tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Gentlemen's Club Ch. 02

The Gentlemen's Club Ch. 02


Although this story can be entertained by itself, the background set in the first chapter would be helpful. As with all of my stories, there will likely be delays between chapters due to my schedule and associated limited time. Thus please be patient, and thanks for the positive comments and votes.


After Fran left, and our heads cleared, as usual, we stayed the night at Mike's continued to drink, discussed the evenings events, and started to plan the next "Poker Party" in two weeks with Liz as our "entertainment". Considering the circumstances relating to Liz, the fact that she had actually participated in a porn movie, we felt we could push her a little further then we had Fran, for her first session. We replayed the porn video deciding what we could hope to request, and all admitted that her hot scenes were causing arousal, even though it had been a relatively short time since we had obtained "relief" with Fran's help. We developed a general approach that we hoped Liz would agree to, and then turned in for the night.

Although we did not always stay in regular contact between our poker nights, this time we did exchange regular e-mails, where we all admitted we were constantly thinking of and could not wait for the this next round. The agonizingly slow two weeks finally passed and we all agreed to get together a little earlier Saturday then normal. We started the evening, actually playing poker, mostly to relax and unwind, and not necessarily enjoying the game. Although we did drink we kept it light, wanting to be relaxed but reasonably sober when Liz arrived.

A very nervous Liz arrived a little late, closer to 10:30, with most of us worried that she might have backed out. We all knew that we would never have really exposed her secret and thus hoped the modest remuneration that we pooled together would be enough incentive. Liz was invited in, introduced, and offered a drink as we had done with Fran. She accepted a beer, and we sat down to chat, hoping to make her feel more relaxed, for like Fran she appeared very uncomfortable. After a few beers and chat that slowly turned to her video she became silent and looked away at the floor. Tom came to the rescue, making a lewd but funny comment about the video making it apparent to Liz we had all watched and thus seen her "ability and body" but wanted her to "feel" that she was among "friends". The chat then progressed to her feelings about making the video. Looking away from us she noted that although she was uncomfortable with doing it, and did not want to do it again, admitted there was a certain thrill associated with exposing herself to strangers and both losing and yet in a strange way being in control. She then gathered her composure, looked at each one of us glancing to our crotches, noted the bulges and with a wry smile asked what we expected for tonight. Tom the witty spokesperson suggested we all get more "comfortable" by offering another round of beers, and then play strip poker (because it had broken the ice last time with Fran). Liz welcomed the approach, allowing her to "slide" into the intended evening events with some dignity intact. We followed the same rules we used with Fran (without Liz knowing we had already had a somewhat wild night two weeks ago).

Once we started playing Liz became more comfortable then Fran, probably because she was a little older, and had made a porn video that she knew we had all seen. As with Fran she of course won only a few hands compared to the four of us and was down to her racy thong and matching bra. Unlike Fran with a bit more self assurance she "teased" us as she removed each piece of clothing. When she was about to lose her bra, she looking at our laps with a wry smile licked her lips and suggested we "relive our stressed members" by releasing the obvious bulges. Then looking from our laps to our eyes then back to our laps slowly lowered her bra exposing a magnificent set of breasts with large hard nips. With her continued encouragement we almost as one unzipped and undid our pants pulling them and our undies down exposing our hard penises. Liz then after looking over each of our exposed members, with a wink sexily sat back down to play the next hand, which of course she lost. Again, unlike Fran, without any hesitation Liz got up, moved to a location where we could all see, turned her back, and very slowly teased us as she lowered her thong. When it reached the floor rather then step out she bent over, her exquisite ass fully exposed, she pulled the thong off, grabbed her knees and slowly spread her legs till she was looking at us thru her legs. Her ass and pussy exposed from behind. She even grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them showing her little puckered hole. This chick knew how to tease and the power she had over men. If we were younger some of might have blown our load just looking at her.

Then taking control she instructed us to line up our chairs in a row in front of the pillows, which she must have assumed were for her. With the four of us lined up with our chairs in a semicircle around the pillows, she sat on the pillows close to us, spread wide, licked her lips. Then in a slow sexy whisper she taunted us stating she bet she know what we all wanted. Then she started to play with her breasts, tweaking and pulling her nipples, letting out soft whimpers, then slid one hand slowly down her body toying with her navel the other hand still playing with her breasts. Her eyes were glazed but kept contact with each of us, with constant glances at our dripping cocks. Her hand continued down circling her now glistening pussy then slid up down the outside of her slit with a soft moan emanating from her lips . She then put pillows under her back/head, leaned back still looking at us she spread her legs wide, knees bent, opened her pussy letting us see it in all its glory, then very slowly started to insert a finger, fucking herself as her breathing got deeper, and her whimpers louder. Still alternating looks between our eyes and dripping cocks, she started to alternate between playing with her clit and fucking herself with two fingers. Tom reached for his cock and, in full control now, she stopped and scolded him to wait.

