tagGroup SexThe Gentlemen's Club

The Gentlemen's Club

byTony King©

"Bloody hell, it must be what, six years, how you doing?" I couldn't believe it myself. The last time I saw Tim he was lying between my ex wife's legs making her scream in ecstasy each time he rammed his nine inch cock up her. "I thought you'd gone to the States to head up that pharmaceutical company, what brings you back here you randy old bastard."

Tim and I had known each other from school and had grown up best mates. We shared just about everything including our women. Shortly after I married we invited Tim to stay for the weekend and the two of us carefully set about seducing my new wife. A few drinks and some sexy talk and before long Tim was a regular visitor between her legs.

"So, how's the lovely Susie?" Tim asked lustfully. "Sorry mate, we got divorced shortly after you left, just grew apart really and that was it."

"Sorry to hear it, she was some shag. What you doing now?"

"Well, I met someone else and we got married last year."

"Wow that's great, does she ere, you know?" The wicked old bugger never stopped trying and as we sat at the bar I explained that my new wife, Carol, was a real old fashioned type and there was just no way she was going to spread her legs for anyone else, well, not voluntarily anyway. "There is a way," Tim said. "If your really serious about getting her laid then I can help."

"What, you going to wave that big knob of yours in her face and she'll just give in, is that it," I laughed. "No, seriously, there is a way."

Tim explained that while in the States one of the lab technicians accidentally stumbled across a formula similar to the fabled Spanish Fly. Only this one left no trace and didn't have any harmful side effects. "I always thought Spanish Fly was just a rumour."

"So did I to start with but I think there must be some truth in it, anyway, this stuff is even better." Tim explained that they had spent three years secretly testing the drug and that he and Garry, the lab technician had now left the company and set up there own business back here in London. "It's called The Gentlemen's Club," Tim went on, "very discreet with membership by invitation only. There are some very strict rules before you gain entry but I think you'll find they're worth it." We talked into the early hours and Tim described the club in detail. We agreed that as Tim knew me well we could skip the mandatory medical and arrangements were made for the following Saturday night. "Don't forget, as far as Carol's concerned it's an up market private club/hotel with dinner and dance facilities. I'll book you a double room for Saturday night and you will be my special guest."

I told Carol that we had been invited to join a very unique club by some prospective clients and that I would like to make a good impression on them. I bought her a long black evening dress with a nice revealing slit up the side and some new black silky stockings and lacy underwear. She was very excited about spending the night in London and spent Saturday afternoon lazing in the bath before having her hair done. Then, I sat on the bed as I watched her trying on her new outfit. The bra lifted her big 38" tits and just about covered the nipples and the panties were no more than a thin piece of material that just about covered her shaven pussy leaving her lovely round arse cheeks completely exposed. Then she put on the suspender belt and black silk stockings followed by her very high heels. "Will I do?" she asked giving a twirl. "Do? What, you're not going to wear the dress then?" I laughed, admiring the sexy creature before me. She'd arranged her long blond hair so it was off her shoulders, exposing her long soft neck. Once she put it on, the dress showed her slender figure off perfectly and the neckline was just low enough to show a promising amount of cleavage.

We arrived at the club at seven and was greeted by both Tim and Gary. Gary was much older than both Tim and I, somewhere in his late fifties I'd have guessed. He was tall and looked very elegant in his formal evening attire. Both Gary and Tim went out of their way to make Carol feel welcome and we were soon all chatting away like old friends. "She's an absolute stunner," Tim said while Carol was in the powder room, "you sure you want to do this?"

"Sure? Fuck me mate, I've dreamed about it for ages."

"Never change, will you." Tim laughed. "OK, this is how it works, you and Carol enjoy your meal and afterwards get her up dancing, that should make her nice and relaxed. Some time during the evening I'll come over with some champagne, Carol's is the pink glass. The drug takes 20 minutes to take effect and after that, well it's up to you how far you want us to go."

We sat at a table with six other couples, all young beautiful women with their male partners and enjoyed some good food and conversation. After the meal the band came on and Carol really enjoyed dancing with me and the other men. After one particular slow number she came back a bit flushed. "I'm sure that guy I was dancing with had a hard on," she said pointing to a large black guy sitting opposite. "How do you know?"

"Cause the bloody great thing was poking into me," she giggled. Tim arrived with the champagne, ready poured in very impressive crystal goblets, two blue and one pink. "To old friends and new friends," he toasted, directing the last bit at Carol. Having finished the champagne, Tim suggested he give us the grand tour of the club.

