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The Gentle Cowboy


Dear Readers,

I am still working on the Jungle Man series. I have a few chapters that I am tweaking on Manolito and Clara. However, this story was something that I just wrote. It seemed to just flow and I went with it. I will not forget about my other story. Life has been hectic and now I am on a break with lots of time to devote to tying up loose ends. :)

Hope you enjoy Jake and Daisy.


The Gentle Cowboy

Jake McKean was done. Done fucking prostitutes. Done drinking himself to sleep because at night the demons came to visit. Done being lost and isolated. Done being without Daisy Jones.

Daisy Jones: the dark-haired vixen that stole his heart in the third grade when she dared to steal his G.I. Joe after he pulled her pigtails.

He knew that he was a rough man. Being hard to get along with was one of his finer qualities.

But the truth was that Jake was a shell, a hollow man that saw nothing, heard nothing and felt nothing. Except Daisy. She was his light. His air.

It's time to start breathing, Jake thought.


Daisy was done. Done being underestimated. Done being played for a fool. Done hoping and wishing that stupid cowboys would grow up; because it was time to face it that they never would. Done waiting for Jake McKean to wake up and realize she loved him.

Jake McKean: the infuriating man that would not stop tormenting her and acting as though they were still in third grade.

She had outgrown her pigtails dammit!

Daisy knew that she was no beauty. Knew that her strangely colored, purple-blue eyes and dark waist-length hair were her only claim to said beauty.

But still… just once, only one time in her life, would she like to see Jake look at her with half the love she felt for him.

But that was fantasy, and Daisy had learned long-ago that fantasy rarely intertwined with reality.

It was time to move on, Daisy thought, morosely.


Tonight was it, thought an excited Daisy.

As she sat in front of her vanity and applied the right make-up that would make her look "passably pretty" as a certain rotten cowboy would taunt, Daisy thought about what she would do tonight.

I'm going to go to the dance with Derrick. Have loads of fun with a cute rancher. And tonight… tonight I will finally find out what all the hoop-da-la is about sex. Tonight Derrick Gowan would take her virginity. And good riddance.

At twenty-six it was embarrassing to still be holding on to that blasted thing.

When all her girlfriends would talk about it she just nodded her head and gave the right responses… she hoped.

Well, it must have worked, she sniffed, nobody has ever doubted it. Much.

But tonight that would change; she would no longer have to lie, she would no longer wait.

No, Daisy was done waiting for Jake McKean to charge up like a Knight-in-Shining-Armor and whisk her away from her problems while simultaneously giving her a mind-blowing orgasm.

She knew Jake couldn't do that when he had his own troubles to deal with. This angered her to no end because she wanted to help him, knew she could help him.

Stubborn, he's just too god-damn stubborn, she thought heatedly. Stupid cowboy.

Thinking about Jake reminded her of her own problems. Her family ranch was in trouble. Daisy's father, who she loved very much, was a good rancher but horrible businessman. He had run the ranch into deep debt and Daisy was afraid that she wouldn't be able to save her home. Other ranchers, including Jake, had come poking around, contemplating buying it. But Jake… he wouldn't stoop that low. He wouldn't take her home away from her.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Daisy went back to applying a shear, red-tinted lip gloss to her lips; she was finished.

Looking in her mirror was a mistake. She could see why Jake McKean didn't want her, or so she thought.

Sitting in front of the mirror, Daisy didn't see her beauty. She didn't see the flushed cheeks, rosy from her thoughts, the dark curtain of her glossy russet mane, loose and curling wildly down her back. Didn't notice the golden, honey-colored complexion she earned from her hard-work outside. Could not see the captivating big eyes with a unique hue that inspired men to write sonnets.

Nope, still the "passably pretty mouse," she reflected sadly.

Daisy knew it shouldn't, but the nickname that Jake had taunted her with for the past ten years hurt every time she even thought about it.

Pushing those memories aside, she eyed herself critically.

The tight, black, thin-strapped top was very flattering. It dipped dangerously low, showing more than hinting at a decent amount of cleavage, she sniffed. The laced front flaunted her hour-glass figure. This complemented the dark, tight blue-jeans that displayed her flaring hips beautifully.

She looked… cheap, she huffed. Nah, its fine. I'm just not used to being so... exposed.

"I'm gonna knock that Derrick Gowan out of his boots," she grinned. Daisy's grin faltered as she contemplated witnessing Jake grinding with one of the town floozies like he always did.

Hearing her doorbell, Daisy shook off her worrying thoughts.

Plastering a smile on her face, she opened the door, trying to be excited that it was Derrick and not her battered cowboy on the other side.


Jake was pissed.

How dare his woman show up with another man, dressed like a- a- a sex kitten. She may not know that she was his woman, but dammit!- she was.

Daisy looked… perfect. She was like a butterfly, finally realizing that she had pretty wings to spread.

