking crazy?" I protest.

"You better start looking the part or there will be trouble. You don't want trouble, do you? I know I don't."

My god I start thinking about what that might mean. There is no way I would make it in a fight with any of these guys.

I look around and see that we are alone. I unzip my jeans and take them off. He takes them from me and rips the legs off turning them instantly into shorts.

He looks down at my white briefs. "Take those off." I don't question him. I pull my underwear off and give them to him. I feel so exposed. He instantly throws them into the trash. I am standing there in nothing more then my boots and tee shirt. I am scared to death.

He looks down at my shriveled up cock and smiles. "Are you scared?" he asks.

"Hell yes I'm scared."

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a blue pill. "Here, take this. It will help you relax." I swallow it. He steps up to me and grabs my tee shirt. He rips it just below my nipples exposing my stomach.

"That's more like it. Now, jack off," he orders.

"Are you fucking crazy? I'm not going to jack off," I say sternly.

"You want me to do it? That cock of yours better be hard when we leave here. It shows them that you are interested in me. If they don't think you are interested in me, they will try to make you interested in them."

I reach down and start playing with my cock. God, I fell right into his hands. What a fool I was. Thankfully I start getting hard. I'll admit there was something strangely erotic about leaning against that counter, basically naked and stroking my cock right out in the open. I had certainly never done anything like that before.

"Not bad... not bad at all," he says looking down at my erection. I see the hunger in his eyes. I realize he has probably been thinking about my cock all night and I was just too stupid to see.

I glance at his bulge only to find it bigger than ever. His cock is so fucking big. There is no question about it; he is horny from watching me play with my cock. 'Well get a good look at it asshole' I think to myself, because that is as close to it as you will ever get.

"Just remember in here, I'm the top, you're the bottom. Do what I say and everything will be OK. Got it?" he says.

What's with these terms? Top? Bottom? Christ, I can only imagine.

Darrell takes my stiff cock in his hand. I jerk from his touch. I'm not used to being touched by a guy.

I watch as he strokes it a few times. He pulls a black leather cuff from his pocket. He squeezes my balls together and wraps the cuff around them. I notice the middle of the cuff has 'Darrell' written on it.

Great! If he thinks he is getting away with that he has another thing coming. But I am in no position to argue so I let it go.

He strokes my cock again and I realize what a huge difference the cuff makes. My balls are held so tight that the slightest movement is highly amplified. He notices the look on my face and smiles.

"Put these on," he says pulling a pair of panties from his pocket. They are pink and covered in ruffles.

I was just getting ready to tell him to go fuck himself when I see this guy walk in. He looked like a mass murdered. His eyes fix on my hard cock and grins.

Holy shit!

I take the panties from Darrell, "Why thank you big daddy. I just love them!" I pull them up my legs and stuff my hard cock into them. With the cuff and my erection, the panties are stretched to the max and look perfectly obscene.

Darrell runs his hand over my erection. The silk teases me, causes my cock to jerk with excitement. "I thought you would like that honey."

I cringe. But it works. The guy blows us off, steps over to the urinal and starts to piss.

Darrell hands me my jeans and I slip them on. He has ripped them so short that my panties are clearly visible from any direction. I feel like I am completely on display.

"Much better," he says with a crooked grin.

I turn to look in the mirror before we leave. I can't believe how gay I look. My shorts are so short you can see my panties from any angle and my tee shirt looks like some girl's crop top. My stomach is showing and my black boots look so strange with my short shorts.

My face is flush. My tongue feels so thick and dry. My cock is painfully erect inside my panties and rubbing against the cool silk.

I see the guy from before making his way towards the door. Darrell sees him too and grabs my hips and pulls them back against his crotch. That knocks me off balance and I shoot my hands out to grab the counter to break my fall. Darrell takes the opportunity to thrust his crotch up against my ass.

"Daddy's going to fuck you good tonight," he says eliciting a smile from the guy.

I watch in the mirror as he walks out, but the only thing on my mind is that huge cock thrusting against my ass. My eyes turn to Darrell's reflection. He is holding my hips just where he wants me. I see the look on his face. I feel his cock against my ass.

Our eyes meet. He reaches around and squeezes my cock through my shorts. I am so fucking hard I can't believe it. He squeezes again and it actually feels good. The cuff makes everything so pronounced. I can't believe how good it feels.

Darrell straightens up, holds out his hand. I just look at it. I know I have to do it. That hand it is the only thing keeping me from being devoured by all those other guys. And the way I look now is practically begging them for trouble. I take his hand and we walk out.

I feel a hundred hungry eyes on me as we make our way to the bar. I hear a couple of men compliment Darrell on his new boy and flinch. I know they can see the pink ruffles hanging out the back of my shorts.

