tagBDSMThe Gentleman's Club

The Gentleman's Club


Jennifer rose very early. She was tense and excited. As the fourth plaything of The Gentleman she was one of the more junior members of the establishment. Her adoration of the The Gentleman was unbounded. She would do anything, absolutely anything, to ensure his happiness and to be with him as much as she possibly could.

Today was a big day for her, the The Gentleman was holding his monthly hearings. Members of the club could come to present grievances and disputes or to report crimes and seek justice. In this private place there was no government presence, no threat of police or prisons and the maintenance of good order depended on the The Gentleman and his wisdom. Jennifer knew that this justice was superior to any other. The Gentleman knew best and his decisions were for the benefit of all.

Having been a plaything for only a short time she was still learning the ways of the establishment and she had not previously been present at a hearing. This time, The Gentleman had advised her through his senior plaything that she should perform the duties of table assistant. She knew what these duties were because they had been fully and thoroughly explained by her sister playthings, but carrying them out was new and she was nervous.


There are not many billionaires in the world. Those that do exist are generally very well known. They try to keep private lives, but that is difficult and they tend to occupy themselves with their huge businesses. Pleasure is taken on private islands, yachts and travelling in private jets.

The Gentleman was born to very great wealth and made it larger still by his successful trading on world markets. Being the eldest son of an extremely wealthy man did not bring him to public notice because he never did any public things. When he inherited his fortune and built on it, he had no interest in going to the races, golf or or other pastimes of the well off. He was disinclined to marry because he wanted more than one woman and saw no need to limit himself.

The Gentleman did enjoy the company of the powerful and wealthy men who had been around him all his life although he did not want their usual social activities. His solution was to buy the palace of a pre-colonial provincial prince which was set in huge grounds. His host country were only too happy to have an obviously wealthy resident spending money and providing employment. The local government had no interest in interfering in his chosen life. Apart from being his main home, the palace was turned into a very private club. The members were men personally invited by The Gentleman. Each member was able to stay at the club whenever he chose for as long as he chose. In exchange for a very large subscription for each he could also have as many playthings as he wished live at the club.

The club is not sullied by democracy. The rules are simple. The club is run as The Gentleman decides. Members may do whatever they choose unless The Gentleman says they may not. Playthings are totally obedient to all members and do absolutely anything required of them by their Master. The only right a plaything has is to leave. Paid staff do whatever is required of them by The Gentleman. If they do not comply with requirements they must leave or be dismissed without notice.


Jennifer bathed very carefully and applied her scented oils. She put on her white gown without any other clothing and made her way to the room where the hearings are held. It was a very simple arrangement. On a raised dais there was a very large table whose lower part was completely enclosed by a heavy velvet cloth whose only opening was in front of a large chair. The chair was directly in front of a door from the The Gentleman's private quarters so he could enter and be seated immediately.

The room was simple. Before the table were two chairs and there were benches against the walls on either side of the room. The main body of the room was completely empty and to the left of the table there was a door to the outside. On the right side was a door to the ushers quarters. On the back wall some ropes were tied to hooks.

Jennifer went under the table and checked it out. There was enough room to move around and sit upright. There was a large, comfortable cushion,a water jug and a drinking glass. She took the jug, filled it and returned. There was still at least half an hour before anybody would come to the room. Jennifer placed her jug safely in a corner where she would not disturb it and emerged to the room to have a look round. The ropes, she noticed passed through three pulleys fixed to the ceiling and hooks which were now high up, but could clearly be lowered. There was nothing else. The light to the room came from very high windows. Nobody outside would be able to see in.

Her mind full of thoughts about what the day might hold, Jennifer returned to the table. She removed her gown, folded it neatly and sat down on the cushion to await The Gentleman and the beginning of the hearing.