And she'll only be spreading them with me, Jake growled to himself.

Sitting in a booth that had a clear view of the dance floor, Jake sat back with his beer, watching Daisy with hooded eyes.

Stroking the bottle, Jake imagined that it was actually Daisy's warm flesh he was touching, not cold, hard glass.

Watching that damn Derrick Gowan maul his Daisy for the past hour was pushing him to his very thin limits. His control was wearing thin and he figured that if he beat the shit out of that pretty-boy Gowan, that Daisy would get mad at him.

He was just thinking about when he should cut in and take Daisy away from the idiot when the fool dared to put his hands on Daisy's ass.

"That's it," Jake growled.

Coming to his feet, Jake prowled over to the dance floor and roughly tapped Gowan on the shoulder.

"Excuse me…"


Daisy didn't know how much more she could take. Dancing with Derrick was fun but far from sexually exciting. He didn't make her heart jump or pulse race.

How was she going to manage to have sex with him?

Determined to have sex with Derrick tonight, Daisy threw herself into the dancing. She let Derrick hold her just a little too close, just a little too intimately.

This, of course, was because she was starting to feel something for Derrick. It was not an attempt to make Jake jealous.

However, the way she felt his eyes following her the entire night was exciting. She felt hunted and terribly wanted to tease the hunter.

And it was exciting to be watched by her cowboy. But he had never showed any kind of interest in her before. Unless you counted all the mean jibs he made at her. Nevertheless, as insane was it was, Daisy wanted Jake to desire her. She wanted him to quit stroking that bottle and come over and stroke her.

At that thought, a tremor of yearning went through her body, making Derrick pull her closer, mistaking it to be desire for him that made her shiver.

This was, whether she wanted to admit it or not, why she held onto Derrick a little more closely, a little more intimately. She'd run her hands through her hair. Lay her head on his chest. Wrapped her arms around his waist, leaving no space between their bodies.

Daisy felt Derrick's arousal, pressed tight against her belly.

Nervous, she looked up at him. Derrick really was quite good looking. She probably could be happy with him; if her heart didn't already belong to someone else. He looked like an angel; light blonde hair, cut short, a muscular body that felt good to be pressed up against, and pretty baby-blues that were kind and gentle, just like him.

He looked embarrassed, but he smiled warmly and pulled her a little closer. His touching became gentler, sweeter. Roaming hands of a lover; caresses to make her as aroused as him.

But it wasn't working. Daisy felt flattered that he was turned on by her, but it wasn't enough. There was no way she could go through with it. She would still be a virgin tonight.

And probably for the rest of her life, she groused.

Hearing the song by Bad Company, I'm ready for love, made Daisy want to leave. It reminded her of when Jake sang it at last year's dance. He had looked right at her. Staring her in the eyes and touching the mic like was her. But she had probably just dreamed that last part she reprimanded herself. However, whether it was a figment of her overactive and hopeful imagination or not, Daisy had needed two hours with her vibrator that night.

Just when she was about to plead a headache and tell Derrick that she was ready to go home, Daisy heard his voice.

"Excuse me, Gowan, but this is my and Daisy Maze's song. Later," dismissed an amused and dangerous Jake.

Warily, Derrick glanced at Jake, not wanting a fight, knowing the man was capable of changing moods quickly. Questioningly, Derrick looked to Daisy, "You gonna be alright, Sugar?"

Daisy's mouth was bone dry but she somehow got out, "Yea, just one dance between old friends won't hurt." But they weren't friends, and never could be, she sadly thought.

Before anything else could be said, Jake jerked Daisy out of Derrick's arms and pulled her into his.

Gazing up at him, Daisy compared her new partner to her old one. She had traded the Angel for the Devil; she knew she'd probably get burned. But Jake was as handsome as sin. His jet black hair was thick and curling around his ears and down his neck, unfashionably long for a rancher. Silver eyes seemed to see into her mind and know all of her thoughts; the good and mostly naughty. Sharp, angular features gave Jake a hard and menacing look, but his lips, they were made for all kinds of sinning.

He was gorgeous, she breathed.

She was pressed up against Jake's hard body and she felt every solid muscle and something even harder. Did she think that there wasn't any space between her and Derrick? Daisy wondered wildly.

Surprised, Daisy gasped and looked up at Jake when she realized that he was very happy to be dancing with her. Feeling Jake's arousal was unbearably exciting and confusing. Why is he like that if he doesn't like me? Ugh, the mind games he plays.

"Wh-Why do you want to dance with me, Jake? I know you can't stand me…" she faltered. She didn't really want to know why he wanted to dance with her, and hearing him confirm that he didn't like her was more than Daisy could handle.

"Mmm, Daisy Maze, I've been watching that goofy Gowan paw you all night. I wouldn't let him, or any man, touch you for the rest of the night if you want them to live," he rumbled.