"The clubs designed on a number of themes," he explained. "This first room is the Roman Room." We looked into a large room made out to look like a roman amphitheatre with a swimming pool set in the middle of fake marble columns and large scatters cushions filling the floor. "We hold regular toga parties in here, it's great fun and you can really let your hair down." The next room was one large mattress filling the entire floor with wall to wall mirrors and a mirrored ceiling. "This is the adult rumpus room. Great for group sex and orgies," he laughed, patting Carol on the bum. Carol was looking a little flushed and I noticed her nipples were clearly visible through her bra and dress. I'd lost track of time but figured the 20 minutes must nearly be up. "And this room," Tim went on, opening the door and ushering Carol into the gloom, "is the inauguration room."

"What's it for?" Carol enquired, peering into the gloom. "Go on in, I'll explain inside. Mind the steps, just follow the floor lights to the middle." Carol walked ahead and I went to follow. Tim caught me by the arm and held me back. "Last chance, this is where it starts."

"I can hardly wait," I told him.

Carol was now standing in the middle of the room on a small stage. She was shifting her weight from leg to leg as though dying for a pee. "So what is this place?" she asked looking around for Tim. Tim and I were seated about six feet from the stage and as I looked round I noticed that other people were silently filling the room. The seats were arranged in semi circles so every body had a clear view of the stage. From behind the stage a tall blond woman appeared with a young man in tow. "Hi, you must be Carol," she said, "welcome to the Club." Carol smiled nervously and looked round for me. Before she could say anything the young man stood behind her and reaching round started to rub the palms of his hands over her protruding nipples. I thought she'd throw a wobbly but to my surprise she just stood there, closed her eyes and let out a long low moan. "It effects the nipples first," explained Tim, "they become so aroused that they scream out to be touched." Kneeling to one side, the blond was now running her hands up Carol's legs, raising the material of her dress as she went, exposing her stockings to the audience. When she reached the top she pushed the dress higher, exposing her entire legs and the lower half of her panties. With one hand holding the dress round her waist, the blond started to gently stroke Carol's pussy mound through the thin material. Her moans now became even more audible and she made no attempt to stop either the blond or the young man playing with her tits.

The man removed the dress over Carol's head and stood her facing the appreciative audience. He went back to work on her tits easing them over the top of her bra until her prominent nipples were clearly displayed. The blond ever so slowly removed her panties, looking at the audience as she peeled the damp material down over her thighs. Carol automatically lifted each leg to step out of them before the blond threw them to a man in the front row. We watched as he took a deep sniff of the crutch before passing them on to the next man.

Carol was now standing on the dimly lit stage in just her high heels, stockings and suspenders with her enormous tits hanging over the top of her bra. The man was kneading her titty flesh and rolling the nipples between finger and thumb while the blond was now fingering Carol's wet pussy. Still kneeling beside her, the beautiful blond started by running her hand gently over Carol's smooth pussy mound. Then she worked first one and then two fingers into her slit, spreading the moisture into her clitoris and causing Carol to cry out in pleasure. The man had stripped naked and was now standing behind Carol with his arms wrapped round her playing with her tits and his long thick prick protruding between Carol's thighs. As if to emphasis the point, they all turned sideways, giving us a clear view of his knob end poking out. "That's Jeff behind her and the blond is Debbie, his cocks even bigger than mine. She'll love this bit," Tim said. The blond stood up and she too stripped of to just white stockings and heels. She was something else and my already hard prick was straining to get out. Facing my wife, she rubbed her nipples into Carol's and then gave her a deep French kiss. Carol simply responded.

The blond worked her way down Carol's body, stopping at her tits and sucking each nipple in turn. Then down across her flat stomach to the top of her pussy mound, leaving a trail of saliva as she went. Jeff's cock looked like it belonged to Carol and as Debbie inched her way toward it, it seemed to grow even longer. The audience gasped as Debbie slid her mouth over Jeff's cock and slid forward until her nose was buried in Carol's cunt. With Jeff playing with her nipples again, and Debbie's nose bouncing off her clitoris, it wasn't long before Carol was in the throes of her first orgasm. As her legs buckled, it looked like she was suspended on Jeff's cock, itself being held in place by Debbie's mouth. Before Jeff could cum, Debbie stood up and again kissed Carol full on the mouth. "Would you like Jeff to fuck you?"

"Oh yes, yes please," Carol said. They positioned her on all fours and Jeff knelt behind, his long fat cock swinging lewdly towards my wife's wet, willing cunt. Debbie lay on the floor in front of her presenting Carol with a pussy covered in neat blond hair. "Eat me sweetie," Debbie said just as Jeff's prick started to enter her cunt. Now I know for a fact that Carol has never been with another woman and even when she's watched two girls on film it does nothing for her. But as Jeff's cock slid deeper, she leaned forward and buried her face in Debbie's mound.