Liz, now obviously very turned on, enjoying the exhibition, and control, got up sauntered over to Tom, and while still standing, straddled his legs, his raging hard on a foot from her cunt. She looked into his eyes, slid two fingers deep into her pussy, rotated them around, then pulled them out with a slurping sound. She first placed them under his nose giving him a teasing whiff, then placed them in his mouth, which he hungrily accepted and licked clean, with a shit eating grin on his face. Liz then moved on to each of us repeating the process, giving us a smell/taste of her exquisite female aroma and flavor. Most of us later admitted that in our youth we probably would have blown our loads with this brazen sexy act. She then returned to Tom, turned around her soft feminine legs touching his legs bent over spread her legs wide giving him a very close look at her gapping dripping pussy and a peak at her puckered anus, took his hand and placed it on her pussy. Tom started to softly stroke her outer lips, then inserted two fingers into her as she whimpered. After about a minuet she slowly got up and again repeated this lewd act with each of us, but was obviously having some difficulty maintaining control by the time she almost reluctantly left Ben.

To regain her composure, Liz turned her attention to our raging dripping cocks. She again started with Tom, by spreading his legs wide she knelt between and looking into his eyes, placed his cock, between her large soft breasts, and slowly stroked up down. Tom admitted latter he almost lost it after the third stroke, but somehow held on, almost relieved when she stopped after only a few more strokes, almost as if she new he was about to cum and still wanted to "play" with us. She again repeated this very sexy contact with each of us , with Ben actually stopping her before she pushed him over the top. With a wicked smile on her face and a wink to Ben she went back to the pillows, and announced she needed to cum and told us to wank slowly for her but not to cum yet. Liz took up her spread eagle position on the pillows, and with lust filled glazed eyes watched us slowly jack off, as we in turn watched her shove two fingers deep in her cunt, while pinching and rubbing her clit with her other hand. In only a few minuets she was rocking, bucking and whimpering her eyes closed tight she froze, let out a long moan, her eyes opened wide but were looking into space as she obviously went into a powerful orgasm. She continued to "hump" her hand for many more seconds, then went limp on the pillows, with all of us trying to hold on.

After a few minutes Liz opened her eyes regained some composure, slowly pulled herself up, walked over to Tom, stood beside him and with a sly smile in a little girl voice asked if he would help clean her up. After a brief hesitation he dove into her pussy licking, sucking, eating till she started to whimper again. She pulled away, and said each of us would get a turn in the weeks to come, realizing and admitting this would continue. She then announced it was our turn, and in inverse order started with Ben. Liz sat on Bens lap, moved up till her very wet pussy was touching the bottom underside of his cock which was pointed up to his chest. She slid up his organ getting him wet with her juices, slid back down, took the tip into her hand and humped into him as she stroked him off. Ben lasted about 30 seconds and exploded onto his stomach/chest, groaning, and panting. Liz kept slowly milking him maximizing his pleasure, she was a very talented woman.

She then moved over to Mike sat in his lap and again slid over his trapped penis, but poor Mike lost it when she took his cock into her hands before she started to hump into him. He groaned and shot a big load onto his stomach/chest. I was next and to try to last and take my mind off her administrations, as she slid up/down the underside of my cock getting it wet I begin to suck on one of her nipples. This caused her to whimper, arch into me and stop moving for a few seconds letting me regain my composure. Then with me continuing to suck on her magnificent tits she started to hump the bottom of my cock/balls as she jacked me off. I lasted a little longer then Ben or Mike but soon I also lost it and shot my load. After an almost caring loving gentle slow massage milking the last pleasure out of me Liz moved to Tom. Like Mike Tom was far to gone to maintain any control. He shot his wad after only a few strokes/humps. As with all of us Liz took her time to let him enjoy the closeness.

Liz then got up went down the line giving each penis a quick kiss, put her bra and thong in her bag, put on her shorts and top over her beautiful sexy nude body, gave us a wink, noted she was tired and left. We were exhausted and crashed, agreeing we would need to plan the next poker party. We all were hoping to go a little further with Fran the next time, but knew Liz was always going to be more open/advanced than her.

To be continued...

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