Daisy didn't understanding why Jake wouldn't want her dancing with another man. He only talked down to her, tormented and taunted her to no end. Hell, she thought he hated her.

Pulling her closer, Jake leaned down and buried his head in her fragrant hair. Inhaling deeply, Jake started to sway slowly to the beat of the song.

Murmuring softly, "I'm ready for love, oh baby, I'm ready for love."

Jake McKean was singing to her. Had hell frozen over?

Not understanding where this was coming from, Daisy decided to let this fluke in nature run its course and enjoy it. Sliding her arms around his waist, Daisy swayed with him, taking pleasure in his spicy scent and laid her head against his chest.

This was what she had always wanted; to be held by Jake.

Lost in her dream-like world of being in Jake's arms and listening to him croon their love song in her ear distracted Daisy from his wandering hands and grabbing fingers.

Suddenly, Daisy felt the hard column of his leg push between hers, effectively making her ride his thigh as they danced. Looking up into his hooded eyes, Daisy didn't know what to do. Starting to pull away didn't help, it he made things worse. Once she started to pull away, Jake clutched her hips in a vise-like grip and lifted her off the floor, so that she was balanced on his thigh and pressed up against his chest, holding onto him so that she wouldn't fall.

Shocked, Daisy was at a loss for words. She was utterly speechless when he started to rock her on his thigh, still making her ride him.

Jake could feel her arousal, dampening his jeans. "You're excited, aren't ya, Darlin'," Jake breathed next to her ear. "You would probably love it if I stripped you down and took you on this floor right now wouldn't you, baby?" Hearing her little whimper made him smile against her cheek. "And you know that I would do that right now if I wanted…" he trailed off, letting her think that it just might happen. "But, I don't share what's mine. And honey, you most certainly are mine," he licked the shell of her ear.

Grabbing her hips, he helped her ride him even harder, causing excruciating friction on her clit. Blind with pleasure, Daisy could only hold onto Jake as he held her to him and rocked her on his leg.

"Jake, please… don't…" was all she could whisper. This was what if felt like to be out of control, she thought, to be so aroused that all you can think about having your lover, no matter where you are or who's around.

Crying out softly, Daisy bit into Jake's shoulder as she came apart in his arms.

Setting her down, Jake kept her tight against him, not letting a breath of air between them. Stroking her back, he tried to calm her, murmuring in her ear, singing their song to her.

Once she calmed down, Daisy felt a pleased, warm glow. She couldn't believe what happened. Jake McKean just made me come in front of the entire town. Not that anyone noticed, being preoccupied with their own partners, except for maybe an irritated Derrick at the bar, nursing a beer.

Peering up at Jake, Daisy was more confused than ever. Jake had said that she was his. But he didn't even like her. He made her come on his leg and kept holding her so strongly that she thought he might crack one of her ribs. Nothing made sense. Would he start calling her the "passably pretty mouse" now? Was this all some kind of sick joke, she wondered hysterically. Daisy no longer needed to feign a headache now.

"Jake, what are you doing?"

Amusement glittered in his eyes, but so did something else, something hard and dark. "I'm claiming you Dais. I'm letting you know that you're off limits to anyone but me. I told you earlier; I don't share."

"Stop it Jake. You can stop your joke now. Alright, you had fun playing around with the "passably pretty mouse." You can quit it and leave me alone." Angry, hurt and convinced that Jake was toying around with her, Daisy tried to pull out of his grasp. But she couldn't, he just tightened his arms around her and rubbed his erection against her belly.

"Don't test my patience, Daisy Maze," he used her other favorite nickname from him that she absolutely loved, even if she wouldn't admit it. "You know that I have just been waiting for you to be ready for me. Don't fight me Dais," he gritted out.

"Let me go, Jake. I don't like games. Just leave my head alone." You've already broken my heart.

Struggling harder to get away, Jake let her go so that they wouldn't cause a scene. Grabbing her arm before she turned away, he ground out, "Meet me at my ranch tomorrow. We have things to discuss." When he saw she was about to refuse him, he menacingly said, "It's about your precious family home."

Seeing the fear that alighted in her eyes, he smiled a humorless smile. Now I have her.

Daisy straightened her back, and lifted her chin. He would not threaten her. "Alright. I'll be there by two. I have work to do."

"You'll be there by noon. And not a minute later." His hard eyes broached no argument.

"Fine." Spinning on her heal, Daisy spun around on her heal and went to ask Derrick if he could take her home. She was suddenly feeling very sick.

Watching Daisy walk away almost brought him to his knees. Woman didn't know what she did to him. And she never could. Knowing what she did to him would give her control, and that something she couldn't have.

Because if she had control, she would have the power to leave him.


Ok. Well that is the beginning of Jake and Daisy. Hope that it was fun and that you guys want to read more. Let me know what you thought; love to get feedback. Look for chapter 2 and something from the Jungle Man series soon. Happy readings and Happy Holidays to all. :)

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