During the half hour or so before the first people entered the room Jennifer visualised her Master. She had been called to his bed only six times during the months of her time at the club. The first, of course, was on the day of the bonding when she had taken his collar. She had been used very thoroughly as was expected, but she had no opportunity on that occasion to show her real love and devotion. After her brief and rather painful penetrations she was taken to her quarters where she felt many pangs of loneliness and separation from her former life as she was apparently ignored for many days.


Jennifer was a younger daughter of aristocratic parents. In her early years she had a nanny and was taught at home. Her brother and elder sisters had been sent to famous private schools and gone onto careers, but she had not been seen as academic or entrepreneurial so when the time came she was sent to board at a convent school. After leaving school at sixteen and going to a Swiss finishing school for two years Jennifer returned home where she felt rather lost and ignored. All this changed one weekend when The Gentleman came to stay. Unknown to her (and to her mother actually) Jennifer's father was a member of the club and it was natural for him to host The Gentleman on one of his rare visits to England. The moment she saw him Jennifer was struck by a disturbing attraction that she had never felt before. She had never had a boyfriend and found men of her own age uninteresting. Her only sexual activity had been some kissing and fondling with attractive older girls. This was entirely different. From the moment the chauffeur opened the door of The Gentleman's Rolls Royce her knees weakened at the power and elegance that exuded from him. For the whole weekend Jennifer took every opportunity to be close to her father and The Gentleman; doing little services and making herself as pleasant and attractive as possible.

Her attempts to attract attention were successful. Before the weekend ended the two men talked about her and a few months later Jennifer took a private aircraft flight to a new life.


The second visit to the The Gentleman's bed was a much more complicated and shocking event. Two playthings helped her to bathe and prepare then led her into the bedchamber. All three women were completely naked apart from some small items of jewellery in piercings. Jennifer was placed on her knees close by the great bed. When the door to the dressing room opened the other two women dropped to their knees. The Gentleman entered and Jennifer was unable to completely suppress a gasp. He was such a big, powerful man. Although his stomach was large, as was the case with most prosperous men in their forties, he still had large muscular shoulders and very powerful looking arms. She obviously knew he was a big man, but now he looked even more majestic as he strode in without any clothes. On her bonding day she had seen very little and her encounter was brief. Now she could not take her eyes from the massive, erect penis standing up beneath her Master's great body.

Her Master! Yes this amazing man was her Master. She had the privilege to be taken into his establishment and she would serve him. The thought thrilled her and made her tingle. These thoughts were interrupted by The Gentleman grasping Joan by the hair and thrusting his prick into her waiting mouth. Jennifer watched in awe while Joan sucked and licked as best she could as the The Gentleman pulled her head back and forth. All the time her mouth was being probed Joan kept her hands clasped behind her back. As soon as the mouth fucking began, Sue moved on her knees behind the The Gentleman. She spread his buttocks and extended her tongue to lick his ass. Immediately the warm tongue touched his body the The Gentleman reached behind him and pushed Sue's face hard into his ass. With the hair of each woman twirled round his fingers he worked their heads as he chose to maximise his pleasure.

Jennifer knew almost nothing about sex. The only males she had ever seen without clothes were her small brothers whose tiny willies had nothing in common with the great shaft of The Gentleman. She had a basic understanding that her Master would put his penis in her vagina and that her babies would be born through it, but now her head was swimming with confusion. These playthings were being used in a way that she could never have imagined. When would her turn come and what was going to happen? As she watched the huge prick plunging in and out of Joan's mouth she was getting stronger and stronger tingling between her legs. She desperately wanted to kiss her husband. From the moment of her commitment she had dreamed of him kissing her on the lips. She still desperately wanted that, but so many more possibilities crowded her brain.

Just as Jennifer's hand crept to her pussy The Gentleman pulled the women away from him and turned towards her. She instantly clasped her hands behind her again.

"A plaything has many duties and pleasures. Prepare yourself to serve and enjoy. A good plaything has a good life. She who learns fast and well will not need too much correction. Watch and learn well my sweet."

