tagNonHumanThe Ghost of Loganville

The Ghost of Loganville


It was midnight and the sky darkened as a storm rolled in. The wind began to pick up as the thunder crashed in the distance. Lightning stuck and lit the dark sky with its bright color. The storm was approaching fast and furious.

In her room, Sherri tossed and turned as her dreams haunted her. She sat up and looked around scarred. Sweat covered her thirty year old body. She saw the curtains blowing, she left the window open. She sat on the edge of her bed in her thin night gown that was showing her nice d cups and black panties. She got up and went to the window. She let the wind cool her off as she slowed her breathing. Her red hair blew gently around her head and neck.

She stood looking at the storm and heard a noise downstairs. She decided to go close the windows she had left open. She had just bought the house and didn't want it ruined by water. She walked down the stairs and heard it again. She stopped as she saw a dark shadow in the living room. She watched in fear as it moved around the room fast. She ran up and grabbed her gun. She crept back down to the living room.

Sherri crept into the room and found it empty. She lowered the gun and turned on the light. She shook her head and turned to the hallway. Sherri was halfway down when she was grabbed by the throat and lifted off the floor. She struggled as he shoved her to the wall. She looked around and didn't see anyone. She looked as her gown was slowly pulled down and torn off her body.

Her tits bounced out and he began to suck them as she struggled to breath. She felt his tongue on her now hard nipples as her panties were removed and tossed aside. She hung on the wall nude and getting her nice tits sucked hard. She was about to black out when she fell to the floor. She gasp for air as she held her throat. She scanned the hall, just her. She went to move and he grabbed her by the hair.

Sherri was shoved to the wall again as he force his cock into her mouth and gagged her as he rammed deeper than she ever had one. She kicked and lashed around the hall as he began to hump her mouth. Her mind began to kick in and she began to suck as she breathed through her nose. She sucked hard as tears ran down her cheeks, she was being violated in her own home.

After a while, her eyes widened as she swallowed the shots of cum. She looked up as she drank it. He laughed and pulled her to her feet by her red hair. Sherri cried in pain as she was spun and face planted to the wall. He kicked her legs open wide and worked his cock into her tight pussy. She bit her lip as he entered her with such a large member that it hurt her. Then he rammed and continued as t took her off the floor with each thrust.

She was his new toy and taking it hard and deep. She was slammed to the wall and into the air by the ghostly presence. She felt her juices running down her thighs as he kept doing her tight body. She was getting filled up to the point that it poured out of her.

He slid out of her and she fell to the floor in a daze. Sherri had been broke and he laughed and pinned her down and continued his assault upon the poor woman. She laid under him as he moved her around. She closed her eyes as he filled her hot body again. He smiled and left her on the floor in a pool of cum. He left her house for more to have his way with. Sherri had been the first for him and wouldn't be the last.

He floated to a house nearby and felt drawn to it. He entered and smiled at the woman as she sat at a table with a young client. She was a reader. He smiled and eyed her nice body and the young body across from her as they tried to embrace the spirit world. He decided to make it happen.

The reader was lifted and her tight black dress fell to the floor. Darcy was about five foot in the air and now in only her leather thong. Her double D cups floated as she looked at her client in disbelief. She was then bent over and held with legs wide open. She could not speak, he had her body and voice. He laughed as her thong fell to the table.

Her blonde hair floated as he began to pound the reader. Darcy closed her eyes as he began to show her his world. She was his pawn and he was damn sure using her to his advantage. Her pussy was getting torn into as he had the biggest dick she ever encountered. He was driving deep into her and fast making her grow weak fast. He was eyeing the eighteen year old watching Darcy's demise. He smiled as he unloaded into the blonde haired pussy. Darcy looked at her client and fainted.

He let go and she fell to the table. The table busted from the fall and tossed the young woman back wards. She quickly got up and looked around as the doors slammed shut, trapping her in the room. She looked down at Darcy's naked body and felt a hand on her firm ass. She spun and looked as her tank top straps snapped and her tits fell out. Shelby ran to a door as they bounced around. She pounded and cried for help as her tight jeans were pulled and torn from her nice ass.

Shelby turned as her panties were pulled down her legs. She cried as she felt hands all over her firm tits and ass. She looked as her belt floated up and towards her. She was spun and her arms were pulled to her back. She fought as he used her own belt to tie her wrists together. She was bent over and he was sticking her tight pussy. She almost was as tight as a virgin, but he knew she had been stuck before.

Shelby was getting pounded deep and hard as he held her bent over and really stuck it to her. Her body betrayed her mind and the cum flowed out of her as her assailant had his way with her. She began to grow weak as the attack got rougher. She fell to her knees and he continued to ram deep. She felt her insides get jabbed with the cock every time. She was fucked unconscious. He smiled as he shot his load into her warm body. Shelby was left with her ass up and Darcy was left on the floor. He smiled and left the two women for more victims.

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