tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe GetMore Girls

The GetMore Girls


©2010 Sunlover1030 - All characters are over the age of 18.


The grass was a cool, fresh smelling cushion at night by the pool. My sister Julia and I lay side by side in the deep shadow of the oleanders watching Gilles fuck Mom on the upstairs master bedroom balcony.

She was bent over the balcony railing with her legs spread wide and braced, her hair hanging down, and her boobs mashed on the wide marble top of the railing. Gilles was standing behind her, holding her hips with both hands and steadily fucking her in a slow rhythm with a pause every two or three strokes. I imagined the fat head of his cock poised just at the entrance to her pussy with the lips swollen and dripping around his glans. My pussy tingled and dripped too. I wanted some of that.

Julia was breathing faster as she pulled her thong to the side, inserted two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit with the base of her palm as she slid her fingers in and out. The smell of the jasmine and gardenia from the hedge by the wall wafted over us with every slight breeze. I felt deliciously naughty and intoxicated by it all.

Mom's new boyfriend Gilles had had us thinking very naughty thoughts for the last two weeks since she first brought him home. We both wanted some of that.

Mom was a set designer for movies at Warner Studios and she met Gilles (Gggeeeeeelllll was the way she told us to say it) at a movie people party. He was an executive producer from France who was here working on a distribution deal for some incomprehensible Polish film.

After meeting us, Gilles seemed overly careful not to pay attention to either one of us. Of course that only made us, and especially Julia, go out of our way to make him pay attention. And I caught him glancing at Julia's ass in her tight jeans when she arranged to bend over to get something out of the cupboard while he was sitting at the kitchen table.

Gilles was picking up the pace now, fucking her faster and harder. I rubbed two fingers in circles on the top of my pussy and rolled my nipple between my thumb and forefinger with the other hand, squeezing it pretty hard.

I could feel the distant beginning tingle of the orgasm starting deep inside. That jasmine scented breeze kissed my thighs and pussy with a brief cool touch. I imagined Gilles crushing jasmine and gardenia flowers with his strong hands and rubbing the crushed flowers up against my pussy.

Julia had pulled her knees up and apart so she could get deeper into her own pussy. She was making soft little "oh" noises every time she fucked her fingers up inside herself. I whispered, "Shhh!" to her and she just grinned.

I was mesmerized by the way the moonlight gleamed on the skin of Gilles's shoulders and chest while he held Mom's hips, moving in and out of her. He gleamed because he was completely smooth. His head was shaved and I don't know what he did to the rest of himself, but he was just smooth, and built and cut. Julia and I secretly started called him Yyyuuuuuuullll because Yul Brenner in the "King and I" was completely smooth and built and hunky.

The slapping sound of Gilles's hips hitting Mom's ass and flanks while he fucked her faster and faster was making me hotter too. I imagined the smacking sound it would make when Gilles slapped my ass while he stood behind with me bent over the arm of the couch.

Julia was panting with little sharp short breaths as she worked her pussy to orgasm. Her right hand was a blur as she drove two fingers in and out of herself and she pinched her nipple hard with her left hand.

Gilles growled something to Mom and pulled back slightly so his cock came out of her and lay on top of her ass. He threw his head back and the corded muscles in his arms and neck stood out as he started to cum. Even from where we lay, I could see the spurts of semen from his cock arching up into the air, gleaming like mercury in the moonlight and then splashing down on her back.

I imagined those silvery jets of cum splashing on my boobs and dripping off my nipples. I rubbed faster and felt the climax building.

Julia was writhing on the grass next to me now in the throes of her orgasm, whispering "fuck fuck oh fuck" to herself.

The image of Gilles's cock spurting onto my boobs was doing it for me and I closed my eyes and started to cum. I felt a sharp sensation on my nipple and looked down to see Julia pulling the nipple with her teeth and looking up at me with her eyes dancing like a mischievous sex fairy. That pushed me over the edge into a huge orgasm that seemed as though it went on forever. She kept sucking and biting my nipple and I kept cumming.

Finally we both collapsed back on the grass, panting and spent. Julia whispered, "That was great, but...", and we looked at each other and chanted in whispered unison, "Let's get more!"

We called ourselves the GetMore Girls, spoofing the name of the cable show "The Gilmore Girls". We came up with that when we were eating ice cream one night down at the Baskin Robbins two years ago, and as we were finishing, she looked at me and said: "Yum, that was REALLY good...," and then we screamed together: "Let's get more!!" That got to be our trademark inside joke - whenever we were getting something good, we'd just look at each other and shriek, "Let's GET MORE!!" and dissolve in a giggling heap.

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