He made a gesture to Sue who moved to the bed. She remained kneeling at the side with her face down on the covers. Joan took some lubricant from the bedside table and applied it quickly to Sue's asshole. The Gentleman knelt behind the woman and Joan guided his prick into her slippery ass. With two or three thrusts The Gentleman had penetrated her to the hilt and he was fucking her hard. Joan placed her head on Sue's bottom facing her husband's body. After several minutes of hard ass fucking with Sue moaning in what could have been either pain or ecstasy, The Gentleman withdrew. He placed his big hand on Joan's head and put his dick in her open mouth.

Jennifer shivered with the thrill and amazement. Not only was Joan's mouth full of a penis that was straight from the ass of her sister plaything, but he was pushing it deep into her throat. Jennifer's eyes bulged with amazement when she saw Joan's throat stretch and then return to normal as the great prick went in and out. The Gentleman returned to fuck the gaping asshole for a few minutes before returning to Joan's mouth. He then ordered the two women to change places before continuing in the same way.

After what seemed to Jennifer to be a very long time the The Gentleman groaned and gripped Sue's head harder. Jennifer squeezed her legs tightly together while she watched the throbbing prick. A trickle of white fluid came from the corner of Sue's mouth although she was swallowing continually. For the first time in her life Jennifer felt the floods of a beautiful orgasm flowing through her body. All this and her Master had not even touched her.

When she had finished sucking and licking him clean Sue was allowed to sit up on the bed and Joan sat beside her. The Gentleman pressed a button at the bed head. Within seconds a dark skinned servant woman entered. She hurried to the The Gentleman, bowed her head and knelt before him. Obviously aware of what was required of her she turned her head upward and opened her mouth. The Gentleman emptied his bladder into her in short spurts and she swallowed every drop. When he was finished the woman stood up, bowed her head again and left the room.

The Gentleman walked over to Jennifer and raised her to her feet. With one hand he stroked her hair and the other he ran down over her breasts and belly until he felt between her legs.

"You are very wet my sweet."

"Yes...Errh. Yes." In her confusion Jennifer could not think how to address her Master.

"Yes Master"

The The Gentleman smiled.

"Are you ready for your Master?"

"Yes, yes Master. I am ready."

He smiled again.

"You are not afraid?"

"I am ready to learn Master."

The Gentleman chuckled.

"You see this." He pointed to his soft prick which was greatly reduced in size.. "Can you put it back in working order?"

Jennifer looked confused. She didn't know what to do.

With gentle pressure on her shoulder he eased her back to her knees. Realising what was required Jennifer nestled her face into her husband's groin. She opened her mouth and took in the soft member. Despite a complete absence of experience, instinct and the display over the last hour guided her well. She sucked and licked and she was soon rewarded with the feeling of her mouth becoming filled. A few times images flashed through her mind of where this prick had been. It had been in the asses of two women and yet all Jennifer could feel was absolute devotion and love. Not only did she know already that she loved her Master completely and totally she also adored his penis. She would worship this thing in every way she could whenever she was given the opportunity.

The prick was now rigid and felt hard to her tongue. The Gentleman was holding her head in his strong hands and giving her instruction on when to suck, where to lick. He worked her head back and forth so that the great prick pressed the back of her throat and she gagged, but he didn't push it all the way down as he had with the other two playthings.

Jennifer was in rapture. She worked her mouth as hard as she could and begged in her mind for him to ejaculate as he had into Sue. Just then her desires were rewarded. He held her dead still and the prick throbbed. Jennifer had the second orgasm of her life while her mouth was being filled with the sticky liquid which tasted different from anything else. When The Gentleman released her she was shaking and felt like jelly.

"Well done my sweet."

He disappeared through the door to his dressing room and the two older playthings helped Jennifer back to their quarters. She was bursting with questions. They did not respond too much to her overflowing excitement. They assured her that she had done well and she should be happy that her Master was obviously pleased with her. When she pressed them about the servant woman they said that she didn't matter. She was a paid worker who did not share their commitment so she could be used in this way. It was the right of the The Gentleman to relieve himself however he chose. These women knew what was required of them and they had good food and accommodation. If it were not for The Gentleman they would have nothing like as good a life as they got.