There was a lot of rustling noises coming from the room and as I looked round I could see most of the people shedding their clothes or already performing some sexual act on each other. I felt hands on my fly and looked down to find a young redhead wearing nothing but a G string fumbling to get my trousers open. Being a true gentleman, I couldn't watch a lady struggle so I quickly undid them myself. What a relief as the old man sprang free, hitting the redhead square in the face nearly knocking her off balance. "He's keen," she giggled, flashing a gorgeous pair of brown eyes my way before slowly lowering her mouth over my entire shaft. The feeling was indescribable, this luscious creature was giving me the best blow job ever while my lovely wife was on stage being fucked by King Kong and licking some blond bimbo's pussy. The first scream came from Debbie as she came on Carol's tongue, the second was from me as I filled my friends mouth with jet after jet of hot sticky spunk. Then Jeff announced he was ready to cum. "Where do you want it?" he asked Carol slowing the pace until she answered. "Shoot it up me, I want to feel you cum."

"Up where?" he asked, looking over at me and winking. Carol was not one for crude language even during sex so it really surprised me when she answered. "Just fuck my cunt and cum."

The redhead had now moved across to Tim and was busy sucking his cock. "This is Tina, she's the best dam cock sucker in the club, aren't you honey." Tina looked up and simply continued to feed Tim's entire length down her throat. "God this little bitch is good," he said holding her head still while he unloaded yet another load of spunk into her hungry mouth. I was torn between watching Tina deep throat Tim and Jeff filling my wife's eager hole. "Oh yes, take it bitch," Jeff yelled, his buttocks clamping together as he pushed his entire length into her. Carol's head shot up and she too yelled as her own orgasm tore through her. As Jeff rolled off, men and women from the audience started to surround the stage, all of them in various states of undress and each man sporting a hard on. "Think she can handle a gang bang?" Tim asked, "She'll soon shout if she can't," I said.

Two more men fucked her doggy style while others offered various parts of their bodies to her mouth, including pussy, cock and tits. She seemed to take it all in her stride and from where I was sitting she looked like she was coming continuously. The action stopped for a few minutes while the men secured a swinging cradle to the ceiling. This allowed them to place Carol in the seat, lay her back and hoist her to waist height. Each foot slotted into a leather stirrup keeping her legs spread wide. The black guy that had earlier introduced her to his erection while they were dancing now took his place at her cunt. She lifted her head up and looked down as he slowly slid his big black shaft into her. Not only had she never had a black cock before, but as an out and racist the mere thought of having sex with a black man sickened her. But here she was, watching as ten inches of jet black cock worked it's way into her spunk soaked pussy. "You gonner love this girl," the guy said pushing more and more cock into her tight tunnel. "Oh yes, my God that feels so big." She laid her head back giving the man standing there the right angle to slide his meat into her mouth and down her throat. You could actually see the bulge in her throat where his cock head was. Between them, they simply pushed the swing back and forth, one minute her cunt was full and then her mouth.

During the evening, after receiving numerous amounts of spunk up her cunt, one or two guys actually got down and licked her out. These, Tim said, were the cream pie brigade. I lost count of the number of men and women who fucked my wife that night but I do remember the lovely little number that sucked my prick and the tall American bird I shared with Tim. The last to fuck Carol was Gary. "I just love sloppy seconds," he said with an American drawl, and after all, you and Tim have just fucked my wife. He may have been the oldest guy there but he fucked Carol through at least three orgasms before pulling out and shooting across her pussy and tits.

It was three o'clock in the morning before we eventually retired to our room and after sharing a shower with Carol we cuddled up in bed. "Wow, what came over you tonight?" As though I didn't know. "I don't know, I just couldn't stop myself. Are you mad at me?" She reached down and held my tired prick as she looked into my eyes. "I'm really sorry Hon, I just couldn't help it. I knew it was wrong but my body just took over. And anyway, why didn't you stop them?"

"Hey, don't blame me, it's your body. Besides, you looked like you were really enjoying it."

"Hmm, and you weren't I suppose." The thoughts of the evening were playing through my mind making my cock grow hard yet again. Carol pulled me on top and we began a nice slow fuck, her cunt although showered, was still sloppy with the copious amounts of other men's spunk she had received. "How'd you like sloppy seconds then?" she purred in my ear. "You like the thought of all those randy men fucking me?" With every sentence I just got harder and harder, I didn't need to answer the questions. "Hmmm, seems to me you did enjoy watching me getting fucked." She squeezed harder with her pussy muscles. "So, do you think we ought to join this club then?" I asked seconds from shooting my load.

"Oh fuck yes!" she screamed coming with me.

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