We walk to the bar stools. Darrell slides onto his stool and I start to slide onto mine, but he stops me. He tugs on my hand and says, "No sweet boy...you stand over here with me."

He spreads his legs and I can see his huge cock perfectly outlined in his leather pants. He is so fucking hard. I'm sure I am fulfilling some gay boy fantasy for him. He pulls me toward him until I am securely between his legs. He takes my hand and puts it right on his cock. Flashbacks from the other night fill my brain. I can't believe what I did.

I can feel my face grow flush. Under his breath he says, "Give it a squeeze. And make it look good."

I realize others are watching. I give his cock a good squeeze amazed at how hard it is. I am dumbfounded by how big it feels in my hand. How in the world did I get this thing in my mouth? I work my hand down its length before I realize what I'm doing.

Suddenly it hits me. I am playing with another guy's cock right here in a fucking bar! What the hell is happening to me? I instantly pull my hand away. I reach for my drink.

Darrell whispers to me "Leave your hand on my cock."

I see the other guys are still watching. I put my hand back on his cock. I am struck by how much easier it is this time. I reach for my drink and suck the booze through the penis straw.

My mouth is so dry the booze tastes great. My head is spinning and I wonder if I am already drunk. Then I remember the pill Darrell gave me to relax. Thank god for that pill.

My fingers roam along the tight leather covering Darrell's massive cock. I remember how it felt in my mouth. I can't help but feel my cock twitch and throb in my panties. The cuff wrapped around my balls makes them hyper sensitive.

I feel a draft going up my legs. I know everyone is staring at the ruffles. If they could only see how hard my cock was. I feel so fucking horny I can't believe it.

My fingers reach his balls. Never in my life had I seen balls so big. I traced around them thinking it must be painful having them squeezed inside that leather.

I think about the tight leather around his cock and the cool silk around mine. I have the sudden urge to rub mine against his. Without really thinking, I pull my hand away, turn toward him and mash my cock straight up against his.

"Oh my God!" I can't believe I actually did it. The feel of his cock against mine makes my cock throb like never before.

"Feels good...doesn't it," Darrell says as he pushes my hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear.

"I'm so horny...why am I so fucking horny?" I say out loud. His cock is so much bigger than mine. The feel of his leather pants. Then I realize that I have been humping my cock against his and immediately stop.

I turn back towards my drink and sip through the penis. I can only imagine how much Darrell likes seeing my lips wrapped around the penis straw. I must be his wet dream come true.

I catch him watching me from the corner of my eye. I don't know what comes over me, but I decide to play with him. I let the penis slip from my lips and then run my tongue up the shaft playing the part of his little gay boy.

But it backfires on me. Images of his cock fill my head. I picture him standing over me, thrusting that giant into my mouth. My cock throbs and jerks in my panties. Why am I thinking about his dick?

Shit, I'm so horny.

I can see that Darrell likes what I am doing. It gives me a rush. I look in the other direction and see the men at the end of the bar watching too. I know I am making them all horny as hell.

Suddenly the idea appeals to me.

I can't believe how hard my cock is. It has never been so hard before in my life. It's all I can do not to reach down and start jacking off. I bet those guys would love that! For just a moment I think about going back to the bathroom and offering myself to the first guy who will jack me off.

Then I realize that I have been rubbing my cock against Darrell's again. But it feels good so I continue.

The bartender brings another drink. Just as he is taking away my old one, I reach for the straw and plunk it down in my new one. Now I have two penises staring up at me. I look at Darrell and find him smiling. He likes it when I tease him.

So I decide to tease him some more. I run my tongue around both of them. I wonder if it is making him horny. It's certainly making me horny. The cuff around my balls is incredible.

I can't seem to keep my cock from twitching. It is literally throbbing in my panties. I have been humping his cock the entire time, but it feels so good I can't stop. I can tell the men at the end of the bar have been watching my ass as I humped Darrell's cock. I don't know why, but that makes me horny too. They are just dying to fuck my ass. Eat your hearts out, I think, tilting my ass up.

I feel like a piece of candy the way I'm dressed, the way they look at me. I can't understand why my cock is so hard. I start thinking about their cocks. I think about Darrell's cock. I slip my hand back down to his lap and squeeze it. I love that it is mine to play with; I can do anything I want with it. Darrell loves it.

It's so fucking big. God I love the way it feels in my hand. What has happened to me? I run my hand all over it and it just makes me horny. I can't believe I'm feeling him up, but it feels so good. My cock throbs uncontrollably. I want to feel his cock in my mouth. I want to run my tongue all over it. I think about the image in the mirror. Suddenly I realize I want him to fuck me too. I want him to grab my hips, fuck me silly.

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