Jennifer persisted asking whether she would have to take piss in her mouth. They assured her that she would have to learn many things, but not that. A plaything would not be used for this, it was only for those of no account to be used as toilets. Jennifer was relieved, but she wasn't completely sure that she didn't want to be used in every possible way. She wanted all of her Master and she wanted to serve him completely. Above all she wanted to become the preferred plaything, the plaything who was chosen to be in the Master's company most of the time, the plaything who met his every wish or need. She would like him to get everything from her without having to call on other playthings or even a maid.


The outside door opened and Jennifer heard some men talking. They would not disturb her and there was no threat to her being seen in her nakedness. Only The Gentleman could approach the table. She already understood that such rules would never be broken. It did mean that proceedings would soon be starting and she readied herself for the arrival of her Master. After a few minutes she heard the click of a door opening and the shuffle of clothing as the people in the room rose to their feet. The Gentleman took his seat, bade everybody good day and instructed them to be seated. As he did so he opened the table curtain to accommodate his legs and reached for Jennifer's head. She nestled her face into the warm groin and licked his balls a little before taking his soft dick in her mouth.

The first case was called. He moved Jennifer's head from sucking his balls to taking his now stiff member into her throat.

A man was explaining to the The Gentleman that his newly acquired plaything was wayward. On two occasions he had caught her staring at bare chested young men zipping past their yacht on jet skis. When he required her to encourage his erection with her mouth she had refused and the final straw had been when he caught her trying to pass a note to the trader delivering bread.

A piece of paper was passed to the The Gentleman. As he read it he worked Jennifer's head more firmly back and forth. She sucked with as much passion and vigour as she felt and could give. Her man would not find her mouth unwilling.

The Gentleman gave his ruling. The plaything had lusted after men other than her Master. Her disrespectful behaviour was demeaning to a club member which could lead to honoured members being held in contempt. She should be thankful to her Master for having saved her life of indulgence rather than simply casting her out. However, to punish the lack of fidelity and ensure future behaviour she would receive one hundred lashes to be delivered immediately.

Ushers led the girl's Master from the room. His plaything had not played any part in the proceedings. She had not heard what was to happen to her and she would not be told. There was a gap of about ten minutes in which The Gentleman left to relieve himself or take a drink of tea. When he returned his dick was soft again. He rapped his table with a gavel and a woman was walked in by the ushers. She was entirely naked apart from a thick, black hood completely covering her head There was a circular hole in the front through which could be seen her lipstick covered lips Her arms were strapped to a pole stretching them out at shoulder height. The Gentleman pulled his plaything's head onto his prick.

The woman's Master was seated again while the ushers tied her breasts firmly with ropes and fixed her ankles wide apart with a spreader bar. One of the ushers pulled the rope tight and tied it at the wall so that she was standing with her heels off the floor. The two ushers picked up a long thin cane each and looked to The Gentleman. He nodded that they should begin.

The first stroke on her buttocks was followed by her Master calling out 'one'. The other usher landed a cane stroke on her tits which were strained and darkened in colour due to the suspension. She let out her first scream and her Master called out 'two'.

When the ushers had got to twenty strokes the woman was screaming loudly at every stroke and tears could be seen running down her neck below the hood. Her tits and ass were covered in livid stripes which were starting to blend into each other.

She was lowered to the floor, her breasts released and then she was hoisted upside down. The beating resumed with the usher behind her caning her spread pussy and the one in front thrashing her belly. Just as the fortieth stroke of the punishment landed on her terribly swollen cunt lips her screams came to a sudden stop. At the very moment the punished woman lost consciousness, The Gentleman thrust his throbbing prick full depth into Jennifer's throat and shot a massive load of cum straight into her stomach. The pulses of a huge orgasm shot through Jennifer as she gulped and gasped to swallow and breathe.

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